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  1. No rent, but I would "Dad joke" them until they left. I'd probably say "My house, my rules" a lot too.
  2. First one I remember was a BMX Mongoose. Must have been around 1982. I had a Big Wheels when I was little, then I think I had one or two "sissy" bikes before the Mongoose.
  3. If you are funny enough, you can say pretty much anything you want nowadays. If you aren't funny and not PC, then you have a problem How many of those hundreds of people are actually funny? They are blaming PC culture when the problem is too many comedians that aren't funny. There are probably the same number of top comedians today as there were in the 70s and 80s...
  4. If you kick to the sideline, the ball travels 25 yards to get 10 yards downfield, which gives the recovering team time to get down there.
  5. Movies changed a lot around 1965 to 1970 because the Hays code was no longer in effect, or no longer enforced as much. There were plenty of good movies from 1950-1965, but not showing a man and woman in the same bed, etc, makes them seem very old-fashioned.
  6. I agree with everything Tasker said, but I would add the O Line is also a strength on the team, returning 4 out of 5 starters. Penn St should load up to stop the run and force UB to pass, and I doubt UB has the targets to do so. If UB can estbalish the run, they can easily keep this a 2 score game.
  7. There's a lot you can do before looking into funding: Talk to the owner about much it will be to buy/lease Talk to construction people on how much to convert Talk to local high schools/colleges/youth sports if they'd be interested in the facility and how much they'd pay. If you are in a town without a facility like, bad weather, and a lot of youth sports, you could have something...most high school baseball teams probably have to practise in the basketball gym 5 months out of the year... If you have all these numbers, and they make sense, then you can go to a bank and say it will cost X and we have committments from Y sports team, for Z dollars, plus whatever we make from private individuals, plus you'd probably have some retail.
  8. Deosn't matter where it took place, and it doesn't even matter that it was two interns. If he groped two random women on the subway, he could still be fired for that.
  9. 1. Society thinks they can stop bad stuff from happening by simply passing a law against it . But the bad stuff still happens just as much, if not more, and it is worse and more dangerous because it is illegal. 2. College football overtime rules have been basically the same for almost 25 years, yet they feel like they have to recite the rules before overtime starts. Why not recite the whole rulebook before the game starts? I think originally, they were afraid people would turn off the TV after the first team with the ball scored....but that was 1996
  10. Here is what I don't understand about "Buy America". The jobs that create the majority of Chinese products are terrible, assembly-line, mind-numbing sweat-shop type jobs. Why would you want Americans to do this kind of work? If you are "America First", shouldn't we focus our resources on creating better jobs for Americans, and just buy the cheap stuff from China?
  11. 2500 sq ft, thermostat is at 64 round the clock, and year round. Highest summer bill will be $300. In the winter it is $100. When the inlaws visit, they bring jackets even though it is 88 and humid outside..
  12. Stuff that happened 5 years ago seems like it happened last year. I no longer own a comb or hair brush. People call me "Sir" I can talk to any 20 year old women without them thinking I am hitting on them and getting defensive On the plus side, and maybe this is just me, I have 1000 times more willpower than I did when I was young (stuff like dieting, exercise, not procrastinating, not smoking weed)
  13. 1. Give poor people a chance to improve their lives 2. Brainwash young people to believe the government's version of history 3. Make learning so mind-numbingly boringm the populace will be happy to remain ignorant 4. Keep an eye on bad kids so they can be entered into the correction system at an early age
  14. Another advantage of backing in is if your battery dies you can easily maneuver the second car to jump it. But I never back in personally...