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  1. Rubi

    WDIS @ Flex

    Non-ppr I like Robinson no question,then I'd go Henderson given the parameters even against Da Bears
  2. Stafford in what SHOULD be a higher scoring game
  3. Agree PPR Chark as Jags should be chasing points all day Non-ppr Murray but he should do pretty well in ppr also Slight edge to Chark,then Murray.
  4. Tua has a nice upside but is still an unknown. If he struggles at all and The Fins are still alive for the playoffs I could see Fitz going back in. Brees is the starter no matter what and at some point,next week?,he gets Thomas back and that offense looks much better. I'd have to roll with the veteran one more year
  5. I think they both get 30 today. Snow isn't a big detriment,wind is the killer and that looks to be o.k. Forced to choose I'd say Allen is the "safer" play
  6. Just curious. Is he coming off the suspension for sure,or he is eligible to come off? Also,are there any "issues" still out there that could sideline him at any time? Pending charges? Anything like that.
  7. Agree,if you MUST sit one I'd sit Hunt
  8. Offense used: Jags,Bucs,Falcons,Rams,Cowgirls,Dolphins Defense used:Colts,Steelers,Bills,Ravens,Niners,Dolphins WEEK 7: Offense: Bills Defense:Rams
  9. Do you think Cook would have had these numbers in the same situation?
  10. I agree. He used Gurley as the centerpiece of his offense,maybe he is a little gun shy,but when Gurley was there he really had no one to back him up. Now he has Brown,who he seems to favor,and Akers who I assume he likes a lot given the draft capital they used on him.