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  1. This girl is unattractive and trashy too. Just looking to get famous off S’ing some D.
  2. Poor guy. Sounds like he might be getting into some trouble with the wifey...
  3. They aren’t even the best team in the division next year. Go Bills!
  4. Pretty sure I heard him call a white police officer a “cracker”. His disrespect to the officers was terrible. But that doesn’t compare to how sad and sickening it was to see him act like that in front of his children. Especially towards his children’s mother. Poor kids.
  5. I think you’re too low on Irv Smith. Are you just not a believer?
  6. My main issue was the Cody Ford block that was flagged. Terrible call. Looking forward though, are we losing any players except Alexander and Gore? Lawson is gonna want a lot. Philips is gonna want too much. Spain should be a re sign guy. I thought he played well.
  7. In what world do the Buffalo Bills even belong on this list? They are almost the exact opposite of dysfunctional since Beanne and McDermott came on board.
  8. I’m trying not to be a homer when I say this, but I wouldn’t take McLaurin over Singletary. I would barely take Sanders over Singletary. And Jacobs is the 1.1 by a good amount still. RB’s like him are hard to find in dynasty.
  9. This is an excellent point. Does anyone have any possible clarity on this?
  10. After losing Evans, JuJu and Hilton, I’m starting him. It’s 12 team, start 3 wr league with deep benches. Only other options are guys like Cole and Ward
  11. Trying not to be a homer when I say this, but I think I would take Singletary in the top 5. Maybe top 3. Deebo is a stud. I’d move him up. And Montgomery is not in my 1st round.
  12. Who is this “The Frankman”? Faust going by another name or someone doing his job?
  13. Can any Dolphin fans tell me if Rashad Jones will be back? Feel like he’s been hurt all season
  14. Is there a consensus on the team to have for the playoffs? I was thinking Baltimore with Jets and Browns. Then maybe Lions with Bucs and Broncos. Then maybe Texans with Titans and Bucs.
  15. Wonder if Beanne actually tried to pull some moves or if he’s happy with the team and locker room the way it is.