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  1. for fantasy? Landry might tick up a bit. but my guess is that they'll try to remain run heavy and the passing attack will be spread across the board. imo, there's no "hot pickup" that's going to go on a tear scoring fantasy points. it's possible Higgins may be useful as a spot starter, i picked him up in one league.
  2. btw, actually having a discussion about the team/QB is fun. most years we all agree that it's total garbage.
  3. i get what you're saying. they are separate issues, but they may be intertwined. it is possible that Mayfield may be able to counteract the rush if he's getting the ball out quicker, taking what is available, instead of trying to get it to Beckham, who was often double teamed. (presupposing the theory that he was locking in on Beckham.) i think they keep stats on how long QBs hold onto the ball, but i wouldn't know how to dig into that. if i see an article at some point i will post it.
  4. i don't believe their yards per rush are going to plummet the rest of the season. especially starting week 10 when they should get Teller and Chubb back.
  5. here's some numbers to go along with what I thought I was seeing. I don't have an axe to grind against Odell, it could very well be Mayfield's problem. but we really need to address the elephant in the room.
  6. Good. He should be. Mayfield and Higgins have great chemistry.
  7. i agree. they should sign him before Washington Football Team does.
  8. I think we’ve already seen what they will do. can they keep it up? hopefully. I think we will see addition by subtraction. not hating on Beckham, but for whatever reason, he and Mayfield just never clicked.
  9. the “old” Browns would’ve tucked their tails and called it a day. yes they got their asses kicked against Baltimore and Pittsburgh, but they have not quit against Dallas and Cincinnati on the road and have come out on top. they have won their home games. so far Mayfield has done what he has needed to do. there is room for improvement, but no reason to hang our heads and call it a season yet.
  10. 5-2 Raiders at home this weekend. 6-2 very realistic. They are going to the playoffs. Don’t care if they get bounced in the first round. This is progress.
  11. Browns are 5-2 they have lost to Ravens (5-1) and Steelers (6-0) both on the road. let that sink in and take a deep breath.
  12. It should be. The two of them have rarely been on the same page.