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  1. never was a truer statement written on this site. there’s plenty of terrible behavior excused for players depending on what color jersey they wear. i can list several incidents by Steelers players off the top of my head that are way worse than what Garrett is being accused of.
  2. at least i don’t have any hope this time. i expect to be disappointed.
  3. still obsessed with Bakers weight, lol! i think Mayfield will put in the work. I’m pretty sure Garrett won’t smash any more opposing players with their own gear. beyond that, i’m not very hopeful because Haslam is going to be more involved than ever. enjoy the dumpster fire #### show, rock!
  4. anyone remember that time Donte Stallworth got paid a bunch of money by the Browns? then he got drunk and killed a man? and then he paid the man’s family some money and kept playing in the NFL? yeah... i’m totally cool with Garrett having some anger management and then keep playing in the NFL.
  5. meh. let it go. Garrett was wrong. really wrong. did Ruloph also have a part? maybe? i can’t imagine Garrett went off the hook like that unprovoked. near as i can tell, this is the only stupid thing he’s done since he’s been in Cleveland. does it matter anymore? nope. this episode is over
  6. they should be giving ####### refunds to the poor folks dumb enough to pay for this ####, and they’re RAISING the prices? oh, and the comment that they are still in the bottom 4 for the league? the cost of living in Cleveland is dirt cheap compared to most cities. AND they have been THE WORST franchise over the last 20 years. the should be 32nd in ticket price in the NFL. don’t forget, due to profit sharing, Haslam has made money hand over fist and the appreciation on the franchise since he’s bought it he could make a handsome profit and walk away tomorrow. JFC. I’m sorry for the rant but this team should be kissing our asses to try to keep us engaged, and this is the #### they do. :micdrop:
  7. Browns Raise Ticket Prices Again what the ####? maybe have a winning season first?? it’s been TWELVE ####### years!!!!
  8. that’s cool. cant say i ever recall of hearing of that position before? what are her duties?
  9. my understanding is that they all now report DIRECTLY to Haslam. he’s not going to be less involved, he’s going to be MORE involved. just watch. if the Browns aren’t in the playoffs next year, he’s gonna fire everyone again. because he can’t admit that the problem is HIM.
  10. yes. i realize there is a whole contingency that believes all failed coaches are “re-treads” but i think some of the coaches we didn’t hire are going to be successful when they get their next chance.
  11. perhaps it depends on the time of day. my experience has been very different than yours.
  12. they will give you a ticket there for 5 over certain parts of the day.