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  1. I'm looking for a rookie pick in a dynasty ppr league. What is Marshall worth?
  2. I wish I could get JJ for that.
  3. I guess coming away with both D.Johnson and J.Howard in consecutive drafts with high 2nd round picks makes me think this year could be even better. It doesn't hurt to be optimistic.
  4. I likely will. Draft is deep. The chances are good to strike gold at the top of round 2
  5. I guess I'm overvaluing my picks in this deep draft. But the last two years I got DJohnson and JHoward with high 2nd round picks.
  6. 12 team ppr dynasty with 25 man roster. I'd like to move up and offered the following: 1.10, 2.1 and 2.10 for 1.3 too much or not enough?
  7. I wouldn't trade Bryant just to move up 6 spots in the 3rd round. Booker doesn't have much value in my opinion. Bryant, if he does play, offers a whole lot more with Ben throwing to him. Just check his numbers when he last played. I would expect a high 2nd round pick for him and wouldn't care if Booker were part of the deal.
  8. This is the latest news I have seen: (RotoWire) Luck (concussion) characterized his participation in Wednesday's practice as "full." Analysis: Luck, who noted that he feels great after working with "no restrictions" Wednesday, has just one more hurdle to clear before gaining full clearance under the NFL's concussion protocol. That's the confirmation of an independent neurologist, which could arrive in relatively short order and well before Monday night's game against the Jets.
  9. I need a win this week to secure a playoff spot. My two QBs are Luck and Dak. I have to decide today who plays since Dak goes tonight and I dont like Dak's matchup with Minnesota D. So, I think the odds are real low that Luck does not play but wondering what others think?
  10. Tough call but I go Roders here.
  11. Edelman. Don't trust Shadys hammy.
  12. Need help. Non-ppr, standard scoring. Do I take the chance with Eifert and hope he scores or roll with Hogan and hope Brady targets him?
  13. Non PPR re-draft. Thinking of making an offer of Forte/powell for Cooks and a throw-in. Standard scoring. I'm wondering what everything thinks of Cooks going forward? Was last year a fluke? Or will he catch steam?
  14. My point exactly. I just don't see anyone in this year's WR draft class with the combination of size, speed, ball tracking ability, etc. And aside from Elliott, I don't see another player I would put ahead of White. So, when I get an offer for White, who sat in my IR spot all last year, I am expecting at least 1.2 or 1.3 compensation and probably more. I would be interested to know if anyone has done a study on PPR league winners and the composition of the championship team? From my perspective I believe that teams with stud WRs tend to win more championships than a team relying on RBs. That's why, despite the injury and lost year, I would be hesitant to part with a potential stud WR like White.
  15. I'm asking in terms of FF rookie drafts not the NFL draft. Thx.