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  1. Full quote "That's what ya sign up for, that's what I signed up for. When you decide to coach at any level, you've made a decision that you're no longer on the fence. You can't be afforded the luxury of waiting and seeing and then taking the approach of well I wouldn't have done that. When you decide to coach, you decide to go all in and you've gotta find ways to win and to help the players and improve; so when you don't win it's to your point, how is it? it sucks."
  2. Vrabel had a long reply and you'll have to listen Long N short of it is he was asked what he thinks of coaching and he said it socks. Gotta wait to see what the Titans brass thinks of that comment
  3. Nice sack, same "throw it, throw it" feeling
  4. that was PI on Harris, didn't let him come back
  5. that penalty made me smile, geesh he's going to be hard to cover when he gets more experience
  6. Titans routes still finishing in the same spot, could that be easier to defend?
  7. Yet another Titans game where both defenses look very good and both offenses look meh
  8. Lucky he touched that Brown is the last guy I'd expect a D to stand up too, he's so strong
  9. Remember when Miami was a top college team for years? That's how old Gore is
  10. Meant to say, garbage the Titans throw at Delanie for toughest catch of the game when they didn't use him the rest of the game.
  11. Mariota grew up playing soccer 24/7 and can punt and kick. IDK how well, but he's done it after practices many many times
  12. there's Vrabel's look at me moment
  13. horse collar probably a wise move there, he was gone