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  1. Nice way to waste money and resources.
  2. agree. The amount of brewer fans who want Council gone has gotta be less than 1%.
  3. What's everyones play here? Stock up now?
  4. Brewers blew golden opportunity to have shot at division. Choke job.
  5. yeah. it's kind of shocking. His subpar play is making CLEM look very beatable. They almost lost today to a tomato can.
  6. he'll still probably end up a top 20 FF RB. NE will run more once the weather gets cold.
  7. coral snakes aren't aggressive. There is no way this snake was attacking the kids. I doubt the kids even saw it. The dog was probably outside and went after the snake while it was trying to get away. The entire story is BS. I give props to the snake for winning the fight vs the pit who attacked it.
  8. and now there will be more black market vapes if they ban flavored ones. Gov't is so stupid.
  9. Looks like completely different player from 2018 version.
  10. Why? He was being honest about the situation. Better than players who basically just read a script.
  11. Not really liking any of these trades for you. Not awful or anything, just prefer the other sides.
  12. Nobody in their right mind will give up Adams for Bell in dynasty. maybe you’ll find a sucker though.
  13. sounds like the most reasonable explanation. The guy did multiple thefts. I doubt he kept a spreadsheet on where each item was acquired. He may not even remember if they were stolen or not.
  14. Minshew with Chark. Week 1 - 104 yard receiving Week 2 - 55 rec/1 TD Week 3 - 76 rec/1 TD Why in the world would you want Foles back?
  15. No they don't. Chark owners want the best QB throwing to him. That would be Minshew. foles threw one long TD to Chark. Besides that his success has 100% been due to the Shew.