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  1. Canada, Mexico, England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands. Next international trip will be a cruise that'll include Cayman Islands
  2. Yes, I'm a Warriors fan, have been for over 3 decades now, but I don't follow the contract/money situation that closely. If Durant leaves, the Warriors still have a good chunk of money to offer another FA, right?
  3. Maybe it was an armpit hair that disconnected, worked its way down the sleeve, and happened to fall out when person flushed? I remember a time in college (freshman year), when a friend of mine was in the shower, pulled pubes off of his body, and spelled his name with them on the shower wall.
  4. Is Draymond suspended for any amount of games in this hypothetical? And has he kicked Kawhi in the nuts?
  5. Good show at Oracle Arena, enjoyed the entertainment. What made it a great night was being asked to go from our upper section reserved seats (row 3, so not nosebleeds) down to the pit. What an awesome experience!
  6. Taking my 8 yr old daughter to Pentatonix on Sat for her birthday. Rachel Platten will open.
  7. Big DMB fan now. Going to 2 shows this summer (Sac and Chase Center). Planning on hitting the Gorge next summer (2020). Absolutely hated them in college (graduated in '98). I didn't hate the music (actually didn't even really know their music), I just hated that every "bro" loved them, and plus I am more of a hip-hop head than alt rock. But my wife changed it all for me. She's been a huge fan since '94, and me wanting to get to know her more (when we were dating), I tried listening to DMB. I really started to like them. And now there isn't a day that goes by that I don't listen to a song from their catalog. Say Goodbye from the Best Of What's Around cd is my favorite DMB song. He sings with such passion and emotion, it's the song that hooked me. My second favorite is Lie In Our Graves from the Dave and Tim show at Radio City Music Hall. And while the entire Central Park cd is awesome, the Dancing Nancies/Warehouse renditions are just fantastic.
  8. Clueless Steel Magnolias Pretty Woman How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days The Notebook
  9. Please fix this. I’m actually getting work done, and it feels weird.
  10. How much actual rape is going on in male prisons? My thinking is that it's a pretty high rate, but I've heard (or read) that it's a lot less than one might think.
  11. Paul DeJong is still on WW. 8 team roto, so yes, teams are stacked. Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, TB, Avg, OPS and W, L, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP Should I pick him up and who to drop? Ozuna, Moncada, Pederson, Altuve, Grandal, Heyward, Vogelbach, Kike, L Cain, Rosario, G Torres, Bregman, Abreu, K Bryant, M Andujar (DL) Pressley, Snell, Colome, W Smith, W Davis, B Parker, Corbin, A Bradley, Leclerc, Scherzer, Carrasco TIA
  12. Lifelong Oakland A's fan. Worked concessions at the Coliseum in high school and college ('93 thru '96). So, I got to be at the ballpark a lot. Living in Marin now, I always feel like a fish out of water wearing my A's gear in Giants' territory. Got to meet Canseco (Jose, not Ozzie) a couple of years ago when he did a HR hitting exhibition/autograph signing session at a San Rafael Pacifics (local semi-pro team) game. I'll support/root for the Giants if they're in the post-season. But I'll always throw the '87 WS in my Marin friends' faces whenever they say how great the Giants are.
  13. We got a Ninja Coffee Bar System (CF091) a couple of years ago. Love the hell outta that thing.