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  1. I don't recall any early voting here in MA for the 2016 election.
  2. So we have early in-person voting here. It's open on Sunday, too. Just got back from casting my vote for Sleepy Joe.
  3. Sounds like it’s running out of gas.
  4. After seeing some of these picks, I am holding out hope for Love Itis by the J Geils Band.
  5. FWIW, I think the travel restrictions kicked in just a few days before my scheduled trip. And the airline didn’t help... what they sent around led me to believe all I would have to do was to sign off that I didn’t have any COVID symptoms, hadn’t been around anyone who tested positive, etc. so it was kind of a bummer to be turned back at the airport. So far Cancun has been good. I had to go out and buy some short-sleeved shirts, though, as I was packed for AMS not the beach. And the Ritz Carlton has been good. they were able to exchange some of my Euros for Pesos. I’m staying in a Club level room so I can get unlimited free drinks in the lounge from 11:00 to 8:00pm. the hookers are a fraction of the price in AMS. While cannabis remains illegal here, I was able to score some Mexican dank this morning in the old city. So it beats sitting around at home by myself. So far so good.
  6. Looks like Cancun is the winnah. thanks for the suggestion... i would never have thought of it. Flight leaves at 0800 EDT tomorrow morning. Still have to decide on a hotel but I'm leaning towards the Ritz Carlton Cancun.
  7. Now there's a solid suggestion. At first glance, there are convenient flights from BOS to CUN. Just got to check hotels....
  8. Well fooey. Looks like I'll be passing my week's vacation safely at home.
  9. Now thinking about going to Honolulu for the week....
  10. Aye aye aye. Thanks. Anywhere in the U.S. worth going to?
  11. I was supposed to go to Amsterdam to chill out for a week today. I got to the airport only to be informed at the gate that there were travel restrictions in place for travel to the Netherlands and unless I was either a student or had relatives in the Netherlands, that I would not be allowed to board my flight. I booked this trip back in January and have been looking forward to it. Oh well. The hotel was paid for (non-refundable deposit) so I'm trying to convince the hotel right now to give me credit for another week, say in late May next year. But I have all my stuff packed for a week's trip, now. Haven't unpacked yet since I got home. The question now becomes, can I go elsewhere for a week and have a blast? To further complicate matters, I have 6,000 Euros in cash I was going to use on hookers & blow in Amsterdam. So I guess it makes sense to look at another European Union country to go to so I could spend out of the 6,000 Euros instead of putting charges on my credit card. I'm about 95% convinced to book a trip to Dublin, Ireland for the week. I don't see that they have any of the same travel restrictions that Amsterdam has. What says the FFA? I could book a flight using miles to go business class to Dublin tomorrow at 3pm. Arriving in Dublin Sunday morning. I'm sure there are other places to be considered.... looking to avoid travel restrictions like what I encountered go to the Dam. If you wanted to leave tomorrow for a week, where would you choose? Places like Chiang Mai, Thailand, are on my list but it would take too long to get there to make it worth a week. Edit: traveling by myself on this one. The missus doesn't want to go.
  12. She's really good at saying absolutely nothing. Every question is either a hypothetical and she won't address it or it's something that could come before her court, so she won't address it.
  13. Where do things stand with the apartment and with the pretty asian woman?