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  1. Same except JPM, but its not down much (still havent bought).
  2. Plans still unchanged for getting cash in over the next week? And BLMN is doing well, thanks for that. Still have a decent amount of "gamble money" on the sidelines.
  3. I believe he is trading in his 403b.
  4. This is a OTC security, not a SP500 stock.
  5. First individual stock trade in forever (the shippers if anyone was around for that fun - MOATS) In BLMN @ 6.375
  6. At what point would you concede and put the money back in higher? A particular event (vaccine), or amount of time (months without retesting the low), or new high? Or are you willing to sit on it infinitely?
  7. With everything or just some "play money" amount?
  8. If I may.. You should get a portion (75%) back in asap. Good move going 100% cash when you did, but very very risky with your entire portfolio. Getting out at the right time is only half the battle. Lock in that massive win for yourself. Use the other 25% (or whatever) as "play money".
  9. Agree with the numbers but USA shutdown <> China shutdown.
  10. Maybe somethings off but worldometer is showing 15,147 new cases for Italy.
  11. Unless you're eating more this month, your groceries will be lower the next few months as you eat your supply.
  12. This is why we need a national quarantine (or lockdown).
  13. My Dr friend group texted (Browns fans) asking if anyone had an Njoku jersey he could borrow so he didn't catch anything.