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  1. Just as my observation of last night. Bernie made only two helpful points. One is that he supports Hillary, which is him just caving in. The other and most important was having the Democracts pick the Supreme Court Justices over Trump. Other than that it was just a stand tall on his own platform. He sounded like he was still in the race. He restated everything he believed in and said, now go vote for Hillary. When she has no intention of doing anything he stands for. What have made him more helpful to the Democracts was him addressing his followers. "While we have made significant progress in the correct direction with the huge support here tonight and outside these walls, America simply is not ready for a socialist America. You are the strong and fearless (play on the fear mongering of Trump's followers) A lot of people are affraid of the necessary change that is coming and that is ok for now. It is not our time. Your voice has been heard and loudly. At this time it is my belief that Hillary is the best cannidate to beat those that cower behind (insert Trump insult), She will get us closer to our movement's goals.
  2. Yeah because that is how you unify two sides. Tell one side they are being ridiculous.
  3. Tim getting more conservative with each second the democratic convention proceeds. He maybe a Tea Party member by the end.
  4. After everything is over this presidential election would make a great TV Dram....Sitcom. I hope it's done right. Edit: I still think there is a chance Trump is a huge plant by the Clintons because they knew all the dirt about her would come to the surface. The Don will no doubt do something in the next couple of months where it would be impossible for him to win. Or he would come flat out and say he never wanted to be president. He just wanted to see if he could control the popular vote in America.
  5. Very troubling times that has everyone walking on a tightrope. Police have to be extra cautious because every shooting is going to be questioned to the fullest extent. Which, of course, it should be. However, each time this happens it is going to stir up a hornets nest. This certainly was absolutely terrible and this cop is certainly going to be made an example of. The same can be said everytime a cop is shot such as in Kansas City a few days ago.
  8. Press conference. No active shooter. 3 killed. 1 critical.
  9. Some Baton Rouge media outlets reporting that shots are fired at Cortana mall which is 3 miles down Airline.
  10. Local report saying 2 people were arrested 30 minutes away when a business owner saw two men walk in with all black clothes, get undressed and leave. Business owner reported the information to the police. It may be nothing, but could also be a great job by a business owner.
  11. Does BLM realize this? The community is suffering from these protests. Officers are required to keep peace. When protestors block traffic or a number of police is needed at protests it will affect the response time for my call for police. It is fustrating.
  12. We certainly need better leadership on all sides to bind us and not continue to divide us.
  13. See this is also a problem. Police officers are needed to monitor protest leaving the community at greater risk.
  14. I will say again. Just because of the area in the city it would seem this was a direct ambush on the police as an act of violence for the shooting of Sterling. I'm not sure this is not a drug bust where there were a number of officers including undercover officers. The police station is really close to the area, so respond time would be very fast. Reported that Sterling's family asks to back off on protests today. This incident while tragic, if it isn't a direct ambush on police, I hope can perhaps be a point where people realize we need the police to protect the community. Their job is dangerous and there is the threat of them not coming home even on a Sunday at 8 in the morning.