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  1. menobrown

    Mark Ingram

    He's been in the league 8 years already and is still relatively fresh. I think if had not resigned for the Saints before the FA period opened instead of accepting what they offered he could have made more money. He chose the bird in the hand and something to be said for not having the wheels run off him and how that has positioned himself for his last fairly big contract. He's made around $22.5M so far in his career and it seems easy to see him playing at last two more years and moving past the $30M in career earnings.
  2. menobrown

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    He's been putting out subtle hints on twitter since end of season about wanting to be a 49'er so in some small way he is putting it out their already. While it's technically true that the Steelers can trade him anywhere they please I'd not going around saying that he has zero leverage or say either as many have been here and nationally. His leverage is he can help the Steelers maximize compensation on a trade but letting he's going to be happy with his new team, ready to report, good solider, not looking for contract restructure,etc,etc. I would be shocked if he tried to throw down a SF or else type ultimatum and likely won't even provide Steelers some kind of list, but if you are a team like Buffalo would you really give up a valuable asset without assurances from AB or Rosenhaus that he's on board? That's his leverage to me, not enough leverage to demand a specific destination, but maybe enough to avoid certain places.
  3. It's not bad compensation, I just prefer Kittle. You know how a lot of times on here when you say good things about a player people accuse you of having ulterior motives or that you can't see straight because you must be heavily invested in the player? Maybe the reverse is at play for me here because I foolishly gave Kittle away in this format before start of last season and no longer own him. I do however own Michel and Ridley on 2 FFPC teams. On both of those teams I rarely ever started either, I think twice each max, and for each of those two players I probably had a combined 3-4 weeks total where I felt good putting one of them in the lineup. Meanwhile be hard pressed to find a team I'd not consider Kittle an every week must start and like I said a game changer who is also young. To me this taking two fringe starter/bench guys and turning them into one super stud. I think Ridley has a chance to become a fantasy WR1 and maybe one day have value on par with Kittle but I'm not high enough on Michel to hope or wait for Ridley to get to that level. As strange as it sounds I would imagine the side that most people would prefer is based on how they feel about the player that to me is clearly the least valuable player in the trade, Michel.
  4. menobrown

    Damien Wiliams - RB - Oklahoma

    We sometimes hear that a coach might be limiting a RB to keep him fresh later in the season but I can't recall a coach publicly saying that as much as it seems to be speculation. I believe that is because coaches are normally geared to week to week and doing everything they can to win the next game. But I still think teams goal is to have 2-3 RB's who can function for at least a few weeks if the RB goes down. In fantasy we kind of learned this over the years. When a starting RB goes down in fantasy we usually rush to get the next man up and the payoff odds in the short term are usually strong. But we don't go after handcuff WR's with the same zest or confidence we have that the backup RB is going to stroll in and start churning out big stats. But all that being said if I coached a team fantasy owners would hate me because I'd advocate a RBBC approach. Big fan of what NE and Saints did with multi RB's who are skilled in passing game offer. I believe the last RB to lead the NFL in rushing on a SB team was Emmit. I think over last 5 SB winners the highest rushing totals by a RB for the season was Blounts year he barely went over 1,000 yards. Some feature type backs, like Lynch, have certainly performed well in the playoffs but again the odds suggest that if you ride your RB hard all season he won't be around or as effective to help you get where you want to go in the playoffs. So what I'm trying to say is I don't think teams rotate their RB's or prioritize having a strong 2-3 man stable as much as I think they should.
  5. menobrown

    Damien Wiliams - RB - Oklahoma

    What I"m saying is true because fresh legged RB's do fool people every year. What I did not say is that all RBs who fit this criteria are guaranteed to bust going forward. If I felt that way I would not have suggested that I'd pay a first round pick for Williams depending on how the offseason roster movement goes for the Chiefs. I just think people need to slow down some of the hype and some of the he's better then Hunt type comps because I don't think it's as fair a comp as it seems when looking at RB getting early season carries vs fresh back getting last season carries. Fact the first comp you seemed to think of required you to go back to 2009 does reinforce how most RB's don't carry over this kind of late season surge when sparingly used earlier in year. Not impossible, but if playing odds the odds suggest it's a bit of a mirage.
  6. Rooney sat down with 7 reporters today. Discussed AB a good amount, posted that in AB thread. Other key notes and I'm paraphrasing some: *happy with RB's with Samuels/Conner *seemed as surprised as anyone that Bell would actually sit on the season, I believe he said "who does that" or something of that nature *Would not commit to extending Tomlin right now, said they will look at that later in the offseason. *Talked to Tomlin about having someone assist him with challenge calls *Seemed highly put off by suggestions the team was a circus or out of control. Instead seems to have opinion that the kicking game was the major issue and team barely missed playoffs.
  7. menobrown

