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  1. He had two concussions in 2017 right?
  2. this (curses or insults could be said here) guy is fun to watch play football. Tebow was too most times. As you can tell by this thread and so many tweets, he should be a memory of a guy that flopped, but ...nope. We still talk about him. I can't stand the backup QB market. It bothers me and the news and articles where a team should sign player X just feed this annoyance. I'm sick of Geno Smith. Was he ever good in the NFL? Mark Sanchez was interesting as like a first or second year guy. Has he had a good game since. EJ Manuel, cmon the Bills had "no one" and didn't want to play him. Do Josh McCown and Ryan Fitzpatrick argue about which losing team they're gonna play for? Matt Moore is 44 not 34, how is he just 34? Throw in Derek Anderson and I wonder what Chris Weinke is doing these days. AJ McCarron did nothing for 3 or 4 years, nothing! And teams wanted him moreso than these perennial losers. Chad Henne is like 5 wins 30 losses in the last seven years. How is that good? Did you see Jay Cutler smiling after an INT? I'd have cut him that second. "Matt Cassel is the best available" has to be the most pathetic football quote ever. Brock Osweiler couldn't win a single game last year despite playing for a very good team. I would rather ANY college QB over all these Jets, Bears, and Browns. I don't care who. Bonus points if the guy runs around and is athletic. Traditionalists will sit here and discuss their arm and ability to read an NFL defense. Seriously, because all those guys throw it right to the DB. It doesn't even look like it was intended for the WR. All I want when a backup comes in is hope. I don't have to have any hope for a 3-4 game stretch but I mean hope for a quarter or a half. I guess I'd like to read that the player did something/anything in college, that's it. Who is good in the Arena league or the CFL? Sign them I loved Randall Cobb in college. He could play QB. Trade for him and put him in. His WR salary is probably far lower than most QBs. Has Armanti Edwards hung it up or is he in the CFL? Let's go back in time and actually try him at QB. My goodness was he awesome in college. I bet Terrelle Pryor is the Jets best QB right now. Matt Jones did some coke, gained some weight, and was out of the NFL "like that." How old is he? He could throw the rock and ran pretty good for a giraffe. Pick a know it all announcer on TV and suit him up. I think I said this to you in the Tyrod Taylor thread GR. He is a 1000 times better than all of these guys that fold like card houses and throw to the DB. Is he great compared to Aaron Rodgers, heck no! But we're comparing him to these loser backups that stink. That Webb guy in Carolina. I read the negative articles and how he could get cut last summer. How is this even possible? He ran around and around and finally threw a completion. He ran and threw short passes where a shovel would have been an option. He ran for a first. He threw the duckiest lob ever but it went to the WR. I absolutely loved that guy's can do attitude last summer. He marched the Panthers up N down the field very well. We are way too obsessed with arms and ability to answer football Qs- no one discusses results anymore. If I were a GM, I would rather Johnny Manziel than a QB that is 5-30 over the last seven years. I'd take my chances that Manziel could win more than that. I'd walk around with this little kid noisemaker that makes a laughing noise and play that every time he asked to be a starter or a reporter asked if he would. When my starter got hurt though, I know that lil bugger would run around and sling it. That's all I'm looking for. The only reason I'd give him a second (or 35th) chance is because he seems to admit he was a loser previously and changed his ways. No one above does. The backup QB position is so bad that I would almost prefer to hear that the backup that threw four INTs was suspended for drug use. At least it would explain things. When guys lose time and time again and throw INTs time and time again, it appears there are no standards. It's like some sort of Southern, good ol boy network
  3. Antwaun Woods is FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY being spoken of like he's on the darn team. He is now the projected starter at NT and writers are writing how he beat out Williams last year
  4. One of the interesting things that was said was Vrabel is trying to create a defense that uses Belichick and Lebeau's theories, principles, and.... everything. Sounds great right? Two hall of famers? The interesting point was "people have been trying to do that for decades." That is oh so true in the copycat NFL. Is he wise enough? Will he fall flat on his face? I hadn't thought of that before
  5. we have the same retreads at QB every year in free agency...mostly. They're all ex Browns, Bills, Jets, and Bears. The backup QB market is awful.
