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  1. At that point, he was simply denying anything to do with Russia. Folks in the media were throwing the collusion word around so he took hold of it and denied that too. I'm sure down the road, some smarter legal minds realized it was a good term to get behind, so he kept at it. But early on, he was denying anything and everything to do with Russia.
  2. Are you concerned that this lack of action to hold Trump accountable would encourage future presidents to engage in the same behavior knowing that all they need is their party to stay behind them to shield them from a check on their power?
  3. Given that choice, me too. It not great that we have to make that choice though.
  4. “In my day, preparing in advance to discuss topics was called studying. I didn’t need a warning that what I encountered might cause me emotional distress. I read it, processed it, and discussed it. If I encountered something that caused me to have a panic attack from reading about, it’d be a clear sign I had some work to do with a psychologist perhaps to be prepared to handle the world without needing warnings that allowed me to avoid certain topics or emotionally prepare myself before reading them. “ - old man adonis
  5. Marriage is a useful feature of society. Encouraging marriages as the most beneficial place to raise families has a lot of benefits for society as a whole.
  6. Here's some additional information: Common list of trigger warnings: Imagine a world where every article you read is prefaced by warnings when any of those topics come up. Imagine kids in schools requiring warnings before reading books with this content, or listening to lectures, on these issues. Imagine a world of kids growing up feeling like they need to be prepared, in advance, to discuss topics that come up all the time. Is this a better world where more healthy adults are being prepared in school, or a world where we're cranking out folks wholly unprepared to enter "the real world", or kids who are seeking to go out and rewrite "the real world" to put warning messages before potentially "emotionally reactive" messages are encountered.
  7. Generally, those warnings are intended to provide parents with information necessary to determine if their kids can watch a program. It's not intended for adults.
  8. Ok, say I was molested by a teacher in school and reading anything about teachers triggers me. Should that article from Pete also have had a trigger warning for victims of abuse from teachers because it mentions teachers?