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  1. This guy is easily amused
  2. Another fun Fournette fact. He was the only player in the NFL to clock over 22 MPH on scoring play last year and he ended up having the first and second fasted timed foot speed on scores last season. That's pretty impressive considering his size.
  3. In some order: BB McVay Harbaugh McDermott(would have been ideal Steeler hire) Zimmer
  4. True but I'm talking about trying to forecast where they like about 2 seasons from now. I don't think Julio is going to retire early but I think he takes a pounding, just feel like it will take it's toll. Green and Brown are just more finesse players so just always thought they would hold up better but the way Green finished the season that's not an easy argument to make right now.
  5. To your points: 1. It's actually .75 points off (FFPC scoring) from Julio to WR4(Fitz). That is 12 points. A play. I would view that as fairly insignificant. 2. It's all relative and when you say he's a back end WR1 that is the standard in which he would be judged. 3. I got him as WR9(weeks 1-16/FFPC) but so light it's really splitting hairs. I don't know he's got a lot of 50 points games but he went for 12/300 the year before so he's got plenty of big game potential in him. I don't agree on the Ryan not needing to force into him argument on several fronts. He's had one year like you suggest, one year where there was a need to force him the ball and he did get that kind of load and responded with a freaking massive season. He's missed some games but he's only exceeded 148 targets in a season one other time and that was 163. He's been a solid target guy, but only one year was it huge but you almost seem to suggest he was some Hopkins like target monster all these years. And again it's relative because only one WR ahead of him in PPG scoring had less targets so it's not like his success is target driven anymore than anyone else and for sure less than some . The other part that argument I don't agree with is that Ryan's experience is a reason he'd see less targets. Just the way the offense goes sometimes. He got 10 and 16 targets in teh two playoff gamesWe've seen plenty of QB's with more experience then Ryan highly target their top WR. Big Ben to Brown would be one example. I don't disagree that the time to move him was last offseason and he's already lost value so correct call and I agree with you he's likely going on a steady decline in terms of dynasty value. I've personally never thought he'd hold up as well as Brown or AJ Green because of the injury history and he just plays a more physical style. But all that being said he'll still a stud, I think he's the second or third best WR in the NFL, and for sure think his current upside is a lot better than low end WR1 and I still contend you just don't respect how really great he is/was enough. We probably should have taken this to the Julio thread, lol.
  6. I don't agree his upside is back end WR1. He was literally less than a fantasy point per game from being a top 4 WR this year and that was with 3 TD's and only one WR outscored him in total points that got less targets(Tyrekk) so I'm not buying an argument his upside, which to me is his best case scenario, is back end WR1 or that he needs volume/targets more than any other WR. His age and injury history made him an ideal sale before the season but I just don't think you respect his game enough. He's still one of the the best 3-4 WR's in the game and easily so. But age and injury history will for sure likely see nothing but a value decline.
  7. I think you are all low balling Dion a little bit on what he'll make. I think RB pay and value in general has been on the rise. He's not in this class of RB but Freeman just got $22M guaranteed and Bell will at a minimum make around $27M for 17-18. Then factor in we went years without a first round RB and we've had 3 chosen in top 10 in past two drafts, 4 in top 10 of last 3 drafts. Also another positive for Dion is McDaniels and Patricia appear to be headed to teams that need a RB upgrade and depending how they feel about him could help his leverage. He's not going to break the bank but I think he'll be pulling in more than say $10M on the first two years of his contract and guarantees. Somewhere between $10-15M the first two years.
  8. I don't think he falls out of top 6.
  9. This has been a concern of mine as well but wanted to add I did read some encouraging stuff yesterday from Doc Chao on his ankle. I forget the procedure he said he'd likely get this off-season, tightening maybe, but a low risk procedure that would take care of his chronic ankle and make it stronger than it was before. Which begs the question of why he did not get it done this past off-season but maybe the draft prep and need to attend off-season OTA's just did not give him the time.
  10. I think it was best to move him last year but you take everything you just listed, fact he just finished as second in receiving yards on the season, just dropped two big time playoff games and he absolutely does not deserve to be labeled fools gold. He's just gold, aging gold, but he's still gold.
  11. The guy who did that mock tweeted out back in middle of November he had him ranked as a middle second round player so he's probably not really down on him so much as this is just the way the draft worked out. He does often say he bases his mocks on what he hears, his Big Board(which is only 32 deep last I saw and did not have Washington) is based on what he scouts. ETA-I just saw you noticed mentioned Chubb as well as Washington and my response above was only for Washington. I think in Chubb's case he's not going to be a top 5 RB drafted in the real NFL draft so maybe so but I'll likely be a lot lower on him for FF then where he is drafted relative to other RB's. I'm not a big fan for FF. He and Penny seem to be the two RB's I value less than other people in FF.
  12. I'd go Fournette here. Close between Evans and Fournette, maybe slight edge to Evans, but just in case the draft goes like last year where there was a bit of a gulf(for me) between 5 and 6 I'd take the pick upgrade.
  13. I've seen just about every strategy have success and also just about every strategy not have success. I don't spend a lot of time mulling it over, I just go with what I enjoy the most. I make a lot of trades but I'm what I'd term a "go get my guy" drafter/trader and not a "go get value" drafter/trader. Both work. Agree
  14. It's fine if you have not seen it work and I pretty much can't defend myself without coming off like a ##### but I've been highly successful at dynasty for several years and have seen many other players with a similar strategy do the same. What I've personally never seen is someone who can't evaluate talent doing well.