  6. Titans signed Kevin Pamphile. He started 33 games for the Bucs in four years and has played all five positions with guard being his strong suit.
  7. wyatt's got an article with the DBs working out together. I think it's a real good sign to see Mariota and the WRs and then the DBs. Check out Byard's videos. They almost look easy or "not that difficult" the first time and the second time ya see it, it's just wow. Maybe it's small twitter video window...idk but that's some athleticism he has
  8. Semi-pro ball is fun. Arena league games were fun. Cheap tickets, reasonable concession prices, and lots of big hits. I think there will always be wealthy guys trying to make something of this. The cheapness has an attraction. I don't think the wealthy understand that but think there is another league having some success, let's build on that. Many years ago (20?) there was a lacrosse league and a team in NJ. That was awesome. I balked at the idea but had the best times once I started going. Joe Morris and some other people sunk money into the league to try and make it a big deal and completely flopped. For $40 I'd go see the Giants, not some lacrosse teams with guys I don't know or scores I don't care about. Semi-pro ball is a guy thing, full of testosterone. If you've never been you should, it's fun. Lots of beer, hot dogs, grunting, and fist bumping, usually some fights too. Very much for males. I'd look crosseyed at kids going or a woman going...hard to word, but it's fun
  9. that's kind of "funny." Seth Roberts is the most annoying WR the Titans play. The guy does nothing and then makes 2 or 3 clutch grabs and it's like "what just happened?" Roberts is in the second year of his 3 yr 12 mil deal. I wish Decker had ice water in his veins like Roberts
  10. thanks it is a ton of money for viewers. You have good points. It's difficult to gauge without all the data or even a realistic business model. TV ad sales are down, down big time. You can see here a 30 second ad went from 500ish to 400ish that's an awful lot of money when you think how many ads there are per game. Is that a loss? Or do they just put more ads on to make up the difference? Are advertisers switching thinking internet or streaming ads are more effective? The pirate sites that stream games do get the TV stations a lot of extra eyes on ads for products or other shows? How do they calculate that? I think we'd need to truly come up with a business model to be able to discuss success or failure. I could be wrong, of course, but I see a lot of fans complaining of prices whether it be tickets, jerseys, or directv package. If the cap is going to get to 300mil, I figure they have to get $ from the fans and I'm not sure if they can do that. There might be a temporary cap right now like we all feel this is the limit but in a few years, we'll agree to pay more
  11. The market for the RB position has been putrid. When the Titans signed Dion Lewis to 5 mil per, that made him a top ten paid RB. For a perspective of the past- The Jets are still paying Curtis Martin and I saw Lamont Jordan's name on a list of highest paid free agent RB contracts. In general, ADP has been the only constant money maker. (Bell will join him soon and there's probably one or two I'm missing.) Most of the RBs are replaced by a young guy on a rookie contract. DeMarco Murray is the perfect back for discussion. He led the league in rushing, then signed an 8 mil per contract with the Eagles. He got that for one year then was traded to the Titans as the "bump" in swapping fourth-round picks. That's all he commanded one year after leading the NFL in rushing. The Titans reworked his deal and now he made 2-3 mil less. His first year with the Titans, he was third in the NFL in rushing and yet he got cut after the following season. His behavior, teamwork, work ethic, and locker room presence were praised by the Titans staff so it wasn't something unseen. Chris Johnson had the best ever (or one of?) first three years and got a big deal from Tennessee. He had one thud of a year with the Jets and never made a million after. He "got paid" once. *************** Sam Bradford got 20 mil. What did he do? Guard Josh Kline was cut two years ago and expected to be let go and replaced after a poor 2017. He got 7 mil per. Malcolm Butler was sat in the Super Bowl and got 12 mil ************** Oh so relative- it's a tough life for a RB but every other position seems to be thriving. The players have very little to complain about and they should want the current CBA continued in some similar fashion. NFL owners seem to not like the huge cap and some contracts like Cousins or Jimmy