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  1. I'm not trolling you guys. I'm trying to offer differing points of view, as I come to these forums to hear other people discuss points of view that aren't my own. I enjoy engaging in fact-driven conversations, trying to refine my own opinion. To be honest, I have no idea what benefit you guys get from this forum. Due to the severely reduced quality of dialogue here, I come a lot less (in addition to being incredibly busy with work and family), but the times I do come here it just seems like a bunch of slapfights, mixed in with a few folks continuing to solidly post good info. I appreciate those folks enough to keep coming back even for just a little bit of time, but man are these kinds of conversations fruitless. But then again i am drawn to hopeless causes.
  2. That's pretty rich. I barely post here anymore, especially not the PSF.
  3. A joke involving Hillary plummeting to her death is a big hit in here. Who could've seen that coming?
  4. I do wonder, when this is all over and we are looking back on this, whether we'll be able to make any meaningful determinations about the fate of those who trust more in Trump and the right wing media, and those who trust more in experts and the MSM. Will we be able to trace health outcomes in the two groups and make any kind of objective conclusion about which sources of truth ended up being more reliable?
  5. If folks constantly say the mainstream liberal media is fake news, and they're just hyping something that's not that big of a what point is that falsifiable? In other words, how could you evaluate whether that opinion is accurate...or is it just something one continues to hold in spite of any contrary evidence? For instance, in this case the mainstream media was clearly appropriately conveying concern, while Fox News and the President and others in his administration were not. On an incredibly, incredibly important issue the president and right wing media failed, while the MSM and tech companies were on top of it. This alone should cause folks to rethink their assumptions.
  6. And in 3 years he was unable to buy some masks and ventilators. 🤣 (I laugh, but this level of incompetence is utterly horrifying in the current situation)
  7. Today is the day Trump finally became President. In the midst of a global emergency where hundreds of thousands of Americans will likely die, he didn't behave like a self-centered least not the whole time.
  8. Blame Bush lasted at least 6 years. So you don't deny it. Interesting. Also, restocking a damn inventory of ventilators and medical supplies would take a day or two in a competent administration. Obama was faced with, at least what used to be, the worst economic situation since the depression due to Bush's bunglings. Now I wonder what the next president will face, hopefully not Trump, due to Trump's terrible leadership (or lack thereof).
  9. So let me get this straight: THe defense of Trump is that he's so incompetent, his administration is so ineffective, that after 3 years in office they're still having to ride off of what Obama did, instead of doing for themselves? Wow...bold strategy here. "Incompetent leader finds that 3 years into administration he can't continue to rely on work done by previous president." Damn. No wonder he said he doesn't accept any responsibility at all. Probably the most honest thing he's said while in office.
  10. The more he gets out of the way, the more helpful he is being. Use his power and position to get what the experts say we need. Make quick decisions based on expert device. Be decisive, but listen. Move the federal government to support the people. Tell the truth. Be open and empathetic with the people. Don't make any of this about you. But thankfully, he's finally taking steps in the right direction. Just imagine how concerning this must be to be constraining the behavior of a narcissistic sociopath of his magnitude. #### is serious.
  11. Interesting. I seem to remember it being an incredibly optimistic estimate, seemingly based on remarks from Fauci - but memory could be faulty. Basically I remember it being if everything works as expected, that's where we'll be in several months. In my opinion, the low end of that range isn't realistically an option while the upper end gets a bit more realistic but still generally optimistic. We have a country of folks in large part not taking this seriously, thanks to Fox News, conservative media-sphere, and a President who only weeks ago was telling us the number of cases would go to 0. We are going to pay HUGE tolls for this, and thank God we have responsible CORPORATIONS, you know, the liberal ones, that pushed for action WAY before the boneheads in charge, or the bozo's on Fox News admitted there was an issue. SXSW was cancelled, Google had its employees working from home as did other tech companies. Many of the industry leaders set examples by pulling out of events, and pushing for their cancellation. All before leadership in this country even woke up to the challenge. This is truly, and should be, an outrage for all Americans. Our government failed us, and there will be a HUGE toll in human life to pay for it. I'm not going to make a prediction, and I'm not hoping for many deaths. I hope we find a magic bullet tomorrow, or a cure, or a treatment, that knocks this thing dead in its tracks. But if that were to happen, it'd be in spite of actions from the government and not due to them. They've been asleep at the wheel, or worse, during one of the worst national crises of any of our lifetimes.
