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  1. yes. he simply said he just came off injury and thought he needed another week. they then asked if he was in his doghouse and he denied it. then they asked him if he had a doghouse. it was a strange exchange.
  2. anyone catch the Kitchens presser? sounded like he was throwing a bunch of guys under the bus without naming names. paraphrasing: Talent has gotten you to 2-4, now it’s time to commit to doing your job.
  3. weird imo, they will be 2-5, they could still end up 8-8. just hope they don’t give up. stinks they lost today, but they were in it almost to the end. that is progress, even if it doesn’t feel like it.
  4. that’s also my impression but it seems odd there are so many.
  5. fair enough. I don’t take notes the whole game, but that play was beyond awful. should never happen. i believe Mayfield and Chubb are hiding how bad they are. they need a left tackle, a right guard and a right tackle.
  6. turnovers were brutal. can you give some insight to my earlier question as to why so many of Mayfields passes get tipped into interceptions? is it luck or something else?
  7. Ok, how about the line actually sucks even though you say it doesn’t? there was one play that Mayfield nearly got crushed from the left and Hubbard got a penalty for holding on the right side. he nearly got destroyed by both sides on one play, which should never happen. i appreciate your analysis but saying the oline is “below average” is being kind.
  8. OK, let’s nip this one in the bud: Chubb had a walk in TD because the Seahawks stopped playing, because the refs blew the whistle, because Kitchens threw the challenge flag. everybody got it now?
  9. my question is, are all of these tipped ball interceptions a fluke, or does it have something to do with the way Mayfield throws the ball? (regarding his height and the angle he has to throw from) and before anyone says he throws the ball “too hard” i’ll refer you to Brett Favre, whose coaches always said something to the effect of shut up and catch the ball. i’ll hang up and listen.
  10. i feel like he’s making some dumb mistakes, but not ready to give up 6 games in. I’ll keep saying it: they hired a first time head coach. it’s. going. to. take. time.
  11. it was, but i can’t count how many times “the ruling on the field stands” when it’s actually mattered.
  12. they’ve done a lot of good things with the Rock Hall the last few years. the new manager is doing a great job.
  13. now they reverse a call? on the one inch line? what’s the point?
  14. there’s just too many penalties in general. i’ve never seen two illegal men downfield in one game before.