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  1. You could put a trailing stop on it.
  3. Feeling a bit of FOMO at the moment.
  4. I use this thread purely for gambling purposes. 95% of my retirement investments (non RE) are in index funds. I'm sure I own plenty of CAT and AMZN there. Really enjoy the MGM and BLMN trades, this one might work as well.
  5. Any buyers today, or is it just the beginning?
  6. WTF BLMN. I've put a stop order in. This is nuts. big thanks to @Todem for that one.
  7. We are looking into two new computers for our household. Really dont need anything powerful or robust, the most stress they'll get is playing roblox/minecraft and watching youtube. Open to laptop with docking station (though the one we have now (laptop) hasn't moved since we got it), or desktop. Where is a good place to start? eta: we have two chromebooks for mobile needs
  8. And even then, once we start moving about don't we just start spreading this thing again?
  9. I took some profit today in BLMN (8.25). Hope to get back in at a lower price.
  10. How are they getting from "peak outbreaks" to "economy should re-open"?
  11. Agree. This is like the opposite of capitulation.
  12. Why no F in the master list?
  13. Same except JPM, but its not down much (still havent bought).
  14. Plans still unchanged for getting cash in over the next week? And BLMN is doing well, thanks for that. Still have a decent amount of "gamble money" on the sidelines.
  15. I believe he is trading in his 403b.
  16. This is a OTC security, not a SP500 stock.
  17. I wipe my phone each time I return from "the outside".
  18. First individual stock trade in forever (the shippers if anyone was around for that fun - MOATS) In BLMN @ 6.375
  19. At what point would you concede and put the money back in higher? A particular event (vaccine), or amount of time (months without retesting the low), or new high? Or are you willing to sit on it infinitely?