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  1. What GM was expressly accused of was believing that being a pedophile is not wrong.
  2. I wasn't making a comment on who is qualified for SoS. I was simply disagreeing with Snowden that what Petraeus did was worse. Snowden's argument is that he should be considered for a pardon or for a mere slap on the wrist because Petraeus was spared jail time and what he did was essentially "worse" under the curcumstances. My post was entirely relevant to the posted article and to the point I was making, which was intentionally stated in a simple and unambiguous manner. But if if you want my comment on whether Petraeus is a good choice for SoS, I would say that it is absolutely ludicrous that we would consider someone who has been convicted of mishandling classified information and given a criminal sentence.
  3. Right. You seem to be debating my post and agreeing with it at the same time.
  4. In the linked article, Snowden is attempting to argue that what Petraeus did was worse. I strongly disagree with that argument. My comment was directly relevant to subject matter of the article linked by badmojo. However, it may be irrelevant to whatever other point you all may have been discussing at the time.
  5. Yeah, put me in the camp of thinking what Snowden did was way, way worse.
  6. There is a lot of unfortunate ugliness in this thread.
  7. So the plan for strengthening the American business sector is to interfere with business decisions, upset competitive balance, increase the regulatory power of the government over individual market participants, and punish American companies for taking economically efficient actions (thus incentivizing, and in some cases financing, inefficiency). Isn't this why conservatives criticize liberal economic policy?
  8. That doesn't sound like you at all. The government intervening in the marketplace to grant lucrative benefits and tax incentives to individual competitors in an industry? Why should the government disadvantage air conditioning companies that compete with Carrier that didn't threaten to move jobs to Mexico? I always figured you for a small government type when it came to the federal government meddling in the private sector and choosing winners and losers.
  9. It doesn't have to happen the first time. That's the point. You keep talking about time linearly. Edit: Your point stands for Terminator. But it doesn't for Arrival.
  10. Not a flaw at all once you accept that time is a circle. She can remember the future just as she remembers the past. Time is not linear.
  11. You're thinking linearly.
  12. Yeah, but it does still seem to be a bit of an odd structure for incentives/disincentives. From the government's standpoint, backing student loans makes sense because helping people get an education helps them get good paying jobs which leads to more money in the economy and more taxes being paid. But by phasing out the interest deduction on student loans, you are penalizing those people who were the best investments for the government, while protecting the deductions of those who were less successful investments, at least from a pure numbers perspective.
  13. Upthread I posted an excerpt from an article that discusses how the underlying source material informs the movie. Give it a read - it deals with the very issue you are raising.
  14. There was some indication that because of the gift, the nations of the world were somehow able to unite and achieve world peace, thus enabling us to exist for another 3K years when we would be in a position to help them.
  15. For a second, I thought "this just got good!" when Tara told the Oceanside group that they killed everyone at the outpost and I thought that it would turn out to be Rick's group that killed all their men. No such luck.