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  1. Thanks Mr. Bloom, FFPC scoring: Need a TE: J.Cook @ Jax V.McDonald @ LAC Need 1 one of following: I.Smith @ AZ R.Anderson vs Dall M.Hardman vs Hou Need 1 of the following: T.Coleman @ LAR M.Jones @ GB E.Sanders vs Tenn
  2. Thielen Lockett Larry
  3. Boyd Keep Michel in looks like Burkhead is out
  4. Carson...Gordon Thielen….Godwin Chark
  5. I've got Jameis a few points ahead of Carson. But I've got WINSTON in ENGLAND a mile ahead of Carson in Minny
  6. NON-PPR I'd say in order: Fournette Chubb Johnson In a PPR I'd swap Eckler for Johnson
  7. Rubi


    Both look solid this week. I'd roll with Lamar though.
  8. Alshon for me,though Sanders is a good play also.
  9. Sanders. Eagles will be running a lot in the second half.
  10. Slight edge to Shepard over Gallup given G-Men will be chasing points all year.
  11. Drop him. He's done for this year. The NFL doesn't need a conviction or crime to suspend a player under the personal conduct clause. He'd be suspended next year for who knows how long.
  12. Thanks Sig, FFPC scoring: Need 2 of the following: F.Gore @ Tenn R.Burkhead @ Wash D.Westbrook @ Car M.Sanu @ Hou A.J. Brown vs Buff J.Doyle @ KC And 2 of the following: P.Barber @ NO R.Burkhead @ Wash I.Smith @ Hou J.Crowder @ Phi M.Godwin vs Cleve O.J. Howard @ NO If James Connor is out which 1: G.Bernard vs AZ P.Barber @ NO