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  1. Scott Stevens approves. Orlov looked really solid last night and so far with his expanded role seems to be making that next step up.If he can ever rid himself of the bonehead plays he tends to make he has the skills to stick in the top 4,so far so good.
  2. Caught a little of the game last night and have to agree with Satoransky.He showed good hustle and didn't look in over his head at all.I just hope Brooks doesn't bury him on the bench and gives him a decent shot at getting some minutes.From the looks of it he has the skills to compete. What did look really bad though was the team defense but I guess it's really hard to expect Brooks to cure this after only a few weeks but his work is clearly set out for him now let's hope can now somehow improve it.If they can somehow get Beal to remain healthy for an entire year I can see a higher seed(5-6)but otherwise I agree that the best we can realistically hope for is sneaking in at the bottom of the playoff bracket.
  3. Give me some hope for this season Tobias.
  4. Pence won and it means very little but you could easily say it won him the Iowa Caucus in 2020 already.Living in Virginia I have already had enough of Tim Kaine so my opinion of him may be a little biased but he came off looking pretty bad last night.The constant trying to break into what Pence was saying over and over again just looked really bad even though some of the points he was attempting to make were valid.Maybe Trump learned a little something last night,yeah right who am I trying to fool.
  5. Only logical thing to do is ban all lawyers.
  6. Her glowing personality certainly shine's doesn't it?
  7. I would rather see the jury system changed to be honest.Instead of letting players that have been evicted from this year they should use all-time best players from the past to judge them if they want the best player to actually win.Nothing worse than a bitter jury who can't see straight no matter what the facts are.Case and point to the Derrick season where he had what many considered a perfect game and yet still had 2 votes against him(Donny and Jocasta).It also would help for them to get away casting people only looking to get famous or promote themselves,let the game make them famous instead. As far as the online game goes my hope is it can't really get much worse.Watching the feeds I just got the feeling that most of this years players were just there to either get in a showmance or enjoy a vacation.Fill the house with gamers for the love of god,it can't be that bad.
  8. I just wanted to profess my love for Annie Yu the Fox 5 reporter in here.Actually got to meet her a couple years ago when she did a story down this way and had no idea who she was at the time but she came off as a really super nice woman and not bad to look at either.Had no idea she was also a cheerleader for the Skins at one time.
  9. You say that like it's a bad thing.Small attractive woman with really nice cans who loves to cook,sign me up!
  10. Just saw a little blurb that they are voting now to send either Jason or Jozea into the new online season starting next week already.
  11. A good time to bump this thread with this pic-Nice view
  12. Really sucks not to have Czabe on in the mornings anymore but at least he's still around doing the afternoon slot here in D.C.I didn't agree with him on a lot of things but I always enjoyed his take on things so I kept coming back for more.He was negative some of the times for sure and especially on the NFL and Goodell but it was a voice that needed to be heard in a field that does nothing but constantly lick the taint of the NFL. Caught some of Cowturd on Fox and it's the same old Turd.Only saving grace for him is the hottie he has in with him.
  13. Really glad that ####fest is over.Didn't care who won but I did get a good laugh over who did but it certainly is the cherry on top of another horrible season.Maybe the new online season will be better but I'm not holding my breath.
  14. I was waiting on them to kiss to be honest,a true bromance for sure.Paulie came off for what he is in the jury house,a giant doosh.
  15. James drops so Nicole can get a letter from her family so she is the new HOH.My first guess is Victor and Paul go right back up on the block,