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  1. I can't disagree and yes they look like late 1's or at minimum playoff teams. The bolded part of what you wrote is especially interesting to me as it pertains to this trade. Because while I thought the value was good for Thomas I also could have kicked in Deebo with the two #'1s, so for extra added cost of Deebo I could have had Hopkins over Thomas. It's close to me between the two, and a few others deserve to be in the argument IMO, but I can honestly say if Deebo was removed from the request to get Hopkins I'd have still taken Thomas.
  2. Hate to deflate your hope but this is when I like to remind people that it took both CJ2K and Andre Ellington to both get hurt, in the same week 12 I believe, for David Johnson to finally break out his rookie season under Arians. He was getting a combined 6 touches a game before they both went down.
  3. I made both of these trades last Tuesday, not sure anything changed from this past weeks games. I offered the second trade that went down first, had a reason to think he might take it but was not sure. While I was waiting for him to decide I got the first offer and took it, the deal where I'll get Julio. Not sure I'd have done the first trade that netted me Julio if I knew the second trade would go down but what's done is done. First trade: Received: Julio, Larry Fitz, Garapollo (cut him when I did second trade and went over roster) Gave: Lamar Jackson, Diontae Johnson, projected late 2020#2 which is pick 2.11 at time of trade. Rationale: have Watson but hated losing Lamar and I think Diontae could be special in time. Julio is great but hate paying for a 30.5 year old WR. But this is a team that has lost Antonio Brown for foreseeable future and when I did trade I had just 3 WR's I can really trust to put in my lineup and not saying this in hindsight but had concerns on them staying healthy. Then I watched two of go down this weekened, Amari and Sanders. Second trade: Gave: gave two 2020#1's, mine which I mentioned earlier is projected late and other team should also easily be a playoff team. Got: Michael Thomas Rationale: I LOVE this draft class. This league in particular eats up RB's early in rookie drafts(I actually drafted Michael Thomas at 1.12 in rookie and traded him away after his rookie year for two #1's due to RB need). So comparing apples to apples I'm pretty sure if I kept the picks I'd be able to draft at least two really attractive WR prospects if I was inclined. But to me this was classic example of one in the hand or two in the bush and with Thomas just 26 and a huge assist to me this year had to do this despite fact I loathed giving up those #1's. End result on what ended up a huge day of dealing: Gave: two 2020 #1's projected playoff, 2020#2 projected playoff, Lamar Jackson and Diontae Johnson Got: Michael Thomas, Julio, Fitzgerald.
  4. No news but my guess. If I'm being super optimistic, maybe to the point of self delusion, I'm trying to convince myself they underestimated the Jets, thought they could win without Amari and wanted to get him right for the Eagles game next week. I think the more realistic approach to setting my expectations, and one still rooted in some degree of optimistic thinking, is he misses the Eagles game and with the bye week in 8 it gives him a really good shot to return healthy in week 9.
  5. I'd bet everything I own that's not the case. They are not taking a player who can't pass concussion protocol on a trip so he can sit on the sideline. It's not just a NE thing, when people were still holding out hope Barkey or Engram would play this week I knew it was false hope when I read that the team did not pack travel bags for them. They are not taking a guy with concussion symptoms on a trip so he can sit on the sideline.
  6. Anyone have any idea when the Lions will make the trip to Green Bay? That's what I'm looking for right now, to see if he makes the trip and hoping to know that before noon Sunday kickoff. I know NE for example does not take players they don't plan on being active to road games and I'm going to take educated gamble that Patricia handles his business the same way, even on a short trip. So hoping they leave before noon tomorrow and we can find out if Hockenson went with them as I believe that will give us the answer if he's going to be active or not.
  7. The team has repeatedly said his shoulder is fine. I wondered if it was really ok and I'd cite Hopkins playing with a torn up shoulder most of last year and none of us knowing about as a reason to doubt team's claims, but as you probably heard he remains in the concussion protocol but did practice today so that does seem good news so far on the shoulder.
  8. Less news and more read between the lines type stuff but I read this a few days ago and Ican't recall if it was a concert or game but he was out and about and one of the Lions beat writers I followed suggested fact he was in that type of environment, bright and loud, was a great sign as it related to his concussion recovery. Again that's soft news at best but gave me hope and might you as well.
