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  1. As a lifelong Colts fan, I would question the loyalty of any fan who didn't have some kind of extreme negative reaction to this. I am a fan of the Colts team, not our former QB. While, I'm happy for him, he totally screwed over our team, city and state. All of the people hating on the Colts fans need to check themselves. Put yourselves in our position. What if your team is a contender and your starting QB just suddenly retired. I'm sure the reaction would be, "Oh my, poor guy, just needs to move on with his life." Hell no!! We are pissed and those few in attendance let him know. Yes, he did have to scramble and run a lot early and yes, our former GM was terrible. There is truth to the rumor that his shoulder was busted up in a snowboarding incident. All that being a given, a man doesn't just quit on his team, city and state like that. To wrap up, if this is what he wanted and now his mental state is revealed, the Colts will eventually be better for this. Chad Kelly is looking great, btw.
  2. That block by Cole helped gain an extra two yards and ended the season of a promising Rookie.
  3. How many hits to the head does Brissett have to receive before he earns a penalty?
  4. Belichick will get over on some GM. That I'm sure of.
  5. How can I use the new My FBG with the Dynasty Rankings?



  6. You've gotta feel bad Lewis. So, so talented but gets hurt quite a bit. Just thinking about all of the hours he put in to rehab. Working his ### off every day just to play again. Then he was having a fantastic, comeback player of the year, type of season. Only to go down again. You can tell how incredibly heartbroken he is. That being said, and this is about fantasy football and our teams here, who is the next man up here? James White?
  7. Got a visit from the AT&T U-Verse salesman last week. The wife's eyes lit up when he made all of his promises. I knew right there I had all the ammo I needed. Same routine as everyone "cancel", the wife wants to switch (which is actually true in my case ), what can you do to compete? I got my subscription package upgraded and $30 off per month, free DVR and ST for $203. I'm planning on calling back and asking about the ST to go and while I'm there asking if they can come down from the $203. We'll see. Honestly, I love DTV and this is one of the reasons why. I tried this with Comcast for internet and I was transferred to 3 different states and 2 different countries only to get a "Sorry, but no" from some dude in Bangledesh, no joke.