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  1. It's past noon, so officially half way through. Have lost about 5lbs. (Would be more, but the weather has kept me indoors and not walking as much as I'd like. Stupid weather.) Going strong. Keep it going folks.
  2. Not sure if true or not. But I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop since last night. My theory is that WHO made China update the numbers for Wuhan, but held back the rest of province updates. The theory goes on thinking that they held those numbers back since they were massively under reported from the word go. That type of number from whitehouse would help explain some of the Chinese Gov't recent actions. I am hoping I'm full of it.
  3. Week 1 in the books. Doing good. Need the weather to cooperate so I can get back to walking outside again.
  4. "Hairless Guinea Pig for Christmas" doesn't have the same lyrical ring.
  5. That is good news. And people should stay home when they feel sick anyway. They should not have needed this as an excuse. Now that I work from home I thankfully don't have to put up with the workaholic sicko jerk who is is coughing/sneezing up a storm but in the office anyway so he can prove what a trooper he is. It's cool dude, you're sick. Stay and home and keep that thing to yourself already.
  6. I am in again this year as well. Likely after the SuperBowl. Perhaps sooner. We'll see how this week goes.
  7. I'd say they were 10-12 is when my kids figured it out. The eldest became a super help... she loved being in on it and helping us with the youngest. Moved the elf every night, etc. It was our secret and it ruled. The youngest played coy for awhile. The best Christmas ever was when we finally decided she knew, but was too afraid to ruin a good thing. So we decided to call her bluff. We put in the Elf in her stocking. The look on her face when she realized she "stole the magic" was hilarious. That entire Christmas day is still the the best. The curtains were pulled back, on the both the kids and the parents side, and the stories told were fantastic amazingly funny. I am not sure I've laughed as hard for as long before or since. Now that I have two in college, I miss those days. They grow up entirely too fast. Don't rush it.
  8. Hope you get it figured out soon. Not knowing is difficult.
  9. I can agree with most of this but think you might be doing a disservice on one. The scars, no changes and better life afterwards are true. But I was useless for a week after the surgery. I needed all the pain pills that first week and then some. I couldn't sleep. Couldn't work cause the pills would make me loopy and I was foggy anyway due to lack of sleep. I could not find a position that would make the pain feel any better. Transitions from sitting/standing and back sucked too. In short, that week just totally sucked. The second week things got better, I started to be able to sleep but it took some time to get to that point. I certainly wasn't in any shape to work for about 1.5 weeks. But I feel tons better now and don't miss it at all.
  10. That example is way worse. I can't imagine anyone complaining about Bellinger being called out. The differences there are stark.
  11. I am happy to say that I evicted the gallbladder last summer. It was being an unruly tenant and it landed me in the ER twice in the span of a week. Two horribly painful attacks that spanned about a month. Lying in front of the john, in incredible pain that no position would alleviate, wanting to die after throwing up did nothing to make me feel better. I hear about the greasy foods, but that hasn't been my experience. Several bites of a pumpkin muffin landed me in the ER the second time. Random things would bother it at random times. It took me a week after the surgery to a) get any sleep w/o some kick butt meds and b) walk around like a semi-normal human. After two weeks it was all systems go. I don't miss the darn thing at all.
  12. Mammals are animals.... (To be fair: I did have a whole "My you have big teeth" going in my answers... 3 little pigs is a good answer too)