  9. Read it on twitter and moved on so not going back to hunt down a link but you should see it as a rotoblurb or something very soon or check twitter feed of any credible Jets beat writer. This all got reported in last 15-20 minutes. Afraid it's true.
  10. Was not coach speak about him not playing this week, he pulled his hamstring Friday and is unlikely to play this week.
  11. Darnold said yesterday he expects to be cleared today. TE is dire for most people and even if you were fortunate enough to draft Waller or Evan Engram they won't be helping you this week. Not sure why Gase is talking his nonsense and I have no idea why but Herndon has been allowed to be in the building during his suspension. Not like he's been away from the team in Cabo for a month or something. He's going to be a huge part of what they do, unless you got some kind of Kelce, Andrews, Hooper, Ertz, Dissly or Kittle and don't have room to start two TE's he should be in your lineup now.
  12. This is a terribly wrong myth I wish people would keep repeating. He was the OC for 5 years in Pittsburgh. One year he used him. The other 4 years he did not. This is not using your TE, this is a one year anomaly. That one year he got 98 target and went for 76/789 The other 4 years with Bruce, playing 60 out of a possible 64 games, he averaged 67 targets for 47/555. The year after Bruce left Miller had a career high in yards. Put this another way if you look at his 5 most targeted seasons of his career 4 of them came after Bruce left and then he retired. And considering he was 30-33 during those years when by all accounts his usage should probably decline a little it's even worse. I have a ton of fantasy teams and OJ Howard on two of them, one of which is a dynasty rebuild so I don't even care if he is not used. I'm saying this to highlight I'm not going on this spiel because I'm a frustrated OJ Howard fantasy owner, in fact on the whole I benefit from his lack of use. But I absolutely hate coaching that can't adjust their scheme for the talent they have. Would say same things about Mike Martz who could not adjust his offense to use Greg Olsen. Bruce Arians has had some good success in this league, he's also the coach who needed injuries to both CJ2K and Andre Ellington for David Johnson to break out late in his rookie season. I personally think he is pretty overrated as an offensive mind, but for sure pretty great for fantasy if you got the primary slot WR in his offense.
  13. Don't know but when I saw the multiple video's and pictures taken from multiple locations showing AB and his accuser in bed together, smiling at the camera and stuff like that, I'd have been shocked if he was put on the exempt list. Seeing those video's, along with time frame from when they had consensual sex on multiple occasions it's pretty clear she has zero leg to stand on to make a rape or assault accusation at this time. And while I'm perfectly clear that even longtime married couples can accuse the other of rape, because consenting to sex once does not mean you are always open for business, but seems next to impossible to have consensual sex on multiple occasions and then come out 1-2 years later and say this was rape or assault. You may not like AB or Drew Rosenhaus, you may not think they tell the truth, but when they say sex between these two was consensual that you can believe. She was under his employ to some degree and they had sex. At best, at absolute best, she can try to say his power over her led her to have consensual sex with him and thus he is guilty of workplace sexual discrimination. That's not getting him suspended, put on a the exempt list or NE tearing up his contract. What this thread should be about is should we start AB this week or wait and see him perform well first? I'm probably starting him on idea that while NE has struggled in Miami in the past, this is a different Miami team, I expect NE to handle them easily and use this game to try and iron out the timing.
  14. Sorry if this was covered but have a question. If the Raiders decide to suspend and cut does anyone know how long they can keep him suspended/inactive? Whole season, 4 games? Can't believe it's come to this but now find myself hoping they don't have a mechanism to inactivate him all season and hopefully someone will want to pick him him up. Assuming he is cut that is, which I got bad feeling about.
  15. To add to Bronco Billy's post above. My last football related post was in May. It's like most things in life, they just go on without you. But at the risk of sounding arrogant I thought I was someone, along with many others, who provided solid contribution to these boards, who added value. I'm just one person, no one here is that important, but this one person lost his desire back in May to continue to contribute or add any kind of value to these boards for the reasons mentioned in the above post.