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  1. Take the time to direct your talking points to the right person next time.
  2. Just so you guys know, there's a difference between @TheCommish (me) and @The Commish (not me). Keep my name out of your mouth
  3. I was able to trade ADP for Sanders after week 1 ... loving life
  4. Bethea is the guy I own in my IDP league. Nine solos in 3 of 6 games. Great production from a DB.
  5. The Lee guy in my league actually dropped him (Lee) yesterday. He obviously gets the same vibe about LVE that I do.
  6. down 2.4 points in my main league. I have Ingram, Reed and Demario Davis (IDP league). He has two IDPs. Better not be close. other league, I'm down 25.72 points. I have Ingram. Need a couple of TDs to have any chance. Still might be a stretch. I got Ebron'd
  7. 11 solos and 3 assists ... love it ... don't give the spot back to Lee!!!
  8. Hard to imagine a goose egg from this guy given the way he started the season, but that's life with defensive tackles sometimes. If a guy has been blowing up offensive linemen, sometimes a team says, "we're not gonna let this guy beat us ... we're gonna double team him all game." And sometimes, they just don't show up in the stat columns, despite how well they play.
  9. I would expect it to continue ... it's not like they have a stud LB or two to soak up the tackles. Like Arodin said, they've been running this scheme for a while now. Those three safeties all get 95%+ of the snaps every week.
  10. full point PPR, can start up to 3 RBs Melvin Gordon v Oakland (duh) / Carlos Hyde v Baltimore / Mark Ingram v Washington / T.J. Yeldon @ Kansas City right now I'm sitting Yeldon despite the juicy matchup, but the Hyde matchup against Baltimore is worrisome
  11. It was so forced it didn't stick with him. Maybe we can start calling Mahomes KoKo the Monkey. (waiting for someone with no Seinfeld knowledge to take that the wrong way)
  12. I love the call. If the defender isn’t all over Sutton, Sanders gets at least to the 10, if not the end zone. Just great coverage.