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  1. That was easy money. Not mayweather vs mcgregor easy...but pretty close. meathead gets KTFO. Costa was all bark and zero point zero bite
  2. It’s genetics. His brother was the king of rolling up in a ball at first sign of pressure.
  3. The stock was .30 less than a year ago. It’s 10x’s+ that now. nadar’s BS has obviously helped pump the stock. They aren’t gonna dump him as long as he can do that.
  4. Can treat Cancer/HIV/Covid/and about 18 other diseases. Better question is, what can't this drug do? Cytodyn has shown that Magic Beans aren't just fairy tales. Based on my calculations, if they can do everything they say we are looking at the biggest pharma company in the world. 500 billion - 1 trillion market cap. We're looking at a 250x-500x bagger.
  5. 1.04-1.05 Would take Barkley/McAffrey/Elliot for sure ahead of him. Coin flip between CEH and Kamara. CEH will start getting involved more in the passing game as the season progresses. He was great out of the backfield in college. He didn’t forget how to catch.
  6. LOL. will make next tourney we play together more fun. I get where you're coming from, but who gives a ####. You put in money for next tourney we all play. Next tourney will be called the Cav free roll.
  7. no worries. the money will be added to future tourney we are both in.
  8. Too little too late. Bud f'ed up managing minutes all series. The Heat aren't the Magic. Name another coach who plays their best players under 35 minutes in highly contested playoff games.
  9. True. But the bucks are down 3-0 vs a team with butler and a team of role players. getting swept by the heat is embarrassing. Outscored by 27 in 4th quarter by butler and scrubs.
  10. Market slaughtered past couple days. CYDY booming.