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  1. Wow. That story just blows me away. Many thanks to jvdesigns and his incredible generosity for bringing about this life-changing moment for Ham, Claire and their families.
  2. Alas, I play Pickleball in the great state of Texas.
  3. Any hobbies that you could turn into a passion?
  4. Great update. We are all pulling for Jack!
  5. Listen to jdog. Elixer strings. I prefer the nanoweb to the polyweb, but both are awesome.
  6. That song was just flat out ridiculous on Rock Band.
  7. Thanks Chet! If you ever need a band for a party, we're for hire! (Please note that our rider requires that you send your private jet to pick us up.)
  8. I think Gibson acoustics are incredibly beautiful guitars, and I've wanted one for a long time. But friends in the music biz assure me they are behind Taylor and Martin in terms of tone. Between Taylor and Martin, I think Martin has the superior tone generally while Taylors win hands down in terms of playability. If you find a Martin that is easy to play, or a Taylor that has a slightly warmer tone, I think that's the ticket. My two cents.
  9. As a piece of trivia, the guy playing drums with us is the drum tech for Alex Van Halen.
  10. Ha, that's pretty funny. Back in the late 90s, I was part of a coffee shop acoustic group and we probably did 6 or 8 BNL songs. The name of our little ensemble was even vaguely BNL-ish - Boathouse Hockey. I guess it stuck.
  11. Oh, I didn't take it as ripping at all! The vocal part on the verses in this song is actually quite low.
  12. Nope. Pretty sure I sang it as exactly he sings it on the album. It could just be the tone of my voice.
  13. Do it and hide a video camera.
  14. Okay, so after 7 years of gigging clubs and outdoor festivals, we played our first house party this past weekend. It's been something we've been wanting to do for a while. The guys in the band generously agreed to donate a "private concert" for the live auction at our last Chance for Hope fundraising event. The competition was fierce, and we ended up awarding the prize to the top two bidders. So the first of our incredibly generous winners had a house party this past Saturday. Loads of fun. We played all sorts of stuff we've never played before. One of the things we decided to do was play a couple Foo Fighter tunes with a drummer who had been invited to the party (the guy is really good). This is the kind of impromptu stuff you can do at a house party, but not a paid show. It was a risk - we had never played the song before and just came up with the idea a few days before the show. Everyone learned their parts on their own and we played it together for the first time at the party. I'm not talented enough on guitar to pull off something like this in just a couple days, so I only sang on these tunes. Here's a video of one of them (in portrait mode, alas). If you watch it, please consider playing it through speakers or headphones - the tiny phone speakers won't do the drums justice. Everlong