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  1. Ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with subscribing to fantasy sites. If you think that you by yourself can consume and process the same amount of info that a group of 10+ people who literally do nothing but that, you're an arrogant moron. And that's if you're already an experienced player, to tell a newbie there's nothing to be gained from subscribing is even more ridiculous. That's not to say you should just blindly follow whatever those sites tell you, but as someone who's been playing for more than a decade I still find value in comparing my own decisions against that of a group of experts each week for perspective.
  2. Hurns TD was on some horrible tackling by Indy. I like Robinson, but I can envision a scenario where both have garbage time value (which should be often with this defense). Robinson fits the WR1 mold better so I'm going with him.They're close to the same size and so far Hurns has shown much more at the pro level. Any reason why you say Robinson fits the WR1 mold better?
  3. Gio is definitely the better guy for passing work, but he won't continue to dominate the carry count if Hill keeps outperforming him out of the backfield. And he will
  4. If Tate improves on what he did last year I sincerely doubt Seattle retains him. Someone will be willing to pay much more than what Seattle is. There is the possibility they decide to get rid of Rice and keep Tate I guess, but I'm doubtful on that.
  5. isnt he more of a Mike Wallace style player who just gets behind the defense and uses his speed/athleticism to get open? I dont see him as a precision type wideout. Not sure how much of that matters. Although I could be totally wrong here. Not at all. He rarely got behind the d and when he did he rarely caught the ball. His game was getting the ball on the run and using his speed and moves to get through the d , which is why people are more excited by him then just a burner. He needs a ton of help on his route - a ton - but once he has the ball, look out. Furthermore, his playmaking ability isn't reliant just on speed. He didn't simply outrun people. He has great balance and agility and sees the field well. He didnt have a problem getting behind NC States Defense in the first game of the season How far did he have to run, though?Patterson has great top end, but he doesn't get off the line quickly so that's going to hurt him in the intermediate game. According to sports science he gets off the line very quickly
  6. Your allowed to bring your own food and drink to the stadium? That's awesome
  7. Mendenhall is nothing specialA lot of good backs have taken a few seasons to develop
  8. Don't know if this has been posted but here's some comments Payton just made about Ivory
  9. I'm a Saints fan and an Ingram believer, but I'd probably drop him in redraft if there was anyone remotely valuable on the WW. It's going to take some injuries for him to every be a safe start this season. Payton is in love with Sproles, he's not going anywhere and Ingram is not, in any sense, outperforming Pierre. Add to that Ivory is rumored to be on schedule and good to go after week 7, it's just a terrible situation. If he would have distinguished himself right off the bat in week 1 it might have been a different story, but he didn't and this is the Darren Sproles show now.
  10. On the phone now, one call 5 minutes of talking about about how its not fair new customers get it free and I got ST plus ST Togo for free
  11. Has anyone gotten DTV to give them Redzone by itself this year yet? I heard people got it last year, but tried to do it this year and so far having no luck
  12. As already said, he's definitely a project. Deep dynasty sure, other than that...not so much. Also, Scientist, nice sig. If I have to be known for something, let it be that I am a Saints fan
  13. What did you say to get that? Seems strange for them to give it away knowing that is likely going to cost them sunday ticket purchases. Didn't even know it was possible. (When I asked last year they told me it wasn't).I got the Redzone as a stand alone (last season), simply by telling them that I was switching from DirecTv to Dish........just because the Sunday Ticket price was too high, and all I wanted was the Redzone channel anyway. They obviously didn't want to lose a customer over such "small potatoes". I've also been a customer of DirecTv for 15+ years (not sure if that helped or not).Thanks for this info, I'm gonna try this weekend. I tried last year and they told me it wasn't possible.
  14. Has anyone done any trades this offseason involving Jerome Simpson? I've gotten quite a few offers for him but I'm having a hard time defining his value, especially with the addition of Green and the QB change
  15. In a non-PPR redraft (the money league I'm in), he was the 1.03 pick.I had planned on taking him in the 5th round.That's why you play in leagues that draft early. I have him in all but 1 league I drafted this year, his draft position went from round 16 when I drafted him in June to round 3 when I drafted him right before the start of the regular season. As for the Robert Meachem discussion, I think owners should remain patient. He was still recovering from surgery for much of the first half of this season, and its very likely the Saints WR lineup will change next year. I'm speaking from memory but I believe both lance Moore and Henderson are free agents this offseason