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  1. Lots of things factor into this. Do you like your job (what is it you do)? Does your wife like her job? Stress level of jobs? Other income sources? House paid off? Do you have kids (and are college plans take care of)?
  2. Right but your share is $60K so I went off that. I would say the 47% return in 3-5 years is the most uncertain, esp if you're talking about commercial RE.
  3. So you're getting a $90K ARV rental property that needs 10K in repairs for 50K. Rents are 800-900 less expenses netting you 5700/yr. Doesn't seem unreasonable.
  4. Also helps to have have a good carry-on.
  5. Dont pack anything "just in case". Thats what walmart/rei is for. If you cant fit it in a a carry on, you've overpacked.
  6. The payroll deduction goes into a local credit union HSA (cash) account. I only transfer to fidelity 1-2x per year.
  7. This is exactly what we do. We currently have about $50K in HSA accounts that were transferred to Fidelity and invested in FZILX.
  8. We mix in a cruise a year for the kids. Nice relatively cheap way to get to the Caribbean/Mexico in late December. We've done Disney, Carnival, and RC. This year we went with another family. Everyone had a great time except 1. She spent most of the cruise in her room, then said she didn't enjoy it because there wasn't anything to do. I honestly think people that don't enjoy cruises just dont want to enjoy cruises.
  9. I'm no expert, but viruses kill much differently than hippos. You can't wait until 2% of the population is dead to react.
  10. How is that different than the situation you are describing?
  11. But only one HDHP.
  12. Following that logic, if my wife and I file separate returns, we can each put $7100 in the HSA? eta - someone is clearly misunderstanding this situation.