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  1. You are 1 of the few that isn't an ###!!!  You do seem to have some concept of this business. 

    If you are REALLY interested then here are your answers:

    Sales gal wants to work another 12-14 years.  Bookkeeper the same.  Our e-Learning expert is only in his 40s.

    It already is run from all over the country.  Sales gal and BK are in St. Louis.  Specialist and myself are in Arizona.  Everybody from their home office.  Why pay a ton of overhead for some office building?

    We have not tried hard to hire more SPs because we are more than satisfied at $80K plus.  Small base plus VERY good commission.  Very good benefits.

    I will discuss asking price if you are truly interested.

    1. (HULK)




      I'm in part just curious, but I could potentially be interested.  I have an MBA and a head for business, but I'm between jobs at the moment so I'm toying with the idea of having my own business.


      I have about 20 more questions, but let's start off with a few. Why are you carrying a 100k line of credit?  Does the business have any debt at the moment? And what is your average weekly time commitment?


      Thanks and good luck,


  2. Guy just got Hogan, in 1 of my leagues, for 40%. Too high for me.
  3. Here's mine. QB: Brady, Bradford, Palmer, Taylor. RB: Peterson, Murray/Oak, Martin, Jones, Robinson/Jax, Artis-Payne. WR: Edelman, Maclin, Adams/GB, Hurns, Royal. TE: Gronk, Olsen, Watson. PK: Bullock, Janikowski, Scobee. DE: Indy, Jax. I like it. No overload on any BYE WEEK. Everybody can produce. Be nice if a couple of the BUs could move to starter. We'll see.
  4. I have a couple of questions that I have not read on this, or any other, thread. Has the state, where this situation occured, legalized pot? Did the individual, who claimed ownership of the pot, have a legal right to have it? If the state did and the owner did, then I'm not sure that the NFL has ANY rights to suspend Gordon (at least for the pot portion).
  5. In a FBGs league draft, I took Bell at 3:07. I got TRich and Bush/Det at 1:07 and 2:06. Didn't think Bell would last to 4:06. I'm a pretty happy camper at this point.
  6. I'm 70 and was raised during "free love" and pot. If he's sitting in the locker room, before the game, and lighting up, then that's 1 thing. However, if he's in his home or his apartment after the game, then I don't see the problem. Yes, I KNOW IT'S ILLEGAL. But I also know there are a bunch of alcoholics that are sitting in some bar and getting blasted that have every intention of getting into their cars and driving home. I'll take the person hitting a "toke" in their own place. And no, some guy with needle tracks up and down their arm is NOT THE SAME THING.