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  1. Big if true. San Diego, Oakland, Saints before the bye.
  2. There is no such thing as limited with concussion. This is not a soft tissue injury, you are either cleared and full go or you don't play.
  3. I'm equally guilty. Sorry Moncrief news lurkers
  4. Be interesting, well for me anyway, to see if Dorsett can be more productive with the favorable matchup's that Moncrief can help him get. PD has been a total dud but his most active game of the year was the one full week he played with Moncrief. But so long as Allen is out and Doyle is primary TE and it's not split between the two it would be hard not to see him as at worst case option #3. I do think Moncrief cuts into Doyle just a little just because he provides that size dimension the other WR's don't have and with that the ability to go over the middle, but still view Doyle as a TE1 until Allen gets back and mucks it up.
  5. He might be the drop but it's entirely possible he is starting for the Bills the next two weeks and if they keep being ignorant with McCoy maybe longer. He practiced today limited, with foot. Have not heard anything on his hammy.
  6. I think they have been desperate for a second option and coming into the season I viewed Moncrief as more 1b than #2. Still view it that way if his shoulder is good to go.
  7. So he did make it back to practice today. Red non-contact jersey but he's back and he should be playing Sunday. He said himself he'd be surprised if he does not play and Pagano said something along the lines of he should or would get his first contact Sunday. This is incredibly good news. Originally when he got hurt I penciled in week 8 but latest reports from a week ago seemed to indicate he was a few weeks away. I felt like he either made it back week 8 or if not he would unlikely return week 9 before the bye so it was week 8 or 11. This is big, for me anyway but I think he's a legit WR1 candidate. Normally I like to hold out players returning from long layoff and make sure they are good to go. I'm putting him in all lineups.
  8. Yes to soon, can't recall a coach getting canned that early and would have to think if it happened it was due to personal conflict or team drastically under-performing expectations. Now Bradley on the other hand is seriously what makes this game somewhat interesting past fantasy football. I do think he's coaching for his job this Thursday. I actually thought they might fire him after this weekend and then saw they had a Thursday night game. Figured in terms of timing to much to make a change on a short week versus giving new coach 10 days. But I think that home trouncing they took by Raiders was straw. Another miserable showing like they played last week and I'd be fairly stunned if Bradley is not let go and still at least a little surprised if they lose but play well and he is retained.
  9. I think it might be for Gus Bradley.
  10. I can't even grasp the idea that people don't like NFL football on a Thursday night.
  11. And with one barely single digit game he's been consistent, which is not easy to do in the Saints offense for WR's even when their year end stats are good.
  12. Gates had a solid day due to TD his first game back when he was limited but to your point if you sat every stud player who was designated as limited you'd probably be making the right call like 80% or so of the time at least.
  13. You guys might want to PM Deamon before posting your team here and make sure his grading system is acceptable for you to label it a bad draft.