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  1. I reported people twice, one was an alias with a swastika avatar. So I consider that not really reporting anyone.
  2. Oh no! The 3 day average is down a bit. Surely THIS is the time that President Trump goes down!! 1001 time is the charm I heard.
  3. That's just what they say to you and pollsters, because they don't want to get toleranced out of their job at the university, have garbage thrown at them or their property defaced. There is a reason his favorability number stays the same. The 45% that voted for the President are elated that their candidate is attempting to keep his promises and doing what they voted for him for. Oh and look he took down the debt by 100 Billion in his first two months! And Trump supporters give him another golf clap while the left is frothing at the latest shiny object statement he casually tossed out there to keep the noisy children occupied.
  4. That would actually be the best outcome for President Trump. The Dems get blames for blocking the AHCA and then obamacare implodes leaving people furious with the crats the whole time Trump will be touting how he told you so.
  5. Good, so you are finally admitting that he is not Dangerous Donald and he is completely safe.
  6. There is no such thing as Trump care Cherry picking polls is so 2016, he is still at 45 the same as always I think it is tacky of you to characterize the death of an American soldier as spectacular. When you say travel ban being rejected I assume you mean the stay being upheld since the case has not been heard yet. I agree there is no evidence that Trump was under surveillance and that many many mainstream media outlets reported fake news connections to Russia. Yes, I do post when time allows. Posting here is secondary to my real life responsibilities. When things are hectic this is one of the sites that I just don't have time anymore to spend here. Like right now I have to choose, make a hot breakfast for the kids and log off or continue to respond to people and let them eat corn pops out of a bag. Late
  7. You state that more people want to know about his income. Ask yourself why? The people who want to know more are those trying to implicate him or damage him. If he doesn't answer the questions then they jump to the he is hiding something arguement. The right to remain silent is not to protect the guilty it is to protect the innocent from getting caught up in nonsense. Either you believe he has committed a crime and somehow it has gone unpunished or it really doesn't matter how much money a law abiding citizen made. Not much middle ground.
  8. You guys seem really upset that President Trumps tax returns came up clean. Were you hoping he was corrupt to soothe your beliefs? Are you going to be disappointed when the FBI announces that they investigated Trump and he did nothing wrong? My my.
  9. This statement is proof of concept for not releasing them. You have already determined him to be the shadiest, releasing tax info that shows he is not has not dissuaded your opinion one micron. But any minutia in the tax report like the section he paid the most taxes under he wants to remove from the books will be used improperly used against him. Sorry but the correct play was not to feed the trolls on the left. Sorry you are super hungry.
  10. So you are saying that the tax return that MSNBC might be FAKE? And that the possible FAKE was reported as NEWS? MSNBC may be reporting FAKE NEWS?
  11. Does "can't release info cuz of audit" mean the same thing as "advised by my attorneys to not release info cuz of audit" ?
  12. No I want to keep talking about how yet another constantly repeated lie about the president has been debunked for more than 10 hours rather than change the subject to something less triggering for the crats.
  13. I am just glad that President Trumps 2005 taxes finally got released and proved that he paid a higher tax rate than Obama and Bernie. I am so relieved.
  14. Interesting. I took the restraint differently. He is letting the press run with the wiretapping and CIA leaks and watching that fire burn and not overshadowing it. But your analysis that FINALLY President Trump learned his lesson and is now scared quiet by the press also has merit.