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  1. Son convinced me to pick this up. It is totally addicting. Have both a solo game and an MP game we are playing together. There have been a few moments that have been pause the game 'cause we are laughing entirely too hard to even attempt to breathe. Generally involving getting too close to a high speed train... It has been a ball. Highly recommend.
  2. The BVIs. Jost Van Dyke. A nice PainKiller or 10 would do a body good.
  3. Congrats on the win. Thanks for the fun Hags. What a shameful performance.
  4. We have a couple of small ones in the windows now. I think we have have a large one buried someone in storage, somewhere. Tomorrow's goal is to try to find it and do something fun. Current idea is to have it sit on my porch roof. It will be outside, somehow. Maybe on one of my porch chairs. We'll see.
  5. Our town library put up a video, read the book to the watchers. Asked the town to put bears in the window. Thought it was a cute idea when I heard it. Took a walk today, work has been rough and it was a nice day... Imagine my surprise when I saw bears all over. About 1/3 of the neighbors when to town. Bears in wagons, chairs, stuffed into windows. It was awesome. I realized I was still a kid at heart cause I was looking for those darn bears on my entire walk. (No! I totally wasn't peeping at those windows! ) It was a legit great walk. Who ever had this idea was brilliant. Just brilliant.
  6. Please stop with the dumb slap fights in here. It it literally pointless. If you feel the urge to win some completely useless internet "war", maybe go for a walk, hug your pet, dial up a friend and kick back a cold one? Don't respond here. Please. Now isn't the time. Really. I wouldn't lie to you, honest.
  7. Unless I misread this... it is 86% were undocumented before stuff got seriously out of hand. Specifically: "We estimate 86% of all infections were undocumented (95% CI: [82%–90%]) prior to 23 January 2020 travel restrictions." This isn't saying that they missed 86% of all the cases period. It is saying they closed the barn doors too late. Two very different messages.
  8. This was my point with the idea that it was somehow here earlier and spreading unaware. I'd love it it to be true, because it would mean all sorts of good things. But based on the stats collected from around the world I just don't see how it could be true. Testing would fantastic. It is frankly criminal that testing in the US is so far behind. Truly infuriating. But there are other measures besides testing to detect if this is spreading. It is difficult for me to imagine that the medical community is so blind that they would not have cottoned to the fact they were seeing more flu like symptoms without positive flu tests. That seems way too convenient. My personal experience with folks in the medical field convinces me they aren't so naive. IE: There are other ways to detect the presence of this virus in the community besides straight up testing. Of course, if you are relying on those alternate methods, you are already way behind the 8 ball.
  9. Um yeah. I've needed a haircut for a few weeks now. Even before it got out of hand. Tried to get myself to go, but I always found something better to do. And the mop kept getting worse. I finally admitted to myself why I was avoiding it. And since I always ask for the world's simplest haircut... #2 blade... I decided I could do it myself. Not too bad if I gotta say so myself. I considered it a success when the kids didn't laugh at my efforts. I simply could not bring myself to getting someone else to do it.
  10. Well, I'll be debbie downer on this one. If this were true, where did all the severe cases go? Were all these early unknown cases mild? I think our medical community would have clued into it if it were here early. I'd like to think this is true, but I think it overly optimistic. I'd love to be wrong.
  11. This. They still need to eat. This at least reduces risk. Is it perfect? No. We do not live in a perfect world with perfect solutions. Perfect can not be the enemy of good or even just better.
  12. You misunderstand. I'll be there after this has blown over. Right now I am hunkering down a thousand miles away.This was a planned trip to see the Twins play. A trip that was planned by the sweet summer children we all were just a few months ago. Assuming the baseball season picks up again, some time, I'll want to make sure I have the details straight.
  13. I *had* plans to be there this June. Who knows, maybe I'll still be there at some point this year. We were planning on staying near-ish the ballpark. (read: where ever there is a decent bar scene that a bunch of overgrown 20year olds can remember what is was like being young 30 years ago...) I am happy to go out of my way to support the peeps that doing things the right way. I'll be happy to catch an Uber for breakfast.