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  1. Can any Dolphin fans tell me if Rashad Jones will be back? Feel like he’s been hurt all season
  2. Is there a consensus on the team to have for the playoffs? I was thinking Baltimore with Jets and Browns. Then maybe Lions with Bucs and Broncos. Then maybe Texans with Titans and Bucs.
  3. Wonder if Beanne actually tried to pull some moves or if he’s happy with the team and locker room the way it is.
  4. Not sure yet. Haha. Was hoping people here had some ideas.
  5. I’m thinking about offering Gurley for Mixon in a package deal kind of thing. Gurley worries me and I hate that his value died so quickly.
  6. The Buffalo Bills are the only good team the Patriots have played this year and the Bills could’ve and should’ve beaten them. Patriots are not as dominant as they appear. Will be interesting to see how the Bills play them week 16, but week 4 left a little dookie in BB’s pants.
  7. Anyone heard from Soulfly recently? I’m worried about him. He was so excited about this season.
  8. I hope you’re right. Would love to get one of the stud WR’s in next years draft. I think there is a couple true #1 WR’s and Josh can use that big time.
  9. Just not THAT big of a fan. Yeah, I think he’s good and an upgrade over what the Bils have. But he’s never played a full 16 game season. Only went over 1000 yds once. Never scored 10 tds. Just not that impressive.
  10. I don’t think I would mind that. Just don’t give up the 1st. And get rid of Zay. I don’t even care if he blows up somewhere else.
  11. Right? I mean, people were saying he was the replacement. I think he’s had one rush this year so far?