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  1. 60’s Buffalo Springfield.
  2. There's a lot on the menu I haven't tried, but from what I have tried, I especially like the Chicken Caesar Salad and the All American cheeseburger. A few weeks ago I had the Pepper Jack Steak wrap and it was pretty good. One of the reasons I go there, besides convenience to home, is their selection of beer. I like Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and they have it on tap at BWW.
  3. Of course we go to Wilson Farm. I think we buy all of our produce there. My wife has been known to splurge on their $29.99/lb prime strip steaks. I know it’s way overpriced compared to Costco.
  4. I’ll try to embellish the answer a little. First, I work in Waltham. Lexington is right next door. Secondly, I was looking for a good school system for my kids. I had a boy with special needs who needed to be placed out of district and that costs money. Lexington has deep pockets when it comes to special ed. My girls are now in their junior & sophomore years in LHS and are thriving there.
  5. Grew up in Holliston. Used to live in Ashland. The old Big House was in Ashland. Moved to Lexington when I got divorced.
  6. Concord is horse country. Lexington is for the beautiful people as HellToupee says.
  7. That time would get shaved down to 20:00 or less.
  8. From my house it’s about two miles. So 40 minutes or so?
  9. Another vote of confidence for Northeastern. When I was with The Firm, we hired interns from Northeastern all the time. The best ones got job offers. And BU is no slouch of a school. A buddy I grew up with went to BU undergrad in some sort of engineering. I think it was electrical. But he got a job with Bell Labs who paid for his masters degree at MIT. Dude is now retired and he’s several years short of 60. As for me, I went to BU’s Questrom School if Business, though it was just called the School of Management back then. Anyhow, BU is a great school
  10. Did you daughter ever get an offer off the waitlist with Harvard, Chet?
  11. Oh, he’d gain fame if they let him in. But that’s no reason to keep him out, IMO.
  12. Felt like I was being artificially ghetto the other way.
  13. Yeah she did that for a while but I think she’s gone legit for the last six or seven years. Anyhow, she’s been doing well. She followed me to beautiful Lexington and now rents the same house I rented before my Chinesed wife and I bought the new Big House.
  14. Sorry, Chet, I don’t speak whatever jive that is.
  15. That’s the one. Johnnycakes is back here at the bar for lunch. Anyone who comes in and identifies himself to me as a fellow FBG can eat/drink on my tab while I’m here. As for everyone else.... ask away!!