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  1. I think the Titans will keep Burnett over Campanaro. Wyatt says Campanaro in his article. Tajae seems to have joined some "made the team" status with his spring work and the private workouts. Vrabel seems to really like him. Until some training camp report from the coaches says differently, I think he's pretty well locked in at four and those two have to hope the Titans keep five and that five is the most they can rise up the depth chart. We are used to Mularkey and were used to Fisher. We don't know how Vrabel fills out special teams or his practice squad. His quotes are hypocritical at face value. In some he wants players to play a position and happen to play special teams. In others, he likes specialists. It's also not fair to hold the same quotes against him for 60 some odd guys and widdling down to 53. Soooo we'll have to wait and see. Burnett has explosion, per everyone, and in LaFleur's quick pass offense I think that'll be a nice thing to have. Camp is more about lateral moves. If ya look at quotes on Taylor, they love that he can catch it and be off to the races so my guess is Burnett over Camp. Burnett was a name UDFA so I don't think he can stick on the PS
  2. Over the years there were more players spotlights and they took up much of the first page. It seemed to me that FBG decided to pin one that links to them and that this was viewed as the best solution. It'd be odd to see a whole page of player spotlights. I guess you'll have to imagine that and how a staff might respond
  3. It doesn't work this way. I befriended reporters years ago and some (now gone) staff members in a surprising way. Over the years, I have befriended some players like e-friend or...that's too strong, send a message now and then is all. I chat Titans all the time. My writing has formed some friendships with diehards and they'll send me videos from camp. Yes the rule is no cameras but you'll notice in just about every picture there are about 1000 people holding their phones up. People don't usually want to be quoted and they certainly don't care much about being quoted on a board. I can't post videos because everyone has this notion that they'll be spotted since drones are flying around or...idk why they just don't want em' posted. I wrecked a relationship for years because I quoted someone without asking and they were like "we were just chatting what the..." Quoting someone in a newspaper is different as is on some major website. If I start doing that though, then people get apprehensive. (insert me taking time off to be a single dad and raise my kids, then returning and re-engaging relationships and making new ones) I was so grateful to be well received and like some unspoken welcome back. I never want to upset anyone and sure that makes me a bit quirky on here but it's how things are. In all honesty, I ain't all that good with relationships in my personal life but Titans ones...I do real well with those. Maybe it's quirky maybe it's some personal is what it is. I quit writing for Yahoo and Cover32 late last year. When I quit USAToday many years ago, like I said, I mangled relationships. I'm a bit guarded maybe but I haven't received any good offers myself this year just many typical type piddly pay stuff. If I'm done writing then I'm just gonna enjoy my relationships. That's where I'm at. As far as Murray not wanting to be just a third down back- that was on the radio. IIRC on NFL Network, some time ago...a month? two?, he was asked if he is less enthused about it and confirmed. It wasn't much because the conversation just shifts to OK he wants to be a featured back. The radio was recent. Once a year (minimum) he has said some comment about not being just a third down back and the draft was a long time ago for him. You can call it an assumption that it hurt his pride but I would call it an obvious conclusion. People here don't like when I say someone's face looked angry and/or the tone of their voice changed. They think I'm reading too much into it and...I get that. I guess I'd be making an assumption if I did that but y'all stopped me from that habit. And it was kind of hard with all the pressers being streamed live. I could see the disappointment on Mularkey's face and ya can't mistake a big huge smile as being happy. I was giddy when the pressers were streamed live. It changed things for me dramatically and...idk I can roll with that. I thought it was good feedback from people here. I don't like to justify my posts every time. Sorry but there are a lot of members and it can be a bit much sometimes. I've been posting here for what seems like decades and I'd like to think I don't have to anymore. I know I do sometimes but I really don't like to.
