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  1. I don’t really blame lance for juicing up. He wouldn’t have been able to compete for wins if he didn’t. All the top guys were juicing. Even his denials I can understand. It’s the way he reacted by being a huge ##### during his denial phase. He took a lot of people down with lawsuits/etc.
  2. Cordelle Patterson and Ty Montgomery were decent Swiss army knifes, but never very good FF players. I think you made the right call.
  3. Most churches have huge parking lots. I've seen some lately where people sit in their cars and the preacher does it over a loudspeaker. Seems to be a great way for the people to get together safely. What's the point of gathering inside the church and making it a Covid sauna.
  4. Makes sense, but Rogan podcasts are like 2 hours. Far more youtube ads in his interviews than a 2 minute Fallon clip. No idea who is worth more online. I haven't watched a late night show in over 10 years. Very possible they are still popular.
  5. How many shows have 30 million regular viewers/listeners? I’m just using your numbers on that. I really don’t know, but I’d be surprised if he doesn’t get more views than even the most popular late night TV shows like Kimmel/etc.
  6. Odd take. Just because someone doesn’t watch/listen to something doesn’t mean they don’t like it. You have to judge him vs his peers. He’s dominating the podcast market.
  7. What was the answer supposed to be? Did they want “white” added in or something?
  8. I think that is best route for UFC to take. Right now Gaethje isn’t a star and barely known by the general public. A fight with Connor will send him to a new level and make him a huge draw in a Khabib fight. For the UFC of course Connor winning would be preferred since he’s the biggest draw in the sport, but if Gaethje beats him it’s till a win for UFC in creating a huge PPV event for the Khabib fight.
  9. Can they somehow do a flashback to season 1 type show for next season. Season 2 and 3 have been such a letdown after Season 1, which was one of best shows ever.