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  1. Thanks for fun! My best sheeping ever. I can't help the rest of y'all have no sense of humor.
  2. Not a problem. I saw the dead line after I responded. I knew half way through the meetings I was going to be late here.
  3. Sorry I was late with the voting. Got sucked into a meeting w/boss followed by another w/team lead.
  4. and here is another Lamb to for the slaughter.
  5. I don't think he remembered. Pretty sure that was mentioned in S1, but its been awhile since I saw it. Logically, if he remembered then a bunch of stuff goes down differently. But at this point, I am expecting Bran as the Three Eyed Raven to know everything about everyone, but he only cares about the NK.
  6. Agreed about more and more becoming family friendly. It bottles my mind, but this is probably a generational thing. Interestingly enough, most around me aren't offering food. Most offer the occasional food truck or allow you to bring your own.
  7. I was trying to be funny. I just want my craft-brewery experience to be kid free. If I wanted to drink craft beer with kids around, I'd do it at home. There are other places folks can take their kids that are more appropriate than the local pub/brewery.
  8. You mean a park or playground? That would be a perfect to place to bring kids! All sorts of other kids, possibly friends and parents there.
  9. To all those taking kids to craft breweries. Why?! I suppose this could be age dependent, but I've seen kids in car seats at various breweries around me. Not old enough to walk. Sometimes way late at night. I always think "this is why baby sitters were invented. Use them or stay home and be a responsible parent." I had a trip to one brewery where brat #1 wasn't getting along with brat #2 and started screaming at the top of her lungs. I was waiting for glass to start shattering. Ruined the vibe of a nice chill relaxing afternoon for everyone else there. The reason I was there was to get away from attention driven kids, not to have them thrust in my face/ear drums. /EndRant. Shakes fist. Get off my lawn and out of my craft brewery.
  10. I didn't think that scene was about the sick burn. It seemed to me like Sansa was using Cersei's tone, snark and cadence. Especially in the "What do dragons eat, anyway" line. Seems like something Cersei would have said to demean something she didn't like. I felt the show runners were trying to show the duel between Sansa and Dany and how she's learned from Cersei. I also think Dany is reveling in how much awe the dragons inspire. She seemed to take great joy in watching the towns folks flee and Jon struggle with the reality of becoming a dragon rider. Worrying about the dragon's diet is something Dany got over a long time ago. I felt the dialog was fine. Wasn't expecting all these people to be one joyous happy team the second they meet. Seems too unrealistic. In fact, I kind of expected the sniping and pettiness.
  11. Collins got 14 mil a year? Way too much. I liked him. a lot. But not nearly that much. The league is becoming more and more about the passing game. That is his biggest weakness. I was hoping he would go outside the NFC East, cause I am already tired of the low hanging fruit "revenge" story line that will shoved down everyone's throat. I am glad the Giants didn't pick up that kinda of salary load. I wish him success, except when he plays the Giants.
  12. My gut is saying this is a good thing. Vernon didn't seem like a fit and they needed a RG. Now maybe they can find a pass rusher in draft or focus on RT.
  13. Wait a second. Jorah is back in Westeros. Hmmm. I wonder if he gets to meet Lady Mormont before this is all said and done. That could be fun.
  14. I am hoping we can get away from this odd beef with the show. I am not sure why people think that stuff is happening on some regular schedule/calendar. IE: One scene to next = one day or one episode = one day or whatever. This has never been the case. Heck, the very first two episodes of season one showed time slipping by quickly scene to scene. From the arrival of the King at Winterfell, to hunting, leaving Winterfell to head back down to Kings Landing, Bran's fall and Caitlyn's vigil. All these thing span large, loosely specified times. The steadfast adherence to some imagined clock seems odd. Do people really want to see the characters trudge through the wilderness episode after episode?
  15. Put me in the camp of not liking the Collins situation. The defensive is already missing major pieces. Now it will be missing one more piece. I am not sure I see the logic here at all. <Rant deleted>