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  1. I'm not that bright, can you explain this? Are you saying that revenue is back to 95% of what it was, or that instead of being down 97% it's now only down 95%? Sorry for being a dummy.
  2. Maybe, but they'll all be the oldest / firsts. Nobody that's had kids at home during this is is stupid enough to have another, amirite?
  3. I also have lots of family who voted for Trump and are fed up with him but who will never vote for a Democrat. My goal is to convince them just not to vote the top of the ticket rather than try convincing them to vote for Biden. One less vote for Trump is good enough for me. If Biden gets the same number of votes that Hillary got but Trump gets fewer than he did in 2016, I think that'll do.
  4. A month ago the 7 day moving average was 21,317 per worlometer. Unbelievable.
  5. Nice. Lots of good memories visiting friends at Carleton and St Olaf down in Northfield. Generally pretty small class sizes, so hopefully they can do the social distancing and such and she can still have a great year.
  6. Not that it matters, but just how small is 'very small' and where is 'middle of nowhere'. We talking like Crown College small, Carleton College middle of nowhere, or like UMN Morris small and middle of nowhere?
  7. Its almost like you and Joba know each other.... Like you're twins or have ESPN or something.
  8. MN hospitalizations have been holding steady around 250-260 the last week or so. But new cases are definitely up since around 6/15. Part of that is likely because testing is up (to around 12-15k a day now) but per John Hopkins the percent of positives has steadily climbed from under 2% in mid-June to nearly 5% now.
  9. Practical import is that Eastern Oklahoma becomes a federal Indian Reservation. That means everything from criminal jurisdiction to commerce is affected, as Congress regulates commerce with Indian tribes rather than the state. Does it really go that far? I don't have time to read the whole thing today, but it seems like this could be limited solely to criminal law under the Major Crimes Act. Also seems like congress could change the Major Crimes Act so that states can prosecute Indians accused of committing crimes on federal reservations.
  10. If an Indian* is accused of committing certain crimes on Indian lands*, State governments do not have jurisdiction to prosecute those crimes. Rather, only the federal government has jurisdiction to prosecute those crimes that are enumerated in the statute. Not 100% clear to me if the State can prosecute other crimes that Indians allegedly commit on Indian lands, or if only the tribes can prosecute other crimes. *Term used in the statute and opinion, not my term.
  11. Trump v Mazars So basically this will go back to the district court for the district court to decide whether Congress subpoenas in this case are valid. ETA: so this one gets tied up in court for a long time too.
  12. But is it allow saying back to district court to fight? Sounds like Trump can keep fighting it in lower courts which just delays this beyond the election. Yes, that's my understanding. This thing will be tied up in court for quite a while I imagine.
  13. Basically says that NY can subpoena Trump's accounting firm.
  14. The principle behind the tech is sound, but I doubt these really help that much. Couple of (old) links: Link 1 and Link 2 The original version gets terrible reviews on Amazon, but perhaps the current version is better.
  15. Typically it's $250. I bought it on sale a few months ago for $175ish. It goes on sale every now and then, but I think this is a pretty good price. I wouldn't worry about IP6 at this point in time. Dual-band works great for us, but probably depends on your house layout and number of devices that are connected.