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  1. "I got warm immediately on Air Force One. it's like a cure. these people should have just gotten into their own private jets to warm up."
  2. I'm not sure if this has already been posted, but here's just some light reading on the thread topic.
  3. another ridiculous order. follow Kim Jong Trump or else!
  4. it feels like living in bizarro world, where some people have an alternate reality. or it's like that children's story "The Emperor's New Clothes", but instead of just his clothes being a lie, it's his entire existence. and people just go along with it...
  5. I am not undecided, I will be voting Biden. But here’s the thing, in a lot of circumstances, I would lean Republican. I just despise Trump. I despised him before he ever took office. He’s a crook, scam artist, liar, and cheater. He’s a horrible person and a terrible president. he doesn’t even know what it means to be president. He idolizes Kim Jong Un and idolizes Putin. He thinks being president means being king, or dictator. Listen to how he refers to entities that belong to the country, saying “My military...” or “My generals...” everything is “me” or “my” or “I”. That’s because everything he does is solely influenced by what he will get out of it. Every. Single. Thing. he has zero compassion. Zero empathy. Zero self awareness. Zero understanding of what it means to serve others. Biden may not be the perfect candidate. But Trump is a divisive influence and a global embarrassment. We have a chance to erase the mistake made 4 years ago, and take some steps back toward unity and respectability. And that’s what my vote will be for.
  6. So people are not allowed to like going to the movies?
  7. hey, if you're gonna claim that the election is rigged without any evidence, sometimes you just have to do it yourself!
  8. yes, but we need more of this kind of stuff. hard evidence that can't be refuted or swept under the rug. we need it on billboards, and commercials, and airwaves. we need it on twitter feeds, and instagram stories, and tiktok videos. I'm amazed how someone with such a high level of visibility can continuously bend the truth, manipulate facts and media, and outright LIE while a good chunk of the population just shrugs. where is the accountability? it bums me out every single day.
  9. I'm sorry for the loss of your son's friend. regarding the second half of your post, right now we're stuck in a vicious cycle due to the volatile social dynamics: - pot stirrers can manipulate videos, photos or messages to make them seem inflammatory - internet mobs are always looking for the next thing to be outraged about - law enforcement may hesitate to take action for fear of labeling or retaliation - bad actors feel empowered due to reduced law enforcement - perceptions & consequences may be influenced by social media and so on.
  10. Wait...killers AND murderers?! Now I’m scared.
  11. How can Trump dare to question election integrity when his campaign is the one releasing fake photos and videos? That takes some balls...or you know, sociopathic behavior.
  12. This dude is really trying to copy the North Korea propaganda playbook, huh?
  13. On mobile (iOS), every time I add some players and click the Complete button, it processes for a few seconds and then kicks me back to the player selection screen. And it resets everything I had entered. Every time. Any thoughts?
  14. I still buy most of my games on disc. One thing I like is that if I’m running out of disk space I can just delete the game data and reinstall later if I want to play it again. Can you do the same thing with download, as in can you delete the game data and then re-download it again at a later date? Or do you need to have an external drive big enough to hold your whole collection?