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  1. I don't profess to be an expert on tax policy, nor do I have a full understanding of the intended and unintended consequences that would result from reforming the estate tax (through elimination or otherwise). With that caveat, I would say I am firmly opposed to eliminating the estate tax if the step-up basis is eliminated along with it as the overall effect of such a change would be to raise taxes for millions of non-rich Americans to the benefit of a very tiny sliver of very rich Americans. That said, I would like to see a solution that moderates the effect of the estate tax on heirs to farms and businesses that do not have the ability to pay the estate tax without selling/breaking up the farms/businesses.
  2. Found this on Page 3. Is tax reform already dead on arrival? A fair amount of discussion in the media about how eliminating the ability to deduct state taxes disproportionally hits blue states. Relatively little discussion on the proposed elimination of the estate tax, and what that could mean if step-up basis goes with it (I realize this is a topic I have harped on a lot here over the years).
  3. I think it was "Make society great again." Even closer. There was also an "alternative facts" reference this last episode.
  4. Many (most?) of the accusations came from Fox News' own employees.
  5. Second installment in RL's continuing series?
  6. Latest tweet: "New polls out today are very good considering that much of the media is FAKE and almost always negative. Would still beat Hillary in popular vote. ABC News/Washington Post Poll (wrong big on election) said almost all stand by their vote on me & 53% said strong leader." Honest question for the Trump supporters: does this kind of stuff make you cringe? I'd appreciate an answer that doesn't rely on a deflection to cringeworthy stuff said or done by Democratic politicians. I fully concede that there are plenty of examples of Democrat cringeworthiness.
  7. I think it's beyond question that Trump was a pretty damn good presidential candidate. He handily trounced a Republican field featuring several experienced, qualified candidates, and then beat a heavily favored and highly qualified Democratic candidate in terms of resume and experience.
  8. This is pretty much my opinion of O'Reilly as well. A relatively moderate conservative. That is until he ventures into a culture wars debate, and then he becomes a full on loon. That said, he's still about the most pompous and arrogant talking head out there, and I've seen enough info about these lawsuits to conclude that, at best, he's a creep.
  9. So O'Reilly would be a centrist . . . if everyone else in the country was more conservative.
  10. That may very well end up being the case, but what is it that leads you to that conclusion? Trump's "Hire American" Executive Order states the following:
  11. Sure, I get that. People generalize all the time. But it seems particularly inappropriate when you're talking about hypocrisy. That said, I'll leave it there and avoid rehashing a discussion that has already been hashed.
  12. Once again you take an example of individual hypocrisy and ascribe it to a group.
  13. Didn't he just sign an Executive Order on H1-B visa reform with "Hire American" as a stated premise? I know the order is aimed at revamping the system and doesn't explicitly talk about reduction in visa numbers, but the Order's premise does seem to provide some support for the assumption you reference.