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  1. In order to answer the question, you kinda have to look at the SOS here, which I haven't yet. I mean, that is sorta the whole point of this theory isn't it? ...Anybody can take a stud in a vacuum and just say I'll plug him in no matter what. With this approach, theoretically, you wait on qb and take 2-3 ok guys that have coordinated great matchups. I actually put much more weight in Strength of Schedule than most pretend football owners as it pertains to QB and RB especially. And, especially as it comes to the end of season run. This season, with the depth at qb, there will be much more than scraps after the first 8-11 guys are taken. It's a good year to wait, and I think a lot of people will be doing it.
  2. And send the Browns to la and rename them the Tans?
  3. 1945 - Cleveland Rams defeat Washington Redskins for NFL Championship (pre-superbowl) 15-14 1979 - LA Rams lose to Pittsburgh Steelers 31-19 1999 - Saint Louis Rams defeat Tennessee Titans 23-16 2001 - Saint Louis Rams lose to New England Patriots 20-17 2 championships, 3 superbowl appearances, 1 Lombardi
  4. http://www.stltoday.com/sports/columns/bryan-burwell/burwell-nixon-s-the-one-for-rams-talks/article_6b552fd1-5a41-5ee5-896d-05fab7d894c1.html Burwell: Nixon’s the one for Rams talksBY BRYAN BURWELL
  5. You were the one that brought up "history", drummer. Historically, the Rams aren't from LA. This thread is just getting a little silly at this point though and I certainly don't want to get into a fight with you over this topic . I do respect your memories but I think you can understand how football fans here would like to keep our team. It's our team now. We like our rams and enjoy the division rivalries that that brings. You guys are going down!!! I really don't believe that the Rams are going to move anytime soon. What is really going on here is jockeying for a new stadium. There have been proposals of a number of possible sites for one. Honestly the current stadium is pretty meh. Whoever was the genius to put the silly clause in the contract is just a complete moron. The tough part of the sell for the rams is that the people of the state are still paying for the current stadium. If the Rams can go on a roll and start winning I thinks people's hearts will change.
  6. If history is what were going with here they should be back in Cleveland. How many rams fans are there in Cleveland?
  7. I would like it better if the card had that selfie of him with his .45. Who the heck wants an Alex Smith card anyway?!?! Also, my version would have OJ in the Legends group with a 100 slash rating.
  8. Why does everybody want to assume that he wasn't the trigger man. He has already "allegedly" shot somebody else in the face. I'm going with the idea that the two incidents are not altogether unrelated either. Given the history that we've learned about over the last week or so I'm not nearly as quick as some of you to assume he just might have been "present" or tangentially connected. I'm just saying that it is just as (more?) possible that he is in fact the trigger man here. The homey's are in for a big payoff if they can keep quiet...and take the fall.
  9. That much I think we can accept at this point. Given that, the rest is really anybody's guess. What would Larry Curly and Moe do?
  10. Is this not the most bizarre story that one could imagine this off-season. I honestly had zero idea that Aaron Hernandez was anywhere near the level of an ####### that he apparently is.
  11. I suppose they were too late to take care of the car and body...
  12. So... The cleaners have scuba gear. They also can destroy electronic equipment permanently. Got to say, The Wolf has nothing on these guys.
  13. Right. Also, use a wood chipper or bury the body in the garden or barrel of acid. Amateurs!