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  1. I've had both. Either, I guess. BTW - you are the man.
  2. You must be invited to visit this community. Buy, sell, or share your codes, mailers, certificates, airline gift cards, etc. Please send a message to be accepted, MUST be an active participant from /r/churning or an established redditor (no new or alt accounts allowed). Please allow up to 72 hours for review of requests, usually same day review on weekdays. I hate reddit. WTF is the secret handshake for getting anything out of that site? I'm not established there, so anything I post gets nuked. Can I just pay you double for getting a code for me?
  3. Whats left if you're over 5/24 and had most Amex cards already? We've picked off a few of the amex cards recently that came out without the lifetime language, but would like to get more AA miles for a trip to Japan next summer. Is it possible to still purchase AA mailer codes? No idea why, but I've never been sent a mailer.
  4. Its under contract at 109. The thing is, the inventory is very very low. Only 4 active listings between 100-115 at the time we listed it. The other 3 needed work and/or were only 2 bed. Sub 120s are going fast. We're getting another one ready to list soon.
  5. Got a little over 11K in it and its listed fsbo for 115. Probably going to talk to a realtor about listing it soon. We also had a long term tenant move out of one of nicer sfh, so we are going to remodel and sell that one too. Hoping to keep the flipping thing going as long as we can pick up decent places cheap. I've swung and missed on two in the past few weeks.
  6. We generate less than one kitchen bag per week of trash. I just take ours into our business dumpster whenever our bag is full.
  7. Drop them off at the gas station and go to work.
  8. My buddies and I will be there. 3 amigos wearing knit Believeland hats.
  9. No HSA? I knew 10+ years ago I wasn't working into my 50's. Problem was, on our average incomes (accountant, teacher), we weren't getting there on retirement savings alone. Thankfully, I took a shot when RE crashed that paid off. Collected my last paycheck at 41 and have just managed my moderate RE portfolio since.
  10. Is the 5% number per vacation? Or annually? We travel 4-5 times per year.
  11. Scored this for our winter project. Not a whole lot needs done (that we noticed with our walk through). Realtor said it should list for $120 after we get it ready to sell.
  12. I believe the drive to the airport is much riskier than the actual flight.
  13. First Car - 87 IROC Second Car - 97 TA WS6 Third Car - 97 Vette Fourth Car - 13 Supercharged 1LE Camaro Been without a fun car for a few years and dont really miss it. Clearly I voted Camaro.
  14. For me it came down to one moment with Hue. On Hard Knocks when he was sitting in front of his entire staff and wouldn't listen to what they had to say. He was done for me at that moment. I kinda think maybe Haley took one for the team being part of this latest dysfunction.
  15. This is a joke, right? If not, I'll take that bet. I cant imagine they wouldn't offer him the job (or any job for that matter) if he went 8-0.