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  1. probably not enough for blow, but maybe enough for a bad hooker.
  2. wow, chet may have literally made some people in here millionaires. crazy and awesome.
  3. did you at least make it to the scene of his girlfriend in lingerie? because, oh my heavens.
  4. it's a good show, and I love the way Christina Applegate talks. when she starts dropping the f-bombs, it cracks me up.
  5. well, let me say that it looks amazing. they really captured the Star Wars vibe, and the environments are beautiful. and blocking blaster bolts with your lightsaber, and sending them back at the shooter is wildly satisfying. but for me, there are 2 things that don't really hit. first, I guess maybe I'm not a huge fan of jump puzzles. it's a lot of jumping from one ledge to another, swinging on a vine, scaling a wall, etc. I can deal with some of that, but that is literally all that this is, other than the combat. so second, the combat is pretty frustrating. I hear a lot of people compare it to Dark Souls, so if you like that, then maybe you would like this. I've never played DS, but if this is what it's like, I'll pass. the whole experience is about blocking and parrying, and if you don't get it right, a swamp rat or insect can take half of your health in one bite. or maybe a goat knocks you off a cliff. and if you're fighting multiple enemies, the camera is pretty wonky. it's cool to have the lightsaber, but it's just not very satisfying to me. I may keep playing it to finish out the story, and I know some people really like it, but I think once I finish it I won't ever be tempted to play it again.
  6. Alexander the Great's army is so overrated. all they had was swords and horses and stuff. these armies of today have night vision scopes and tanks and attack helicopters. it's embarrassing to read about Alexander the Great's victories. if you put the modern United States army back in Macedonia, Alex would get dunked on all day. there's no way Alex is in the top 5 armies all time. I mean, come on guys.
  7. it might have given her some advantage, but she needed to be mentally & physically strong enough to make it work. she's a freaking stallion. there's only a handful of other players (Rob, Tyson, maybe 1-2 others) who may have been able to take advantage the way she did. and she did the right things by acquiring tokens, buying advantages & idols, winning competitions, and making a lot of friends. I don't like the edge of extinction concept either, but within the rules of the game, if she makes it back I'll be pulling for her. and if it's not her, I'm pulling for Tony.
  8. so dumb. he was probably thinking, "get Jeremy now, get Ben later." no, you moron! the only way you get Ben is if you keep Jeremy now! and then after he was thoroughly de-pantsed by Michelle, who was 100% correct in her take. he should stay on edge of extinction forever.
  9. I'm a big Star Wars fan, and trying to work my way through Jedi Fallen Order, and it turns out I just don't find it that entertaining. jump to this cliff, climb these vines, slide down some ice and then mistime your jump so you fly off into the abyss...ugh. even the combat (as a Jedi!) isn't that fun. if it wasn't SW, I probably would have dropped it already. am I doing it wrong?
  10. i'm new to charting. is there a preferred tool that most people use, preferably inexpensive?
  11. You might be pleasantly surprised by Outer Banks. It’s not terrible.
  12. for that one moment, she may have actually saved Jimmy (or saved them both). but I imagine the cost will be steep.