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  1. Yup, vacations are important. Get out of your comfort zone. We each take a few weekends away with our friends. Also we take a long weekend together away from the kids. And family vacations (occasionally with neighbors).
  2. Get new friends. Seriously. All of my close HS and college friends live out of town. Some really distant, some within a few hours drive. Its really hard to get together over long distances (or for most simply not worth the time commitment). Make friends with your neighbors. Get together for NFL games, go to an away game together. Get together as families, have nights out as couples. Its very likely most of your neighbors are in a similar situation as you.
  3. Haha, I did my first few flips (2006-2007) with 0% credit cards. Even put the proceeds in some online savings account that got up to 7-8% interest until the card had to be paid off. Those were good days.
  4. I'm 44. Have recently started some light running (like couch to 5K stuff). Never in my past was I a runner, but I have always kept in shape. If you're asking about sprinting my 7 year old son asked me to race him last night. AND I WON.
  5. He did. You cant buy an equivalent annuity with the cash out offer. The annuity being offered at his job would cost $73K, he's only being offered $51K.
  6. Not sure it could have been worse, so in that regards, I agree. But they still looked worse than the second half of last year. Yes. Maybe. I was hopeful for 9 wins. Now thinking maybe 5?
  7. We beat the Jets second team. Felt like we were one play away from losing most of the game. Baker missed a lot of open throws and did not look comfortable. Should have had more screen passes/check downs. Still had stupid penalties. I dont have very high hopes for this team this year.
  8. Good luck. Probably looking at 3K for the heat treatment. Have dealt with these multiple times in the rentals. Any ideas how you got them? Buy any used furniture lately? New person visiting? Bring them back from vacation?
  9. If I want to move some investments from domestic to international (mutual funds), should I do this after an up day on the djia?
  10. Actually Hue's team scored 26 in'16 and 9 in '17 against the Titans. Penalties, missed xpts, I cant believe anyone that watched the game could think any different. Robinson looked like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. Garrett slapped someone. Baker looked like Johnny. They looked lost. On both sides of the ball. I don't think thats a one game and fix it problem.