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  1. Conklin is looking at 15mil per and his agent has received interest from several teams. That was never gonna happen. I'm not a fan of the free agent tackles so I'm starting to figure they're going to draft one in the first round. (TWO OLBs and RT are must big adds this offseason) The other is the simple cost of it all. It's just sooo much cheaper to get a rookie T than a free agent. They don't have Munchak or Grim to train the rookie and that concerns me. Up until about week 7 last year, we were not happy with the current OL coach. Davis stunk to start and then did a bit better the end of the year, he was doing fine and looks like a good pick. The blocking TE is a spot I just want them to like someone and sign them 10 years. Who cares if they last ten or 7 or 8. They're always key against a top pass rusher and vital to the backs that run around the corner. They make 750k to a mil which isn't bad for NFL salaries so I'd just rather they lock up someone. Mycole Pruitt was someone I wasn't a fan of in 2018 but he improved considerably in 2019 and I don't want him to leave. Most of all, I don't want a new blocking TE and a new RT. That was awful when Conk was hurt. Since Vrabel has weeded out the backup linemen they were working on developing, I could be intrigued by a good backup T here too. I think Kelly re-signs, I mean a fourth T. This is a considerable 1,2 punch they need to have. Surprisingly enough, the success of the blocking TE and RT has perfectly matched the team's success for the last 20 years. No one's wrong for discussing QB, RB and WR and OC and all the other offensive thoughts, I don't mean to insinuate anything wild. It's just interesting that the success has directly matched their success.
  2. BTW Tannehill told a good story of Firkser making difficult catches in MIA and coming through time and again in camp, so he was upset he was cut there and glad to reunite with him in TEN.
  3. There was no way he was gone. He does his 3rd TE job very well, he's cheap, and the compensation they would have got would just make them hopeful that their 6th round replacement TE could do what he does. He doesn't block well enough to be a 1 and I'm not sure he's big enough to be a 1. In 2018, he had the most interesting stat line as catching (guess) 16 of 16 passes against zone and wildly different numbers against man like 4 for 19. He had less opportunity in 2019(Jonnu AND Delanie were out in 2018) but he was getting open against man during crunch time plays in the playoffs. That's improvement at the biggest apex we could ask for. He failed at his time trying to be their FB last summer and it's again, he's just not that tough minded blocker guy. He was a receiver at Harvard then a TE. It's not that surprising that a former WR can't block great in-line or be a hard-nosed FB. I don't fault them either for trying. It's just he is what he is. I think he's improved enough to be counted on as the backup receiving TE. I think they'll be OK with Delanie elsewhere and Jonnu starting.
  4. Cosell ranks em Jeudy, Ruggs, then Lamb.
  5. While I'm sure Matt Pees heard stuff about Dad's coattails, coaching high school ball to earn his own way wasn't necessary. An assistant at the Ravens and Titans is something. Very odd turn, wish we knew more details
  6. Tannehill switched to same agent as Henry. Two schools of thought- sign us both so we can stick together or give Tannehill the $ and tell Titans fans we had same agent tried to work it out. It's easy to find cheap RBs not easy to find good cheap QBs so if it's one or the other Tannehill has a big advantage.
  7. My issue is still that Nashville is a fun city to visit and football people can be friends. Even with pics of a visit it's still questionable. Cushing and I are from same town and have some same friends. He had a Titans flag outside his parents home last off-season then retired and signed with Hou as an intern then got real offers so they upped him to strength n conditioning and defensive assistant. No Titans despite the flag hung.
  8. Cushing eating with Vrabel. His one year coaching contract just ended with the Texans. If he becomes ILB coach and Haslett DC, things would make a whole lot more sense. Also, ya gotta love this offseason of people posting pictures. It really adds to the speculation (of anything) so well
  9. 2 of 3 of Lamb's QBs won the Heisman and the other almost did. From a top conference where everyone knew his name since his freshman year and he still succeeded. Can you imagine the effort DCs put into shutting down his QBs top weapon or his QBs? He's seen everything and anything. A fun debate is whether it was him, the QBs or both were great. Works hard then runs free. He's not always trying for the homerun with his speed or just looking like a better athlete, he puts the work in on his route then enjoys the fruits of it. Could be better at the sideline and boxing out. Doesn't have insane ups, just regular. Could use some muscle to his frame. Jeudy plays bigger than his size like Hakeem Nicks and many others- no one told them they're not 6-6. I really like that about him. He's special and what I say is about to be negative but geesh he's special. He fakes often like a little kid. His cut should be the fake most of the time, so smooth that he's past the CB. Never do that head fake again, no one in the NFL falls for that. This will be fixed day one and fine by day three, it's simple, but it bugs me. It's all too much and there should be more pride in his route doing that. He's a better #1 in 10 years ago NFL because he thinks he's 6-6. In today's game, with all the short passing quick snap stuff, I think I'd go Lamb.
