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  1. Because it was honest and non-partisan, which I appreciated. There’s seems to be less and less of that these days.
  2. I don’t know. But both your examples would have put extra dough in their pocket if you and your wife weren’t paying attention.
  3. They’re attempting to fleece stupid adults?
  4. She does that enough times, she probably gets to pocket an additional $20-25 a shift.
  5. It gets phased in over time. This is the text from the July 11 version of the bill (not sure if it was amended before passage) (A) $8.55 an hour, beginning on the effective date under section 7 of the Raise the Wage Act; (B) $9.85 an hour, beginning 1 year after such effective date; (C) $11.15 an hour, beginning 2 years after such effective date; (D) $12.45 an hour, beginning 3 years after such effective date; (E) $13.75 an hour, beginning 4 years after such effective date; (F) $15.00 an hour, beginning 5 years after such effective date; and (G) beginning on the date that is 6 years after such effective date, and annually thereafter, the amount determined by the Secretary under subsection (h);
  6. Will we be seeing a companion thread for "quit-accusing-everyone-of-hating America-being-unpatriotic-socialism-and-on-and-on"
  7. This may be the precise situation to differentiate between impractical and impracticable.
  8. Yeah, I’m starting to come around on this. I think you may be spot on here.
  9. This seems to support a proposition that those who voted for him are either worthy of ridicule if they didn’t know this about him, or worthy of criticism if they did.
  10. I think using "whenever" when you're giving directions is also a Southern thing. "Whenever you go out to the main road, hang a left at the second stop sign."