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  1. I'm actually ok with that.. been watching Buffy with my daughters all summer... 👍 I didn't watch any of these shows when they were live, so they were all after the fact binge watches... except Buffy was actual "can't wait to watch the next episode" binging while The Wire and especially Breaking Bad were "everyone says this is so good, even though I hate all these characters, it's going to get better at some point, I'm sure" watching.
  2. What's the point of the judging then? The whole point seems to be to draft consensus favourites not what you individually like.
  3. Seeing this bumped makes me want to do a new draft. Tim's TV one intrigues me but I can't get interested in that whole judging and drafting to impress thing.
  4. added Jared Cook, TE, NO Catching Fireflies - The Revivalists I was trying to queue him up for waivers but forgot guys who haven't played can be added
  5. It looked like Doc Oc was home free against the hot mess performance from my team this week but his 4 PM players took a page from my 1 PM guys and now we have some Monday night intrigue.
  6. I'm mostly not around this weekend. In wine country (ok Eastern Ontario's approximation of it) for Mrs. P4K's birthday - there may be some breweries on the itinerary as well... Thankfully my area and this part of the province are close to covid free so we were still able to get away. These places are all outdoors oriented anyway. Its been chilly at times today. Need to find a toque. Do Americans call it a toque? Probably not. If there's any covid related commissionering to be done, if someone can pm me, I should get it, depending what email this account is linked to
  7. Added Travis Fulgham, WR, PHI People Got a Lotta Nerve - Neko Case both products of Alexandria.
  8. @DavidSchoenLVRJ Golden Knights owner Bill Foley to @BrianBlessing on Vegas Hockey Hotline on facing Nate Schmidt/Canucks: "Yeah, but they're going to be in the Canadian division." ---- Not sure if this has legs but seems to suggest a Canadian bubble division coming for the 2021 NHL season?
  9. If someome needs to fill their super flex, I can trade a "quarterback" (Nick Foles or Kyle Allen) for a solid flex player this week. I'd trade Mayfield or Burrows too. Maybe someone needs to trade their one good QB for two of my awful ones or something.
  10. Great now I'm going to have Eminem in my head all night.