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  1. Are you sure? Seems to me that in most instances they are protesting something other than the flag. I guess there may be some people that object to the color scheme or the asymmetrical design, but I would think those folks would be a very small minority.
  2. Quietly taking a knee during the anthem is akin to burning the flag?
  3. My problem with the wireless sound sports is that they're not loud enough. I often watch shows on my iPad while on the treadmill and it's difficult to make out the dialogue if you're in a noisy gym. The wired soundsports are a lot louder.
  4. Back at it again this morning: Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump ...NFL attendance and ratings are WAY DOWN. Boring games yes, but many stay away because they love our country. League should back U.S. 6:13 AM ยท Sep 24, 2017
  5. Maybe she wanted to sleep with him and it wasn't about the grades. Knew a bunch of star-struck law school females who were enamored with their profs.
  6. I've only listened to a few episodes now (man, are they super-long or what?), and there hasn't been a female host. Been listening to the most recent episodes.
  7. Haven't seen The Mist series but everything I've heard has been awful. That said, while I generally agree with your point, I do have to say that the ending they added to the movie adaptation of The Mist was amazing.
  8. As mentioned, I've been listening to a podcast called The Loser's Club, which is a Stephen King fan podcast. A recent episode has what I think is a pretty fair breakdown/review of the film and there is also a great interview with director Andy Muschietti and producer Barbara Muschietti (his sister). For what it's worth on recent releases, the podcast hosts HATED Dark Tower and DESPISE The Mist, but generally really like It and love Mr. Mercedes (despite not liking the book at all).
  9. A podcast I listen to made a good point about the jump scares in this movie. Jump scares are lame when they are fake jump scares (the friend grabbing them by the shoulder, the cat jumps into the frame, etc.). There were jump scares in this move but none of them were fake. I like jump scares when done well.
  10. Everyone will get paid. He'll just string it out so everyone keeps talking about his donation.
  11. I would suggest talking to her in binary.
  12. Ha! We were saying the same thing but disputing one another!
  13. I don't believe Linear Algebra was offered at most schools back in the day. It's a college-level math course.
  14. That's great news. HS curriculum has expanded greatly since we were kids.
  15. They called the class Linear Algebra back in my day. Knew two kids who took the class senior year after taking AP Calculus BC their junior year. They had to go to a local college for the class. And yes, they were genius smart.