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  1. Asymptomatic is three days. 48 hours with treatment n care, 24 which is more test based. I pasted part of the NFl policy earlier **************** NFL camps were a controlled environment, (not you) people kept wanting to relate it to their daily life. The NFL season is different but the facilities are still cleaned super well and often and the players are tested more often than lab rats. Don't forget several NFL teams have the 15min test (Pac 10 articles) the four hour test and the blood drawn 24 hour test. They won't be like us where it's possible some oops happens and we hear false positive. For traceability teams are using rfid to track everything. Docs see players every day We all gotta pause and think "is this the same as our day to day" because many writers lately have not.
  2. Guy had a path to playing with their musical chairs at WR and they took it away making him a TE....ouch
  3. The Titans (Daquan, Beau, and Hudson) players and coaches were all asymptomatic
  4. a. Tier 1,Tier 2, Tier 2M and Tier 3 Individuals who have had Close Contact with the positive individual in the preceding 30 48 hours and who remain asymptomatic shall receive a PCR virus test (or such other test required by the NFL and NFLPA) as soon as practicable. Within 24 hours of receiving the results of the PCR virus test, if such test is negative, the individual will receive a second PCR test. Such individual must isolate him or herself until the results of the first test is obtained and is negative. Thereafter, if this individual remains asymptomatic, he or she will be permitted to continue to attend the Club facility and participate in activities, subject to the following: i. Daily testing post-exposure on Days 1-8 (and thereafter in accordance with the regular testing schedule set forth in the Screening and Testing Protocol); ii. Daily health questionnaires for COVID-19 symptoms; and iii. Increased temperature checks (minimum of 3 times daily). iv. The individual should consider monitoring HRV, respiratory rate and slow-wave sleep using wearable sensor technology (subject to the approvals set forth below).
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    This was a players out with covid thread but people asked me to change the title. Sorry for the confusion Joe. I should have left it alone
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    The way I understood was that they were (summer) prepared to limp through the season as best they can, taking any games they can. Players and their families plan around the bye weeks (visits, medical procedures, uneventful court dates etc) and the NFLPA only asked for byes to stay the same but we're otherwise as flexible as can be. With this in mind, I think they cancel the Titans and Vikes games this week and go off of W-L record percentage later on. The NFL has been phenomenal as far as covid. (Titans DC had it, wasn't at game) Very few cases, plan seemed as perfect as can be. Eight cases is a spike but IIRC the NFL considers 4000 regulars for games (players, coaches, refs, camera, trainers etc) around the league. 8 of 4000 is minimal. They could surely change their minds and their could be a bye week n this and that but....I think with the second wave news, they'll stick with the take games when we can get it thinking