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  1. Trade with @scoobus Scoobus sends SS Jose Iglesias for RP Arodys Vizcaino
  2. Dawel Lugo Inf Det. If gone I’ll repock in the morning
  3. Nolan Fontana, UT LAA @Northern Voice @jfranco77
  4. Sorry didn't realize I was up Shawn Morimando, RP CLE @RnR
  5. @jfranco77 up for his usual pick around this time.
  6. @Doug B still is pending a skip so I think I'm up. Shawn Armstrong, RP SEA Just because @Northern Voice
  7. Nick Kingham, SP PIT About the 10th arm that may not make it to the big leagues this year. I'm going to need a lot of luck to have enough innings. @Doug B is still a skip @RnR is up
  8. 44.09 Corey Oswalt, SP NYM @Northern Voice still owes one I think, @jfranco77 is up
  9. Ryan Goins, Utl KC @Doug B hopefully getting a job right now so skipped. @RnR up
  10. Max Povse, SP SEA One more pitcher that might not see the big leagues. @Northern Voice