    Antonio Brown WR - PIT

    Few notes today from Art Rooney press conference or meeting with reporters, I'll paraphrase a bit. He said AB was not a distraction all year or a problem. Not till the last week and he has no idea what caused it. Said door is still open for AB to make amends and return but so far he sees no sign AB interested in that, acknowledged that you don't want to give up on talent like that. Stated they have had no trade talks as of yet.
  8. I'm as bummed about the DeFillipo hire for Fournette as I was excited about them potentially landing Kubiak. I can only hope despite the reports they smoothed things over that they still look to deal him.
  9. This is a very good point I don't think enough people take into account. I posted a trade earlier where I acquired Edelman and that was a factor in my mind, I had thought of waiting until NE was done but if the value is right I don't want to miss it. I liked the Kittle side in this trade even though I like Ridley's odds to be a future WR1.
  10. menobrown

    Damien Wiliams - RB - Oklahoma

    Every single season a few RB's who are sparingly used early in the season and are fresh legged later in the season against tired D's fool fantasy people into thinking this is what that player would look like if he was the starting RB from the jump. Williams has looked good and so has a guy like CJ Anderson, both of them have been playing great, of that their is no doubt. But you are being misled if you think this is how the player would perform if they were the starting RB from the jump next year and why I think it's an exercise in futility comping them against RB's who were opening week feature backs. That being said some fool in one of my FFPC leagues traded Damian Williams for a 2020 third last night which blows my freaking mind. IMO he's worth at least a very high current second, in FFPC leagues if he survives FA without major comp even knowing they likely draft some comp I'd pay a late first for him after FA/FFPC cutdown date, he survives both FA and the draft that price just goes higher up the first. So I'm not saying he's not good or has value, but I'm saying what you see right now is not what you are going to see next year if he is the starting RB from week one on. I'm also saying he's not as good as Hunt.
  11. menobrown

    Kareem Hunt and Left Eye and Andre Rison

    Totally different business models. See Kelly, R. Short version is most of this level of musician are independent contractors or at worst have a lot of options should their current record label choose to get out of the contract. There is not another NFL. In the music industry most controversy sales. Again I'd reference R Kelly whose sales spiked when the documentary about him recently came out. In terms of societal POV and not getting into action taken by NFL or recording labels inaction. World is a different place then it was in the 90's but I would imagine even in today's environment if a current female celebrity did what Lisa did, which is set a house on first of her significant other and then in court proceeded to argue her reasons were that she was often beaten and abused and that she never meant to burn the whole house down , I'd think that person would garner a lot of public sympathy and with the right lawyers get off a lot easier then you or I would. In other words it's not just what you do, it's how you are able to spin it. This was true in the 90's and it is true today. It's just a lot harder to spin things when they are caught on video.
  12. Not involved and this trade went down Saturday, not a case of dealing Michel after his big game. FFPC Team A gave: Sony Michel and Calvin Ridley Team B gave: Kittle
  13. menobrown

    Sammy Watkins and Tyreek Hill

    I recalled passionately arguing for Hill when this thread was created but did not recall giving a prediction until I just saw this thread was bumped. Not bad on my call but for all my Tyreek Hill love I actually ended up lowballing him a little but main thing I really missed was the 11 extra targets, was almost dead on accurate on catch percentage and missed YPC by one yard. 136/87/1479/12 being the actual numbers. Speaking of targets he is getting more each year. I got him cracking 1800 yards in next two years.
  14. I think he has in fact fallen off the cliff. Good enough to still play in the NFL of course, but not good enough to meet his standards and I don't think he wants to continue to soil his image or put another way to continue to stack seasons together where he looks like a shell of himself so that's how many will remember him. He thought about retiring last off-season of course and now it seems more clear why that was the case. On my dynasty teams I own(ed) him I've been working for past two months or so on assumption he was very likely to retire. Maybe he sits out a year and returns fresh and reinvigorated at just 31. But at this point, and for last few months for that matter, I would be a lot more surprised if he returned then retired, if I'd not term it shocked to see him come back I'd at least term it very surprised.
  15. That's not a blanket statement. In PPR leagues he was RB35 if you exclude week 17 and RB34 if you just take his average PPG which covers the missed games. I don't play in non-PPR but looking at data provided by this site I see he was RB25 in no PPR last year. Which like is almost exactly as I said when I labeled him a RB3 or low end RB2, at least for 12 team leagues. And that's not even getting into fact he's a major injury risk who entered the league with longterm knee concerns and then proceeded to have a knee surgery and miss some additional games with a knee injury. And BB does not try and get cute or give stats to anyone, he just tries to win. I recall some of those Devlin TD's this year that Michel got cracks from the goal line a few of those times but failed to convert. Develin had 8 carries and 7 of those went for a TD or first down.