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  1. Just ordered the 55 inch Samsung frame for about $865 shipped.
  2. Tied for 58th through 10 on Day 2. Only 12 shots off the lead. Seems doable.
  3. I was going to suggest the power supply, but since you already tried that, I'd say it's probably the mother board. Why not just buy a new PC and throw the SSD/HDDs in the new machine? I feel like building them doesn't really save much money, but it's been a long time since I've even looked at doing that. Unless you like building them, then disregard.
  4. Same. But I started reading them during winter break my first year of law school. I think I literally read 8-12 hours a day for like a month straight. Now, with kids, it'd probably take 6-12 months to get through them all.
  5. That has to be the just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard Pretty sure that was sarcasm...
  6. Wait, the covered patio, uncovered portion, and outdoor kitchen were only $5k. That's a great deal. No, that's the running joke for how much it'll cost Otis for a project. New toilet, replacing a chandelier, installing a sandbox... everything is $5k. I'm afraid to guess what that actually cost.
  7. Because Chevy will exist in 10 years and is not made like a 1990 Kia. I would argue the complete opposite. Who would buy a model 3 when the Bolt exists. Edited 50 minutes ago by huthut´╗┐ As far as a Bolt over the Model 3, the biggest reason is probably price. I just checked several dealerships near me and you can get a new Bolt for 35-38k (MSRP around 44k). Up until recently, you couldn't actually get a Model 3 close to that. Looks like the base price for a Model 3 is currently $40k, so that price advantage isn't as significant as it used to be.
  8. Yea, I thought I might actually have to work today. Crisis averted.
  9. At first these two comments seemed a little contradictory to me, because I read the first as saying you don't trust Weld to pick similar justices as Trump. And I read the second as saying the President would rely on the Senate to help nominate SC judges, in which case I was thinking, you're likely to get similar judges regardless of whether it's Trump or Weld. But maybe I didn't quite interpret one or both correctly. I think the Senate is likely to weigh in heavily on SC nominees, regardless of who is President. Thus, I think the nominees are likely to be similar between Republican President A vs Republican President B. And this is what I'm trying to stress to my reluctant Trump supporting family and friends. They are likely to see many similar choices for judges and policies regardless of the Republican nominee, without the negatives that come with Trump. There are lots of other Republicans who would be good presidents. They can disapprove of Trump and still be Republican. Heck, a different R president might actually get more done simply by acting like an adult, not getting into Twitter fights, and having some decency.
  10. This is a new spin on the old "my pants are dirty, we have to clean them and I'll just walk around pantless" trick with a new girlfriend. Well played. She didn't even see it coming.
  11. I sometimes think a debate would actually be a winner for Trump, and wonder if it's the Democrats who would rather not have a debate. As adonis and zftcg said, Trump didn't do anything of substance in the debates with Hillary. He just blusters and bullies. Why get up on the same stage with him and give him the opportunity to make stuff up and call you names? What do you have to gain? Sure, you'll look smarter than him, but does that really convince anybody to vote for you who wasn't already going to vote for you? I wonder if the better strategy is to skip one on one encounters with Trump, and just do your own thing.
  12. I'm going with Klobuchar. She's well liked here in MN, even by Republicans. Trump is a master at coining nicknames for his opponents, but I think that could turn off a lot of people if he does that to Klobuchar, especially moderate Republicans and women.
  13. I'll never convince many of my family and friends to vote for a Democrat, but many of them that voted Trump say they don't really like him, he's just better than a Democrat. They might vote for a different Republican if given the chance. So here's to hoping Weld can make some sort of splash.
  14. Our tax burden dropped YOY. However, it's hard to compare apples-to-apples due to a new baby, buying a new house, and some other one offs. I plugged our 2018 numbers into a calculator for tax year 2017 and the estimate was within about $500 one way or the other (can't remember which). The cap on SALT hurt quite a bit, but was offset by the lower rates.