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  1. Totally agree with this. There will be much better opportunities to buy a year or two from now. I'm actually hoping to get a few rentals sold over the next year or two.
  2. Then what kind of drop are you expecting?
  3. CEF if in a tax friendly account.
  4. I've had numerous realtors call me to ask if I'm selling anything. We just had a long term tenant move out of a 3/2 sfh, I'm tempted to sell. We should get about 6-7x what we paid for it 9 years ago.
  5. Sold 20% at 6.38. I just dont trust that we'll hear anything tomorrow, and I'll get them back cheaper.
  6. I did the same thing 10-12 years ago. I did use HELOCs to buy and rehab properties I bought from banks (most were bought around $15K). Paid them off quickly with rents. 20+ properties over 10ish years. Never took a salary from the rents until 2 years ago (after the HELOCs were paid off). Sold one property and paid off my main home last year. I do manage my own properties with a full time maintenance guy. Probably going to sell 1-2 per year as I don't want to own them once the kids are out of school and the wife retires (about 10 years from now).
  7. People didn't like this movie? Its honestly one of my favorites to put on it the basement HT. The audio of that first race scene is amazing. Looking forward to two.
  8. To the op's question. There is also the option of making financial sacrifices when you're young (20s-30s). Living below your means for 10-15 years. Live/become debt free by 40. Have a good nest egg started. Then you have the disposable income to do as you please.
  9. Anyone come across a good chart for identifying activities and their associated risk?
  10. Yes. Pump and dump. It discharges into our storm drainage system.
  11. We put in a water (open loop) system 10 years ago. We are already on a well so the system only cost $5k. Tax credit was $1500 and it's saving us over $1,000/yr in propane.
  12. I think he's part of a group (or knows others) with 1MM shares each. I think the company CYDY is going to put to a vote to issue 100MM (15%) more shares. Chet sold and re bought 100,000 shares today.
  13. I'm certain I'm going to be put in time out at Fidelity. Maybe Vanguard too.
  14. Probably what to do with 60-70 million dollars.
  15. Crazy. While it worked out today, I really don't have the stomach for this. And I dont have nearly as much in this as most of you do.