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  1. Essentially, in this context, it’s a motion for sanctions for filing a frivolous lawsuit.
  2. Trumps’s 13 accusers (at least according to Trump). Clinton maintains that his accusers were lying as well.
  3. And let’s put aside the allegations of sexual assault, and going after teens and being banned from the mall, and even the alleged homophobia and racism. Roy Moore has been removed from the bench twice for refusing to comply with federal law. As a conservative, why on earth would you then want to make him a federal lawmaker?
  4. Exactly. And to Maurile’s point about corroborating witnesses, it’s inaccurate to say these women haven’t come forward years before to tell their stories. A number of them have to friends and family, some contemporaneous to the events in question and others years later, but still decades ago. If this was all a recently ginned up conspiracy to take down a Senate candidate, I guess the groundwork was set for the conspiracy 10, 20, even 30 years ago? Unless of course you believe that all the corroborating witnesses are now in on the conspiracy as well.
  5. Great tune! The melody is super original and very interesting, in addition to being really catchy.
  6. And I don’t think the PhD thing is even about student loans. It’s about taxing students on the tuition breaks they are receiving for working or doing research as PhD students. So they probably are making peanuts and then have to pay taxes on all of the tuition assistance. I would think it would be a cash flow nightmare that may be completely unworkable for many students. At least that’s what I think the PhD issue is about.
  7. Representatives of women receiving alimony seem to disagree as the tax change increases the overall tax burden and may ultimately reduce money available to alimony recipients.
  8. And added a brand new exemption for private jet owners.
  9. Sure. And maybe he'll change lives with the money he makes off the sale.
  10. Don't most people buy art like this as an investment, rather than a decoration? I would think that most pieces like this are displayed in public galleries, even if privately owned.
  11. Well, that pretty much explains it. Thanks!
  12. And lucrative. A buddy of mine has that practice and, well, he makes twice as much as Otis.
  13. Five episodes in on Luke Cage. Generally, I like it, but the overall narrative (unassuming tough guy takes on the local crime lord and his gang terrorizing the neighborhood) is about as unoriginal as it gets. The cast and the acting is pretty darn good though.
  14. But will you still enjoy their movies?