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  1. Maik Jeaunz

    randall's ALS diary

    I have no words to add, at least nothing that hasn't already been said, but I hope & wish the best for you in your journey forward. the fact that you're sharing all shows how strong & courageous you are, so keep up that attitude. don't give up the fight, and use all the resources available to you. and if you wanna swim in the ocean, #### waiting for summer. book a flight to Hawaii right now and go swim in that b####! no time like the present! best of luck to you, man.
  2. for those saying to go after one of the other team's players, or any of that stuff, OP mentioned this was on the road, so you're playing one of the best teams in the state in their house. so starting some stuff will likely end badly for the road team, even getting crazy fans & parents involved. you really can only either pull your team off the floor, or get the game over with like the coach did. then go sleep with the other coach's wife.
  3. Maik Jeaunz

    Approaching women at the gym/ yoga class?

    do you have other friends at the gym, including male ones? it helps for them to see you interacting with other people also, so they know you at least have some social skills...not someone who just comes to the gym to leer. it doesn't have to be weird talking to people in the gym, no weirder than talking to them in Target or the post office, as long as you have some rules. married now, but my general rules were: * if they have on headphones/earphones, don't bother them * if they're in the middle of a set or something else active, don't bother them * if they're interacting with someone else, don't bother them * if they have a generally b###y resting face, don't bother them * if you make eye contact and they give any sort of smile...GAME ON!
  4. Maik Jeaunz

    When did the world hit it's peak?

    “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” - Andy Bernard
  5. Maik Jeaunz

    Wife’s Friends Just Saw me Naked

    were you "lathering" aggressively?
  6. probably about a 9 on trash can offense, my stroke is tight. but my defense is also getting better. just yesterday, Judy from Accounting tried to throw the rest of her sandwich away, but I swatted it into the wall and told her to get that weak stuff outta here.
  7. "People Who May Like Sports, But If Not, That's Okay Too"
  8. I work a few minutes away from there, and work with several people from the area, but luckily nobody I know was directly affected. it's becoming almost routine to expect one of these stories every day, and that should frighten all of us. I'm not sure what the answer is, but we definitely need to start seeking SOME answers. and RIP Sgt Ron Helus. your presence probably saved many lives, and you are a true hero.
  9. Maik Jeaunz

    Unwanted nickname -- WWYD?

    FYI, most people only give nicknames to people who they like, so I wouldn't make too much of it. and my HOT TAKE!!! is just because you named her, that doesn't mean you get to own what people call her for the rest of her life. someday she may decide she wants to be called Moonshadow.
  10. Maik Jeaunz

    Daniel Correa Freitas, anyone following this?

    wow, that situation is pretty messi.
  11. Maik Jeaunz

    What has lifting done for you?

    I've always played sports, and I've lifted seriously for probably the last 20 years. I've tried pretty much every program imaginable, and got to a point where I just design my own programs based on what my current goals. I've had my best results with 5x5 linear (AKA Mad Cow) for strength, and Hypertrophy Cluster Training for size, but a combo program like PHUL or Power/Muscle/Burn can be really good too. unfortunately, a couple years I had to have one of my kidneys removed, and I've never really gotten back to the level I was at pre-surgery. I'm still a dedicated lifter, but I just can't pound the protein intake like I used too. ? anyway, I love lifting, and I think it's an amazingly beneficial activity for pretty much anyone who has the motivation to dedicate some time & effort to it.
  12. to be honest, if you're waiting to watch the end of the show until the rest of the books come out, you'll probably never finish either one. I think Martin is gonna leave us hanging on the books...
  13. Maik Jeaunz

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    I thought it was pretty bad. I don't think Charlie can carry an episode by himself. Jason Kelce was great, though.
  14. Loras was supposedly one of the top fighters of the current period. unfortunately in the show, they turned him into a giant #####.
  15. Maybe that’s all she’s got? ?‍♂️