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  1. One of my favorites. Oh Ramona.
  2. Had Ridley in my lineups and then swapped him out.
  3. I'll let you know tomorrow.
  4. don't know of any spoilers, but I've always had the feeling that the creators of the show don't really care too much about giving viewers what they want. so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some letdowns...
  5. was looking at this while perusing contests...pretty interesting. the higher the buy-in, the less people entered and higher the score you have to beat. with $15K guaranteed: * $7 buy, there's 2521 people and you have to beat 110 points * $12 buy is 1470 people and 90 points (weird that it's less than the $7 one...) * $25 buy is 705 people and 125 points with $6K guaranteed: * $100 buy is 68 people and 135 points like if you have a lineup you like, the sweet spot seems to be the $25 buy-in. if 70% of the entries hit the points, you would make about $30 bucks. almost like a glorified double up.
  6. Who Doesn't Have Any Thumbs But Is A FunGuy?
  7. this is kinda my thought on it too. I'm a little surprised that not one house had the thought of, "hey, we have an opportunity to do something pretty awesome here."
  8. You watched this...voluntarily?
  9. Don’t forget all the little Bless’ems.
  10. So where are they gonna put Baker’s statue?
  11. I had a teacher in high school who would end the last 10 minutes of class by saying, “now read until the bell.” But I usually just doodled girls with big cans instead though...
  12. anybody covered their house in Nanoleaf panels yet?
  13. well that just bums me out. and now I'm sure several sororities will try to act like heroes and offer her a spot, when they couldn't be bothered with it when she rushed.
  14. there's that one part fairly early on where the big demon machine comes crashing through the door and starts wreaking havoc on the tribe. I tried focusing on him, examining his weaknesses, and shooting those parts. so I'm going, "hmm, do I need a fire arrow or a regular arrow? maybe I can crouch to get better aim. should I distract him first?" meanwhile this dude is kicking my ### up and down the village square. :rofl:
  15. that's very careless of you to suggest. everyone knows that order only works if you're watching the Turkish language version.