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  1. hey, you get that mansplaining out of here, pal.
  2. it comes with the marriage territory, everything is a crisis. the other night I left my phone charging in the kitchen while I was in the living room watching TV. apparently I missed a text from my wife while it was charging. when she walked in the door, it went like this: her: you didn't get my text? me: my phone is charging in the kitchen her: you shouldn't do that! what if it was an emergency! what if I was stranded, or lost, or in trouble! me: and yet here you are...
  3. I've noticed that the bottles last a long time. if you buy one today from the grocery store and put it in your fridge, there's a good chance the expiration date isn't until sometime next year.
  4. cost of living. renting a condo for her and her 200 kids on a mosquito's salary is tough.
  5. we have college interns working at my company for the summer. one of them signed off an email with "ya boy". 🤦‍♂️
  6. salted cream cold foam cold brew, easy foam. the biggest cup you've got. you have any empty buckets in the back? use that.
  7. that's it, someone at work here is now gonna be poopcake.
  8. I’ve gone all the way down to Anaheim from the valley to visit Bottle Logic. Never heard of Salty Bear, but it might be worth a trip to Costa Mesa someday...
  9. here's one the cashiers love. pick out a very expensive bottle of liquor, and then pay for it with a bag of nickels & pennies. always gets a laugh.
  10. I’ll give it a 5 just because the US women are so good. If I was from a country whose team stunk, it would be a 2, tops.
  11. I'll usually go 3-5 days, but I've occasionally pushed it to a week. surprisingly (or not), eating leftovers has never made me sick, but I've gone to the hospital with food poisoning after eating "fresh" food from a restaurant THREE times!
  12. good one. I used to get together with my friends and play baseball in the park. real hardball, no helmets, no umps, no parents. we were all on little league teams, but had way more fun just playing on our own. sure you might take a fastball to the noggin, but that just meant you needed better reflexes. I'm sure it still happens, but probably much less frequently because of helicopter parents.