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  1. Having a 3 hour radio shows forces him to talk about something else but it's basically just NBA and NFL talk when it's not racial(which comes up a lot).
  2. And yet somehow Bomani Jones survived the cut.Between his tv spots and his radio show he brings the suck every chance he can and does it very well.
  3. Let's hope somebody shows up with Wall tonight unlike the last disaster they put forth.At least they were out of it from the opening tip so no real sweat was formed.
  4. Not sure what will explode first,my liver or my heart but I'm loving it either way.Nothing but mad respect for the Leafs,they really played about as well as they could have hoped for and gave the Caps all they wanted and then some.Caps could have just as easily been swept so by no means were any experts right about this series. Pens should be the favorites but I'm looking forward to seeing how the Cap team responds to the flightless fowl this year,should be another epic series with heavy drinking going on without question. And one last thing,MJ90,I seriously love that guy.
  5. Not gonna lie but I was rooting for a 5 OT game there the way the first 2 were played it would have been well worth it.You can bash the NHL for a lot of things but OT playoff hockey ain't one of them.
  6. It did surprise me a bit here since we have some active posters who follow the team but we all get busy so no worries.Been a very long time since anybody should be this excited about the Zards in a playoff run and with how things are shaping up they have a great shot at the ECF's now but as well all know nothing comes easy in the DMV with sports teams so I have little to no doubt I'm in for some heavy drinking with the Zards and Caps. Really glad to see the rest of the country finally getting to see what Wall is all about and getting his due in the process,he really has earned it and even with Beal struggling he also has turned that corner into being a clutch guy they can count on.
  7. I have to admit the Zards game was on the secondary tv as I was watching the Caps game for the most part I still came away thinking a few things.The refs were horrible and really made the game almost unwatchable for long periods of time,at least until the 4th when the Zards turned it up.Defense has been much better,Wall is a freaking stud,Gortat has really shown up and outplayed Howard and we got another DAGGER out of Buck last night.Overall a great night for D.C. sports even though for me the Nats don't even register on my radar until September and even then I usually skip them. Got to think the Hawks get at least 1 home win but to me the Zards look to clearly be the better team so I'm pretty confident they can finish them off and it looks as though the Bulls could very well be next up. Fun times in the DMV so far!
  8. A great playoff win and not 1 comment? Go Zards!
  9. Compete level for the Caps has been garbage for most of this series and are very fortunate they aren't down 3-0 to a Leaf team that clearly looks like they want it more.Not saying it's over but I will say the Leafs have deserved where they are and if this trend continues it will be lucky to go 6 but I do have faith the Caps will turn this around,partly because I seem to love the punishment I put myself through this time of year with this team. As The Man stated earlier this ain't on Holtby at all.One team looks hungry and poised while the other looks lost.Trotz needs to switch things up and quick and from my seat has been outcoached by a good bit by Babcock.
  10. Should be a good series and test for the Zards,especially with Mahinmi out for a few games or more.Avoided the Cavs until the CF's and almost hit 50 wins so after a disaster of a start it really was a great season for them and it now looks as though the path to getting to where they want to be is a bit easier if they show up.