  4. I think-as of now- Landry will be more of a wait for next year type player and sub as a rookie whereas Rashan is going to probably be pretty special for you IDP folks. The talk of Derrick Morgan playing DE has died down some and with Wallace showing well yet again and Brown's outstanding speed and coverage for a backer, I think they're going to have to find spots to put Landry in whereas Rashan is just simply starting and gonna play as much as possible. The last two (or more) camps both Morgan and Orakpo have participated sparingly like veterans do. I wanted to forewarn people that things might look like Landry is more than he is. Unless Vrabel or Pees says so, don't believe reports or tweets or whatnot. Orakpo isn't exactly some chump. Part time as a rookie unless a Titans staff member says differently
  5. Man you flame me every time I post. If you don't know who I am or what team I have written about for years...I'm not posting a resume to satisfy your curiosities. If you don't like the info then don't quote it and leave me alone. In general, people appreciate my Titans postings here and I appreciate their FF input. That's it- all positive. Take your negatives somewhere else. I don't have time for that stuff
  6. This. Third in the NFL two years ago. I know he got five offers. ****let me backtrack**** NFL folks were real hard on him stinking in Philly. Very few expected him to do well in TEN. Titans were one of the worst teams in the NFL and oh so welcoming. He loved it there. Everything from the city, to the ordinary people, to the veterans, the young guys with great attitudes that JRob was drafting. He moved his family to Tennessee and said he doesn't just plan to retire there but stay there the rest of his life. He was awesome with the younger players and did lots of big brother veteran mentoring stuff. When he was released, the Titans thanked him as if he was like some 10 year guy they drafted and not someone that was briefly there. There was a real major connection there. The change in coaching staff and the NFL's need to get younger latest and greatest was unfortunate. I wouldn't say Vrabel cut him and cast blame just that Mularkey adored him and never would have cut "his boy." The Titans big muscular "Titan" has been almost with the team for a few years now. He is a former champion weight lifter/body builder that works/runs a Nashville gym. In some ways, he IS the Titans offseason workout program. All the Titans go workout with him during the offseason and he has done an awesome job sending them to spring camps in better shape than the year before. Two or three years ago, there was a scene at camp where a player got hurt and the player wanted him (watching from stands) and not the trainer or asst trainer. He ran onto the field (no one stopped him) and stretched out the leg cramp then returned to the stands. From there things developed. Players get injured and go to him for strength training and someone else for reflexology. He now attends camp as an advisor and helps with whatever he sees and has free rein- there are stories of him cooking and stories of him telling Mularkey that someone was "done" and "gave all he's got." The Titans organization loves him. He's even trained the owner and taught the general manager's kid the right way to lift weights. Supposedly he gets paid a ton of money as a part time advisor during camp and to be the mascot. He can't be employed in the spring per NFL rules and I guess that's how they work all that out. Murray always got strains and sprains. He was one of many players that were very close to this guy and would text him often and be at his gym super late Sunday night or super early Monday morning to work through things privately or just chat and ice up....whatever was needed. The Titans have two trainers and they spend a ton of time with them. This guy is the offseason guy and the friend they can turn to. I don't want to overstate his regular season influence which is more chatty than anything else. Anywho Murray was close with him. Murray got a huge offer from the Bears a day or two after the Titans released him. He couldn't believe he was released. The Bears had Jordan Howard leaving and staying stuff, a losing team, a new staff, and... he turned them down. He received veteran minimum offers from a ton of teams and turned them down. Then things got real quiet. *****one more backtrack***** Murray felt like he had an impressive college career and was hurt pretty badly by "everyone" saying he was just a third down scat back and wouldn't be much in the NFL but a complimentary player. He spent his whole career proving them wayyyy wrong. ************************ Recently he received five offers. The Titans again offered him the veteran minimum as did the Pats. Belichick has a stable of RBs but a veteran that has played WR and RB, gem of a lockerroom presence, and is excellent in pass protection- BB would have used him. I thought it'd upset the FF world with everyone buying on every Pats RB, as Murray bumped someone out. I'm not arguing this point- just to say that BB has a long history of utilizing useful veterans near the end of their careers so Murray would be the next in line and JRob copies whatever he can from the Pats. The Bears again made a considerable offer but have denied they did for whatever reason. One of the Jets or Giants made him an offer. The guess is that it was to mentor Barkley. The fifth team I don't know but now some say it was the Browns. Mary Kay says it's wasn't. What he liked best was the Titans offer because he loved his time there and has the respect of the players and camaraderie there. The amount of dings is not worth the NFL minimum for a RB. Coming in now, he probably isn't going to even get enough reps to beat out Henry or Lewis, so there isn't this prospect of achieving a goal of starting. He oh so strongly doesn't want to be "just a third down back" and this would hurt his pride after all he's accomplished. Again he loves the city and his family is moved there. He didn't want to move them again or be away from them for a large chunk of the year. Supposedly he met with the "mascot" and he pointed out to him that everything he wants in life is in Nashville except for football. He also supposedly talked to Sam Bradford and Karl Klug. The day he was going to announce, he spoke with both Vrabel and BB- both wanted him but both weren't offering what he wanted to hear. After one of those calls, he spoke to his wife (he said "and it was quick man") and then called his agent to let him know he's retiring. Things change and players start itching to play when camp starts and when the regular season starts- he could be the guy some team signs in October to fill in for an injured player. He could be. It seems final though