  10. Kendall Wright and then Taywan Taylor showed me lateral speed can get you open against any DB. There are plenty of examples. Watching hips of WRs should tell you something of fluidity to switch from one point in a cut to another. You can almost tell in the simple warm up routines. Some of the best look like they almost don't have a lower spine. Jerry Rice's time was tracked a million years ago when they were trying to show his mind bending ability to cut and not slow down. Fitz was in an interview once talking about this too. Ricky Williams and Derrick Henry have/had a fifth gear that you didn't see til you did. Vick could be in fifth gear instantly. Dante Hall could stop on a dime and had moves as good as anyone but he wasn't much of a receiver or RB. I love speed but it is totally about how they use it. You can discard Ross' first two years and so many other fast guys like him. Every sport starts with a great first step. I can totally tell you busts by that alone.
  11. it's ridiculous, his ego just bigger after the AFCG I wonder if Haslett will be in the press box doing the job, communicating to him, or somesuch
  12. He was the best commissioner in modern day sports. His tenure ended with scandal and some people love to only discuss bad times. He started things- booting players out of the league for failed drug tests, lottery system, stars in Olympics, salary cap...there's so much that came from under him that would spread to other sports. He stepped into the perfect time. Moses and Dr J retiring, Kareem and Magic versus Bird and McHale, young Jordan, Ewing in NY, Robinson in SA, twin towers in Houston, Clyde in Portland, Dantley, Aquirre, and Blackmon in Dal, Pistons, Cheryl Miller's brother. He should get credit for a ton but some think everything was so ripe then, that anyone could have been a success with so many stars coming into the league then. Well he (his staff) had to setup a system to manage the league and profit from these stars. There's a story about Nike meeting with Stern and a few others for a lunch that ended the next morning. Between Air Jordan's and whatever else, that monster brain-storming session changed $ for athletes; as many stars would make tons on endorsements now. In contrast, Dr J as a rookie invested in Coke and Pepsi just because he couldn't make up his mind. He kept getting nervous about what to do with all this money and kept investing in those two. He'd become wealthy, of course, but far more from this than the game of hoops. Players wanted Dr J money and there wasn't such a laid out plan as to how to do it. Converse (believe it or not) was often the best brand for athletes to get their sneaker names on and all took off with Michael. The NBA spent millions on knee surgery research. 3 time NCAA player of the year, rookie of the year, all star game MVP, NBA Champion Ralph Sampson had a short career due to a knee. Bernard King was possibly the best scorer in NBA history and he'd wreck his knee and be one of the first to return and do well(even if a shadow of his awesome self). It was necessary, it was time, it was pressing. Year two involved a huge donation from Wellington Mara of the NYG and....I forget the rest, but enough medical progress was made in this research to get on the path where we are today with ACL's just being "see ya next season" rather than a career ender. There's so so so much with him
  13. Spotrac estimated cap value(decent predictor of FA $) Tannehill 30, Conk 15, and Henry 13.8
  14. This is basically 4 years 60 mil, 15 per. After that, no one expects him to make the same amount. The top runner in a market should be able to ask for the top money, he's not wrong. The Titans have been riding a cap where they don't spend 18 mil avg per year and can easily afford it but many believe it's a purposeful gap that teams in smaller (NYC) markets use. It WILL come up in the CBA again. Regardless of the gap, they can afford it with 22 free agents and 100? 90? mil available Do they want to pay a RB that much? It's the worst position and the worst market in pro sports. The dime a dozen mentality is so real it's awful. As was said when Gordon was doing his thing- 10-12 mil for 5 years is a good deal, good life and they'll greatly increase that with endorsements. Changing teams hurts their endorsements a ton. Henry should be mindful that he doesn't necessarily have to follow the market, be a trendsetter, or do a darn thing other than get paid and be happy. As many have said, it's just more reasonable to tag him a couple time. He gets paid top 5 and if he gets hurt or doesn't produce they can get out from under it. Titans fans finally got to the AFCG after years where it felt like the Titans were the Browns. Henry was a big reason why and NOT bringing him back would be a big "dig" at the fanbase. Fan wise, the Titans almost have to bring back Tannehill and Henry. Running left behind Lewan took a hit this year, but it is still the best spot to run in the NFL over the last four years.
  15. Rumor people getting obsessed with Brady to TEN stuff. A regular person's pic and "the horse's mouth" are enough for me to go with that he was in Nashville. Whether a child mistakenly thought Steve Hutchinson's wife was Giselle or whether a lawyer verified is really extra. With Nashville being an extremely popular destination for north east people (if not all) there still lacks tons here. Meeting with the Titans brass, getting an offer, and signing. It IS more than him visiting Vegas or San Diego's still just a quick visit on the way to Miami