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  1. When I saw that HBO was rebooting Perry Mason I just shook my head, but after hearing positive things about it I decided to give episode 1 a watch and was pleasantly sirprised at it, just don't expect anything remotely resembling the original series.
  2. I've mentioned these guys before, saw them in December before the Pandemic for the first time since 1982 and they crushed it. 2 hours and 40 minutes without a break and tighter than ever.
  3. Hey bro, what do you think of Steven's 2 "new" songs? After the masterpiece that was H.C.E. they are a huuuuuuge letdown IMO
  4. Pretty simple one Chop up 2 decent size chicken breasts , season and saute to your taste Make 2 boxes of Stove Top stuffing Spread the chicken in a glass 11 x 14 pan Pour 2 cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup and the stuffing in (cream of chicken can be used for one of the cans) Stir a bit then bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes This dish can be made for about 6-7 bucks and will easily feed 6 people
  5. The joke wasn't remotely funny, in fact it was pretty much a rip off of what Hollywood Henderson said about Terry Bradshaw
  6. It was all the cash I had left and that game is the highest Vegas total on the board. Could have squeezed OBJ in but my faith in Cleveland's offense is the same as that of the Bears
  7. Thoughts? JWinston, Montgomery,R Jones II, Julio Jones,M Evans, Golladay, Jonnu Smith, A Hooper, AR
  8. Any love for Stafford this week @ 6900 ?
  9. I ended up + .75 cash but did win a $6 ticket in a .25 contest. Just at a quick glance it seems tough this week to build a lineup. Do you guys do any H2H contests? I've actually done well with those but I'm only doing the 1-2 dollar ones.
  10. I'm thinking a Raiders superstack going against KC. Love the price on their big 4.
  11. Not a terrible week, at least I ended up + 20 or so.
  12. Mostly. I do a couple tournies a week. I love Washington because Belicheck doesn't let the other teams best player beat him, I think he'll double JuJu like he did Tyreek Hill last year in the playoff game.
  13. I'm all in on Chris Carson and Mark Ingram this week at RB and James Washington at WR