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  1. That is ####### horrible
  2. I think I saw a stat that said since the 10 game win streak they had they are the lowest scoring team in the league since that ended.
  3. I like the deal they made for Bogdanovic and hope they have another in the works to replace Burke which should really help to improve the bench tremendously.Tough giving up a 1st but unless they were giving up Oubre or Porter they didn't really have many other options so I'm fine with it so now let's hope they can find one more piece before the deadline.So far so good
  4. I have to say after watching last nights game(and for the last 2 months)they are a very legit threat in the East as long as the starters stay healthy.Watching the first 10 games of the season compared to the last 40 or so has been like night and day it really is almost shocking to believe they could turn what looked to be a pathetic group of complainers into a top 5 team in the league.Tip of the hat to Brooks for putting together an offensive system that they all are buying into and while the defense isn't the greatest it certainly has improved to the point of being at least above average with some nights outstanding. I also take it all back about what I said about Morris shooting those 3's.He suddenly has turned himself into a legit threat from deep and now gives them another option that they sorely needed past Beal and Porter.Speaking of Porter,all I can say is wow.He now has transformed himself into a Kyle Korver sniper and I never saw this coming given his past history.Pay the man! Caps on a great roll,Zards playing the best I can remember for quite some time= enjoy this while we have it D.C. sports fans.We may or may not win titles but at the very least we get to watch 2 very good to elite teams play each night and that is something we haven't said like ever.
  5. Yeah,who am I fooling.1 pump and I'm done
  6. I would imagine Williams would have a pretty decent demand for his services at the deadline so the question is how much do you give up to bring him here in what pretty clearly would be an upgrade on the bench? If they deal away Oubre I may go strangle Ernie myself but they dont really have a ton of options at this point given the lack of anything of value after him.
  7. Lets start here Belfie time Gym selfie I sense a theme I wonder What it possibly Could be? Sure seems to be A trend these days And I must say I don't mind posting them At all.
  8. Corey Hirsch wrote this in The Players Tribune-Link Mental illness is a #####
  9. Any trade rumors floating around at who they possibly could be bringing in to help the bench? Really hard to believe how great they have turned this season around given how bad they looked early on but all I can say is enjoy the ride and hope Ernie somehow can bring some help in to shore up the bench but that is possibly the best thing he has going for him in his ability to find a decent trade on the market.Watching the OKWestbrooks miss shot after shot the other night was so great to see it almost had me think I was dreaming and needed to wake up.Saw a stat on how bad the Zards starters outscored the Westbrooks it was almost laughable at how big of a difference it was but given how well the starters have played these last few months it's really not a stretch to see them dominate in that fashion.Enjoy the ride for now,let's see how they look at seasons end and into the playoffs since that seems like almost a lock at this point.
  10. Kinda impressed with how good Genie Bouchard(tennis player) looks in the new SI.All granted she isn't model hot but for sure she is sports hot.Would give her the best 30 seconds she has ever had. Link
  11. Time to update this thread with some new Maxim shots Link
  12. Another round of Instagram's Skylar Jessica Angelina Katie Giselle Meave Katerina Emma Julia Marisa Danielle Lauren Jade
  13. Been watching Caps almost my entire life and I've never seen them play this well for this long of a stretch.Meaningless because it's regular season but it is a joy to watch this team click in every facet of the game from all 4 lines.
  14. If you don't like a good selfie pic this post is not for you S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 S7 S8 S9 S10 S11 S12 S13 S14 S15 S16 S17 S18 S19 S20 Some are repeats and I don't care
  15. They had a great showing in what was one of the more entertaining games you will see this year from any 2 teams.Zards showed they belong and while I won't go as far to say the can win the East I will say they can go far and challenge for a ECF spot no matter who they play.Health is the main concern and the lack on any bench help was really glaring last night.Trey Burke has to be replaced IMO,they simply can't count on him for any production and adding another depth guy is a must as well.Hopefully someone who can come in and score at the 2 would be nice.