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  1. I went in pretty good on CEF over the last few trading days. What is GYPR (maybe a gold option?)?
  2. Yes. I only had a small amount. It was a nice win.
  3. Any particular reason you like GOLD vs CEF?
  4. Sell at the open or let it ride?
  5. Did you hold through the close? Despite your warning, I tailed you on this one.
  6. When I was in metals during the financial crisis the gold/silver bugs liked CEF.
  7. So is HTZ going bankrupt like CCL did, or is this a sure thing?
  8. Need some of this in CYDY
  9. About half way to my CYDY goal. Very small compared to most of you but I was late to the party.
  10. Have you tried to open a HELOC? I bought all 24 of mine on 3 or 4 HELOCs (now paid off).
  11. Nah, plenty of us in at 2.75ish
  12. Love that some of these are on @Todems list.
  13. what companies are you targeting?
  14. Just using his numbers, the ETF is down 95% as is the underlying "asset".
  15. As it should be, oil was $60-$70 then.
  16. Like what, this thing is going to zero?
  17. Looks like its rocking again.
  18. Can anyone comment on the stability of KSS or M?