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  1. Why should a "poop-storm" of customer outrage be heading towards Yahoo? Blame the A$$-holes that are really at the heart of the problem. The Federal gov and the state governments. A $50K application fee (?Kentucky)-where do you think that money is going to go? Gambling is illegal in Arizona. Oh, but they do have a lottery in Arizona under the pretext that the money was to go into the Education fund. But somehow it's ALL going to the general fund where the A$$-holes can get at it. Arizona also has a casino where anybody can go to AND win money. Do you know why that is? It's because the Arizona legislature deemed that what happens at casinos is NOT gambling--they actually rewrote the law and it's now called GAMING. How much money do you think comes out of the casinos into their pockets? Joe and the rest of FBGs, I'm sorry. I'm 74, I've been with you since your inception and I've never written anything like this before. These governmental pr#### just drive me crazy.
  2. I think that the Browns took 4 WRs in the draft. Does that mean that most of their current WRs are worthless? I felt that Hartline made a decent #3 or #4 WR ( in PPR leagues). Is he pretty much history at this point? How about Pryor-same for him?
  3. What about Hartline of the Browns? As a #3 or #4 WR, he did pretty well. I thing Cleveland drafted 4 WRs. Does that mean all of the Browns 2015 WRs are history?
  4. Getting duplicate entries in the "Headline" section of the HOME PAGE. You folks at MFL are pitiful.
  5. Whomever they have as Project Lead is at best, inept, or at worst, totally incompetent. You NEVER, and I mean NEVER, start testing against live data. I agree with the rest of you: they've lost data, maybe even crashed the DB, and are now trying to recover. It's hard telling how long before they get up again if that is the case.
  6. You are 1 of the few that isn't an ###!!!  You do seem to have some concept of this business. 

    If you are REALLY interested then here are your answers:

    Sales gal wants to work another 12-14 years.  Bookkeeper the same.  Our e-Learning expert is only in his 40s.

    It already is run from all over the country.  Sales gal and BK are in St. Louis.  Specialist and myself are in Arizona.  Everybody from their home office.  Why pay a ton of overhead for some office building?

    We have not tried hard to hire more SPs because we are more than satisfied at $80K plus.  Small base plus VERY good commission.  Very good benefits.

    I will discuss asking price if you are truly interested.

    1. (HULK)




      I'm in part just curious, but I could potentially be interested.  I have an MBA and a head for business, but I'm between jobs at the moment so I'm toying with the idea of having my own business.


      I have about 20 more questions, but let's start off with a few. Why are you carrying a 100k line of credit?  Does the business have any debt at the moment? And what is your average weekly time commitment?


      Thanks and good luck,


  7. Because you need to carry a 100K LOC (line of credit) and none of them want the hassle of doing that.
  8. YES!! I let the income accumulate until around December and then have my CPA take a look at the books. I then split the income 5 ways and give it out. What, I should save it and pay corp taxes to the IRS rather than give it to the folks that worked to make it in the first place. Don't think so.
  9. Our salesgal makes 80-100K and we pay our bookkeeper 40K. Then there is the bonus, most every year, that have been as high as 20K, each (which is 5 people). Not to mention those owner and employee expenses that often occur, if you know what I mean.
  10. The Company web page is at