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  1. Dust off the stud RB theories
  2. So much love for this guy's game The GMen should be doing whatever to ensure he's healthy for ten years
  3. It's so little offensive line help, but they have a stud WR and a talented TE and a veteran Supe winning QB. That ain't chump change
  4. fonts, gmail, drive, sheets, and hangouts The server room is two racks. One is like 12 machines high and typical, the other rack is 5 that google comes through. I haven't looked closely, I see fortinet, another meraki. I asked how they get virus updates and that is by a CD that comes in the mail so they're not even trusting the antivirus companies completely People can only connect/visit a select group of government websites, 99.9% of the web is blocked. I gotta keep coming home and downloading stuff then going back to work on it.
  5. I'll ask, thank you May I ask another Q? I gotta link to directories(not files) on a server so \\ not http or file or ftp WordPress changes these to be http I can't find an answer for this googling, all I get is elementary links or SEO stuff How do I make an internal link? (from a menu, if that matters)
  6. Interesting spin on Vrabel by the national media- He will not keep his job with a 200 yard rusher on the sideline. This started a radio conversation I heard on ESPN radio and TEN radio The obvious points are that Lewis can get carries and they can share the load some but a coach must use a player to the best of their ability and sitting a guy isn't doing that. The other is (which I didn't think of) that owners make millions of $ from a star and an NFL owner looks at a potential star like a rising stock. This has me hmmmm since the Titans will have (somewhat) of an ownership change this offseason going from sister to brother in the Adams family. The general consensus for Vrabel has been he has 2 years or at least midway through next year, but he needs to show something as the season closes and be open to change/progress during the offseason. This patience has been wearing down with some incidents and their season only having an 11% chance of making the playoffs
  7. I can get them and install but they can't connect repeatedly It's a highly secure environment and the firewalls and meraki are audited Google comes through a whole darn server rack and they act like the world would blow up if something came in
  8. Those all require outside connections with APIs and scripts though.
  9. I have to setup an intranet but it must be totally inside a facility with zero contact with the outside world. I have WordPress installed and have struggled with plugins needing to use a script offsite causing an error. I thought that was the easy route but keep striking out. I don't mind coding or installing scripts and have tons of experience. I just can't connect to an outside API or script so...any recommendations? Addons? Scripts? Plugins? Different CMS? Simplest would be to share files and message. Google servers are the only allowed connection since they host company email. I can use fonts from them but....Hangouts to message? Does it integrate to a site? I see it as a standalone and browser addon.
  10. Bri

    Titans 2018

    Fisker story where they asked him if he remembered anything of the Jets. He remembered their whole playbook and defensive tendencies from practice. Gotta love Harvard guys that can play in the NFL
  11. The NFL sent a memo out to the league AND the salvation army. other year's Elliot and some others have done this. The gist of the memo is of the NFL's support for the salvation army and for players to do so any time NOT during a game The NFL didn't fine other players in prior weeks and this prompted the memo out to everyone Elliot was "wise" and decided to put Dak in the bucket like haha I didn't do it, he did.
  12. It's a different league now. Teams don't use the FB anymore but some TE pretending he is to save a roster spot. RBs don't get X amount of carries to get going. Maybe Bell, maybe ADP, maybe the elite, but in general that's been dead for years now. I don't agree with it one bit. Fowler was a top rated FB by PFF and 3rd best the year before. All PFF is rating is blitz pickup and did he land his block (maybe catch percentage and rushing for a handful of plays) In this regard, PFF ratings are perfect and show a clear efficiency. There may be gripes with how PFF rates this or that, but in some regards like the FB, it's very simple and illustrates things perfectly. The Titans averaged more than 5 ypc when they ran behind Fowler. The Pats use a FB and the league copies a zillion other things BB does, yet here we have coaches claiming they know better than him and getting rid of the FB. For me, this is all "you dopes! use the FB!" The Sooners produced a fascinating FB last year. Flowers was a 3rd down scat back type that seemed to go to the sideline and put his hard hat on, then return to play FB and nail someone. Without a doubt, the hardest hitting 3rd down back you ever saw yet when he catches a screen and scoots, ya gotta look at the # to make sure it's the same guy. He couldn't make a loaded Chiefs backfield (where former RBs like Thomas also play WR) and he's not even on a team now. If saving a roster spot is so important, then there ya go. A lot of teams' 3rd or 4th RB don't even play but ST. At least this guy would have contributed. Fowler, BTW, had great hands for a FB and played slot WR in two camps and did very well. Eddie George explained RBs not getting the carries to get going as the offenses changing. OCs are looking for 7 yards per play while it used to be 4. A coach would absolutely ride a guy with the simple math that 3 carries times 4 gets you a first. It's not that way. OCs want the quick 7. 