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  1. I would take Dobbins at 3 and assume I’d make a run in 2 years when Ingram is out the door or close to it. I think in 2-3 years he will be more than what Ingram scored last year. I know this league well and they always go very heavy on RB. Almost positive the guy at 4 would take a RB and then I would take Juedy or Lamb at 5. At 7 I would most likely get the receiver I didn’t choose unless the person at six just doesn’t like Akers or Swift. He needs a RB though. I was thinking more on the lines of sell CMAC while he’s at peak value. If I get 2018 CMAC, which was still RB2 behind Gurley, it’d be easier to close the gap. Also I’m concerned with the Panthers in how they have a new qb and didn’t draft anything on offense. I’m not saying Bridgewater will be bad for CMAC but I think I have a better chance of 2018 CMAC than 2019 CMAC. My other RBs are Zeke, Conner and Breida so when you add in Dobbs who probably won’t be great in year one of his timeshare, I’d still be solid at RB. It’s a 14 team league so RBs aren’t plentiful. I think Breida and Connor lose a ton of value after this year since I could see their teams both drafting their replacement next year. Juedy and Lamb would help my aging wr corp. I have Hopkins, Adams, Theielen, and Hilton. I’m going to shop Thielen, Hilton, Breida, and Conner to see if I can get a late first and draft another rookie wr. I know my team is built to win now so losing CMAC would probably hurt my chances badly but a lot can happen in the playoffs. This team gets to the playoffs even without CMAC. Rb: Zeke, Dobbs, Connor, Breida WR: Hopkins, Adams, Juedy, Lamb, Thielen, Hilton TE: Kelce, H. Henry, Gronk I could be strong for many years to come I really appreciate the feedback even though it’s strong against my trade. It’s a gamble for sure
  2. That’s what I was thinking. Hate giving up the best player at the peak of his career but this could set my dynasty team up for many years if I can get 2 big hits out of the 3.
  3. 0.5 PPR Traded: Christian McCaffrey Recieved: 1.3, 1.5, 1.7
  4. What’s the draft pick value that you’d like to get if you give up Hunter Henry? 14 team 0.5 PPR dynasty league. Most years I would want a late first because I don’t like the miss rate in the second. With the deep class this year, what would you expect for HH?
  5. Good point. I’m definitely not getting much for Campbell.
  6. I'm trying to figure out what to do with my shares of Campbell. Wasn't he a 3-4 DE in Arizona and still consistently put up top 5-10 numbers? I don't know the history of Arizona's base defenses.
  7. 0.5 PPR pick 3 out of 4 Ekeler M. Gordon Lindsay Mostert thanks!
  8. Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2WR, 1TE 1 FLEX 0.5 PPR. All other scoring standard. 16 Teams I'm keeping Kamara in exchange for my 1st round pick Should I keep: Kerryon Johnson for my 5th round pick or Derrius Guice for my 14th
  9. Isn’t providing your opinion a big part of why we have these forums?
  10. What key fantasy players are looking at position changes because of scheme changes 4-3/3-4? Tampa Bay - will Pierre-Paul or Nassib become OLB’s? Kansas City - who gets listed at DE? others?
  11. What do we think about Jordan Hicks in Arizona? Does the 3-4 defense hurt his value or do you think he can be a top 10-15 LB?
  12. Am I missing how many of each position count towards scoring? Or do all players score up to 2 per team meaning you could count numerous QB scores?
  13. I pivoted away from Bortles and am trying a mixture of Carr or paying up for Dalton. I did add a couple of yeldons