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  1. Honestly based on my own rankings and rankings of people I view as having credibility if he went 1.5 he'd not even be dropping based on where he's ranked right now. I've said this before in another thread and I'll say it again. I got Swift and Dobbins a cut above the rest. Got 4 other RB's in the next tier and could easily see any of them being my third RB and I could easily see me preferring Jeudy or Lamb over them.
  2. He's confusing an unofficial accounting of his time with his official time.
  3. Again, you believe what you want to believe. I got zero use to beat a dead horse with you.
  4. You can have that opinion all you want and I' have zero care to talk you out of that opinion but I know for fact that it matters to NFL decision makers and I know for a fact it matters to me.
  5. He does have people who like him so can't say I'm surprised. Want to say the one redraft I've done this year, FFPC Best Ball, he went in like round 8 or 9. I had another league, again FFPC, where someone traded Devante Parker for Jonnu and 3.1. I'm honestly surprised I can't get a third for him but on the other hand I can't say I blame people, as I described. But funny to me that the league I referenced I got to cut him if I can't get a decent trade offer I am carrying Ian Thomas and once Olsen left I never gave not keeping Thomas any consideration.
  6. No and name your bet, just name it, that he'll be closer to 4.5 then 4.3.
  7. Well back in the real world he won't and he'll still be a fumbler who lacks strong three down skills and has a ton of tread worn off his tires.
  8. I most assuredly do not feel that way. Could fall behind Dobbins but Taylor is the RB I think is going to fall, can easily see him falling to like RB6.
  9. Regarding Jonnu. I own him in an FFPC league, so TE premium, and can't even get a third round rookie pick for him. I even resorted to taking to league message board asking for a third this year or next and still nothing. He's probably a better NFL player then fantasy player because he can block well. Most TE's who actually get a shot to play, who are not buried behind someone, take significant steps in year two or they usually don't. He's had more then his fair share of chances. As ZWK pointed out Delanie missed all but one game of 2018 and this year played in just 7 games averaging 28 snaps and 4.4 targets a game. So Delanie has barely been an obstacle for the past two seasons. Over the past two seasons Jonnu has averaged 47.4 snaps a game but is getting a paltry 2.7 targets a game. In order for him to be remotely trustworthy or useful in fantasy this target per game number needs to almost double and I see no reason for that kind of optimism and even if did double he's probably a weak TE1 at best. Counting playoffs over the last two seasons he's had basically a season and half of games were Delanie did not take a snap. 24 games. 75 targets, 54 catches, 602 yards and 7 TD's. Again that might be low end TE1 stats for a whole season, that's 1.5 seasons. You can try and blame it on Mariotta but he's got 12 full games with no Delanie and Tannehill as his QB. 47/35/356/4 in those 12 games and what's worse is he goose egged 1/4th of those games despite getting 50+ snaps. Out of everything I could say negative about the guy in fantasy this is the one thing that bothers me the most. All in all just seems like a guy who if things go right, might hit around the high 40/low 50 catch mark. Replacement level, low value player to me who it looks like I'll be flat cutting in a TE premium league. Now if you like him and want to think positive maybe he's just a slow learner and will continue to improve. Just not seeing it myself, looks like a solid NFL starting TE to me, a backup fantasy TE with a floor so low he goose egged 25% of his games with his current QB.
  10. My belief is he gets put on PUP as well, planning on it where I own him. I'm worried about something that looks more like Bryce Love who tore his ACL basically in terms of calendar days one week before Penny did and basically had to sit out the season. All injuries are different, Love had some setbacks I believe but I don't think he had a multi-ligament tear either and I think even before Love had a setback the expectation was he was likely looking at not playing in 2019. But if you want to take a more positive outlook I recall Leveon Bell suffered a multi-ligament ACL injury on November 1. The following year he had to serve a 3 game suspension so he did not play till week 4 which was Oct 2. So he got back to form in exactly 11 months and if you believe as I do he'd have played the opener if no tsuspended he'd have made it back in just over 10 months. If Penny can follow a similar recovery timeline that would be a best cast type scenario to me and actually possibly avoid being put on PUP. I'm thinking same thing, Penny could be the guy in 2021 but one thing this injury does to hurt his chances is heavily increase the odds they target a RB this offseason as they likely know they can't count on Penny.
  11. We'd obviously not agree on the impact of his leadership and tone his work ethic and standards would set.
  12. And going over my twitter timeline and catching up to morning news I see that in fact Rudolph's attorney's seem to be laying the groundwork for a possible lawsuit, point blank saying in their opinion Garrett has exposed himself to legal liability and pointing out that what Garrett said was uttered in California. Attorney's tweet below.
  13. This morning Rudolph tweeted this and Giardi posed this question to McCann: @MikeGiardi · Has he got a case for slander @McCannSportsLaw ? @Rudolph2Mason 1000% False. Bold-Faced Lie. I did not, have not, and would not utter a racial-slur. This is a disgusting and reckless attempt to assassinate my character. And this is McCann's reply to Giardi's question: @McCannSportsLaw Yes, Mason Rudolph could sue Myles Garrett for slander. But Rudolph must prove actual malice (not easy) and he better be prepared for pretrial discovery and what would be asked of him. I detail how Rudolph v. Garrett would work in this story: That article McCann linked he wrote back in November when this all happened and the last section of the article he details that Rudolph could sue Garrett for slander but then goes on to explain the process and obstacles.
  14. I agree, but might have him as a top 5 pass catching TE if we lived in world where health was not a factor. Right or wrong, I read multiple pieces that the design of the Redskins passing game was centered on him so they must have obviously liked what they saw. Not sure if anyone ever read the article on him and the concussion he suffered in the preseason game which made him lose his season. It was his first preseason action of the year and plan was for it to be his last. I can't recall if on the previous series he failed to make the catch or caught it and fumbled but the play was not a success. The staff tried to pull him from the game but he pleaded to go back in, said he wanted to make a positive play before his pre-season was over and then got concussed and lost for the season on the next series. Based on everything I hear he wants to keep playing. But can't imagine he'll get a sizeable contract due to injury issues, probably one loaded with incentives and small on salary/guaranty. I'm not saying money is all that matters but understand not wanting to walk away from $9-10M a year but that decision might be a lot easier if he's looking at 1/3rd of that. And saying all that I still got him sitting on my IR on a few FFPC leagues. Assumed I'd cut him but he should land somewhere like NE, I might just hold on because I still think, especially in that format, he has difference making ability if he's able to actually remain on the field.
  15. The only thing I'd add regarding Brady's potential payday, and why it might be a lot higher then some people think, is that teams are not paying for just the player and his performance on the field, that might not even be the main thing. Teams like Chargers and Raiders want a box office draw but beyond that almost every team would put a massive value on the culture they think he could help create. Teams keep hiring ex-NE coaches who all try and instill the Patriot Way when in fact no player or coach in the league other then Bellichick may be better suited to do that then Brady.