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  1. I think if anything we just overestimated the competency of the coaching staff. Was never a reason to scale back his workload like they did the previous few weeks which I"ll more to below. I heard the bolded during the game telecast and thought to myself that just made Loggains look bad on many levels. He allowed the defense to dictate the game to him was his first mistake. Secondly if the offense was off balance that was always on him. Cohen may be a rookie but like Tyrek last season he's a very versatile player who can be used in a variety of ways, he's a weapon as much as just being the COP/third down back. There was never a reason to not play him often with Howard, which would have done a much better job of keeping the defense guessing. When your best receiver looks like Kendall Wright and you have a rookie QB there is zero justification for reducing his role in the offense, especially so you can increase Cunningham's role. Regarding the play you referenced and comment that Cunningham would have gained 3 yards. That is another example of what I'm talking about. I don't know how many third and longs I saw past few weeks where they put Cunningham in the game. Now you don't have much at WR, Glennon or a rookie QB and you need a 10-20 yard play who is going to give you a better chance to make that play on third and long? Cohen or Cunningham?
  2. There is nothing else on this topic I feel needs to be discussed other than if it's still being debated today that means it's not conclusive which means the call on the field should have stood.
  3. 2.25 points over cutline with Taywan Taylor and Moncrief going and low man on my team scoring pole is Martavis and his 4.7. I'm figuring I need 8+ from one of my two players to have a shot. In other words I need a Moncrief TD.
  4. This Zeke owner would not. Davis is a bit of apples to oranges, maybe you are so deep at WR and thin at RB if you lost EE that keeping one of the Cowboy's RB's over him can have merit under right circumstance but to me not over Breida under any circumstance. Reason being we don't know which one of those Cowboy RB's would be the starter and it just might be a RBBC, l would even say likely a RBBC but point is we don't know. With Breida you already got a potential full season RBBC guy instead of 6 games and one that is a Hyde injury, or trade, from being the guy. Now if one of those Dallas RB's become clear cut guy that makes a difference or if you can find roster spot to keep both that changes things up a little but otherwise Breida.
  5. ProFootballTalk‏Verified account @ProFootballTalk 13m13 minutes ago Per source Judge Mazzant has informed NFL, NFLPA that he will not lift injunction until 5th Circuit rules on Elliott petition for rehearing. ProFootballTalk‏Verified account @ProFootballTalk In English, Ezekiel Elliott remains eligible to play at least until petition for rehearing is filed and resolved.
  6. Sorry, was thinking of rookie season not the ONE good year he had. He's had one good season and he's damaged goods. Legit worry that due to 4-6 month timeframe given means this is more than just his third disc surgery for his back and more career worry fusion surgery. I think he's damaged goods and has done so little in his 5 year career it's not worth wasting a roster spot on in hopes that at age 28 he's magically going to be get healthy.
  7. You would be hard pressed to find someone who was higher on Eifert prior to his breakout 2013 season and I almost always go with youth but all that being said this take is very surprising to me. He's had a 5 year career with one TD dependent good season. He's more of a fantasy ghost then Josh Gordon in the sense he's been hanging on rosters for years based mainly on a one year run(which was only 13 games). I got him on just one dynasty league, FFPC, and I'll cut him before I'll waste an roster spot on him in the off-season, 28 years old or not. I think a good chance he never plays again, but a really really strong chance he just never any good again. 2013 was a long time ago. If I was 100% sure Walker would never play after this season I'd still take him because the ROS is of Walker is more than Eifert has left in his whole career. As for the trade itself I think it's close but would take Landry/Walker because durability does matter sometimes.
  8. This trade is reasonable to me but only if that that 2018#1 seems like a mortal lock for top 2-3 pick. If it's just a random #1 or worse projected as late #1 it's a horrible return.
  9. I think the bolded is accurate. He's not even started running yet so he has no shot of being ready in week 6 IMO and unless he's 100% for week 7 I just don't see how they can risk another setback. I'm managing my rosters on assumption he's good to go for week 9, not available until. He's actually grown in value to me since he's been out due a variety of factors ranging from Decker no longer being viewed as major comp for targets and inconsistency with the running game. They absolutely need what he can provide them.
  10. It's not a lot but some positive news is better than none: Jim Wyatt‏Verified account @jwyattsports 37m37 minutes ago Mularkey said @TheCDavis84 is ahead of @cyp in recovery from hamstring injury @Titans
  11. I'd take the rookies myself.
  12. I could be wrong but way I read the trade was that this pick was the opposite of a top 4 pick.
  13. Lions backfield by a very solid amount considering it's a projected late first.
  14. We are only a few days into October so not that far off but we did get reports that it was September. Q&A with MKC in August excerpt posted below and link here: Hey, Mary Kay: Is there any word on Josh Gordon if there is a reinstatement coming? If so, would he make the team? Chandler Beck, Columbus, Ohio Hey, Chandler: I would imagine that Gordon has a decent chance to be reinstated considering the NFL gave him three more months to prove he can adhere to his program and not have any missteps. If he's been sober for a year with no failed tests, I think the NFL would be inclined to give him another chance. (He's eligible to re-apply in September). I would wholeheartedly agree with Roger Goodell letting him back in the league if he's been clean for a year. And I think the Browns would strongly consider letting him try to make a go of it if he's turned his life around.
  15. Just read tweet by Skins beat writer who confirmed Reed was on a pitch count(not re-injured) and that Gruden said "For Sure" he should be fully healed in week 6.