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  1. The key is no defenses,kickers or quarterbacks. Load up on RB's,WR's and TE's. OR...No WR's,RB's or TE's and load up on quarterbacks,kickers and defenses. OR.....somewhere in between those two. OR...have your wife who knows NOTHING about football,or your 2 year old or your cat or dog point to players until you get to 250.
  2. I've done very little thinking but here's my prognostication anyway: Wildcard Weekend: Bills...16 Texans...24 Titans...12 Patriots...24 Vikings...13 Saints...34 Seahawks...31 Eagles...27 Divisional Weekend: Patriots...19 Chiefs...29 Texans...10 Ravens...34 Saints...31 Packers...20 Seahawks...19 Niners...31 Championship Sunday: Saints...39 Niners...23 Chiefs...27 Ravens...24 Super Bowl: Saints...29 Chiefs...34
  3. Bills are a junk yard dog This will be the ugliest game of wild card weekend but maybe the most entertaining When the dust settles I like Bills by 2
  4. Vrabel comes back to Foxborough and puts the Pats out of their misery Titans by 4
  5. Brees playing well Saints look like their playing with a chip on their shoulder New Orleans by 20
  6. There was a study done about 3 years ago,sorry I can't remember the guys name but he was heavy into fantasy football,he did like a 12 page report,analytics,mathematics,the whole deal.from a fantasy angle on effects to quarterbacks in adverse weather. Strong winds were obviously the biggest negative factor. But if I remember correctly he said heavy snow produced about a 3% drop in performance for qb's. Strong winds produced something like a 17% drop. Just some useless information to pass along.
  7. KC....Spagnola will scheme the rookie into mistakes
  8. 5 starters out for San Fran on D and I still like them over the Pheagles
  9. Kyler playing a suspect defense will be chasing points all day
  10. Ride the hot horse. Ryan is the hot horse.
  11. I wouldn't bench him. I predict he throws for 5 TD's this week. Another 8 or 9 points rushing.