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  1. This actually is not a bad idea in Louisiana now. Just say it is for the Cajun Navy Headquaters when #### hits the fan. Or just start calling it, "Our life boat".
  2. Bribe the boys anyway to be your wing men. Also, ask her if her backdoor is open incase the front is out of commission.
  3. Then recommend sleeping with her just to get it over with and out of the way. You both have a lot of frustration that needs to get out.
  4. Oh and whenever she starts complaining about her ex and tells you where he went wrong, your ex did the same exact thing. Unless of course she starts coming off as clingy, then RUN!!.
  5. Then sleep with her. You won't be strangers anymore.
  6. If they go to the same school, set up a car pool schedule you both can agree on. Be very helpful in times when making a schedule, but don't agree to everything to be obvious you are wooing her or give her the idea you are the modling type. This gives you an excuse to talk to her everyday after school.
  7. What got me the most upset was the first thing I hear about Obama mentioning the people of LA was the 13 page report asking the people of Louisiana not to discriminate during their rescue efforts. Seriously? That is your concern? I personally don't care if Obama comes in here becuase it would just slow down progress. With him coming in streets would have to be shut down and law enforcment would be distracted by the president coming in. Now that road ways are opening up again, here come Obama and I'm sure locals will say it is too little too late, or be upset with the increased traffic we will have to face tommorrow. It is already bad enough with all the outside people coming in to help and LSU starting today. I really give props to Trump. He managed to come into town with a minimal security force. Streets did not have to be closed off. Sure he came in for his 15 minutes, but then continued to spread the word about the struggles in LA during his speech in Michigan.
  8. Haken and Thank You Scientist is coming to New Orleans in September. I'm not a live show guy, but I might have to go to this one since it is such a rarity.
  9. If this would have happened anywhere else where they isn't abundance of flat boats we would have had a lot more lives loss. A parent of one of my daughter's classmates rescued an older couple off of their roof. Come to find out in the boat that it was the parents of the girls homeroom teacher. It is times like this where we see a community come together. After the protests in the area, I think the silver lining is what others are doing to help their fellow neighbors in these tough times. GB Baton Rouge.
  10. Water heading south to St. Amant neighborhoods. Prayers and thoughts to the people in the area about to get rising waters.
  11. It's like one second we get good news that Bayou Manchac is lowering, the next hour it is getting backed up from the Amite river and we get back flow on Ward's creek, Dawson's Creek. (Yes, it's called Dawson's Creek) It runs in the main part on Baton Rouge at Bluebonnet. Going to be a stressful up and down next couple of days for a lot of people.
  12. My brother is in a new subdivision very close to there. Shadows at Manchac. He said he gets updates that show he is surrounded by water, but his seems to be holding off the water. He is currently at my house sitting tight.
  13. The problem is the backflow of the canals and bayous at this point. I am still close to the river near LSU, so we are fine. My wife's secretary and family lost everything. I have been cleaning out my house to donate any thing I can. Helped my brother sandbag yesterday in Ascension. We think his new subdivision is fine. A lot of the older neighborhoods close to these bayous are the problem areas. Voice of the Tigers Jim Hawthorne needed to be rescued out of his house.
  14. Flood Rescue Where is that thread asking if you would jump in to rescue your pet. Another person's.