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  1. i wouldn’t be surprised if Duke wanted out at this point.
  2. yikes. any legal folk have any idea what kind of timeframe we’re looking at here to get more clarification?
  3. the schedule is based on a rotating formula based on division and record. once the season is over, you know your opponents for the next season. not the actual dates or locations, but the opponents.
  4. boo-hoo. he was on the scrap heap before Baker and Dorsey saved him.
  5. will OBJ have his head on straight? is a diva WR good for a young QB’s development?? will Mayfield and Beckham break the single season combo record for TDs???
  6. why would we do that? you are so weird sometimes.
  7. makes sense, the Steelers just traded Antonio Brown.
  8. never gonna happen, Spidy is still on his rookie contract.
  9. i believe we’re going to find out she’s one of Russian super-soldiers, so she’s actually about as strong as Captain America. but yeah, it’s a weird mix for sure.
  10. oh, no i meant Thor is already Mightiest Avenger. they don’t really need Superman. but maybe they could trade Hawkeye and Falcon for Batman or someone like that. they could really shore up that spot.
  11. Superman is a bit of a diva. The Avengers already have enough chemistry problems without adding Superman to the mix, imo. on paper, anyway.