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  1. Maybe he just ques the Fed to deploy the funds during his speech.
  2. TAP seems to be in the low end of its current trading range. In @ 37.18
  3. Mostly FZROX and FZILX. Should I just stay put or move some (more) out? Have moved about 30% to cash/CEF over the past few weeks. This is for my main retirement account, not the CYDY/MGM/BLMN account (thanks!).
  4. What is the one stock (or stocks) you would buy if starting today? Would you just divide it among the master list? Would you go all in today?
  5. Isn't that a market order?
  6. ROKU looks good. In at 107.75. Analysis completely based on the hypothesis stonks go up.
  7. Was waiting for the CYDY recommendation.
  8. Went to a truck lot over the weekend and the salesman was talking about MGM, CCL, FUN and a few others we discuss here.
  9. HSA, 401K, 403b, basically any tax advantaged account you are eligible for. I'm not suggesting you use anything earmarked for retirement. But if you're not maxing all tax advantaged accounts, you could be using one instead of a taxable account.
  10. You maxing out all tax advantaged accounts?
  11. I'm with you. Have a bit of 401K money in cash that I want to put in metals (CEF) but I'm already pretty heavy there.
  12. Are you maxing out every tax advantaged account you have access to (Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401K, 403b, HSA, 529)?
  13. I can't imagine NOT trading in a tax advantaged account.
  14. Same. Good reentry point for BLMN?
  15. DHT paid a .32 dividend on 2/14/2020. 2/13 open 5.89 2/13 close 5.90 2/13 adj close 5.58 (-.32) 2/14 open 5.61 2/14 close 5.59
  16. Don't oil contacts roll over next week as well?
  17. The bolded seems contradictory. I totally agree with most of this but as the owner of residential properties, I'm a bit concerned about the next year or so. I'll probably need to take more metro tenants in my duplexes and could see an uptick in evictions during this process. Rental rates were really good for my area, but I'm afraid they will also need to be reduced to keep better tenants in my houses. Not very optimistic
  18. I thought it was one of the ETFs the fed was buying?
  19. Any input on TLT bond ETF? Moved some money out of 401K mutual funds, looking for a good place to park for the mid term. Already have as much gold/silver as I want (CEF).
  20. You can open the Roth (IRA?) anytime you want. You can make your 2019/2020 contribution and leave it in cash if you wish.