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  1. meh. would anyone here really bet money on the Browns on the road against Pittsburgh before this game? not me. I hate that they got blown out, but let’s be realistic. if they can win the games they are supposed to this season, and get 8-10 wins, they can build on that. Baltimore and Pittsburgh are still better teams right now.
  2. Browns getting a healthy dose of reality today. that defense is trash.
  3. Thanks. And this is legit a big deal. that stat has been a thorn in the side of Cleveland for years. a giant reminder of the terrible run they have been on. good to get that monkey off their back.
  4. It’s not sexy, and wouldn’t make much money. but. my proposal was have each division do a “bubble”, play a 6 game season, and then start the playoffs from there. they could have done an extra week between playoff games as well.
  5. Nope. He only threw one interception today.
  6. they can’t run the ball today for some reason.
  7. Another turnover by this crap defense. The only reason they keep them in games. let’s close this out.
  8. Colts can win with a TD and a FG, don’t need a 2pt conversion. they have no challenges left.
  9. yeah. almost as rare as a safety for intentional grounding.
  10. Browns starting to get some yards on the ground now.
  11. PICK SIX. Browns going to 4-1 for the first time since I would guess the 80s?
  12. Browns can’t run the ball at all today. weird catch by Beckham.
  13. Browns need to draft all defense next draft.
  14. I was surprised they said Pittsburgh hasn’t started 4-0 in a long time.
  15. Didn’t see a thread. that was a great play call by Stefanski on 4th down.
  16. If only the NFL had some scientists that could help with all this stuff. What I’m (currently) confused about, is that beyond the apparent lack of planning regarding the schedule, there seems to be no clear guidelines about what happens when a team breaks the rules. is this just another example of Goodell just making up punishments as he goes along?
  17. it’s odd that certain organizations can’t figure out that tests do not counter transmission. (speaking solely about the NFL.)
  18. what i have gathered from this thread is that the NFL, the one major sport which had the longest to prepare for their season, has no plan.