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  1. Non PPR re-draft. Thinking of making an offer of Forte/powell for Cooks and a throw-in. Standard scoring. I'm wondering what everything thinks of Cooks going forward? Was last year a fluke? Or will he catch steam?
  2. My point exactly. I just don't see anyone in this year's WR draft class with the combination of size, speed, ball tracking ability, etc. And aside from Elliott, I don't see another player I would put ahead of White. So, when I get an offer for White, who sat in my IR spot all last year, I am expecting at least 1.2 or 1.3 compensation and probably more. I would be interested to know if anyone has done a study on PPR league winners and the composition of the championship team? From my perspective I believe that teams with stud WRs tend to win more championships than a team relying on RBs. That's why, despite the injury and lost year, I would be hesitant to part with a potential stud WR like White.
  3. I'm asking in terms of FF rookie drafts not the NFL draft. Thx.
  4. If he were in the draft this year where would you rank him in terms of rookie pick? My thoughts are he'd be the first WR taken and somewhere in the 1.2-1.3 range. Interested in everyone else's thoughts on this question.
  5. 12 team PPR, 26 man rosters Due to recent injuries to Dalton and Mariota, i am looking at having to start Matt Ryan in our league's championship game in week 16. Ryan plays Carolina again and has been completely ineffective this year. I made the championship despite starting Ryan because I have a strong team and I started David Johnson the last few weeks. Anyway, I am considering adding a guy like Weeden or Clausen and starting one of them. Am I crazy?
  6. I'm thinking that as well but Decker only having 3 targets last week is weighing on me. My thought is to go with Marshall, the #1 WR for the Jets. He is an experienced Player who knows how to beat a tough cover corner.
  7. I'm reading that Marshall will be shadowed all night by Vontae Davis, the Colts top corner. I need 26 points for the win and have Marshall and Ivory going tonight. I could sub in Moncrief or Dorsett. This is PPR league. Help is appreciated.
  8. 12 team, 25 man roster, redraft with interesting keeper rules. $250 budget. Rookies can be protected. A raiding owner must pay 50%more than the value thatthe owne sets at the beginning of the auction. I need another WR. Looking to trade M. Gordon ($19) and D. Woodside ($10) for A.Cooper ($25) and C. Ivory ($10). I have $11 in cap space. At face value do u like this trade?
  9. See edited post
  10. 3-team deal. Face value only...12 team PPR dynasty, 25-man rosters Team A receives: A.Jeffrey, G.Bernard, A.Hurns, H.Miller, Denver D, R.Cooper (gave up Fitz, Duke, Crowell, Cameron, Conley and Smith) Team B receives: D.Hopkins, C.Conley, J.Cameron, L.Fitzgerald, R.Bush (gave up Jeffrey, Cooper, Miller, Denver, Huff) Team C receives: Duke Johnson, I.Crowell, Devin Smith, J.Huff (gave up Hopkins, Gio, Bush, Hurns)
  11. I'm going to take the opposite opinion on Coates for several reasons: 1. He was drafted into a great passing offense 2. He has two basically unproven players (Wheaton, Bryant) in front of him 3. He is one injury away from serious playing time 4. Most college players have some knock on them coming into the NFL 5. He will have year 1 to learn while your 2nd round pick for next year is still in college and will probably be facing the same uphill battle as Coates and will also probably have knocks on him coming out 6. Coates is fast and big. I like that combo. 7. 2nd round picks are gambles. That's why they weren't picked in the 1st round I would offer a 2 for Coates. That's where he's going in most drafts this year.
  12. I have 4 TEs so would like to deal one for a young WR or 2015 draft pick. This is a 12 team, PPR, dynasty league. I have JGraham, JCameron, EEbron and HMiller. I'm thinking of moving Ebron. What would u look for in return in the form of young WR or pick?
  13. Hell of a move for you Very risky but one that could pay off if Eifert and CJA are who I think they are. The draft is a risk. U never know how these deals will work out but I decided to go for it. I hated giving up Gurley/Gordon though.
  14. 12-team PPR dynasty Traded: 1.2, 4.2, TEifert, RHelu Received: CJ Anderson, JGraham, RHillman, 2.7
  15. Trading Eifert would leave me with Ebron, h.Miller and Cameron at TE. Ongoing to have to think about the Jeffrey + Graham idea. I like that.Appreciate the responses.