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  1. That’s awesome. You’re part of the bowling ball crew? You’re not the ketchup and mustard guy, are you?
  2. Lets say Melvin got dropped in a 12 man league with short benches. How much of your faab would you place on him?
  3. Hey Bloom. Love your Offensive upgrades each week and I use it to gauge how much I should invest in free agents. Melvin Gordon was recently dropped in a 12 man, non-ppr league with short benches. How much percentage wise would you bid on Melvin Gordon assuming he’s out there? Thank you very much.
  4. I hate that FBG had this guy ranked so high. In rankings and cheat sheets they actually had him ranked above Engram which is just silly. Lucky I didn’t take him before Engram in any league, but that was a bad call by fbg staff.
  5. He’s got some making up to do to get into that top 5.
  6. Different kind of crazy. Hernandez was gangsta crazy. Antonio Brown is just delusional.
  7. Antonio is crazier than all of them. (Unless this was all an act to get cut)
  8. Sure he can throw over 15. But successfully? And wait till Brown tries yelling at Brady. Can’t wait to see what happens. If Gronk comes back and Brown acts up, Gronk is gonna hulk smash him.
  9. “The Bills should have aspirations”. Are you saying they don’t have aspirations to make the playoffs? I know I’m nitpicking here, but I believe this front office and the team believes they are hopefully making the playoffs. And are you putting the Jets, Jags and Broncos ahead of the Bills or just being silly?
  10. My main plan is to use the team that plays the Dolphins.
  11. Gore is there to be a leader and example for Singletary. Gore will get some carries. Yeldon will get some catches. But Singletary is the RB that will lead this team in every RB category. He’s going to have 1,000 yds or better. And y’all have seen the tape. Singletary can find the end zone. He will lead the team in TD’s.