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  1. So when is the time to sell Hill? Now? When he’s been cleared but before Goodell can suspend him? After his suspension? When he officially comes back?
  2. Busy day here in Buffalo. Hughes resigns. Kroft breaks his foot, out 3-4 months. Beasley and Morse had core muscle surgery and out a little while. Eric Wood taking over for Kelso. And Josh Allen’s birthday!
  3. Did Shannahan recently say something about McKinnon still getting the majority of the work in the backfield? I swear I read something like it but I can’t find the quote anywhere now. Thanks.
  4. It’s the wording. It doesn’t make sense. Is it supposed to be “All your Williams now belong to us”?
  5. I hope so bad Daniel Jones pans out. There’s so many people on this board that think they know better than NFL GM’s.
  6. Yeah. I got a 1st and 3rd for the 1.7 and 1.10. Was only able to get a 1st and a 5th for the 2.1. But I didn’t care. I knew all along I was going to wait until the draft to make those trades. A lot of teams get so excited at the time of the draft that they don’t think ahead.
  7. The owners of Guice spent high draft capital on him last year and don’t want to move him on the cheap in my situations. Not even sure what to offer at this point. I’m hoping he starts the season off slow, and then is the time to go get him.
  8. I traded the 1.7, 1.10 and 2.1 for 1sts next year (while also getting 3rds next year as well) and some of my league mates thought I was crazy to pass on some of the players that were available. I’d MUCH rather take my chances on next years class than take a shot on Metcalf or some of the other guys that were available.
  9. I think both are worth more than a late 1st. Especially Watson who is considered a top 3 dynasty QB and is only 23 years old. And just because he has a lot of QB depth doesn’t mean he should trade one for less than their value. Not sure if you feel this way, but a lot of owners out there do.
  10. “The New York Daily News' Manish Mehta reports coach Adam Gase "absolutely did not want to sign" Le'Veon Bell this offseason.” Interesting.
  11. Buffalo super-fan Ezra Castro, aka 'Pancho Billa,' dies after cancer battle One of the best fans in the entire NFL.
  12. In a ppr dynasty in which I have Gurley, I traded a 1st next year for the 18th and 19th picks. I took Henderson and Singletary. Wasn’t planning on targeting Henderson, but at that spot I had to make a move to get him. Now since the trade I am liking it more and more.