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  1. While I’d love to see Trump out of office, we are entering a precarious time in our nation. Events internationally and domestically seem to be at levels I’ve never seen before. Im good with proceeding cautiously here as it sure feels like we’re starting to teeter here a bit...
  2. She’s my little deuce coup, you don’t know what I got.
  3. So I must be missing what you’re saying. Why does that make it incel to some degree?
  4. But he didn’t attract a girl like the one in the apartment. It was a complete delusion. Also, unrelated to IK, it took me two viewings to fully understand that the Joker views murder, death, and chaos as humor/funny, and questions who are we to determine what is humor as it’s subjective. So essentially his MO is to kill and create chaos because he finds it humorous, after all when he discovered his life was a comedy and not a tragedy, it was literally during the act of killing his mom. Just a great and interesting movie. Well balanced on all sides, character, plot, motives, psychology, acting, music, editing...just a killer movie.
  5. Remember a few decades ago when Nunes was playing this role for the Trump administration? What was that, 1952 or something? Back when Obama had been spying on the Trump campaign, and Nunes was running back and forth to the White House for special intelligence briefings.
  6. I'd be surprised if he's avoided a fistfight. On the other hand, if he only picked fights he knew he could win, with lots of buddies around and the opponent was always much smaller, that wouldn't surprise me in the least.
  7. Do you make a distinction between Trump supporter and Trump voter?
  8. His defenses are inexhaustible and fortunately don't have to be compatible with each other. "I didn't do it, but even if I did it wouldn't have been wrong, so I may have done it, but not exactly the way it's being portrayed by the fake news media, but if I had done it that way, it still wouldn't have been wrong but what's wrong is the leakers who tell the news this and they're the real enemy. Just because I did it exactly the way it was described doesn't mean anything, I mean look at the fake news and the leakers, because that's the real story, it's likely treason and espionage that this information even got out and remember what we used to do to those guilty of treason and espionage? I've been above board this whole time and I have nothing to hide. Of course I did it, it's smart to have done it and only I could've done it in such a way to win and make America Great Again. Look at all the liberals and fake news folks slobbering over themselves to make this seem like a bad thing to have done, it's the leakers and the lying press that are wrong, not a man of my remarkable intellect."
  9. Saw it again. Didn't diminish my enjoyment of the movie at all, as I enjoyed it again. It's more of a ride, than a destination as most movies are all about the destination. On second viewing, a thing or two made more sense to me than the first time I watched it.
  10. Ren, Ask yourself a question just to play devils advocate here. How would this entire situation look any different than it does now if Trump really did the things he was accused of doing? If, instead of this being some grand conspiracy by our IC and others, it was solely due to Trumps own decisions and actions. How would it look different than how events have played out?
  11. Perhaps this all boils down to Trump being too literal. Specifically where he swears to faithfully execute the office of the presidency.
  12. Just to add, if this is the kind of behavior he exhibits a day after thinking he's in the clear, imagine what the first few years of his presidency would've been like had he not been under intense scrutiny for the Russia investigation.
  13. Wasn't this call literally a day after Mueller testified in congress?
  14. I think it's highly likely that he's impeached, highly unlikely he's removed from office, and highly unlikely he wins re-election.
  15. Trump will have a perfectly perfect reason for why this perfect thing happened perfectly.