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  1. then why didn't he stick around after the accident to 'try and work something out' instead of going through insurance? once he bolted, all bets are off. #### that guy.
  2. I could just watch a loop of Gavin saying the F word indefinitely...
  3. awesome, I'm gonna make this for our Thanksgiving potluck!
  4. counterpoint: birds are ###holes.
  5. I like Leroy, but if he gets tossed because he can't swim, it's his own damn fault. he's had 11 challenges to learn how!
  6. this does sound amazing. I recently went vegetarian, so I'm looking for good veggie recipes to try.
  7. I've seen it multiple times, but not recently. I'd say it is worth the money. if you are a musical person (like I am), or you appreciate talented people doing cool live performances, then it's a no brainer.
  8. that was tough to watch. my gut feeling is that Dan is a creep who's probably gotten away with this behavior for so long that it feels normal to him. and if you noticed, he only offered up his apology after Jeff made it clear that they weren't going to "let it go". if he really felt so bad, his apology should have been the first thing out of his mouth. I feel bad for Janet. she was trying to be protective, and just got played. those other girls should be ashamed. and whether they admitted that they were uncomfortable or not, that clip of him putting his hand on Elizabeth's thigh while they were lying in the shelter made ME uncomfortable. I have hard time believing that she would be okay with that. Kelley choked. you have 2 idols and you're not 100% sure what's going on, you've gotta play one. got too cute and got bounced. I feel a little bad for Jamal, but not too much. he was probably the smartest and most eloquent person there, with some interesting takes on social dynamics, but the problem is that he ACTED like he was the smartest one there, and a little dooshy. that hanging envelope, lose-your-vote "lesson" was absolutely terrible though.
  9. clearly, you need to release a pack of feral dogs into the neighborhood. then in a couple years when the cats are gone, release some wolves to take care of the dogs. problem solved!
  10. there are a ton of games available. it seems like for someone who likes to play a lot of games at once, or switches to new games frequently, it might be pretty cool because 10 bucks a month isn't too steep. and it's not just multiplayer online stuff, they have single player, RPG, that kinda stuff too. for someone who like to play one game at a time, or doesn't have a lot of time to play, I'm not sure it makes sense unless 10 bucks a month isn't a big deal. I'm sure disk space would also become an issue once you start piling up the games, unless you can truly play connected without downloading anything.