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  1. Is anyone else worried about Harry's ability to stay healthy through the season? I mean, he's been sidelined throughout training camp with one seemingly minor injury or another. I just have visions of him being a fantastic receiver for the 3-4 games he gets to play this year.
  2. Looks like Yard House is finally doing some framing. Maybe they be open before next spring.
  3. I found a channel on i heart radio that is running Woodstock music all weekend long. Lots of cuts I haven't heard before. It's free, so what the heck.
  4. 60 years old. Overweight. Diabetic. Cymbalta - anti-depressant Losartan - blood pressure Verapamil - said to prevent cluster headaches. Also for blood pressure. Lipitor - cholesterol Abilify - mood stabilizer? Metformin - for diabetes/blood sugar Prilosec - GERD
  5. Pigpen (rip) singing & playing the blues.
  6. I say make a bid on the cryotherapy. If you happen to win, give it a try and report back.
  7. The announcer called it the NBC World Series, which I googled. Here is the website, with links to all you need to know about the National Baseball Congress.
  8. The advertisements make me want to go look at their website to see what qualifications they have. Brad Culpepper Following an All-American career at the University of Florida, Brad Culpepper became a stalwart on the defensive front for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. During his nine-year NFL tenure, Brad developed a reputation as one of the smartest, toughest and most determined players in the league. Fortunately for injured victims, he has transferred this same intensity and desire into the courtroom. More detailed bio here.
  9. Physically 60, mentally about 20. My brain has not yet fully developed.