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  1. Just a crazy story all around. Glad to hear you're safe, Ignoramus. I know you live close to there.
  2. For non-Series 2 Apple Watch wearers: Adding background refresh for the Watch OS3 is a great feature for more quickly accessing apps and complications but crushes your battery so fast as to make it almost useless (my watch was dead by about 3pm in the afternoon).
  3. Why was the excessive celebration penalty declined?
  4. You are wrong re: the bolded. If Obama was born in Kenya, he would not have been born a U.S. Citizen. This has been discussed ad nauseum. Edit: I see this has already been covered.
  5. Think of how different your life would be, or could be, if you were completely devoid of shame.
  6. We've been over this a bunch. If Obama was born in another country, he wouldn't have been a U.S. citizen under the law in place at the time.
  7. Hell, a majority of Republicans in the House and Senate voted against the Family Medical Leave Act, which provides unpaid family leave.
  8. Yeah, this sucks for me. In addition to my regular headphones, I use the headphone jack for four other uses (PayPal credit card reader, plugging into my speaker system at work, plugging into my bedroom practice amp, and plugging into my portable PA system). These are in different locations or used on the go at events, so with a 7 I'd have to remember to bring along my adapter everywhere and/or buy several to have in different locations. A logistical pain in the ### to say the least.
  9. So he didn't even bribe her with his own money?
  10. Modsmack Big Head Mod and the Bannsters
  11. I'm unemployed! Feels good. I don't even have a work email account to check. So, so liberating, if only for a few days. Start new job next week.
  12. I thought you were asking people to stop with the tongue in cheek old people references.
  13. I've known a lot of musicians throughout my life. Honestly, I can't ever remember one of them referring to himself or herself as a "seasoned" musician. I'd stop that. Just some friendly, though admittedly unsolicited, advice.
  14. Yeah, this is a thing. I always sit down when someone comes into my office. The Varidesk is on one half of my desk so I can sit behind the other side.