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  1. "Lyin'" Ted Cruz can't be happy with being repeatedly called a liar by this guy.
  2. Benjamin was blessed to have you as a dad.
  3. Yeah, you'd think he'd make a point of remembering her name, but no.
  4. It's one thing not to call or write a letter to the widow of a fallen soldier. I get how that could happen. But it's another thing entirely to have the White House reach out and affirmatively tell her to expect a call from the President . . . and then never make the call.
  5. She is claiming that is what the widow stated after the call ended.
  6. Trump really has no empathy and completely sucks at faking it. I'm sure he thought that he was saying something that sounded heartfelt and empathetic.
  7. McCain better be careful. Trump is liable to fight back by tweeting something petty and mean. You know, like a teenage girl does.
  8. Even when there is really good news, Trump comes off as a total Richard.
  9. He's been arrested and charged with assault. It takes a bit more time to convict and sentence someone.
  10. Room doesn't look very big and I see quite a few empty seats.
  11. Why is that the only way it could be germane to the topic? The assaulter committed a crime, has been arrested and will be charged. About that there is no debate, and there isn't much else to discuss. What we can debate, however, is whether he had the right to stand for the entirety of the game and obstruct the view of the fans seated directly behind him.
  12. Whether it is okay to stand at a football game is the issue that precipitated the altercation. It's germane to the topic and an issue on which reasonable minds can differ (which is what makes it a good topic for discussion).
  13. Here comes the defense: Lawyer Says Fan Punched Was Womanizing and Threatening
  14. Lots of gray area on the sitting/standing issue, but I agree with the above.