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  1. Okay, who is going to start the thread for The 50 Greatest VAN HALEN Songs - Hagar era only?
  2. I absolutely love I’ll Wait. Top 10 for me. Sure, it’s a synth-focused tune, but in terms of songwriting it is one of their best in my opinion.
  3. I’ve really enjoyed this thread. Thank you for doing it. It reminded me of a lot of great tunes I hadn’t listened to in a long time.
  4. Joint 50th birthday, but sometimes it feels like I’ve been married 50 years. I kid, I kid.
  5. Just got back from 5 days in Sedona for my wife and my 50th celebration. It was awesome. We went hiking everyday. Quite a bit different from hookers and blow in Amsterdam though.
  6. That’s awesome! Glad everyone likes the shirts. Even when we (hopefully) go back to an in person run next September, we will be keeping a virtual component. So we hope you all will consider taking part again. p.s. Did the girls like the medals?
  7. I would argue that you shouldn’t vote for someone who enriches himself at the expense of a children’s cancer charity. He doesn’t deserve your vote.
  8. New evidence released today that she actually made a second 911 call in which she claimed that the birdwatcher “tried to assault her.”
  9. Harris County (Houston) 2016 results: Harris County 100% Reporting D H. Clinton 54.2% 706,471 R D. Trump 41.8% 544,960 L G. Johnson 3.0% 39,701 G J. Stein 0.9% 11,755 Travis County (Austin) 2016 results: Travis County 100% Reporting D H. Clinton 66.3% 306,475 R D. Trump 27.4% 126,750 L G. Johnson 4.7% 21,866 G J. Stein 1.6% 7,420
  10. Not vouching for this, but this seems to be a decent 50-state survey:
  11. Whether a state is a right to work state refers to union membership rules, not non-compete enforceability.
  12. Ah, it’s in Connecticut, not the UK. I haven’t litigated non-competes in that state, but this provision has been drafted in such a manner that would likely be viewed favorably by courts in states where such agreements are enforced. Many states view customer solicitation restrictions more favorably than blanket non-competes that prohibit any employment with a competitor.
  13. I’ve enforced non-competes in court many, many times (I’ve also gotten them significantly reduced or struck down). The bolded is simply not true as a general proposition. It is highly dependent on the jurisdiction where the matter is being litigated.
  14. In the U.S., it varies from state to state. Not enforceable in California, Oklahoma or North Dakota, for example. Enforceable (provided the restrictions with respect to scope, duration and geography are reasonably limited) in a bunch of other states, including states in the South. As far as the job being in the UK, it is my understanding that non-competes with reasonable terms are enforceable, but UK-based employment lawyer would be in a better position to provide specific advice tailored to the situation here.
  15. I was always taught that the use of “moreso” was incorrect and a bastardization of proper English (it is also recognized as a spelling error by spell check), even though it appears fairly commonly. But what do I know? I’m a dinosaur who still uses two spaces after a period, despite pretty much everyone telling me I’m doing it wrong.
  16. 😂 After moving my practice from California to the South, I got shamed in front of a symposium of about 100 attendees by the moderator for pronouncing voir dire with its French pronunciation instead of the clearly more correct Southern variant “Vore Dyer” (with a healthy drawl). The correction was prefaced with “Son, here in the South we do Vore Dyer.” The odd thing was this happened in New Orleans where I would have thought the French pronunciation would have been slightly less offensive. Also, re the bolded, what’s your take on “moreso” versus “more so”?
  17. Yes, I find that, on average, the people in the PSF, on both sides of the aisle, are much more informed than those in the real world.
  18. You asked why people weren’t freaking out about the finals appearance and people mentioned the bubble. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that a bubble is workable across society. But it was pretty darn effective with respect to the NBA.
  19. One of the Rockets players breached the bubble during the playoffs and got booted for the rest of the playoffs.
  20. Cost a bit more, but I pulled some strings - you should be getting your shirt!
  21. Going out in the mail today! Volunteers spent most of this past weekend packaging the shirts and medals - hope you like them!
  22. Fred: I really appreciate everything you did to promote this event and help make it a success. You're a really good person. Thank you!
  23. Just saw this post! Thanks so much Otis. I'm glad the event gave you an opportunity to spend some time with your daughter, and the fact that Chance was part of your run is super meaningful to me.