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  1. Rubi


    Thanks for answering mine Cook seems like a solid choice,I actually have Miller and Cohen dead even,depends on your risk tolerance,Miller is the safer choice,Cohen more risk but higher ceiling imop. I tend to go with higher risk. I'd go with Evans and Davis. Robinson a bit banged up.
  2. Thanks for answering mine I like Miller over Johnson this week Other one is tough,Njoku could go off or be irrelevant,I might roll with Thomas
  3. FPC scoring: Need 2 of the following,comments welcome,I'll respond if you like: D.Lewis @ NYG S.Shepard vs Tenn D.Njoku @ Den V.Davis @ Ja C.Brate @ Balt C.Herndon vs Den
  4. Rubi

    David Johnson or Damien Williams

    Thanks for answering mine Williams for me
  5. Rubi

    Keenan + Evans vs Fournette + Njoku

    Thanks for answering mine Your right,tough one Have to stay with Keenan imop I might roll the dice with Njoku in place of Evans
  6. Rubi

    WDIS Help: PPR

    Thanks for answering mine I like Cousins to rebound Samuels to be a little better than Williams and And Fitz
  7. If you see this before Thursday's game I need your help,as always I will respond if you like: FPC scoring: Need a QB: P.Rivers @ KC C.Newton vs NO comments welcome
  8. Rubi

    Week 15 Questions For Bloom

    Thanks Sig, FPC scoring: Need a TE: D.Njoku @ Den C.Brate @ Balt C.Herndon vs Hou V.Davis @ Jax Then need a final flex from the TE's not chosen and D.Lewis @ NYG
  9. Rubi

    Which QB - Goff or Watson?

  10. Rubi

    Ware or AP?

  11. Rubi

    Gronk or Brate

  12. Rubi

    Jameis, Lamar Jackson, or Wentz

  13. Rubi

    Which RB in PPR

  14. Rubi

    Rodgers vs. Rivers

    Packers are in Diva finger pointing mode Rivers could double Rogers output this week Philip first last and in between