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  1. A party remaining silent when their leader makes clearly racist comments, then doubles and triples down, clearly shows that the other party is in huge trouble.
  2. More concerned with what the investigators are doing, but the media will put out whatever its viewers will tune in for.
  3. It didn't turn out to be total nonsense. The behavior of Trump's campaign with Russian contacts is shameful, even if the investigation itself fell short of being able to prosecute any of them. This was in part due to Trump's obstruction of the investigation, of which there is plenty of evidence in the Mueller report. So on both fronts, there were significant findings from "Russiagate". Both on the nefarious connections between Trump and Russia, and Trump's illegal obstruction of justice.
  4. Example number 2342 of "Now imagine this was happening with a Hillary Clinton presidency". The Republicans would be holding hearings to investigate these ties, Fox News would be discussing these ties non-stop.
  5. Orders that the info be unredacted Mark your calendar fellers.
  6. I agree that the left generally overuses the term "racist" and lobs these kind of accusations at folks who may simply just disagree. When that happens, it harms meaningful conversation. However, there are situations where folks truly are making racist comments or acting in racist ways. In those cases, it's reasonable to call them out. It's similar to the MeToo movement where everyone from serial rapists to folks who didn't break any rules but made a girl feel bad, get lumped into the same group and are all thrown out. So many babies being thrown out with the bathwater, but we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that taking baths is important.
  7. Pretty racist isn't it? There's nothing even remotely approaching racist there. But you know this already.
  8. And what rule is being violated when you call a racist comment a racist comment?
  9. Sit in the back? Seriously? This is some petty, trifling stuff to dredge up. Here's the quote: Years later, I'm sure with no help from conservative media, this comes back up? Just wow.
  10. If people get popped for calling a racist comment a racist comment, then things are crazy indeed. It's important for folks to call things what they are, and not just continually adjust our perceptions of reality based on what's convenient for Trump or his supporters. It's unacceptable for the POTUS to make comments like he did. Completely unacceptable. We're approaching a time where there are no lines for Trump supporters, where there's nothing he'd say that they wouldn't support. But that day isn't today, and in this thread folks shouldn't be "popped" for correctly calling out his comments.
  11. Can you do a hypothetical? If so: Hypothetically, pretend the president made a racist comment on twitter directed at minorities in congress. I know you don't think this happened, but assume it did. What would be an appropriate reaction from folks who oppose such behavior?
  12. At least we’ll get the truth. If you define "truth" as "whatever Donald J. Trump says" then sure. If you have a more objective measure, such as whether his words conform with reality, the results are pretty poor. Reasonably high on truthiness though, so he's got that going for him, which is huge.
  13. Not sure. Gonna have to get a ruling from the most trustworthy and reliable source of information currently in the country - Trump himself.