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  1. I'd love to be in. I am away from the computer tomorrow. I'll try, but no promises. Don't wait for me. Save yourselves!
  2. I am pretty sure the play calling was worse than that. In the inexplicable, 12men on D, wait, no time out, wait, that was grounding even tho there was a receiver near by sequence... Barkley wasn't on the field. I think it was at least 4 short yardage plays and the rookie of the year wasn't there. I was happy to see that the OLine was improved. Eli's play (for good or ill, if someone wants to make this game about Eli, have fun with that) was better. But that defense? eeeesh. Eli is going need career days every week if the D keeps that up.
  3. I would have preferred them to take the signals from a guy with zero upside vs a guy who might have upside. I didn't like it when they keep Tanney last year, but if I squinted and looked sideways at it, I could see the logic. I definitely don't see it this year.
  4. "They like the vet presence in the QB room". Well hire the dude as a coach already. I don't see any upside to keeping Tanney for abilities on the field at all. I was thinking his horrid play vs the Pats' scrubs was going to be the writing on the wall. In general, I think the team has improved over previous years efforts. Heck, watching to see if they claim anyone this year will be hugely telling. The waiver window blood bath last year was all the signs anyone needed that the team had massive roster problems going into the year. But I don't get why Tanney is able to hang on.
  5. This. Last year was my eldest's first year at school. We had friends that suggested closing the bedroom door. They claimed it made it easier to imagine they were just out w/friends or whatever and not really out of the house. I scoffed at these mental gymnastics. We dropped her off, some 1800 miles away (MA to GA...) and got back. Being the moronic tough guy that I was, shortly after returning home I went into the room. I had been pleading w/her to get the room cleaned before she left. It had been a disaster zone. I wanted to see what became of it. She did a great job cleaning the room. Got every thing picked up off the floor, vacuumed the carpet, made the bed, folded all the blankets. And sitting on top of her pillows was this little hand puppet bunny. This bunny was part of her and mine bedtime routine when she was little. It was sitting on pillow, just waiting for her to return. I totally lost it. Had to walk out of the room, close that bleeping door and walk out of the house. This year, when we got home, the cat that adopted my son as her human was searching in his room for him. Meowing forlornly. Not quite as bad as the bunny trap my daughter set for me, but bad enough.
  6. A week in after dropping the elder 2 outta 3. At times the adjustment is... rough. The youngest is still at home and she's not quite ready to be the only kid. The house is quieter and unnatural. Last year showed me that a new normal settles in, but it takes a bit. I just wanna find the jerk that gave them permission to grow up. Who ever it was needs a punch in the nose.
  7. This is the first season that I liked most if not all the contestants. I would have been happy with the either of the final two winning. I think Jordan is likely the most skilled person they've ever had on the show. He was simply amazing at every turn. He certainly turned the BS emitter to stun during the final "med check". Was cracking me up with everything he was trying to sell. Very enjoyable season.
  8. Yeah, while the sample size of one drive vs the second string Jets isn't really going to tell the season long story here, it was nice to see a clean pocket for Jones while he was back there. Its been so long since I saw one of those for the Giants I forgot what it looked like. But the drive and the way Jones looked will just ignite the media. The backup QB is always most popular player on the team. With the Giants situation, this game/drive will only make it explode that much more. I am not sure the D will be able to hold up and the season results may rest on their shoulders. But hey, its always the QBs fault right? And I'll admit to just a little bit of schadenfreude watching Washington have to take a nice long run back after a Flower's hold. Like Giants fans have never seen that particular play. Over and over and over again. So glad that bum is some else's headache now. Oh and another little bit of joy as Haskins had to eat a pick six. I get why Collins has a beef w/the Giants. Haskins? Dude, be happy you are playing somewhere and stop worrying about another team and what they thought of you relative to anyone else. People would kill to be in your position.
  9. I jumped at getting the game too. Having issues with "going offline" and having the game restart. Some of the transitions seem like they could be better too. I'll wait to pass judgement as it is early access (ie play test and find the bugs for us!) . I loved this game when younger.
  10. Thanks. I had to laugh at my timing tho. I am trying to learn sketch up too. My next project isn't nearly as glamorous. I am making a rolling cart for my grinder. I wanna have drawers for the sundry lathe tools that seem to multiply. I could wing it, but was using the project as a way to learn sketchup. So far that has been a lot of trial and error, it doesn't quite work the way I think it so. So its been more error than trial. I'll be down to one kid in the house this fall, meaning more free time, so I am hoping I can get after it with more regularity then.
  11. Newbie image poster attempt: Two rocking horses I made. One for daughter and one for god daughter. Didn't quite make the deadline for finishing the walnut one before the big day... That was addressed later. The original riders have moved on to college. The horses still attract young riders when they visit. Some turnings: ETA: Well, crap the thread was already won. I would delete this post if I knew how. 😉
  12. In the food drive I talked about, we have the Cubs on the front end helping. They drop off door hangers/bags door to door the first week and then return the week after on collection day to collect the food and bring it to the sorting center. The older scouts then sort the food and get it into the pantry. We are generally able to fill the pantry to the gills this way. We'd move literally tons of food this way. Sadly it doesn't stay that way for long these days. The need for the pantry has only gone up. When my son was doing the front end, we'd talk about the reasons why we doing it. Maybe there are similar efforts near you?
  13. I do a few things. The biggest is volunteer in scouting. Inside my town, but also at district and council level. This in turn supports countless other community level charity efforts including annual support for the local food bank. I've coached soccer in the past, but stopped when I realized that it was a fools errand in my town. The local soccer association is run by a bunch of Lombardi wanna-bes who have lost sight of what a life sport means to the vast vast majority of people. But hey, I hope that D1 schoalarship comes through for ya... My wife and Idonate to the hospice that helped my FIL at the end of his liver cancer battle. I also give blood to the red cross as often as I can. (Which isn't as often as the RedCross would like, but still pretty darn frequent.)
  14. BudLight offers free beer to any alien that escapes Area51.
  15. As a young kid I had a recurring nightmare. I'd be on an old fashioned train. Think Wild Wild West type train. It was speeding out of control, but was going to run out of track and into a chasm. I was being chased towards the front of the train by some monster type thingy. I'd always wake up either by falling to my doom or being caught. I'd be a wreck of emotions/adrenaline after waking up. One night, knowing that I was dreaming again, I managed to some how jump off the train, over the chasm and the monster dude got stuck on the train and fell into the chasm with the train. I've never had the dream again. And as a bonus, that sparked a wonderful period in my life where I could fly, at will, in my dreams.