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  1. I'll max every HELOC I can then hand over the keys if that happens.
  2. So will we (landlords) be eligible for any govt comp? Unemployment? HTF is that going to work from a LL perspective?
  3. Agree 100%. Shortest recession in history. If you were on vacation or on a cruise, you might not even know it happened. That was a tough one. Glad everything is back to normal now and that there is absolutely nothing standing in the economy's way of going full steam ahead from here on. National debt is under control, dollar has nothing to be concerned about. Everyone is making money! What a great time to be alive. STONKS GO UP!!11one!!
  4. Is there any way you could tell us what we should see on a 8 sma monthly. I'm looking at VTI and it appears to have moved below the 8ma in late Jan/early Feb and hasn't crossed back above since. That doesn't sound like what you're saying. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I'm using yahoo as well. Upper left of the chart has "indicators", select "moving average", then in the upper left of the chart click the moving average box to change it to 8.
  6. @siffoin If I'm understanding the charts correctly, CEF is hold (monthly 8ma) and VTI is not hold (monthly 8ma)? How do these dynamics change for shorter term trades? Say daily or weekly? Do you use a daily/weekly chart? Do you change the ma from 8?
  7. Yes 242.09. Looking like I'll be giving most of that back on this trade...
  8. I am very much on board with gold, but went with CEF. Surprised it hasn't taken off already.
  9. I went in around the same spot you did on BLMN and exited this morning at 9.83. Trying my hand at learning the chart thing and based on what I'm seeing, BLMN is maybe a mixed bag. Sort of paralized atm.
  10. Holy crap yes. Do you actually run a hedge fund?
  11. I don't think I can do this in my Fidelity or Vanguard IRAs.
  12. So, where would one start to learn how to effectively do this?
  13. If you and @Todem ever decide to start a hedge fund, please just take all my money.
  14. Would you have any interest in posting here what it is you are doing so those interested could learn?
  15. Thinking maybe gold/silver - CEF or other etf.
  16. I went in pretty good on CEF over the last few trading days. What is GYPR (maybe a gold option?)?
  17. Yes. I only had a small amount. It was a nice win.