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  1. What level pullbacks are you looking to see before jumping in general if we won't likely see pullbacks to March 16th-23rd levels? I'm there with you...been selling most of the highs to get some cash freed up for when a dip comes, but I don't have a good intuition about what level of pullbacks we should be seeing in the future. I'd expect the next ones to come if infection levels spike again and people become more reluctant to go out or spend. Also, just over time due to unemployment numbers staying the same, not seeing a quick recovery like many expect. But in terms of looking for targets for stocks, can you give any examples of how you are setting a target buy on those stocks you want in a long-term portfolio?
  2. 39 million unemployed in 9 weeks. Nothing to worry about. Let's see those stocks at right around the same valuation as before the virus when the unemployment rate was under 4%.
  3. Nice. Went from that to this, not related to Covid but enjoyed the cover:
  4. The context of my comment was in reference to an article about a hacking group threatening to release stolen data on Trump unless they're paid 40+ million. I take issue with criminals or hostile foreign powers interfering in our elections. I care about where the information comes from, you didn't make that distinction. I am suggesting that criminals or hostile foreign powers shouldn't be the source of information we use in our elections. You don't seem to agree with that and said you were for "ALL information coming to light, good or bad" thereby not drawing a distinction from information stolen, ransomed, or used to influence the elections in ways our enemies want.
  5. Yeah, we should encourage our nations enemies to hack our companies, law firms, and political campaigns and publicize anything they release. Same thing goes for criminal groups looking to extort politicians! Making america great again by undermining rule of law and encouraging chaos- AMIRITE? High-five!
  6. I thought it was bags of wind or hot air.
  7. I'm sure the Trump supporters who were on board with releasing Hillary's emails will support releasing anything on Trump that voters may want to know, right?
  8. There seems to be literally no way we can avoid rising above 100k deaths with our current leadership and the national climate of "get back to normal no matter the cost".
  9. I give my money to my wife in exchange for staying married...does that count?
  10. Guys. Give it a rest. It’s clear you all know it’s a pack of lies.
  11. I think they can be happy that Trump's chance of re-election are lower currently, but happy about the recession itself? Nah. That's being happy about a potential byproduct of the recession, imo.
  12. Deep state code. Keep going with our plan to sabotage the Trump Administration and report to 44 with your progress. Rule of law code. Clearly biased against Trump. As are facts, truth, honesty, integrity, morality, and reason.
  13. They have a focus on services, but they're still heavy into consumer devices. Their cash position is strong, they're innovating unlike other companies, so long term they're incredibly strong...but who is immune from a global/national demand reduction? Again, i'm not offering advice for others, but for the first time since buying my first AAPL stock, i'm going to sell some. Maybe 1/3 of my holdings. I've had easily over 100% gains in the past two years just from apple stock alone. My more conservative index funds for retirement have been a drag on my overall portfolio, but still stable.