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  1. Our (the wife and I) close friends are the parents of our kids' friends. Schedules usually work out for socializing/vacationing together. We're all in the same neighborhood (location-wise, and money-wise), more or less. Sure, we've had to vet them out, and go through multiple groups as the kids get older (it gets weird when you're friends with the adults still, but the kids are no longer hanging out together), but it has generally worked out. Our current circle usually hangs out 2-5 times a month (both with kids and sans kids), we've gone on week-long vacations together (already planning one for next summer). My oldest daughter now babysits, so she's making some scratch "watching" the kids when the grownups go out, it's awesome. I like the dads, my wife likes the moms, and we all like big wonderful juicy hazy IPAs. Oh yeah, and the kids all get along too.
  2. I still go into a brick & mortar bank. I pay bills using Online Bill Pay and utilize Direct Deposit, but I like going in and getting free lollipops.
  3. For my nose, I do the same. I brace myself because I know it's going to be painful, and then I aggressively yank the "spider leg" out. Every now and again, one of the nose hairs will be white (99.8993% of the rest of my body's hair is black). Is this because I'm getting older (44 in Dec 2019), or are the small cilia ones just getting bigger?
  4. Really looking forward to Jackie Greene on that Sunday
  5. What about the kind that they sell at convenience stores? You know, the ones sitting at the cash register for years in the large mason jars next to the pickled pigs feet.
  6. DMB show at Golden 1 Center in Sac on Saturday was great. Lots of fan favorites as well as a couple of deep cuts. Highlights for me were: Warehouse, Grey Street, and Typical Situation. Then, he "closed" the show with a run of Everyday and Ants Marching which was fantastic. Then, the encore was Granny and Stay (Wasting Time). Damn that was good. Hoping Chase Center tomorrow will be even better.
  7. DMB show at Golden 1 Center in Sac on Saturday was great. Lots of fan favorites as well as a couple of deep cuts.
  8. At the 1:03 mark, I'm pretty sure she's playing Boyd Tinsley's intro to DMB's Two Step. Sounded pretty good.
  9. Sorry, I should have clarified. I got 2 prints of the same poster from the Greek 2019. $150
  10. I am a recent fan. "January Wedding" and "I and Love and You" drew me in, then when I heard "Ain't No Man" it became one of my favorite songs by them. I guess I just like more upbeat stuff. I prefer listening to their live albums over their studio albums.
  11. I was able to get two Avett Bros. posters by Chuck Sperry. I hear there's a market for them. Anyone interested?