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  1. Due to the hiring freeze, we are going to leave the Supreme Court vacancy unfilled.
  2. I guess the hiring freeze doesn't apply to all the federal employees that the Trump administration is trying to hire?
  3. It looked like Dar had proof that Carrie was advising the President-Elect, but chose not to show Saul the photos when he said he believed her denial. Is that how you all saw it?
  4. If this was really a quote from the speech, this has to be the most notable part. The leader of the free world essentially told the free world to go #### themselves. Well, perhaps that's too harsh a spin, but it I don't know how you could interpret it any other way than at the very least a slap in the face of our allies.
  5. What Golic doesn't remember was the jersey scene with Devine, because that scene didn't actually happen.
  6. It might make you feel better to know that is not the case.
  7. "Get a life outside your grievances" is a great piece of advice for both sides of the aisle.
  8. Has Perry gone yet? I still can't get over the fact that he is being tasked with running the very agency that he thought was so purposeless that it should be abolished. Not just reformed, but altogether abolished.
  9. I think a guy who is able to juggle 3,500+ lawsuits over the course of three decades while building a billion-dollar empire and pursuing careers in real estate, hospitality and entertainment, not to mention a presidential campaign, is going to have a difficult time establishing that a single defamation lawsuit will unduly interfere with his ability to perform his official duties. Indeed, the fact that he publicly threatened to file defamation lawsuits following the election against all the women who came forward to complain undermines an argument that he would be unable to defend a single case.
  10. One could easily argue that it was Clinton's perjury and the ensuing investigation that was the distraction, not the litigation itself. I can't see Clinton making the argument that he should be immune from suit while in office because he plans to perjure himself and be subsequently impeached. Keep in mind that even under Breyer's concurrence Clinton would have the burden of articulating precisely how the litigation would interfere with his ability to perform his official duties. Sitting for a deposition historically has not created an interference justifying immunity.
  11. Why do you think the Supreme Court got it wrong?
  12. He is in a protected class.
  13. He may be embellishing a bit, but if true, that's super lame. But the guy's a genius for going on Fox News. They needed to raise $75k and are now up over $400k.
  14. I'll tune in to see the band from Talladega College.
  15. Yeah, somehow I missed that post. Beautiful.