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  1. I can buy that he passed coginitive tests. But there is no way that he is physically healthy in terms of his blood work and cardiovascular fitness.
  2. Agreed. Very sad.
  3. Every dog is owned for five days at some point. That was the point I raised upthread in response to people who had owned a pit for many years and were confident that they weren’t a threat. At some point, however, they didn’t own their dog for many years. They owned the dog for just five days and had no idea about their propensity for violence. I myself wouldn’t want to bring that risk into my home, especially if I had kids.
  4. That’s very interesting. I wasn’t aware of that.
  5. Based on what Lindsay Graham has to say, along with the specificity of Durbin’s account, when contrasted with the wholly unspecific and ambiguous denials, no.
  6. Wait, isn't that actually hearsay? Of course, just because it's hearsay doesn't mean the interview holds no credibility.
  7. And he's an Anteater as well.
  8. Can we get back to the debate of whether Irvine, California qualifies for craphole status?
  9. Based on what we know (including the shifting and ambiguous denials), I think the initial reporting was indeed accurate (or at least basically accurate in light of the hole vs. house debate), so I disagree with you there. That said, I do agree that the story was leaked to bash Trump. And I find that a bit unfortunate. I'd prefer that legislators and the President can have closed door meetings where they can hash things out without worrying about every little thing being leaked to the media. I'd rather they know where Trump stands (however repugnant that position may be), than to have Trump stay silent because he fears disclosure, and simply veto the bill that everyone works on because it's ends up not being to his liking. For that reason, I find myself respecting Lindsay Graham's position the most. He apparently confronted Trump right there in the meeting, calling him out on his words, rather than telling reporters anonymously after the fact. So I guess the difference between your position and mine is that you believe a false story was leaked to bash Trump, while I believe a true story was leaked to bash Trump. I think my take makes a whole lot more sense than yours does. Why would someone make up a false story and publicize it when there were a bunch of witnesses there from both sides of the aisle. And for those who are disputing the story (in an extremely evasive and ambiguous way), why did they wait until they found out how the story played in the media before adopting their evasive and ambiguous denials?
  10. As far as I can tell, the only individuals who has been definitive about what was said is Durbin and the unnamed sources. Everyone else has been silent, evasive, ambiguous in their recitation of events, or a combination of all three. And that includes Trump.
  11. Again, I'm not trying to be a contrarian here, but the matter has been fully explained. A state worker accidently hit the wrong button on a reverse-911 alert system. Once this was explained and reported on every news channel, were there still Hawaiians who were under the impression that there was still an incoming missile that would be informed by a televised statement by the President? And knowing this President, don't you figure that whatever tweet or televised statement he put out, it would involve taking swipes at a liberal state government, and probably less than helpful statements about North Korea? I'm sort of glad he didn't wade into this and add to the chaos. And let's be honest, Hawaiians do have at least a little something to be worried about.
  12. The situation has already been adequately explained, and it was purely a state-created issue. What benefit would a statement from Trump be?
  13. Not sure what he should really do here. Blast the Hawaiian government?
  14. Irvine? I lived in Irvine from 86-93, and have been back many, many times, including less than two weeks ago. It's a wealthy, planned community - pretty much the opposite of a craphole. The median sales price for a home is $765,750 ( Irvine is a pretty terrible example of a craphole city, unless you think that having a high Asian population makes it a craphole.
  15. It was trying way too hard to be clever. More than any other episode, it reminded me of Twilight Zone, but not necessarily in a good way.