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  1. So great. Thanks for posting.
  2. Here is what I don't understand about the charges of an insider leaking classified information. Is every conversation that President has with someone automatically classified? When he was talking to the Russians in the oval office, I get that the intel he shared was classified. But calling Comey a nutjob? That is classified? If so, is it only because the entire conversation is classified? What about his alleged conversations with the two Intel chiefs? Those conversations are automatically classified, just because? They didn't have to do with any substantive classified information as far as I can tell. I'm sure that there is a simple explanation. Is every private conversation the president has deemed classified?
  3. On my mobile I'm not seeing the rank order. Where does Killen's fall on the list? It's just a few miles from my house.
  4. Lots of gold and opulence. No meanies in the press. Women know their place. Unfortunately, no readily accessible KFC.
  5. The optics are obviously horrible, but isn't that an existing program?
  6. There's no "logic" that justifies the wheelchair guy's actions. But it is patently obvious that the guy with the phone was manipulating him to keep him spun up and acting out.
  7. The guy in the wheelchair deserves to be called out for his obviously racist and completely inappropriate behavior, but he was being so easily manipulated by the guy with the phone that I started feeling bad for him (and mad at the guy with the phone).
  8. Wait. Toby Keith played a concert in the Middle East yesterday to an all-male Muslim audience? That has to be the most surreal concert in the history of concerts. Wonder if he performed "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (the Angry American)." Now this nation that I love Has fallen under attack A mighty sucker punch came flyin’ in From somewhere in the back Soon as we could see clearly Through our big black eye Man, we lit up your world Like the 4th of July Hey Uncle Sam Put your name at the top of his list And the Statue of Liberty Started shakin’ her fist And the eagle will fly Man, it’s gonna be hell When you hear Mother Freedom Start ringin’ her bell And it feels like the whole wide world is raining down on you Brought to you Courtesy of the Red White and Blue Justice will be served And the battle will rage This big dog will fight When you rattle his cage And you’ll be sorry that you messed with The U.S. of A. `Cause we`ll put a boot in your ### It`s the American way
  9. Did you ever finish out this space? A couple months ago, we finally got tired of our cluttered rehearsal space with dingy white walls and crappy fluorescent lights and decided to give it a makeover. This is the finished product.
  10. By the way, I've had lots of posts over the years in this thread about rigs, amps and tone. But as mentioned in my post above from February, we went fully digital for the first time at our most recent show. Bass player went direct to PA, our two lead guitarists went direct with Kemper powered units ( and I went direct with an Atomic Amplifire using some killer after market profiles ( Still dialing things in, but the sound was good, we had more control over stage volume, and it was really nice to cut the weight of our gear in half for load in. Still have my Orange and Blackstar combos, but ended up selling my Marshall rig. Just don't need it anymore.
  11. Dammit! I misread. Keep us posted on the lessons and the search. As I mentioned earlier in the thread, when it comes to acoustic guitars, I really do recommend playing before you buy. You'll be surprised at how tone can vary even between same model guitars. I'd also be open to purchasing used if there is a good music store around that carries highe end used acoustics. You can save a few bucks and they often sound better with the wood having aged. Good luck!
  12. HNGD! (maybe belated) What did you get? Pics?!?
  13. That guy was a coward. Waited until he could slap her and run away.
  14. Ouch, that one's going to leave a mark.