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  1. Delanie Walker participated, that reports NG. He didn't go 100 percent, but he was there for drills...anyone can see it on the Titans site.
  2. Not unless something changed. It was a slight tear of his MCL not super dramatic. Post surgery, knees swell after workouts and then they just sort of get used to it and don't swell often anymore. Usually the spring is to get this over with, while trainers are close by. The Titans met with a real lot of TEs this offseason and signed almost none of them. When they go two TE, he is the blocking TE. They'd have signed someone significant if this story were true or were easily anticipated. I'll ask and get back later today or tomorrow
  3. It's not usually competitive to pickup backup TEs. I agree, but I would be sure to grab him back in December. After some good moments as a rookie, struggles in-between, the light went on before he tore his MCL He looks like he'll be a fine TE for many years. I don't know that he'll be special and put up Tony G or Gronk numbers but he should be fine and that will be nice to have in dynasty.
  4. I hope the NFL adopts Titans president Steve Underwood's solution to have all 32 teams associated with an armed forces base. Everything the Titans do with Fort Campbell is fantastic. I know the NFL owners approved it and it's waiting on NFLPA. I don't know if it has to do with the CBA or not. Injury risk? Mandatory attendance probs? Last CBA we got the Microsoft speed data, two way transmitters more prevalent, and every team was given surface tablets. I'm curious what tech will be in this deal. On a similar note, I hope they vote to make Microsoft's data public. How much would that change FF if you knew exactly how fast players were at which times? While this probably won't happen, teams have already paid developers to compile the data and make programs from it. I expect Microsoft to unveil their own program's all going to be fascinating to me
  5. He often released vertically, not toward the sideline. I have no idea why, I did see him do this with the Pats and it still looks weird even if Brady can complete it. If there is a rushing defender that's a bit slow, Lewis is not open when he does this. No one talked publicly about it, so I have nothing more. It's just weird. He allowed 13 sacks. He' copped to a bad attitude/effort and being "touched" when Henry went to give him the ball so he could get a TD, while Henry most assuredly would have broke the record. The Pats didn't go out of their way to try and keep him. I think he was a different player to start the year than from midseason on. The easiest read you can give a QB is to shift the RB to WR so the Titans have been doing this since Marcus was a rookie. Lewis didn't do well as an occasional slot and I thought he had that in him. Ya know if it's the right LB, with his history,...I thought he could do it, so I don't blame the staff for trying that. He wasn't a very good receiving back for the Titans and was pretty awful on third. He really showed me something with his vision on run plays and I was very impressed with how well he can fix a broken play or well defended play. He wasn't as advertised and I think that's a problem. I mean, I think they want the back everyone said he was. If I had to guess, he was a bit miffed that Henry became the franchise back as he wanted to be the man. There is no public statements claiming that though- it's just a guess. Fluellen has been in the NFL several years and yet only has two carries. He is a typical end of the roster guy that hustles and does everything coach wants and does everything the way it should be. I think it's wise to pit Lewis against him in camp. Lewis has the God given talent Fluellen doesn't have and can win, but he better do things the right way if he expects to. I wish I knew more of his bad attitude, but that isn't gonna work if a well-known hustler is his competition. Fluellen has been every coach's pet and again, has just two carries. The Titans have wasted a lot of time on UDFAs and late picks that could be a third down back. We never have heard what happened with Akrum Wadley last year but they loved him, made plays for him, and then he was a surprise cut that no one picked up. This year's hopeful is Barnes and he gets compared to Woodhead by most everyone. He does everything well, maybe not fast but quick and an intelligent back. Barnes has great hands and is so smooth the way he catches and turns up field. RBs are a dime a dozen in today's NFL and I don't agree with this but it is what it is. In another era, he would totally have been drafted. I think he sits on the PS a year and becomes a contributor next year. I think he too is there to pressure Lewis. I don't see threats that are genuine where I even wonder if Lewis is capable of beating the other guy out. Henry is the lead back, but while Lewis isn't guaranteed the backup spot, it seems assured. I think they're needling him the right way. Fluellen, the runner, is a hard-nosed tough guy. If he finally steps up, I would guess he only takes some 3rd and 1s away from Lewis. I can't see him being some complete backup even if that's what they're selling. (Two carries in 6 years tells alot IMO) Barnes has never picked up an NFL LB in a blitz or shook off some NFL DB. Third down backs are supposed to read pressure and either block or release. He has to get acclimated to NFL speed before he could do this. Barnes looks like he has the ability to supplant Lewis, but the stuff Lewis does involves veteran savvy and ya just can't give a rookie that. I think this is all needling to make Lewis the guy that was advertised. Vrabel talked about swing passes to Lewis being in the offense this year. It seems like Smith is also incorporating what Lewis does best.
