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  1. My favorite part of the article, "Mark tells us Heather will now require nearly a year of therapy to recover. As for the dogs, Mark says they have every intention to keep Buddha and Baby because they're huge pit bull advocates."
  2. Depends on the airline. As others have mentioned southwest is pretty good. The seats don’t recline much. on international flights it is bad. Had a guy basically in my lap. Politely asked him to move it up a bit and he was fine. If he woulda declined it coulda got ugly.
  3. No team will sign him as their starting QB. He’s irrelevant for FF. nice gadget player.
  4. 2-3 times a day. Always in the morning and before bed. Usually once during the day as well.
  5. 100% agree. I personally hate the NFL reviewing PI calls. It's been a huge failure.
  6. That's pretty cool of her. She's obviously devastated but is trying to help the other families who might need help. Props to her.
  7. Ouch. Andrews by a lot. By the time Ingram is done BALT will probably have a much better option than Hill to take over the role.
  8. From what i've read heli pilots saying, even if they are trained to fly on instruments they rarely if ever do it in copters. If weather is bad to the point they would need to use instruments they don't fly.
  9. The Wes Welker story about Hernandez spazzing on him was interesting. I'm sure other players have similar non-vanilla stories. Agree though, most probably won't talk about those type of stories.
  10. I'm gonna sue my HS coaches. Thanks for the clarification.
  11. it was dumb, but come on. This wasn't "assault". The cop wasn't threatened at all. Would be completely different if it was a female, but locker room butt slaps are common. My HS coaches used to slap me on the butt. I never considered it assault.
  12. What are the odds that pornhub set this up for publicity? Brilliant if so. Best lawsuit ever.
  13. Bizarre move. Can't really see him improving his draft stock much. The NFL knows who he is right now. Another year isn't going to change anything. Big Red Flag. A top RB staying for senior season makes no sense. Maybe he got feedback the NFL didn't think highly of him.