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  1. I approved this message is unbelievably stupid. How in the world do they still think they should do it?
  2. Ikon pass. ? On same skis and in same boots for 20+ years now. Might upgrade but I still like my boards. Salomon pocket rockets.
  3. I hear ya, and I rarely use a horn, but get off your phone.
  4. It's been a great ride, thoroughly enjoyed by many, I never said it wasn't. But please explain how coughing up money somehow made it better or "totally worth it". To go along with your examples above, which aren't good comparisons imo but I'll play along, the rest of us got drinks on the house if you will. I suppose I should thank you for that. Thanks! And FTR, I would love it if you guys made a comeback.
  5. Interesting, I know nothing of the backstory. But I do remember Christies' warden, not good.
  6. Was that reddit thread linked on here real? From his supposed sister I think it was.
  7. Golf and tennis are one and the same. When you think about it, the parameters are almost identical.
  8. Thinking that a grand slam in golf has to be in the same calendar year is equally dumb.
  9. Good info. Can't wait for results of the others. Chet?
  10. Last 3 posts suck. The hacks are coming in.
  11. Absolutely brutal. Was that Diane Chambers from Cheers???
  12. FTR, he said it was kind of an accident. He did not intend draw it that far.
  13. Yeah you're probably right. Still surprising it can be this far off. I'll get the Strava app and see what that does for me. And why my Runkeeper suddenly went haywire I have no idea. Used it for years without a problem. All of a sudden, no more GPS. I could uninstall and reinstall it but I will lose all the info. I still may do that.