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  1. He only had 55 carries in 2016. That said he did outperformed the other scrubs he’s competed with over past few years (a washed up Doug Martin/Jacquizz Rodgers/Charles Simms). TB has had awful RBs. I guess he’s the best in a batch of rotten apples. That usually doesn’t cut it in the NfL.
  2. Barber has sucked all 3 years of his career. If someone is convinced RJII sucks then Bruce Anderson is a great late round flyer. We know what Barber is, we don't know for sure what RJII or Anderson is.
  3. Why aren’t bidets standard in the USA? bidet the bung and swipe once with TP to dry.
  4. Dario gonna take it down. He’s been playing great all FT
  5. Only po boys I respect come from New Orleans. If not from there it’s not a legit po boy
  6. yes, it was disturbing. The guy is the biggest dooshe ever.
  7. i want Sammartino to win, but barring an epic collapse i can't see anyone beating Ensan. Ensan seems very solid.
  8. 7/13/19. Never Forget.
  9. Wow. Great fold by your guy. He’s still alive.
  10. I'm watching. rooting for the amateur asian guy Su. i love his gamble. GL to to your buddy Niwinski. i'll cheer for him now as well. Lu vs Su heads up would be pretty cool.
  11. if Chubb is leading the league in yards and TD's after week 8 do you really think they will start limiting his touches for Hunt? I don't think Chubb will be in that position, but if he is they won't pull back and start limiting him.
  12. The problem is that 2 of the other boys are horrid actors (the ones who play Lucas and Will). They have to give lines to some of the boys and Mike/Dustin actors are at least serviceable.
  13. Wow. Wouldn’t have been shocked either way on decision. Definitely sub par performance by Jones. Lucky to get out with the win
  14. Tough fight to score. I have Jones up 3-1, but couldn’t argue with 2-2