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  1. He abandoned his effort to reach his next base (Home Plate). Come on you're being obtuse Just not true.
  2. Runner on third is out. He was out of the baseline and he made a move to go towards the dugout.
  3. He'll never win another ma....... Oh wait
  4. Here was her message to the manager, it was a private message, nothing public. Didn't need to trash a restaurant over a most likely, isolated incident. Some people in here read #### into somethign that's not there....... Anyway here was her message: The manager responded that she was appalled and shocked at the servers actions. Thanked her for not going public and wants us to come back for a comped meal. Much better response than a Joe Mammy run restaurant where the staff is always right and customers don't matter. That response was utterly ridiculous
  5. 100% accurate. One of my daughters sent a FB message this morning to the place outlining everything.
  6. Backstory...... Went a local Pub and Grill. Friday night, we knew it would be busy, and were in for a wait. Waited about 35 inutes for a table, no problem. We ordered an app and three entree's. App came out about 15 mins after we ordered. The place started thinning out and there were a lot of open tables now. 30 minutes, still no meal. 45 minutes still nothing. Waitress never came over once in that 45 minutes, would not look at us. I finally got her attention after two tables of people behind us who came in 20+ minutes after us had gotten their food. I asked what was going on and the first thing she said was that she had no clue , she defintiley put the order in. Told her we would take it go now as weweren't going to sit there anymore. Got the food, paid and left her a 10% tip because I was pissed. As we got to the parking lot she comes running out babbling to me that because the kitchen was busy is not a reason to take it out on her service. I asked what service was that? You took our order and brought us 3 waters and a soda. The runner brought our app and even brought our order. You ignored us for the 50+ minutes we were waiting for our food, a good waitress would realize how long we were waiting and actually care a little. You completely ignored us until I flagged you down. She just kept saying how busy there were and she put our order in and shouldn't be punished for a slow kitchen...... One, she's lucky she got 10% and two, I seriously doubt she put our order in, which if she owned it and came to us during our wait offering a round of beers or to comp the app, we would ahve been fine with. Tips are earned not owed
  7. Of course they do, but you forgot one crucial tenet of politics today and the past 10yrs or so...... It's now Party over People. That will only change when the Politicians are completely turned over.
  8. Outfrigginstanding. I shouldn't have watched that while cutting onions