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  1. Brown has really handled himself really well in this very tough situation but that line stood out to me as well.I doubt many if any act upon his words but they needed to said either way.
  2. Was hoping TF would chime in since he follows the NBA more closely than I do about the guys they brought in. My opinion is meh with these moves.Took a small chance on Burke in hopes he can turn his game around backing up Wall and IMO is a good get for a distant 2nd rounder.I like Mahinmi somewhat with what I saw from him late last year,Nicholson is JAG to me,some upside but not much and the one some fans have been wanting to see for a few years now finally happens with Satoransky.Hopefully he isn't another Vesely and from the sounds of things at least he can shoot so that already rules out that part of his game. I see if all things fall right a 41-45 win season and possibly a 6-8 seed but then again I do love to torture myself with this team.
  3. So the two main choices are between someone extremely careless vs someone extremely clueless.How in the hell did we end up with these two turds anyways?Almost laughable if it wasn't so sad.
  4. Not sure how many people caught season 2 but it was actually pretty good.Season 3 just got started and it is going down the same path 2 went.I'm in again.
  5. Good for Stamkos taking less money to stick around,He is the face of the franchise and wasn't going anywhere no matter how many people were wrong about him leaving. Subban for Weber was kind of a shocker to me in that you rarely see two studs moved at the same time but it should be fun to see how each guy fits in now with the other team(which I think should be just fine).Didn't care for the Hall trade at all.
  6. Figured it was time for another post with free agency around the bend.As if it weren't bad enough KD won't even talk to the Zards about playing here.I didn't expect him to play here at all but I did expect it being his hometown to at least command a pitch from the team but so is life. So a few names being thrown around are Ryan Anderson,Noah,Barnes and a few others as targets they could bring in.I don't mind any of these guys as long as the price is right but this being the Wiz they might have to overpay to get them.At this point this season is all about Beal and his health and to see if he takes that next step up or just follows along the same path of his first few years and to also see how Grunfeld can save his job if this team falters again because he pretty clearly has some nude pics of Leonsis after all these years. With very little under salary the next few weeks should be interesting if nothing else but I'm not expecting anything great and in fact will be happy if they can somehow surround Wall with decent pieces.
  7. Pens were the better team and deserved to move on.Congrats Pens fans,well earned series win.
  8. love the tag on the pic cockatooladyboybar
  9. After a pretty strong 1st period for the Caps it seemed the Pens adjusted what they were doing and had the Caps D confused for the 2nd and 3rd periods as to how to switch effectively in their own zone.Pens saw this and just kept doing it and the Caps really did look lost at times but thanks to Holtby he kept them in the game and they finally got it together with a pretty strong OT. Orlov needs to sit,he was simply horrific but what they have behind him really isn't much better.I would suspect Chorney getting back into the lineup if Trotz sits Orlov given how well the Pens can skate. T.J. Oshie playoff stats.Blues 30GP,5G,4A and -12.Caps 7GP,4G,3A and +4
  10. I brought this up to EB of the Junkies and also to Dukes and both said the same exact thing.Redskins and the NFL drives the ratings and they are in the business to make money which is why they dominate the sports talk shows here and nationally.And then they go into we really would love to talk more about the Caps,Wiz,Nats etc but for that reason they only really get one segment and then it's back to Skins talk for the rest of the 4 hours with some BS sprinkled in along the way. The point I brought up was maybe it was part of their job to energize the fans and get them wanting to talk about the other teams by actually knowing how to bring out the hardcore fans and get them tuning in by learning the sports a little more.Of course that was viewed as a dig against them(which it clearly was but also was very true and they both know it)and it quickly got shot down as me being a hater. You want me as a diehard Caps fan to listen to your show but yet every time you do talk about them your knowledge of the sport makes it that I want to scream at the radio WTF are you talking about?Take the time to actually watch the games,take the time to actually learn the rules and how the game is played but that really is too much to ask so I will just be a person that tunes in from time to time and expects very little in terms of hockey talk and am just happy they even get mentioned at this point. If you look at ESPN it's the same story.You get maybe 1 or 2 highlights in one segment and then the rest of the time it's all NFL and NBA.So they also play a huge role in how things are talked about.The more ESPN coverage the more it translates to radio getting more play on said topic. Newsflash to ESPN,the NBA playoffs have SUCKED!!
  11. I can certainly agree with this without question.Czabe is the only one in the bunch I find entertaining and at least has a good read on what's going on in the sports world so I will stick it out with the Sports Reporters much like I find his morning show on Yahoo the best of any show going.106.7 really is no better and may actually be worse which is really saying something. The Junkies are just tired and stale now.Maybe if they just got completely away from sports I would listen more often but if I never have to hear donk or rick anymore coming from them I would be just fine.Chad Dukes is by far the worst of them all though and again needs to be talking about anything except sports and this is coming from someone who actually did like Big O and Dukes,the main reason being they didn't talk sports very often. But to be really fair here most sports talk is garbage with very few shows that I find are worth the time to make a regular tune in for me so local radio really isn't that much different if at all. My biggest beef is if you are gonna talk sports at least have some knowledge about them and quit asking the generic questions to every guest you have on.One reason I like Dan LeBatard is because he is such a great interviewer who always throws a curveball to whomever he has on and isn't scared to ask the tough questions.Czabe also has that quality in him and he isn't shy about calling out anyone and everyone if he thinks something is wrong.Have a strong opinion,back it up with facts and than be able to debate them in a reasonable manner seems pretty easy to do but is oh so hard to find in sports talk these days.
  12. Didn't see any mention of ESPN 980's new lineup(starts next month) Al Galdi 5-7am Chris Cooley and Kevin Sheehan 7am-11am Tony K 11am-1pm Doc Walker,B-Mitch and Scott Jackson(Inside the Locker Room)1pm-4pm Sports Reporters returns(Czabe andAndy Pollin)4pm-7pm DMV Gametime(Tim Murray and Nick Ashooh)7pm-11pm No clue why they love Cooley as much as they do and really think Al Galdi deserves better but at least they are done with Mike and Mike for the time being.
  13. Forgot to give props to the Flyers fans here.Your boys fought hard and the future looks promising for sure,better luck next year!
  14. Also got a huge laugh out of hearing Gortat and Wittman didn't even speak for the last few months of the season after Witt called him out for his lack of rebounding.