  6. Most of the offseason has been the h-back ala Joe Gibbs. During the end of spring, Fluellen played FB better than the FB they signed. He has had an outstanding offseason and could maybe be a part of the O this year but he's been around for years n years and only has two carries. Every coach loves him but still...two carries. Henry's college FB was with the Titans and the top rated and fifth rated. He was cut which caused a lot of inner fussing . They scooped him back up last year when Seattle released him. He was with the team for 2-3 weeks and there were lots of great reports about the line blocking better, Henry running better, and a way better attitude by all on offense- too much choir boy stuff before. He was released with the typical NFL teams don't use FBs anymore statement but he again played a key part. Henry would soon after run with authority and become what we all saw. Eddie George (a regular at the facility) spoke of Fowler as a key to Henry's resurgence as well. There's a hypocrisy in wanting a well crafted offense of high character guys and wanting some nastiness on running plays. Lewan is a best ever type tackle when he is fired up and somehow the whole offense feeds off a tackle. He's a very good tackle when he's being a good boy, but he's a different animal when a big hit or two have happened. He'll run everywhere and hit everyone and is just woah! The other linemen see their buddy doing well and they get fired up. Ot course the offense does better if the line is dominating and it just all changes. Lewan will make dopey penalties and cost them too. They've always been trying to tone this down and yet enjoy it too, in another hypocrisy. Sooo alot happened when Fowler started smashing guys last year. I think Fluellen and Henry have practiced the FB spot in case they need a spark. I don't think it's as a regular occurence. Fluellen has greatly improved as a runner after a decent college career. The story of the offseason has been that he's neck n neck with Lewis to backup Henry. I don't think they want to wreck his progress as a runner and convert him to FB. Jonnu is an awesome down the field blocker and eh in line blocker. He has played a lot of move TE and H-back during his time. His return and the Gibbs influence should make him the lead blocker when one is needed. Delanie is still so athletic and he's a smart veteran. His blocking was missed last year. While he is mainly the receiving TE, there are many times he is the point/lead on running downs. It's unclear how they go easy on the older player so it's either he or Jonnu as the lead blocker
  7. He designed and called red zone plays. There were times he was overrided by LaFleur and once or twice by Vrabel. The Titans had a dunderhead play call that probably cost them a game, LaFleur lost his override ability then and it gave Smith a boost to his stock. Many believe Smith would have become the OC regardless of LaFleur leaving. The Titans red zone efficiency has always been very good and Mariota has always been best ever type stats in the red zone- I want to say 49 TDs and 2 INT but it's early and I don't feel like looking that up. Smith learned under Joe Gibbs and had a special connection with Gibbs. There has never been a Gibbs disciple that didn't know the run game well Mariota is regularly near the bottom in pass attempts. As they look to balance the O, he may pass more, but they're also hoping for a huge up-tick in offensive production. Vrabel loves Henry and Fluellen, maybe too much
  8. He's a free agent next year. I would keep that in mind for trades. He isn't the guy for every style of offense. Taylor Lewan doesn't play for every team either.
