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  1. I don't at all disagree. I think if there's a way it is because Vrabel/JRob ripped the heart out of the D and got too cute in free agency. Teams behind don't run as much. Henry is everything you want in a back as far as preparation, attitude, and work ethic. He probably works harder on his own than while with the team and amidst this COVID19 stuff, ya gotta feel good about a guy like that relative to his peers. After last year's easy camp for many, I assume Henry gets a pass during TC and has a fake injury- it's May and this is how Vrabel gives rest so...just a prediction
  2. The Titans have had 5 or more backs in camp every year for as long as I can remember. I still think they could add one. I still think they need a quality backup but there's a theory going around that they're waiting on Clowney and since he'll eat up a ton of $, they have to hold off on adding a few positions and maybe even skip. One site had the Titans trying out that XFL back that played for Washington and he'd totally fit in perfectly but I haven't seen a single Titans reporter second that report. They have several needs still and Edge is the major one. Second is a special return guy rather than just fill in types. This is usually a cheapie. I would certainly say that backup RB is up there. Many believe they sorely need a CB as Ryan was nails when Butler or Adoree were up N down. I agree. The Titans don't seem to though, everything is that they're comfy moving on. So suppose Clowney suddenly signs somewhere else, I'd expect a key free agent RB and some other Edge to be signed ASAP. If Clowney signs with Titans, then the XFL guy or some cheap backup that may be a camp body.
  3. Larry Centers and others caught tons of passes and the offense was ....different. Many teams (where their back was an awesome receiver) did NOT have much success until they had more traditional balance. Could the Panthers be using McCaffrey too much?
  4. The salary gap between top backs and the rest is unreal. Jones being a Packer in 2021 probably has to do with whether the Pack want to afford him and use that space more than anything. Big backs need to earn a reputation and then FF folks jump on them. It's not surprising he's not going that high in dynasty drafts. They're all too slow, can't cut, not good for ZBS, and can't catch....until they smash some people and blow all those knocks against them out of the water. Sooo many big backs were not loved as rookie draft picks, I bet it's more difficult to find some that were
  5. I gotta question LaFleur backing up his best players when the team has bigger needs. That said, the draft is over so....whatever, move on Henry was a lot like Brandon Jacobs and other big backs in the beginning. I expect Dillon to do the same his rookie year. 4th and one and TD vulture. There are certain defenses that are stout but short n quick. Dillon could certainly get an increase in time those weeks and make Jones seem like he's losing his job as FF folks talk, but I wouldn't guess anything til year two.
  6. Anthony McKinney is on the radio here in OK, the Cowboys fans are annoyed they didn't sign him as a UDFA. I llllove that a tackle has a following. He's a former wrestler that switched to football and has great bend and balance due to wrestling. Writeups criticize him for fighting more than technique at times...faaa I don't care, as long as he stops the DE. A 6-8 320 pound wrestler sure sounds interesting to me. The UDFA WRs are all 6 foot ish quick guys. Slot type. It's interesting that they've added five quick slot WRs this offseason if you count Batson returning as an add. What's that mean for Humphries? Shouldn't they have kept Taywan Taylor then? Awful lot of effort to get someone just like him and he played outside too. Cale Garrett writeups sound like Vrabel....seriously He's either going to love this guy or get cut quickly. There's no chance in starting above Brown and Evans, but...tell me you can't foresee Vrabel loving this kid
  7. Khalan Kearse Thomas is a good read. Former Giants LB Antonio Pierce was his college coach and Thomas was a four star recruit that everything came easy to. Didn't get in til junior year, changed his diet his work ethic his everything and played well as a Senior with Pierce telling NFL GMs he finally gets it, matured, and now's the time to grab that talent. Amani Bledsoe last year, Thomas this year- I'm thankful the Titans are willing to sign UDFAs that are wow athletes that need experience and coaching. I definitely want UDFAs that got it done, moreso, but I really like these type guys. Also because, when they did put it together, it was against elite college talent so there's a sign their physical attributes are not a concern but putting it together/using them
  8. I think this is something, sure but a bit overblown how people are talking about it. I think the truth has to do with money remaining and issues. Logan Ryan is older and wants five years at pretty high $. Clowney has injury issues that consistently keep him off the field and his agent was acting like he was Lawrence Taylor. The NFL has always been a cruel business about age. Casey and Hopkins traded for what everyone conceives as bad return value makes a lot of hmmm what's going on. If the Titans don't get Clowney and he doesn't play great, the whole offseason will be awful for the D. I wouldn't be surprised if Logan Ryan wants X now, but if the Titans don't get Clowney, he asks for a king's ransom. The Titans lost two of their best three defenders and locker room guys and leaders. Vrabel's ego, that he is the new DC, fired ILB coach....all sorts evident after last season- painful truth is "Derrick Henry's team" won't seem like it if they're down 14. We all know that much. Landry and Beasley are about twins and sure they're fun when they can pin their ears back, but if they have to play honest football they're exposed as not the best at coverage or stopping the run. Couple that with how many questionable games from Butler and Adoree over the years and...that Ryan can shut down most any top WR becomes a giant asset that they must have if they don't have Clowney. Vrabel's ego seems to be playing Jenga here
