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  1. this is a fair point. i said earlier that this “incident” is much ado about nothing. but he should be very cautious right now.
  2. i’m willing to bet Dorsey will have to cut Hunt at some point this season.
  3. i’d expect them to either do it in private or at least conduct themselves well enough to not draw attention to themselves. is that too much to ask? i’ve gone out and had fun plenty of times. not once did i ever draw enough attention to myself that i had to discuss my behavior with a police officer. maybe i’m just lucky.
  4. i’d guess being drunk and arguing with someone?
  5. the frustrating part is this is a guy who has been put on “zero tolerance” and he’s still out in public late at night doing dumb stuff. yes, this incident was much ado about nothing, but it’s a bad look for a guy with two strikes against him. consider this a foul tip.
  6. what’s obr? also, no i’m not holding my breath. just interested in what’s out there.
  7. any recommendations for Browns boards? i’m not doing much fantasy football anymore and this place has become somewhat of a dumpster fire.
  8. i enjoyed him during his time in Cleveland. 17 years in the NFL is nothing to be ashamed of.
  9. good article with film breakdown of Mayfield in the Red Zone last year where he was tied with Drew Brees for QBR: LINK
  10. it is. Mayfield really speaks his mind. also, as someone said on the radio the other day: “Why do we keep talking about the third string running back?”