G but if they cut one of them, they can restock their team and suddenly a bad team can be good. I think that is very important to owners. Their fear has to be being stuck as a doormat. ************* I think the fans will be discussed in this CBA. Many fans don't like when their team is way far under the cap and wondering what if their team spent the 50-60 mil. Fans should be guaranteed an organization fields the best possible team. The other reason is the cap has gone up 10,10,10, 12, then 22. Add in the carry over and many teams are over 200 mil now. If it's 250mil in 2021, ticket prices will be absurdly high. The NFL allows teams to sit players in preseason and late in the year when the playoffs are clinched. When this news happens, attendance is down. Losing breeds low attendance figures. That national anthem stuff saw attendance decrease. I think this shows the NFL is at about their limit for the price they can charge for tickets. When consumers start to not purchase an item they always purchased, that's what it usually means. So I don't think they can increase ticket prices to support a 250 mil-300mil cap for the next CBA. *********** After the Amazon presser, it was discussed that this is the NFL's way of getting something from the fans that don't go to games or don't go anymore. The NFL was looking for extra $ to makeup for losses. Google and Facebook were very close to winning the bid and remember Twitter too. One of the discussions was the social element and getting people more involved in the games. The theory was that this would ultimately get people wanting to go to games. In this electronic world, we're lazy. If they give us a means to put the games on just about any electronic device and chat with our friends, a lot of us are "good." It hasn't really worked to drive people to buy tickets at all ********** NFL attendance isn't really down or up. It's pretty constant. I do understand this makes me a hypocrite to what I said above but you heard the talk of attendance being down for this that and the other reason too. When you consider the amount this chart could fluctuate, it's interesting how steady it is. Another way to look at it is the NFL has failed to attract more customers. Another way could be that they can pretty much bank on that many fans. Again- I don't think they can raise ticket prices to support the cap getting to 300 mil by the end of the next CBA. ********* The cap won't stay the same. Both will agree to increase it and it'll be a mistake. It would be best for the league if it stayed at like 250 mil though. Us fans will pay more if increases are gradual every so many years. When it's increased every year, we bark. Some player contracts are absurd and they're not deserving. If the cap stays at 250mil, those will be weeded out first and that's probably good for everyone but the one player. I don't think the high QB ones change much. As I said earlier, cutting them presents a ton of wiggle room to rebuild quickly.
  12. I think like you. Malcolm Butler said Ryan played SS some in NE and got to the QB. He only has 2.5 sacks so he could mean mentally "got to the QB." Lebeau's 3 safety look afforded the two safeties freedom while Rashad Johnson was deep. Byard and Stafford did a lot of talking and pointing presnap. Stafford was a safety that played the dime backer spot. I don't know, I figure (as is the case sometimes) I can tell the IDP folks what I do know and y'all can make a better guess from there
  13. Two camps where Woods outperformed everyone at NT, two years on the PS. Last year he even started and was the starter on the team's official PR depth chart three weeks of the four week preseason. I have absolutely no idea what's up with this guy. Klug and Williams were cut. He is their only NT and he just got a 400k per year raise and Jurrell Casey named him as the team leader of the weightlifting workout sessions. Absolutely nothing has ever made sense with Antwaun. If you said he kicks Mularkey's dog at the end of camp each year, then maybe it makes sense. It's unreal how his brief career has gone
  14. Ryan has been mentioned as playing SS (some, part time) a few times. Butler mentioned it too. It sounds like if two WRs, then Ryan goes to SS and Cyprien sits while Adoree and Butler stay outside. It could also be the 3 safety look the Titans used in 2015 and 2016. It's beyond early to try and make sense of it, but ya might make a mental note that Ryan could be in line for more tackles in 2018. Titans DC and Vrabel are all about players playing different positions but as of now it sounds like coach speak and this is how we get you to learn our new system.