  9. Anfernee Jennings went to the Pats. He was the biggest (good) ILB in quite some time. I wonder if Belichick got him to deal with Henry
  10. The fullback will be back in the NFL this year or was late last year depending how ya think of it. Last I read was I think 20? 18? teams used one last year after like six were projected to. Most of the best teams did and it seemed to snowball. Everything about the offenses changing and the intricacies of a 3WR fast play offense is all good, but every team faces a time where they need to pound the rock. The other thing is it's easier to sub one in when a lineman is injured and his backup is questionable than to hope your QB can survive. It seemed to me more teams subbed in for the latter and then enjoyed the former since the player was available anyway. IMO It's only a matter of time before the FBs are back to playing special teams and being solid there too. Arthur Smith rotated the TEs (all backups) between the receiving TE, blocking TE, and FB spot in the playoffs. That's real sexy from a variety, where will he line up standpoint, but let's not act like they're all the greatest athletes striking fear in defenses. It's a good small advantage and I think a lot of teams are capable of it. Is it garbage that will waste an opponent's practice time preparing for a handful of plays? Maybe, but enough top teams used them traditionally and this whole shift to the speedy smaller LB may have brought new value to a blocking back. Jonnu did fine. The other two were pretty weak at FB. On 3rd and 1 or goal line, yeah they can probably plug anyone in like you said. On any other down, I think the FB has to have some vision and (little bit of) wiggle to cut and get to the right guy. Titans blocking TE tried n tried but he just couldn't really hack it. Lastly, a lot of teams shift the RB to a WR spot to see who follows. It'd be nice if they could still run and/or still have someone to protect the QB. Generally a top defender is shifted outside by doing this so it seems like a sound theory that will continue for many years. *********** I have no doubt there are better kickers available from college. Since all leagues look the world over, why isn't the NFL looking for kickers from other countries? Kids literally kick a ball all day in some countries. You gonna tell me goalies and rugby guys that can punt their ball a wow distance, can't do that with a football? I think it's all just a pain in the neck. Coaches generally want a good K and to forget about it. I really think it also has to do with (I gotta get 52 guys ready for week one) time and attention. Remember the coaches do and don't want to lose practice time to special teams too. There is a pain in the neck vibe in it all too
  11. PK? Someone used the word rehab, none of the talk then was PT but drugs. It's just simple english oops but I didn't bother to ask since I was late to reading it....just bad
  12. JRob said bolster the WR corps so many times, it'd be this offseason's mantra if any. He didn't do that. There's gotta be another QB and RB or else Woodside and Scarlett are key I like every kicker from college. Why do only a couple make it out of thousands of schools? No FB despite saying they would add one predraft weekend Still superweak at OLB run stopping. Back to will Evans move outside and the 5th rounder last year or bring Finch back. Amani Bledsoe, told ya about last year. Stud DE, special athlete, had to sue NCAA, missed time in college. Did well in camp til he got with the ones then struggled then did well against all other units, struggled against ones again. Started preseason games. Didn't make it, sat on PS. He is a typical 4-3 DE. Titans play a ton of nickel so he could do his thing then, but I really don't think he can translate to OLB and he's nowhere near heavy enough to play DT. Really curious guy for the Titans but I guess they just won't let talent pass by even without a spot.
  13. Malcolm Butler entering rehab. PK tweeted Vrabel said it. IDK How this goes from drug rehab to physical rehab but...not so bad now
  14. It will be worth millions so ya gotta figure he's got whatever extra motivation there this offseason. He's been a good pro with everything off the field and training and all. Even everything he showed Brown last offseason. He just gets nerves in-game and doesn't do the exact things he worked on with Brown- like how to beat pressing CBs
  15. I want to know why the CB was a first round grade all offseason and they were able to get him in the 2nd. It was a bigger need than RT with Kelly re-signed and Logan Ryan still a free agent. Whatever though, I'm pleased with how it worked out. Wilson shows a great attitude and incredible push. Cosell had him needing work with some edge rushers but was very high on him. He's got an almost violent side to some of his hits that could be such a hit with Lewan and Henry. Can't forget the Titans are a fiery bunch and not always on their game I wish Lafleur didn't grab Dillon. He was the perfect backup for Henry.