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  1. I never realized how talented real estate agents can be.
  2. LMOA @ the subtitle. Can't wait to hop on the treddy!
  3. "Dump Alert! This #MammothMarch storm left us with 54-70" of new snow since Tuesday. It really dumped these past few days and it's DEEP out there. Expect extensive patrol work this morning, lifts may be delayed due to icing and avalanche control work. Remember to ride safe in deep snow, avoid the base of trees, always ride with a buddy, if you're going to fall attempt to do so feet first and please respect all on-mountain closures."
  4. THURSDAY Snow. Some thunder is also possible. High near 30. Very windy, with a south wind 45 to 55 mph, with gusts as high as 80 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 24 to 30 inches possible.
  5. Thanks Brony I would love to embarrass myself in front of the experts. See you soon!
  6. Okay, I'll try it, against my better judgement. In a chat, it's all documented. So they are less inclined to show leeway, no? My results have always been better when simply finding a nice person who enjoyed their job. Seems a lot harder to bridge that gap in a chat, if that makes sense.
  7. This thread is like reading poetry. Only in football.
  8. I went to mapmyrun and they want all the log-in stuff. I'll do that another time. Brony suggested Strava. Is there not a run app that all you guys trust as an accurate gauge?
  9. Snow was the best! It's not as far away as you think.
  10. No I have not. I have a bunch of stuff I forgot to return and other stuff I'm going to buy if they are nice about the late returns. I'm a good customer and all that. This is one of those things that I just need the right person on the other end. And I definitely didn't get one. I've learned that when you don't get someone that feels helpful on the line, it's best to just end it and quick. Politely of course, and call back later.
  11. For example, I gave her my email address, ending in gmail, and she waited and made me say the .COM part before she would proceed. Then onto my address, all of which is right there on her screen of course, and she would not proceed again, until I said the state. I've never had that happen on Amazon or whoever else for that matter. WTF?
  12. Just called Amazon and got another country, which is fine. But I have some stuff to address that will need a manager to take care of and last time I did the nice-guy routine on this type of call, it did not get done. Don't want to waste all that time again. Is there a direct-to-prime number that I should be calling so I can bypass the rest of this bs?
  14. Bryce stops midway through his "charge" to the mound to throw his helmet at the pitcher, while conveniently buying some time for back-up. Only to get popped right when he finally gets there. You gotta love it.