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  1. Why didn't Mularkey challenge the spot? There was nothing to lose. If you are too unprepared to call a play on 4th and short, then buy some time with the red flag and the timeout you're about to burn. He could've called his dumb play either way. The ineptitude is off the charts.
  2. Disagree. Once he's got the ball, he would've made an attempt to stay inbounds, like all great/smart receivers do. He was obviously coming down without the ball, so there was no reason for him to try and come down inbounds.
  3. If it were your playground, sure. But tell us, what does slipping have to do with the ball going through his hands?
  4. No idea why the didn't double team him down the stretch. Stupid. And no idea how he didn't catch that ball. Love him but he choked.
  5. Both teams are huge favorites and at home. Don't try to be coy, Roy.
  6. One thing that's nice about going over the top for the first birthday is that the kid will always remember it.
  7. So somebody post Steeler numbers sans Shazier. I read it somewhere but am too lazy to dig it up. He was a difference maker.
  8. Doubt it. She would take the steamy lust of a #### on the side in a heartbeat. She's lonely.
  9. Didn't the Broncos beat them twice the year they won the Super Bowl? All credit to Wade, possibly?
  10. You're reading it way wrong. "Doesn't want to date anyone" means she's not interested in him specifically. Make no mistake, she would be up to bang if she was attracted to it. This thread is pretty funny.
  11. BTW, you will never be with her again. The sooner you quit holding out hope, the better. It's not the end of the world. Go find some other ##### before you end up in your 60's thinking that you wish you were back at this stage of your life . . . when you could land some women which gravity hadn't totally screwed yet.