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  1. Sir, long time lurker, occasional (rare) poster. I offer my condolences as much as they may be of any help. I cannot imagine the grief you are going through. I can only hope that the loved ones you have around you are providing you with all the support you require. Be strong. Your other child will need you more than ever. But be honest in your dealings with him. It will help him get through this.
  2. Not edgy or anything. But, we would run this one a few times years ago: leave a "While you were out" phone message slip for your target to return the call to Mr. C. Lyon. And give the telephone number to the local zoo.
  3. I saw that documentary; it is excellent and I was amazed that he actually won out, in the end. I also think "Brazil" is pure genius. Gilliam was absolutely right on with this effort (I do think it would be even greater with someone else in the role of Jill). It is definitely in my top ten.I have the Criterion Collection DVD set which also contains the "Hollywood" version (guess how that one ends).Interestingly, I had read that JK Rowling had wanted Gilliam to direct the first Harry Potter film. That would have been a mistake, IMO.
  4. I might have agreed except for last week's pull-out victory over Seattle.
  5. Agreed. For the most part, I have found the humor or genius in every one of the ESPN commercials; some might have just been misses. But, this one is downright unpleasant.
  6. As a major fan..... I was really really diggin' this finale all the way up until the Jack/Christian conversation. Way too hokey for my taste, but I did love all of it up until that point. Couldn't they have just left it as everyone was alive (except Christian) and well and digging each other's wonderment as to what they've shared in the past and that they were here today to talk about it? Oh well. Guess you can't have everything.
  7. My gut reaction is this would have been a much better episode earlier in the season. To have it air now with so little time left to deal with the characters most people care about (even if three of them are dead now) makes me feel like I'm being robbed a bit of crucial storytelling time if that makes sense. I felt the same about the Richard episode. First, it was too long (and somewhat a cheesy end). If these were given earlier in the season they would have had a greater impact. These last few weeks should be only about moving the current storyline to the ending.
  8. Is that the general feeling about this episode? I think last week's was far more significant.I meant in the disclosure of some of the island's major mysteries. Last week was more impacting in terms of the furthering the present story line towards its climax. Sure, we could peel back more layers. What exactly is Jacob's power and how did it come to him? From mom? How did she get it? How did he discover he could leave the island?For some time, it had always seemed that smokey was acting in service of the island. Didn't Ben sic smokey on Keemy's mercenaries after Alex was killed? What was the purpose of killing the pilot, in the pilot? Mr. Ecko? The French scientists? Why didn't smokey go after the others before they lived within the sonic fence perimeter?
  9. Yes and Yes. MIB killed Mom. Jacob killed MIB. Smokey took on MIB's form at that point (and others, as we have seen, later in series).I completely could not recall that exact details surrounding the discovery of "Adam & Eve" from Season 1. Kate looked hot! :)What was Michael Emerson talking about, exactly? Momentous event in the history of the series, but not exactly ground-breaking television.
  10. Actually, the island being underwater is part of the sideways storyline. We got to see it as Oceanic flight 815 flew over it at the beginning of the season. I believe this is tied into Juliet's dying remarks "It worked" meaning detonating the H-bomb back in 1977. The event caused the island to sink to the ocean floor where it has remained submerged as the sideways storyline plays out.Now, there definitely needs to be a merging of the two storylines so there may be something in what you say about MIB being the cause -- it will happen again, unless the stories clash together, we get just one set of protagonists in the present and we resume the climax from that point.
  11. I agree. It's going to be Jack and FLocke on the beach at the end, with FLocke asking Jack if he knows how badly he wants to kill him. This is how the show will end. The question is: Will anyone else survive and get off the island?
  12. As a parent... I had the same exact feeling. As a mother, Sun should have absolutely insisted to Jin that he had to live to take care of Yeon -- he had to have been thinking of getting home to raise his daughter.
  13. I believe I read the amount of time of actual play during a football game is closer to 15 minutes. Think about it. How many plays are run during a 60 minute match? 120-130? How many seconds per play (on average) 7-8? Do the math.well it probably is... but i'm not quite a compulsive enough fast-forwarder to fast forward through huddles. I'd mainly just go through halftime, timeouts, commercials, injury delays, ref reviews, extra points etc. I'm pretty sure if you just watched the live action including huddles that it would be somewhere in the 50-90 minute range I think from snap to whistle there is like 15 minutes of actual game play.I just googled "average number of plays in an nfl game" Dag! Pretty much nailed that one