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  1. Geronimo Allen
  2. 12 team, ppr, standard scoring, dynasty, 26 man rosters My team finished 10-3 last year but lost in 1st round of playoffs. In retrospect, ARod carried the team. This year I've started 1-5 so with Rodgers going down I've decided to rebuild. So far, I have made two trades where combined I gave up: DMurray, DMartin, A.Jeffrey, and ATheilan. I received: two 2018 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick, Mike Williams, Josh Doctson, CKupp, TRawls. I have JGraham on the block. So, as things stand now if I make no more trades I will enter the offseason with: Three 2018 1st round picks and two 3rd round picks QB ARod, CJ Beathard, CKeenum/Sam Bradford RB JMixon, TRawls, ACollins, Gio, JWilliams, CClement WR GAllen, Doctson, MWilliams, Kupp, Sanu, TaywanTaylor, TPryor, CSamuel TE Graham, Fleener, Kroft Pretty bare. Any opinions on the trades and what Graham might bring? And ideas on strategy fir next year? I may even flip ARod for multiple pkayers if and when he is healthy.
  3. I don't see much difference between McKinnon and Coleman so I definitely wouldn't do the deal.
  4. This trade doesn't excite me. I prefer Brady by a lot over Cousins and although I like Martin better than Hyde, Thomas and the Denver passing attack have been pedestrian. But, with all that said, I do wonder if TB will last the season. He is getting hit a lot. It's harder to get up when you're 40.
  5. I'm a Gurley owner and read that his remaining schedule is one of the toughest compared to other RBs. So, with that in mind, I'm considering making an offer to the AJGreen owner that would look like this: Gurley + Dez for AJ + MIngram I'm thinking the Saints will settle in with at least a 50/50 split between Ingram and Kamara. This is a re-draft standard scoring league. It's also a salary cap auction league. My roster looks like this before trade (minus a few bench players): QB DWatson/Dak RB Gurley/Howard/DMartin WR ABrown/Dez/KAllen/amendola/Landry TE DWalker
  6. I have Dez, ACooper, Pryor, Allen, Landry, Golliday at WR. I think what makes dealing for Gillisie worth thinking about is that this in not a ppr league.
  7. I agree...drop Zay
  8. Standard scoring redraft league. I have Allen and deep at WR. Howard , Fournette, Cohen and Blount at RBs. I'm leaning towards a yes on this one.
  9. Standard scoring redraft league. I have Allen and deep at WR. Howard , Fournette, Cohen and Blount at RBs. I'm leaning towards a yes on this one.
  10. Fournette or Eifert worried about the HOU D
  11. Any concern with Fournette's foot?
  12. 10 team league, 25 man roster, standard scoring, non-dynasty which side? Fournette, Pryor and Golliday for Mixon, Jeffrey and Mike Williams
  13. I'm looking for a rookie pick in a dynasty ppr league. What is Marshall worth?
  14. I wish I could get JJ for that.
  15. I guess coming away with both D.Johnson and J.Howard in consecutive drafts with high 2nd round picks makes me think this year could be even better. It doesn't hurt to be optimistic.