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  1. You asked whether I’d have a problem with a neighbor taking in a child from an abused home, even if (if I were to assume your premise) children from abused homes are more likely to commit crime. My answer to that question is no. It’s not a lie, and I would appreciate it if you would not accuse me of lying, particularly when I paid you a sincere compliment just a few posts ago. I’ve posted on these boards for a long time. I don’t lie. There’s no need to.
  2. I really respect your willingness to do this. Good on ya. No joke. But I also pray that I’m never neighbors with someone who would adopt a pit from an abusive home, even if they have the absolute best of intentions.
  3. You make a good point. I thought jail time was a done deal, but it looks like the judge has the ultimate say.
  4. Is it a first offense if you did it twice? I guess it’s the first time she’s been caught. Also, you could argue that there is indeed a victim if USC has a target admissions number and Lori’s two daughters bumped someone.
  5. Huffman cut a deal early. Avoided the money laundering charge that they hit Lori with. And she’s still doing jail time.
  6. It’s certainly possible, though I think there’s a material difference between state charges brought by local authorities and a multiple count federal felony indictment.
  7. Felicity Huffman is another. And she’s involved in this very case Do you have a list of white famous rich women indicted on multiple federal felony charges that end up not doing any time?
  8. Wait, is there something new in the Mueller report about this? Or is this just a reference to the Times piece on Eric’s charity?
  9. Don’t forget having your kid pose for rowing photos.
  10. Yeah, from the reporting, it appears that her argument at trial will be that they were concerned parents who wanted the best for their kids and were manipulated into criminal activity by Singer. In other words, they were victims of the conspiracy, being fleeced for their money. It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.
  11. My son’s first choice school is USC. Interestingly, our college consultant told us that without a doubt, this scandal would actually increase applications to USC next year and make it even harder to get in. Having USC mentioned along with Yale and Stanford, along with parents being willing to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their kids in, will drive more kids to apply there. We were hoping it would give our kid a better shot, not a worse one!
  12. Felicity Huffman paid $15k, entered into a plea deal and is still doing time. Lori paid $500,000, and engaged in the criminal activity twice, for each of her two daughters. The only way I see her avoiding jail time is if her husband decides to take the fall and claim Lori knew nothing about it.