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  1. Hope you get it figured out soon. Not knowing is difficult.
  2. I can agree with most of this but think you might be doing a disservice on one. The scars, no changes and better life afterwards are true. But I was useless for a week after the surgery. I needed all the pain pills that first week and then some. I couldn't sleep. Couldn't work cause the pills would make me loopy and I was foggy anyway due to lack of sleep. I could not find a position that would make the pain feel any better. Transitions from sitting/standing and back sucked too. In short, that week just totally sucked. The second week things got better, I started to be able to sleep but it took some time to get to that point. I certainly wasn't in any shape to work for about 1.5 weeks. But I feel tons better now and don't miss it at all.
  3. That example is way worse. I can't imagine anyone complaining about Bellinger being called out. The differences there are stark.
  4. I am happy to say that I evicted the gallbladder last summer. It was being an unruly tenant and it landed me in the ER twice in the span of a week. Two horribly painful attacks that spanned about a month. Lying in front of the john, in incredible pain that no position would alleviate, wanting to die after throwing up did nothing to make me feel better. I hear about the greasy foods, but that hasn't been my experience. Several bites of a pumpkin muffin landed me in the ER the second time. Random things would bother it at random times. It took me a week after the surgery to a) get any sleep w/o some kick butt meds and b) walk around like a semi-normal human. After two weeks it was all systems go. I don't miss the darn thing at all.
  5. Thanks for the fun Hags. Even if the sheep are, indeed, dumb.
  6. Mammals are animals.... (To be fair: I did have a whole "My you have big teeth" going in my answers... 3 little pigs is a good answer too)
  7. We are running away from a wolf and no one else answers Little Red Riding Hood? Really?! Dumb sheep.
  8. From deep in the heart of Patriots Nation.... New York Football Giants: 4 Pre-strikes: Yankees 2 (as a wee youngster) Post 2000 after moving to the Hub of the Universe and semi-forgiving/forgetting the strikes: Red Sox 4 (By way of explanation of the obvious contradiction: I detested the strikes and all baseball fandom was completely obliterated for a considerable time. Even now, at best, I am only a half-hearted baseball fan. Very unlike the live/die every play fandom of the Giants. Which means these days I am dying on the regular)
  9. Heck, I am reading the post-game stuff now. “It played out exactly how I would have hoped". Really dude? Giving the Cards the ball and letting them screw it up was your master plan? He is just digging the hole deeper. I was shaking my head after the game, this quote is just unacceptable. Pure lunacy.
  10. I really got the sense that Shurmur is in over his head this game. His insistence on challenging the PI calls is baffling. Unless it is Saints/Rams bad, the refs will NOT be overturning these PI calls. It is obvious and has been obvious for weeks. IE: If the miss is so bad as to dominate the press for weeks, sure toss the challenge flags. Otherwise, suck it up already. How many more times does he need to fail on this judgement before he learns?! And I don't even want to think about the draw play on 3 and forever knowing he was going for it on 4th day no matter what. Just plain stupid there. Ugh. This team has so many problems.
  11. Upon re-reading I sounded gloomier than I really felt. Loved that we gave to Washington, too many yapping voices on that squad. This was a new game script and I am happy for it. I am way tired of the old ones we've had, so the new one is nice. I didn't see any of the Rams game, so I'll admit to being shocked at the score. I guess after being gut punched too many times I am wary of getting my hopes up too much.
  12. Haskins did look bad. To his defense, putting him seemed like a pure desperation play. It is clear he isn't ready and I suspect his coaches know that. I am happy with the win. The D looked better. Gallman looked at least serviceable. But I am not getting any hopes up. Washington is a bad team. The really aren't any kind of a test. I thought the Giants were a bad team, but it was really only one side of the ball that was dragging them down. Washington was bad, really bad, on both sides of ball. For all the shade thrown Eli's way for protecting the ball... Jones has caused 4 turnovers in two games. All of them his fault. He needs to learn to protect the ball. I'm not holding my breath on hearing anyone in the NY media point this out.
  13. Wear plastic sheathing tomorrow when reading the press... the gushing will be over the top. The Giants really didn't deserve to win that. Not with giving up as many yards to Evans as they did. Jenkins was beaten like a rented mule. But the delay of game penalty? Inexcusable. The Bucs deserved to miss that kick. Just really poor execution there. Jones needs to learn to hang on to the ball. ETA: That delay of game was intentional?! File this in the "Dumb coach decision" thread. Wow.