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  1. questionable work ethic, hands of stone, weak blocker... but someone will trade for this guy cause he’s athletic and he’s on a rookie contract.
  2. class act James Harrison, Mike Tomlin, and the magic envelope
  3. anyone looking at the Browns schedule? i don’t see any team on there that looks unbeatable. (if they play the whole thing)
  4. I thought the conventional thinking at this point is he’ll be taking a one year deal.
  5. I could see a 4 game season for division championship and then playoffs from there.
  6. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of season this year. widespread testing will be a game changer at some point.
  7. not crazy about TE in the 4th, but I get Stefanski likes TEs. better than burning a 1st- 3rd round pick just to make the HC happy.
  8. i could see drafting a WR if they trade OBJ for a good defensive player.
  9. i will be surprised if they don’t use the rest of the picks on defense.
  10. I know nothing about scouting Oline. i can fake my way through QB and WR, but no clue on OL.
  11. meant that he was playing blindside, so RT=LT, sort of?
  12. any chance Browns trade back into first round? seems like an analytics move.
  13. he was protecting blindside though for Tua?