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  1. Maybe a small part of it. I think the main part is realizing he's gonna be spending a lot of time in CLE vs NY. That's gotta suck for someone like him who craves attention.
  2. Ya. I’m sure the mother of his child wants to sabatage him. She collects child support. She doesn’t want him broke.
  3. If "old school" = slow i agree with that assessment. His 4.63 translates to a 4.7'ish combine time. Some slow RB's can succeed but the odds go way down. Below are 40 times for the top 10 ranked dynasty RB's (based on FBG dynasty rankings). Barkley - 4.4 McCAffrey - 4.48 Elliott - 4.47 Kamara - 4.56 Gurley - 4.52 Mixon - 4.43 MGIII - 4.52 Chubb - 4.52 D.Johnson - 4.5 Dalvin Cook - 4.49
  4. Media scouts with egg on face. he might end up good but the talks of him being a top 10 overall talent in the draft were ridiculous. No RB with such limited production in college goes in top half of 1st round.
  5. Wow. She broke the news and got blasted. Looks like she was right.
  6. Jesus. So the guy ended up trading away Barkley for a 2020 mid/late 1st. Ouch.
  7. ...Who is awful and ran for a yard less per carry than Coleman.
  8. Alex jones has always been out there but I think he’s faking this current breakdown. he has a bunch of lawsuits related to sandy hook. Now he can say he’s crazy.
  9. CLE's 1st/2nd round pick + Landry for OBJ Get er done.
  10. are players allowed to skip questions and come back to them? A lot of the questions only take a few seconds so would be a lot easier to answer those and then go back to the others after.