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  1. I am so unhappy with this staff. Many of my writer friends are all full of rainbows and unicorns and I've never seen them this way. I guess they think Vrabel might be special so they're kissing up. I had the self wonder of maybe I'm wrong but I'm not. I need only go to last year to find articles of displeasure about an unproductive offense. I can see them every year in fact. Davis and his usage is all I like. I have an issue with the usage of most every player and backups otherwise. Tajae...he's had moments and probably is about right for a fourth WR. Jennings is only supposed to be in spots as a 5th and that's been good. That's it. Why are people praising LaFleur and Vrabel? The OL coach has been phenomenal. It's possible they're the only unit to ever play great with 4th and 5th tackles two weeks ago. The D was exceptional last week. Before that, the 32nd ranked pass D and yet one of the most talented units in the NFL. Not one gripe article. Has that ever happened? What in curse did Vrabel do to Rashaan's confidence? Umm he was a monster this summer. The LB we've been waiting a decade for and ...what was that performance? Matthews...umm how do you spend a minute with Belichick and not appreciate someone that converts 3rd downs? His trade value was whatever and now I bet they only get a sandwich in return. 10 camp awards, nine of those players cut. Why did they sign Woodside? Guy can't play QB after 3 weeks with the team then dump him. Why was it suddenly OK to risk permanent nerve damage to Mariota? I don't get it. Not one thing is how people normally react. Its bonkers
  2. How is the line doing? I've seen too many rookie QBs get destroyed by a bad line. As I said months ago, I wouldn't play him til the line could reasonably protect. So how are they looking without Thomas?
  3. Mariota was almost perfect his first game. 2 or 3 incompletions, 4 TDs, and player of the week. But he was expectant, so I think Baker's was more challenging.
  4. Wallace released. Only Finch remains of TEN camp awards given out
  5. They have not used Matthews, Walker/Smith, Taylor and Henry anywhere near as much as predicted. It's gotta uptick
  6. I wpuld predict L ewan and Kelly this week and Conklin next. Guess though
  7. Week two has to be thrown out because they had Gabbert doing that mistake free barely pass stuff. 117 yards total isn't enough for any WR to produce well. Maybe Matthews would have been pulled for Taylor to play outside like he did all summer. There's just nothing to be gleaned from that game
  8. I wish. He is such a playmaker it drives me nuts he doesn't get it more
  9. Nick Williams' signing is not good news for someone. He was cut because he was injured. He was surprisingly good- speedy little bugger in the slot- in preseason. I'm a little worried it's Taylor since he is 4th and not running with the ones as he should be
  10. Mariota's feeling in his hand isn't right still. There's still swelling in his forearm and elbow. They tried a glove to see if it'd help give him enough sensation but it just was an idea that didn't pan out. His injury was described as minor but unlucky because the swelling is pinching a nerve. Now, though, they're saying he could cause permanent nerve damage if he further injures it- with the nerve already pinched it's like well setup to be permanently damaged, so they must wait for the swelling to go down.
  11. They did the classic no risk style for a backup QB. Gabbert only had 117 yards or so. Marz did well as did Pamphile. Watt even went away from Marz which was quite the compliment...anywho, Smith flipped the side to where Watt was and did a nice job blocking. Mariota updates will come late. Titans could have 3 tackles return this week. Gotta see because Jax's line would command help otherwise. Henry's offense could negate that great secondary so I expect them to run it again. Its real uncertain especially because Lewan and Conklin represent a toughness Vrabel has, the Titans have, and they really havent shown. The Jags like to run against the Titans or chuck it deep. It could be a boring game or the two sides could open up their O. Its so hard to predict
  12. He's much better than last year. He isn't just fast (most of the time) but instead a complete WR. He regularly took the short route rather than try and go deep, crossed right in front of the safety or linebacker. He did go deep but he took his shots. He's got some savviness now. Really big improvement, exactly how he needed to from year one to two.
  13. Nervous as could be in the first but looked just like preseason in the second half. He was closing in several times, excellent speed to the QB. Still not an OLB that can cover. Was good or bad against the run depending which play. It might be enough for Morgan to sit and heal. Correa is straight fast to the QB and not good. Finch has all the moves. Zero worry of covering Morgan's pass rush but they would need Wallace to play first and second. He was curiously inactive
  14. Vrabel gave nothing but coy answers about Rashaan. Finch 5 snaps 2 pressures. I'm dying to see what he'd do in a full game. Orakpo played some DE in 3rd and long situations. He wasn't productive but the Texans used two blockers on him so he did his job. Daquan and Austin played nose a bunch. Maybe Pees is starting to be honest about Logan? Texans ran and ran well every time Casey came out. The Titans will have to do something as that's sure to be copied They ran nickel a lot and a dopey zone where if the WR crossed, a LB was on him. Brown and Woodyard didnt have a prayer against Hopkins and Fuller. They took turns on the TE again and its another week they shut the TE down. Otherwise, the secondary is really not doing anywhere near as well as expected.
  15. Most of the free agents were 3rd down back types and the QB position is real poor right now. Backups are dreadful and the old guys can't even get pushed out of the league. All these smallish fast young OLBs blaze right in when really they should lose a battle to the Tackles. I think the dump pass deals with them some too