10 yards may come from a missed tackle and 7 plus a few yards. Maybe it comes from a second play netting 7. He explained that if ya look at this Titans group for example, Mariota can beat someone to the sideline for 7, throw a quick slant, throw a flip to Dion who scampers for 7, Davis can run a quick curl for 7. To him, OCs wanted more and they found out they could get it. When the DBs are backed off prepared for the quick 7, a fast RB can take off and get the 7 before the DB can respond quick enough, so what would have probably been a four yard carry in year's past, that just got them 7. Eddie is genuinely concerned for Henry. (Before this game) He explained that (when he's a free agent) he would need to spend some time with his agent looking for the right coach, maybe an older one, to find a guy that would still do it the old way. Eddie has no doubt Henry would dominate in any previous era. The interviewer mentioned his size and strength and George says it's because of how he thinks, his mental makeup. You can put a team on his back and he's totally comfortable, while other backs act like they're carrying a piano. It was a great analogy. George and Henry are friends, maybe mentor student...not sure what ya call it. Henry has met tons of former backs and players through George. He is quite aware of the change in philosophy around the league and that "let Lewis get the 5th TD" bit was some of what people have said for years- Henry is a special special guy. A true good guy, raised by his grandma, that doesn't take anything for granted and is very respectful of others. The old timers love Henry too. Vrabel is a former player in that era. He should know and appreciate the value of a back like that. He should also appreciate a FB because he played it on many plays and his teams always had one. BB uses one and Vrabel came from there. BB has ridden Dillon, Blount, and now Michel and if he's got the back, he'll ride him it's just that he usually has a different set of backs on the roster. Vrabel's got this "fresh" new offense by LaFleur and whatever rookie understanding of the game evolving. I keep saying this isn't a Vrabel offense and I can't say that enough- he was tougher and more hard-nosed. We will know a Vrabel offense when we see one. Another thing was pointed out recently, Delanie is an intelligent player and a sound blocker if not a real good blocker. They are missing him in the run game too. Henry loves the corner (like many classic backs) and if Walker can return before the season ends, that would really help the backs a bunch. If you watch a play develop, the blocks are there initially but a good second (maybe two) and they can't hold em'. The backup TEs are doing it right, they're just not winning long enough. Walker's got every veteran trick a TE would have and he'll figure a way to hold that corner even if he has to dive to get in the DE's way. The key-ness of the TE also lends to BB and Vrabel's "upbringing" too. The Titans will now start the smartest TE in football. Firkser who is a perfect 16 for 16 in passes thrown his way and runs perfect routes. He's a harvard grad and it's evident, but he isn't big and tough. He won't hold the corner. Not against a 300lb burly DE. Stocker is just awful at blocking and we've griped about it all year. Jonnu's injury hurts Henry and Lewis. They're gonna have to run up the middle or script it just right for Lewan to be beastly. They really need to re-sign the FB, but they won't. Vrabel spoke of MyCole Pruitt playing very well after Jonnu's injury. He's an inexperienced TE that is OMG cut and looks like a WR because he is so. Pruitt has been "in trouble" for blocking the wrong guy many times and yeah he looks like he could fight anyone but the guy can't even get his assignments right, next to an intelligent soul like Firkser, Pruitt appears dumb when he does it. If Conk didn't get hurt, the Titans could use Dennis Kelly as the blocking TE as they have the prior two years. There's a real problem with the corner not gonna be there and it probably goes to Spain. The best G everyone disrespects and doesn't appreciate. Look how far he is down the field in the Henry highlights, look how he blows up several pro bowl caliber members of the Jags DL. Vrabel benched him the game before to make an example out of him. It's not like he has this extreme faith in Spain but they gotta run there. At worst, Henry can maybe bounce it with Lewan blocking next to him. The TE not holding the edge makes it tricky.
  13. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    Finch 92 rating by PFF Evans another strong game and against a tough back too Everyone seemed to do well in the blowout Ryan played safety for one snap Orakpo's injury is still a waiting game. Morgan played his side and Landry played Morgan's. If Orakpo sits, it seems like Finch will still be a backup I still think Ryan is playing at an allpro level. He had one off game and has been lights out. I hope he covers ODB next game and not another CB. He's only allowed 2 TDs and has 1 INT.
  14. Good, probably. Great, no, doubtful. It appears LaFleur has botched the zone blocking system that the Rams use and he and the OL coach have just mangled it. The Titans have a regular pro bowler at LT, an all pro/pro bowler at RT, and a G that only allows a sack every nine games and still can pull off pancakes in the NFL. They WERE one of the best lines in football, joining the Cowboys, but this new staff has wrecked that. Dion Lewis had more carries than Henry despite his success. Don't underestimate Vrabel's anxiousness to show the world his ego and tell everyone he knows best. Pasting Vrabel was asked how Henry’s performance on Thursday might change how the team approaches things in the run game going forward. “Well, if you could promise that same type of success our past meetings would've been pretty short,” Vrabel said. “The one thing that is great about this league is you have to do it every week. You have to be able to consistently come out and do the things that you feel like are a strength. “Just because you had one good game one week, or you had a couple of sacks, or had a couple tackles, or threw a couple of touchdown passes, you have to come back each and every week and prove it.” Henry now has 712 yards and nine touchdowns on 145 carries on the season for the Titans. Running back Dion Lewis has 477 yards and a touchdown on his 145 carries. “Derrick will have all the opportunity to continue to do that, and to help us,” Vrabel said. “His attitude and his preparation has remained consistent and that was always good to see. So we’ll try and keep that going. Obviously we have to try and keep that going.”