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  1. Major, big time thumbs up to this sentiment.
  2. I hope so. Was concerned because two posts ago you thought you weren't required to report to the California EDD.
  3. That's the federal government. You also have to report the payments to the California Employment Development Department (a DE-542 Form).
  5. You also would have to report the payments to the California Employment Development Department.
  6. I am really enjoying this season. A relatively complex narrative arc that is playing out over the course of the entire season. Interesting story focusing on the central cast of characters with minimal gimmick inhuman casting.
  7. I have a friend who is a successful plaintiff's lawyer and marketing/advertising is a huge part of their success (two man firm). I would think an upgraded SuperLawyers ad is a no brainer for you.
  8. I hope Peter Storemare has a role in 3. Love that dude.
  9. With all the relatively long takes, the fight choreography was pretty impressive.
  10. Yeah, this was the first thing I've seen her in and I'm not getting the hype. Maybe she's really good in Orange is the New Black.
  11. Okay back to your regular programming. I'm going to go punch myself in the nuts.
  12. Thanks for rubbing it in. Amazingly, I just googled "Dale Bozzio barbed wire" and the top link tells the story of that shoot (and contains the photo that my friend showed me later). Not surprisingly, there is no mention of his boneheaded buddy who declined to hang around because HE HAD SOMETHING MORE IMPORTANT TO DO. ####!!!!
  13. Had friend who was a celebrity photographer back in the late 80s. I was at his studio and just about to leave and he says "Hey, Dale Bozzio is stopping by. You should hang out." For some stupid reason (I had some sort of appointment or something), I passed. Still regret it to this day as I had a big crush on her at the time. He ended up shooting her that day. Topless wrapped in barbed wire. So many regrets . . . .