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  1. From the 9 hole. I was going to "reach" for Kelce,he went at 7 so had to settle for Julio in the first: QB- A.Rogers...M.Trubinsky RB-J.Connor...R.Penny...A.Eckler...N.Hines...C.Thompson...J.Richard WR- J.Jones...A.Thielen...J.Edleman...J.Washington...D.K. Metcalf...J.Brown TE- E.Ebron...T.J. Hockenson...I.Thomas K- W. Lutz Def- N.O...Dallas
  2. I would rate the top 3 paid sites this way: 1. Footballguys 2. Footballguys 3. Footballguys
  3. AFC East- Patriots AFC Central- Steelers AFC South- Colts AFC West- Chargers AFC Wildcards- Chiefs....Browns AFC Champion- Colts NFC East- Cowboys NFC Central- Packers NFC South- Falcons NFC West- Rams NFC Wildcards- Saints....Giants NFC Champion- Falcons Super Bowl- Colts over Falcons
  4. Tried to generate a cheatsheet,put in parameters,went to draft dominator,message said generating cheatsheet. Went to draft dominator,said reloading app,message came up generating cheatsheet,went back to draft dominator said reloading app. Round and round with no cheatsheet generated. Any suggestions from the sharks on what I might try? Thanks in advance
  5. Know your enemy. Or in the case of a fantasy draft,know your opponent. You don't need a lot of analytics if you've been involved with the same group of drafters for 8 years. I was in a league for 15 years with guys from work,after a few years you get to know their tendencies. Who takes the first QB every year,who loads up on a certain position early. Who hated the Cowboys and wouldn't draft from that team no matter the circumstances. Analytics are fine,knowing your opponents is more reliable.
  6. I don't understand this thread in August😫
  7. If the XFL has a no criminality clause how is Vince McMahon still involved?
  8. If he is then Eli Manning will be a unanimous choice: 7th all time pass completions 7th all time passing yards 8th all time passing td's
  9. Thanks sharks,all good info. How about a roster sheet? To write in players as you draft. Like one you could customize with say 3 QB slots,6RB slots,8WR slots,3 TE slots,3 DEF/ST slots Maybe a column for what round player was drafted,team he plays for,bye week. Thanks in advance
  10. ...printable Draft Sheets. The ones where you can keep track of your roster as you draft. For those of us old enough to enjoy using pen and paper on draft day. I used to find them on but they seem to no longer exist. Thanks for any help.
  11. McNabb by a country mile over Romo Wentz not even in the conversation at this point in time
  12. Raiders,Bengals Dolphins Gruden "wins" the #1 pick and gets his QB