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  1. This saddens me. What's perhaps worse is that I look at the deaths for France and the UK (both now well over 200/day) and almost think to myself that that's not so bad. Obviously it's terrible but I'm almost become desensitized to "only" a few hundred deaths a day.
  2. Those have been cleaned out for at least a month. I asked about one at HD a couple weeks ago and the guy just looked at me like I was stupid. You can maybe buy a huge freezer (15 cubic feet) but nothing 5-7 cubic feet is in stock anywhere.
  3. I believe MN is 50% of weekly wages with Max payment of $740/week.
  4. One of my coworkers refuses to sleep in his crib so he's sleeping on my lap. Normally I work while he naps, but this is kinda nice too because they grow too fast.
  5. Woah - that's quite the escalation after the last few days were holding pretty steady around 3500 & 350.
  6. Do either of you have parents nearby? Our scenario is very similar and my parents are like "we can still hang out with the kids, right" and I'm struggling with how to respond.
  7. My wife is in a somewhat similar boat. She was verbally offered a job early last week, and is waiting on HR to send a formal written offer. She did not and would not put in her notice at the current gig until she received the written offer, but now we're wondering if she'll even get the formal offer. Hopefully the worst case scenarios is that they ask her to wait a month or two to start. I would think it'd be hard to work remote as a brand new employee. In your case, I'd do what you did and reach out to HR to make sure things haven't changed. Also ask if WFH is an option in the current climate. I think you'll have a better idea once you can talk to somebody in HR. Of course, they might still be trying to figure stuff out on their end for their existing employees and maybe haven't given much thought to getting new folks onboard given the circumstances.
  8. We actually have some major purchases (siding, new boiler) that we need to do in the next few years so we may actually spend a bunch on those projects if/when recession hits and the prices drop.
  9. Many of the same feelings others have posted. Also feeling fortunate that the weather here is relatively warm compared to most years but jealous that it's not as warm as it is some places as it's be nice to play on the backyard.
  10. How long until everybody's hands are so dry from washing hands that we see a run on hand lotion at the stores?
  11. I'd be pretty pissed. That's real money . Either you find another caregiver or stay at home. and if your at home with the kids you're not working, possibly not being paid. Most of the teachers at our daycare have already been asked/agreed to watch individual families if the daycare closes, so most of them will be getting paid anyway, so they better not charger us if/when they all get closed. Our place requires 4 weeks notice. I wouldn't want to leave it daycare for similar reasons as you mentioned. but if I did, I'd consider calling the bank to see if I could prevent them from withdrawing money from our account.
  12. I'd take advantage of the fact that the freeways are relatively empty and drive like I was in a Nascar race. If I got pulled over, I'd pull a Tommy Boy and run out of my car screaming "coronavirus!!!!".
  13. Rice and beans can produce a lot of natural gas, which can then be used to heat the house. Natural gas also tends to keep people away, and nobody wants intruders.
  14. I've been looking at CNBC for futures info this week.