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  1. Divide him by awesome and you get 1.7 million. :thumbup:

  2. What is " suspicion of DUI " could be anything really
  3. I keep telling Seahawk fans to act like they've been there before. But then... well... then it gets awkward. At some point, I'll remember that isn't a relevant piece of advice, and all that ugliness can be avoided. Who would turn down this gem of advice. You must be some one exceptionally important and superior in every way
  4. It's terribly obvious. For having such a miniscule fan base, and for being totally insignificant for the better part of their existence, Seahawks fans have quickly become some of the most obnoxious and asinine fans in the league. Imagine if they ever actually win something other than home games? Ugh, they'll be unbearable. All fans are pretty annoying when it comes right down to it. Seahawk fans finally have a team they can boast about , not sure why that bothers you so much to the point that you have to try and belittle them.
  5. Jones won 2 rds and Gust won 2 rds, and it was very close on one rnd any way you slice it. Jones won 4 and 5 while Gust won 1and 3. Round 2 was 50/50. Tie goes to the champ.
  6. Pretty much exactly what I thought when they were announcing scores. Greatest title fight ever? I'm kind of drawing a blank to think of one that compares but I'm sure there is. Anybody? Aldo - Hominick was pretty badass. Yeah that was a good one. GSP Condit was a good battle too
  7. Exactly, well said. "those people" as most predjudiced types would say, need to accept the fact that gays are as much a part of society as anyone else. We all need to recognize that until we find a cure, gays should be considered equal.
  8. We woudn't have these intollerence issues if we could just find a cure for gay.
  9. Keith took a big swing as Dank deeks out Craw-fraud. What whiny baby that guy is.
  10. Hawks look disinterested. Looking to ride out the season maybe
  11. Some serious stepchild power on display last night. Sedins and Schneids dominated ginger stlye.
  12. Three goals in two and a half mins for the Sharks... awesome.
  13. Not hearing anything all that good coming back in return for Lou so really hoping they dont trade him. Jensen getting some shifts with the Sedins in his first game. Looks ok so far.