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  1. I haven been saying cornerback all day, but I would've moved up the two spots to take Cook
  2. I truly disagree & hope they draft the player & not for need.. that being said, I am not a fan of these WRs.
  3. Read a rumor about Eagles possibly trading for Jeremy Hill. This would interest me, thoughts?
  4. Fournette is the only RB that I would take at #14, Cook injury history scares me. I would lean towards CB.. but a different thought.. trade 14 back to 20-24 & add a 2nd draft: McCaffery-1st 2 CBs in 2nd- A Jackson, Tankersly, or Awuzie
  5. Kind of wish Warmack would have been sign for 2-3 yrs for that cheap.. Needs to be CB in 1st
  6. I want no part of Ross in the 1st.. too many injuries and came up gimpy after running 40
  7. I never understood why they didn't keep him at Safety. Reports were that he was too still for CB
  8. While I might've preferred an OT, for the hopeful Peters replacement next year. I am just happy that we are reinvesting in our o-line
  9. Maybe he will need to be traded now too, as he shouldn't have to complete w/ a rookie.
  10. While I am excited about our franchise Qb, seeing how the draft fell I have to agree with DH.