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  1. This article by the American Bar Association seems to argue that a wealth tax would be constitutional.
  2. I like Bernie Sanders' idea of an annual tax on extreme wealth.
  3. from the comments, this about sums up my view.
  4. Supreme Court Rejects Trump Bid to Block New York Subpoena Seeking Financial, Tax Records
  5. But Trump has a large base of followers.... followers who would still vote for him even if he were to stand out in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone.
  6. Huh. My PCP for the last ten years retired at the beginning of April 2020 and I got handed off to a new PCP. I have had one video appointment with her since she took over. Yes, it's a female PCP. A Chinese female, no less. Anyhow, back to the subject... My old PCP used to have me come in quarterly to have my A1C checked and to adjust meds, and I know I'm due to have that done, so I requested an appointment for that. I also added that I have read about the symptoms of low testosterone, and I wonder if I could get my testosterone levels checked. All this communication, appointment request and all, is done online now. Looks like this appointment will be with the nurse practitioner. We shall see how it goes.
  7. Which kind of a doctor did you go to for the prescription? Your PCP? A urologist??
  8. We've had our Liebherr fridge since 2014 with zero problems.
  9. placing "tiny classified ads"
  10. States With Medical Marijuana Laws Saw 20% Drop In Some Opioid Prescriptions
  11. Here in MA, eating out at a restaurant these days is literally eating out as in outside, on the patio. No indoor seating allowed yet. With this restriction, I have been out to eat in the last week or so... eating outside at a restaurant, that is.
  12. I finally asked my doctor.... Barely mentioned that I could use some help in the love department and he was writing me a script for Viagra. No problem whatsoever.
  13. A Boston University alumnus is spearheading an effort to change the name of the school’s mascot, a Boston terrier named Rhett — named after Rhett Butler, a main character in “Gone with the Wind.”