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  1. Well Buffalo is out now so I’m hoping for KC. Plus the owner of CHE isn’t very smart in one of my leagues and I’m hoping to snag him on the cheap if Bell goes there.
  2. Might not be directly related to money, but I think he’s gonna want to go somewhere he can put up stats so he can get that next big contract.
  3. It’s a terrible take if I was a player on the Buffalo Bills. But I’m not. I’m just a fan.
  4. What aggravates me most about this is there are key players for the Titans that shouldn’t have even been in this game. AJ Brown and Lewan are two that if we played on Sunday like we should have, wouldn’t have been cleared. But the NFL made exceptions for the Titans and postponed the game allowing them to get healthier than they should have been. Which is BS knowing that the Titans are completely responsible for all this. Shoot, there was talks that the Titans should be forced to forfeit this game due to them F’ing this all up. So why are the Bills getting punished for then Titans mistakes?
  5. Shhhhh. I have a couple offers out there for him.
  6. If I had Kerryon’s girlfriend then Swift can have the job...
  7. It’s gotta be about Brady and his final years with Patriots.
  8. What are you guys considering value in a dynasty? I’ve seen pretty bad offers so far.
  9. This is insane. How about just hiring the best person for the job regardless of the color of their skin or the sex they were born.
  10. I’m seeing him ranked below guys like Vaughn even in standard formats. In a non ppr league, how is he not considered a lock the first round? I know it’s completely different draft classes, but he went higher than Montgomery did last year and Montgomery was a top 3 pick. Jones will not be on the Packers roster next year.