  9. The NBA has had some sure things over the years. These players almost guarantee playoffs for ten years. For decades, it was centers, but has become any position. The Celtics recently had a draft where they had woah numbers. I don't recall specifics but something like 4 of the top 15 and 8 picks in the two round draft. (As anyone in FF dynasty would guess) This was huge, since an NBA team is only 12 players. The Celtics were not instantly great and didn't get a sure thing. They improved. They may have gotten a special player or two in time and all, it wasn't a flop, it just wasn't instant success. Zion is on the assured level. All the teams want him, of course. They're whining to get what they want. The NBA has the lottery and it doesn't necessarily reward a sure thing to the worst team. This was seen as fair and a good idea but things would be different if it were traditional. Andrew Luck and Peyton....there have not really been many sure things in the NFL that bring 10 years of playoffs. ADP probably shows that Barkley does not assure the Gmen success. Runningbacks being big stars but yet also being a "dime a dozen" twists things pretty good here. It seems like a QB is the only position that could be a sure thing 10 year playoff run and let's not forget Baker was a late first for much of last offseason until the draft got real close. He was far from a sure thing. Eli wasn't great in college or as a rookie. Bradford had a new coordinator and injury every year. Vick never found the right offense and went to prison. Tebow and Young sunk quickly. You can think of a guy like Bosa or Lewan which have meant they're assured a top player at their position, but it only seems that QBs guarantee wins. The best QB was a 7th rounder. It's not the same at all. It's just too different. On any given night, the NBA can be five guys each getting theirs and not necessarily a team using teamwork. This is impossible in the NFL. The NFL has long had a serious evaluation problem in always weighing athleticism over production. For the amount of time, money, and workers that evaluate NFL eligible players, there should never be so many successful UDFAs. Sharif Finch of the Titans was the best drilled DE in last year's draft. He knew every move you could think of. He was well disciplined and would hit interviews out of the park. He went undrafted for being too slow or too small or having gone to "tiny" Temple. After a dominating preseason game, he still sat until week four or so and then only played sparingly. It wasn't til midway that he really got on the field a lot and he wound up with one of the best LB grades at PFF last year. The Titans first round pick struggled til about midseason and came on in a similar fashion, but he played the whole time. Finch is probably better than their 2nd round pick Landry. There is a whole lot that doesn't make sense here if they're doing well evaluating. Priest Holmes, Kurt Warner....there are a whole lot of these stories but those two had to wait so long for an opportunity too. The NFL needs a better gauge for success but it will probably never change it's system. Still there's a big difference between the sure things in both sports
  10. Lewis was so knocked down the pecking order last year. Fluellen and he shared snaps this spring and it wouldn't be that surprising if Flu was the primary backup. Depending on where you look, Lewis is blamed for 10-15 sacks. While that is out of character for the former Patriot, it's not like the Titans are going to gloss over that. Henry's awesome close to the season, of course. People are kidding themselves if they think 2018 offseason is the same as 2019. Lewis has to be the Patriot Lewis if he's going to push Henry. He's gotta step way up to have that discussion again
  11. Bri

    Titans IDPs

    With OTA and minicamp reports out, Amani Hooker has been "right there" with the starters. He has no spot (has played CB and S) and yet he is mixing in very well. Vaccaro and Butler have had bad games and he's good insurance now. I'd watch for him in camp though. He's in a real good spot to steal a job and I'd predict Vaccaro's.
  12. The Titans have kept four WRs and then five for many years. After injuries, they went with six last year. Jennings led the NFL in KR and does pretty well on special teams (not gunner though). He has played RB, WR, CB, S, KR, and PR in the NFL and is a former Patriot and is a lock. They need a gunner and a PR. A punt returner has to have some wiggle and Jennings is more straight-ahead fast. Tajae and Taylor have been constant trade rumors and it seems likely. The 5th WR has to play special teams and they do not. Taylor has started a lot of the offseason so he seems well above Tajae at this point. Without top end speed, Tajae is really locked into the slot. Humphries owns that already and Brown has been backing him up. Davis has been playing some there (a little bit) since he was a rookie. They don't need another slot. Not to mention Delanie often gets moved to the slot where he gets a nice matchup at his size. Cameron Batson is this speedy little bugger that can dance. Vrabel loved the UDFA last year and he surprisingly made the team. He played very little but we did see the speed and moves. In no way would I keep a fourth WR for the slot but if so, I'd want him to be different than the others and bring something unique to the table. Batson does that. Ratliff-Williams has been rockin'. He does everything. If he returns one punt for a TD in preseason, kiss Tajae good-bye then. (I absolutely expect my Titans to mess this up and cut Williams) If he just does well, then it's questionable. Fifth WRs have a purpose and routes/catching the ball is only like 20% of their job. It's quite different than being in the top 3. JRob has a huge ego and could keep 7 WRs to be a weirdo and try and force a trade. The Titans have always had special teams coaches with super long experience like 25 years in the league. The two ST coaches will get their K, P, snapper, and gunner. Le Shaun Sims was trade bait last year and JRob got awful offers for him and said he'd never trade him again. This year he has received a lot of offers. Sims is a starting caliber backup CB and excellent gunner. If he is traded, this will also mean Tajae is gone. Another CB could become a gunner, but they need two and ...I'd keep an eye on Sims too. He might be a catalyst for a Tajae trade that you never thought of
  13. Brees is a good QB for him. Again, he doesn't get open, he just gets position. Brees understands. He's probably done and won't make it, but that's good camp body to show the young WRs about positioning.