  7. I bet we'll see Mekale McKay step up or Thompson. It seems like Hurns always gets hurt when he becomes the focus of the D and gets too many passes. As a complimentary guy, he's fine and I like him but when it's time to step up- I swear he always gets hurt. Burned in FF, I think the Boys only have a #2 in him. Gallup needs some coaching and experience. I think it's often too much for a rookie to be a #1. Austin is for "cute" plays and not very good otherwise. This is pretty well established so I don't know why people keep acting like he just got drafted and the sky's the limit. I like Beasley. He's a get'r done type. I really think they lack a #1 and with the absence at TE, it's really concerning. Dak had Dez and Witten to panic to and those two made some really nice clutch catches. He simply can't throw some throws anymore that he threw to Witten. I mean Witten was a gem in traffic. He'll get an INT if he tries with someone else right now. McKay is a giant with nice mitts. He could find a home here for some sub work or be cut. Not sure, but I could see a rapport developing in camp with this big target. Long shot but Hurns doesn't play like a big box out type WR so size isn't really his game. There's a need for a big guy. Thompson is another get'r done guy. Lesser than Beasley but when pressed, I bet the coach is just thinking results and Thompson will probably give it. I really think there's going to be some move made for the Boys to get one more WR, a player who can lead this unit. Everything will fall into place nicely if so. Gallup should run a couple plays, come out and chat with WR coach, runs a couple more etc. I'm real leery of throwing him to the wolves. His ADP is too low, he's getting crazy opportunity
  8. He's throwing and a lot too. As far as the rest, maybe so. It seems like at some point we'll get "the real story" on what happened. I don't forget that Peyton's career was supposedly done with a neck injury either
  9. Yes but I have to know about it and frankly I'm less informed on who has. Of course I get the blame for that, but I do think some goes to the sites I frequent also- they could do better. I still can't believe it didn't matter in the NFL draft; I mean there's little evidence that the QBs offered concern
  10. Curiously no talk on this FF board. Romo won his battle with the NFL and "the show" begins this week. More than 250 NFL personalities and players, kids get in free, autographs are free, (and because today's world...) and selfies are free. They hope to have 300+ by Friday. Romo's making a huge splash for FF. Romo said it'd be premature to say if it'll be in Texas every year or if he'll travel the country with this convention in a different spot each year. Would you like to draft and bring your kid to meet 300 players and personalities? This could be huge for the FF industry and I think it's worthy of discussion in the pool
  11. This isn't totally reasonable. Shaheen was in a deep TE draft and IIRC he went in the second round and was one of the better prospects. Ya can't discredit a rookie needing a year to learn in a "his career is done" fashion. Burton is curious because it's not like he lit it up previously. The contract was considerable and that's what it took to get him there. I still think ya gotta concede this is a camp battle. Further, the Bears WRs are not that good. I would put more stock in them using more two TE sets than their WR corps rising up and becoming special in camp. I like the Burton love, but I think you're just too quick to chuck Shaheen to the side
  12. The best TEs, the absolute best have extreme athletic abilities and always produce. Whether ya think Gronk or ol Tony G or Gates, their bad games have one or two catches and a TD. They're wow athletic specimens from day one. Even if you give a year or two to get acclimated to the NFL, you can remember rave moments in camp. Brate is a get'r done guy, he's no bluechip. Howard is wow. Everyone in sports always gets burned thinking this way. When Howard "gets it" then it'll be his team. Brate's time is limited in Tampa. It's more likely (imo) Howard steps up and then Brate gets traded and does well elsewhere. Doyle was a UDFA with the Titans. Because he had sure hands and Luck hit him regularly does not make him an elite athlete. Ya gotta give him a ceiling with projections. Along these lines, Jimmy Graham and Ben Watson would have been washed out of the league at any other position. Jared Cook has had a gazillion chances to thrive in the NFL and hardly taken advantage of it. I see a lot of Jared Cook's mentioned above. I prefer steady eddy types like Doyle over Cook types, but man this thread is littered. There are one maybe two diamonds, not thirty- cmon now. Delanie Walker is curiously not mentioned. To steal someone else's line from an article I read, he becomes Jason Witten for FF. The reliable old guy that's probably gonna finish fifth or so amongst TEs. There's value in the predictability and the accompanying spot in the draft. Delanie seems to trigger a second run of TEs in drafts I've been in. I'm not sure why but he seems to make people jump. In my opinion, you either draft Delanie or wait a few rounds. I don't find much difference in the quality.
  13. I wonder if Luck is done, can't help it, but they sure took their time and seem to have done whatever necessary for him to return to his old form. Any other team would have probably rushed him back or....something. Every time last year that there was a report, they were patient. I give them credit for that and I hope it pays dividends for them this year. Their new Gm was very highly regarded. He can't be expected to build Rome in a day, but I have a hmmm attitude about him. I don't like XYZ so what's he up to if he's such a good football mind? Imagine if Watson turns out like Griffin? A wow rookie season followed by implosion. Texans fans would rip their hair out. I think Watson is like Dak, he has the IT factor and people in the draft were just dead wrong in evaluating how valuable that would be. I know he went 12, but when he is "on fire" 12 seems far too low.
  14. You own Bissett and are a Jags fan, that's obvious
  15. This article here is diagraming a 2016 play the Titans used. (MCM used to be a real good Titans site and now is usually 2-3 paragraphs of regurgitated stuff. This guy, though, he's a gem that returned and I'm pretty happy about it. This (tada noise) is what MCM used to offer...impressive stuff.) Why 2016? I can't answer for him but as I've said 2017's offense was so "ya gotta be kidding me" badly overthought, that I completely understand going with 2016. I told you the Titans used a hybrid system of power run plays and zone blocking plays, so LaFleur's zone blocking wasn't going to be the enormous change some non-Titans writers had predicted. Remember when I told ya that the Titans players said many of the new offensive plays were the same just with new names? Well, here's the Rams most common rush play run by the Titans in 2016. He calls Henry a home-run hitter trapped in a power back's body. I really like that description. @Biabreakable tagging you, because I know you'll appreciate this article