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  1. he’s gone through his sophomore slump and seems to be back on the upswing.
  2. soooo... Miami. at home. seriously should be a win. right? 5-6 at Steelers. they will want revenge. home field. but... really the Browns are the better team. no Pouncey. should be a closely called game. they should win this game but hard to say. IF they pull it off: 6-6 then at home against the Bengals, seriously?? no reason they can’t be 7-6 in a few weeks. at Cardinals: 3-7-1 IF they roll into Arizona on a 4 game winning streak? I know it sounds crazy, but then Baltimore at home. the Ravens are on a roll, but it’s at home? week 17 at the Bengals, you really think they are going to care? they could run the table and end up 10-6. will it happen? probably not. but 8-8, 9-7, we need to give Kitchens another year.
  3. last three games average: 234 yards, 1.6 TDs, 0 INTs, 95.2 QBR this thread is getting quiet again.
  4. agreed. it’s fortunate that Rudolph doesn’t appear to have been injured. I’d hate for this to escalate and see someone from either team get seriously injured.
  5. coming back just in time for the playoff push!! (yes, that’s sarcasm)
  6. my guess is that the point is that the truth is somewhere between a brick and a bag of pillows, both having the same mass.
  7. fair enough, but when your post begins with “ Reading this I am stunned by some of the comments I assume can only be fishing or pot-stirring.” you can understand my concern. (as much as anyone can care about a message board on the interwebs) regardless, my angle is that the whole thing was avoidable, all involved were stupid, and Garrett clearly went way over the line. my hope is that everyone can learn something from this, and eventually Garrett can recover from this. i’m grateful that as of this moment Rudolph does not seem to have been injured from what happened (as far as i know) and i hope that the game in two weeks can be played without further significant incident. although i fully expect some sort of retaliation that is not without some merit.
  8. interesting point, but still not a good idea to accelerate anything into someone else’s unprotected head during a football game.
  9. hey Stompin Tom, if you have the time or inclination, i’d encourage you to quote my entire post and maybe go read some of the rest of my posts on the topic. i’ve not once defended Garrett’s actions and it feels kind of weird getting called out here. have a good night.
  10. all good, just wanted to clarify. the Browns fans in here are having the same discussion; does what Rudolph did rise to the level of suspension? it’s certainly debatable. i think most fans believe both were at fault, and Garrett definitely went too far. as far as the suspensions, that’s up to the NFL, so at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what we all think. have a good one.
  11. why can’t they both be wrong? with Garrett being wrong-er? simple enough, no?
  12. quick google search in case anyone was wondering: NFL helmet: 6 pounds Bowling ball (adult male): 14-16 pounds disclaimer: informational purposes only, not implying anything by this post. just saw a few guys mention bowling balls and was curious what the actual weights are.
  13. no, everything that happened up until Garrett swung the helmet is stuff that happens in football games.
  14. it was a joke. i mostly agree with you. maybe try drafting players that can catch and can run routes? so crazy it might just work!
  15. anyone defending Garrett right now.. i don’t know what to say. never seen anything like that. can’t imagine what context would remotely justify that.
  16. hey guys, i fell asleep at some point in the third quarter. just saw the video. absolutely disgusted with what Myles Garrett did. all kidding aside with normal joking between our teams, i hope Rudolph is OK.