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  1. I imagine he'll get hazed by his new colleagues over it. For sure they're gonna give him a hard time (good naturedly).
  2. As I understand it, his decision was the one that established the incorrect "merely" standard. That's where the screw up occurred. He misread the prior 10th Circuit decision and thus inappropriately lowered the standard.
  3. I guess to be more precise, I should have said they overturned his ruling, rather than reversed it.
  4. Honestly, I'm not terribly well-informed on how things are going with Gorsuch's nomination and whether there are any legitimate concerns regarding his confirmation, but getting reversed in an 8-0 decision by the Supreme Court while you are sitting in your confirmation hearing can't be a good development. Not to mention the fact that Gorsuch's decision, in addition to apparently being wrong on the law, was wrong at the expense of a child with autism. Ouch.
  5. Really bad timing on the 8-0 reversal. Going to make for a really awkward welcome party.
  6. I haven't eaten there, but I hear El Tovar is really nice for dinner with great views.
  7. I don't do anything other than hiking at GC, but I wouldn't think a rafting trip would work with a two day stay at the South Rim. It's a long way down to the Colorado. And if you do decide to hike down a ways, keep in mind that hiking down is super easy and hiking up is super hard. Can't tell you how many people we see who have completely underestimated the difficulty of the hike back up. Even for just a couple miles.
  8. Between Obamacare repeal and replace, TravelBan 2.0, WH Budget proposal, Supreme Court nominee hearings, and the investigation(s) into Russia/wiretapping issues, has there ever been this many huge issues going on at once with a presidential administration?
  9. Is there a person you have in mind who took the position that it was highly offensive and sexist to make fun of a candidates pant suit collection but thinks it is perfectly acceptable to suggest pimping out the First Lady as a whore? Because unless a person took both of those positions, this isn't an example of hypocrisy or inconsistency.
  10. Thanks fatguy. None of this would be possible without the support of our donors. So appreciate everything you all have done to get this charity off the ground and to where it is today. We've already raised over $750,000 in our relatively short tenure if you can believe it. And you can rest assured that the money goes to fund support services and pediatric cancer research as our organization does not have a single paid employee or an office.
  11. That's kind of you to say. I struggled at the beginning due to a combination of nerves and the fact that I still have great difficulty talking about Chance without getting choked up. It got better after that when we started talking about the Foundation.
  12. UPDATE: My wife and I sat down for a 30 minute interview which aired today without commercial interruption on four FM stations here in the Houston area. If you are interested in checking it out, you can stream the interview at this link (look for the March 12 Chance for Hope entry): We talk about Chance and why we founded the charity, how our organization serves pediatric cancer families, and our upcoming fundraising event, The Space Ball. I had some difficulty talking about Chance at the beginning of the interview, but once my wife took over, it was smooth sailing from there.
  13. Amazingly, he was playing to a crowd of 72,000 people and it somehow still felt intimate. He and his wife face each other on stage and they pretty much sang to each other for the entire set. It was odd, but it really worked.
  14. Honestly, I think Stapleton may have the best voice of any singer performing today, regardless of genre. Maybe he and Adele are 1a and 1b. I was blown away at what he was doing vocally.