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  1. As someone who spent my first 15+ working years pinching pennies and taking way too few (and cheapish) vacations, nothing has been more rewarding for the family than blowing up our vacation budget. Annual trips overseas, national parks, cruises in the winter (kids love them). My advice is to find something you enjoy and splurge on that, rather than just blowing money on anything and everything.
  2. So, my income is pretty steady with the rentals and is really more than enough to cover expenses. Not much flipping (nothing cheap enough to buy and make money on) lately, so I've been kinda bored the last year or so. My degree is Accounting, but I have no interest in the mundane office 8-5. Looking to do something new. Professional athlete is out of the question haha. Never had a "dream job". Thought about getting my RE license. Not terribly excited about the idea. Considered a franchise. Was approved for Papa Johns, but thats really expensive, and the returns seem less than average. Anyone ever consider going blue collar? Like tech school?
  3. For those that like tech, but dont feel comfortable guessing researching individual stocks, VGT, includes a lot of stocks mentioned here recently. Top 10 Apple Inc AAPL 18.20% Microsoft Corp MSFT 17.32% Visa Inc Class A V 4.07% Intel Corp INTC 3.52% Mastercard Inc A MA 3.52% NVIDIA Corp NVDA 2.82% Cisco Systems Inc CSCO 2.65% Adobe Inc ADBE 2.44% PayPal Holdings Inc PYPL 2.26% Inc CRM 1.93%
  4. This just seems like an incredible value. Honestly if it was local I'd be all over this. 100 acres, 8 rental units, business and bar/restaurant income. What am I missing?
  5. Totally agree with this. There will be much better opportunities to buy a year or two from now. I'm actually hoping to get a few rentals sold over the next year or two.
  6. Then what kind of drop are you expecting?
  7. CEF if in a tax friendly account.