  12. Trump is already setting the narrative to be that his swift action avoided millions of people dying.
  13. No one. I'd listen to him better than Trump has, along with other experts. You realize that for him to have been promoting "packed churches" for easter, he could not have been listening closely to Fauci right? The only thing that's caused him to back away from his own personal view of what needed to be done was Fauci, and others, interventions. There was no reason for him to promote "packed churches" as part of any plan if he was in consultation with experts. Sure, yes, he was finally won over in spite of his own views...but good lord the man has to get out of the way in order to do what's right. He's focused on ratings. He's focused on his political prospects and how damaging this could be to him. Get his ego out of the way...that's IMPOSSIBLE for him. How a given outcome affects HIM is always at the core of how he approaches a situation. Fauci likely has to explain how millions of deaths would be worse for TRUMP than to extend the time period. With me, you wouldn't have such a ridiculous barrier to overcome. Plus, I have a background in sciences, with a masters degree to boot, and I don't have an aversion to experts. I assimilate information reasonably well, and have management experience where I know how to delegate. Again, I'm not portraying myself as a perfect president, or politician. I'd be terrible at most of the aspects of the job. But in this one specific area, I'd be many times better than Trump as would MANY people who aren't narcissistic sociopaths who also happen to be chronic liars.
  14. "It's just rhetoric, focus instead on his actions." It's the same tired trope where we pretend folks can ignore the messaging the President of the USA puts out and instead focus entirely on what he does. But what's more, they don't mean focus on what he does...they mean focus on what he says he does. Focus on what he says he does, and what his supporters like Fox News says he does. And don't believe a damned word that lying, fake, disgusting, trashy, enemy of the people MSM says that's bad about him because it's ALL LIES. So this way, you can ignore his words when it suits you, but then believe his words when he describes what he's done. So when he rewrites history to say he was all over it and has been doing a great job, you can't help but believe him because...well...he said it, it must be true, and Fox News is supporting it. What more can one ask for?!?!?
  15. Serious answer: Check that out for some variations among social distancing and other variables with the disease.
  16. And to top it all off...our company considers itself "essential" which is arguable, but we're planning to ramp up operations in a little over a week. We've been working remotely, social distancing, keeping small crews at work. But work calls. Paychecks require revenue. I'm on the leadership team. The messaging continues to reflect CDC and federal guidance, the business is doing all it can to protect workers, but business will go on. This will be more and more common.
  17. ON a hot summer night.... High school for me. Damn you're old.
  18. If we're on par with Spain and Italy, Trump had everything to do with it.
  19. I'd make a ####ty politician, a ####ty marine, not a very good public speaker, but damned if I couldn't do a hell of a lot better here than Trump. I wouldn't have to get myself out of the way in this crisis. I listen to experts, I assimilate facts, I would appoint and delegate better than he does. I'd want the best of the best to be in charge, running point on this, and I'd enable everything possible to resolve this without thought to re-election. These things would all make me many times better in this situation than Trump.
  20. This is like Exxon putting an engineer's fifth grader in front of the entire company in the middle of a crisis trying to explain what's going on. How can anyone see Trump and not clearly see a man WAY out of his depth and fully incapable of handling this situation.
  21. And you have easily proved my point. Happy to be of service. Please proceed with explaining to people how joking replies accurately depict how a given poster would or would not respond better than our Narcissist in Chief.
  22. Yes, we can confirm you had the coronavirus last month.
  23. Yeah. We didn't give proper thought to our TV ratings.
  24. Really? Not sure of this either. There will be a lot more deaths for sure but we also may see real evidence of a flattening of the curve and more realistic dates for a return to normalcy as testing gets easier and more common. I have no idea. With near certainty, we'll be at many multiples of deaths and infections. We'll be "in the ####". Perhaps we'll start to see some good news around that time that the peak is tapering, or that some positive effects of social distancing flattens the curve. But make no mistake, we're heading into a dark tunnel for quite some time.