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  1. Roster moves guesses- I guess it has to be said. Dodd must be gone. Mularkey was the only one keeping him around. I imagine Sylvester will get released or however they can deal with his big contract. Succup probably re-signed Weeden, McCain, Weems, Douglas, all gone. DaQuan Jones took a big step in his development before his injury. "No one" will sign an injured DE. He probably has to take a "show me contract" from them. It's funny that Schwenke proved useful last year and wasn't re-signed but eventually brought back after the Colts cut him. He proved useful again so...what do they do now? Defensive End- name, big signing or big time draft pick MLB or ILB, possibly two since they fall each year in the draft. Woodyard is old and Avery had some excellent and bad games this year. Throw competition at these two. Many think another CB Without a doubt an outfielder, but this could be found in free agency or the draft minimally since they'll be a part time player. An interior lineman. OK may be OK. People are wanting the best line in the history of football. Three of five being top is quite special. This could be an offseason theme but yet a better replacement never presents itself. They may just have to settle for a player being OK and not great. Brown and Wallace seem to be the replacements at OLB so I'm not sure if they are as anxious to add one as others say. Brown played a ton for a backup. Unless Morgan or Orakpo announce an unexpected retirement, I think people are jumping the gun. Two quality backups to two excellent starters is fine. Whatever they think here also dictates Walden's possible re-signing or retirement. I don't think Orakpo and Morgan look as old as him when they play. Backup QB. JRob has mentioned this a few times this year and recently but he hasn't given up a thing as to whether it'll be a veteran or a draft pick or both. I don't understand how Matt Mariota sat a year and has two years of eligibility but he does. Tua is only a year younger in the college world so I'm confused. Anyhow my previous statements will have to wait and I was wrong and premature. I still find him fascinating and think he's worth a camp invite when the time comes. Douglas IS interested in coaching. If Mularkey gets a job, I imagine he is a WR assistant. Supposedly he has had talks with both Mularkey and JRob so I guess he could be a Titans assistant but they love their assistant WR coach from the CFL.
  2. Remember JRob will not allow a gutting of this roster. The Titans are far far far better than what we're used to. Gotta almost think like we're the Pats or Seahawks or somesuch. Tinker, tweak, address an issue; there won't be the fire sale we're used to.
  3. With all the Mularkey news and his firing(mutually agreeing), we did not get the usual update on Conklin. Partial tear? Full tear? What other ligaments? Usually would be an MRI update and usually some statement from the team doctor. All Pro as a rookie is special. Sometimes the special ones heal quick. Sometimes 6 months for an ACL is all it takes to be full strength sometimes it's the start of strenuous physical rehab and the guy is 3 more months away. It's really a fool's game to speculate on Conklin now. Tyler Marz has always shown well in camp as a tackle. He didn't convert to guard well this summer. Chargers grabbed him and Titans got him back. He's an odd one that went against many names in college and had tremendous stats for minimal sacks allowed and rushing yards his direction. At the combine, he was atrocious. When he plays T, he's fine. Quinton Spain was a college tackle and has played tackle in preseason games and camp. Dennis Kelly fills in nicely as a backup. They love the guy, not just Mularkey. I don't at all expect them to add a tackle. They're deep enough to cover Jack's absence for a time. Ben Jones and Josh Kline are presumed to be replaced. Zero talk of a tackle.
  4. How do you know Bill Belichick with the Browns learned and will become Bill Belichick with the Patriots? It's so tricky to say McDaniels will become a special coach
  5. I didn't know there was a new thread. This is real old and long. I can see the logic in a new one and your logic here. IDK
  6. Lebeau said he will wait to see who is hired and meet with Amy. He probably means all of them but...that's what he said. Years ago, the family was thrilled to hire Lebeau. He is not under contract for next year. He said he loves it in Nashville and who doesn't. I have no idea where he lives, at his age if his wife says retire, or any of that stuff
  7. Why? If they want Schwartz the timing is fine. As I mentioned earlier, more n more NFL teams are transitioning to these exit interviews. Mularkey would not alter the stagnant offense or offensive staff. He had a three year offer on the table and he wouldn't do it. JRob and Moustache can't let him do that. They had to stand their ground
  8. Team president Steve Underwood. He oversees $ and everything that we incorrectly call non-football like tickets, stadium sales, ads, meetings w owners, meeting w competition committee, boss at the building, Amy's right hand man. Team President and team counsel. He was hired by Bud and rehired by Amy's brother Ken, and hired by her. Really he's been there a long time, the gaps are few months where they gutted the place but he (pretty much) always remained. 30? years...idk, but long time. Very highly regarded by the Titans and the league. When Fish was on the competition committee (many years) the NFL used Underwood to handle the legal aspects of it. I don't know what that means, why changing rules needs a lawyer but...
  9. Yep, on video
  10. JRob expects to do radio shows this week and will make himself available
  11. Here's the first presser notes from Wyatt
  12. Fascinating stuff from JRob. Apparently he greatly disapproved of QBs practice time all offseason.Called Ferguson a waste of Strunk's money, plenty of quarterbacks available at the time. Furious about Antwaun. Had a discussion about him supplanting Sylvester and gave his blessing. (Remember he rode the sled the linemen push?) Agreed on roster #s and then Mularkey went differently but JRob had already had enough with the nose tackle issue. Fowler? Shook his head, tried to reacquire him. Says he's not done trying. Why not replace him sooner? Philosophy is still there, plenty he did right. Couldn't get a replacement on short notice to do those. Too damaging to morale. So when did you think to replace Mularkey? I stopped attending training camp practices at one point. So much woah, so much "I knew it," oh so much Steve Hoffman filed complaints against Mularkey for practice time. Moustache and JRob let it work itself out. ST only got about 10 minutes together before the Pats game. Croom needed time one week, filed form, never got it, in fact he got less. I'm guessing DeMarco's injury week wanting to get Henry and Flu ready. Mularkey arranged with Fort Campbell for wives to go. No one within the Titans was aware. Something with anthem stuff not being coaching issue but a prob moustache should have solved JRob, Amy, and Moustache won't micromanage. New guy will hopefully see they didn't. Hoped Mularkey would come around. Can't discuss candidates on teams that are playing still
  13. I have long said I want Mark Helfrich as the OC and Mariota's high school QB coach as the QB coach. (The guy is incredible and now at Alabama) Both worked with mariota during his recovery and both were present twice at Titans offseason activities. Cowher has visited the Titans facility for like 4-5 years now, every summer. One stray reporter will write a what if article but otherwise it's just been him visiting old friends that coach I do think Mularkey deserves a lot of credit for changing the mindset and getting this team to .500 ish from being a doormat. I do think he'll get another job and be able to use this as a stepping stone. I was done with him though in a time to move on sort of way I think that's everything, good luck guessing where this goes.
  14. I don't see how a new coach wouldn't like Murray as a backup. It's not like a new coach is gonna come in and say he doesn't want an excellent receiver and pass blocker as his backup. Yes Mularkey adored him and maybe it drops Murray to some typical appreciation level but he's still appreciated
  15. I do not think Fisher or Munchak return. Skip all that