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  1. None of that applies if he did nothing.
  2. I should have clarified earlier. If he's charged he loses value, even if he ends up beating the charge. I think he will be charged and this will all be a moot point but I just contend if after an investigation by DA and child services they drop the case he'd be unscathed as a risk to me. But again all probably a moot point because at this point I'd be pretty surprised if he is not charged.
  3. If he did nothing how is the risk increased? I think all of you are confusing the fact you think he did something with what the actual outcome would be if after an investigation it's shown he did nothing that merits a charge. To caught up in the now and not seeing how this could unfold for him if nothing comes of it.
  4. Sorry just don't see any merit for that at all and boggles my mind that anyone would. If he did nothing, nothing changed. I just can't see it any other way, I don't even get this thought process. If the smoke has merit, he'll get charged, if not their is nothing to see here.
  5. A little difference in the Hunt and Rice releases but ultimately the video. The video on Hunt proved his guilt so maybe I'll backtrack on that some and say KC does have a leg to stand on if they believed Hunt did nothing wrong so saying once they knew they were cutting him because he was lying has a little merit. But for me to believe that, I have to believe that TMZ or whatever outlet obtained that video and the KC Chiefs had no idea of it's existence. I don't really believe that, but I'll concede it's possible. The Ravens cut Rice because the PR from the video was to much to take. They say because he lied but video already showed him carrying her unconscious body out of the elevator and he was already serving a suspension, apologized to team, all that stuff. How exactly did the Ravens think she got unconscious? Saying they cut him because he lied was horse crap.
  6. You obviously have reached a guilty verdict already. It does not look good for him but if he's not guilty, no charges are filed, this turns out to just be an case closed investigation how did his risk get any worse then it did two weeks ago when KC was working on making him the highest paid WR in the game? Nothing, that's what. You are basing everything you are saying about his value and KC cutting him on assumption he actually did something and that may be a safe assumption but it's still an assumption right now.
  7. Just posted message after you wrote this saying I don't buy that narrative one iota.
  8. I think there is a small chance the Chiefs keep him if charges are brought up but I don't think for a second it has a thing to do with lying. That's hogwash IMO. Was when Ravens cited it as reason for cutting Rice and was when KC used it as a reason to cut Hunt. The video was just to bad of a look combined with an easily replaceable position. Hill's leash is going to be longer then both of them, he's a far more valuable player then both of them. If he's actually found guilty I think I put odds he is cut in the 95-100% range. If the DA decides to press charges I'd say there would be a chance he'd remain on commissioner exempt list and KC would retain him while it plays out and I think they'd keep him if he won in court even if NFL suspended him. I just don't think he can survive a guilty verdict or plea. To recap: No charges filed=nothing happens to Hill via KC. NFL will investigate, might suspend him but either way he won't get cut, suspension or not. Charges filed- exempt list until suspension is handed down. Won't play until case resolved. Chiefs might cut him but I think not so long as he maintains innocence. If he wins in court and KC has not cut him they won't have a reason to later. Out of the 3 scenarios this one could go either way with what KC does. Guilty verdict of plea- cut by Chiefs, out of the league in 2019. Best chance he has to return is 2020 but that would not be something I see as a guarantee.
  9. If he's not charged with a crime then how bad is this? That's just speculation on your part. If he's not charged with a crime he ostensibly did nothing wrong and or nothing anyone can document and he's not getting cut.
  10. You were actually wondering that? I consider that a given.
  11. After, not before and of course he signed nothing yet.
  12. Hard to fault , but I'd have held on with the premise that even if he did it the odds to me say he would be able to get back in the league in 2020 at least as a 26 year old an he wont' have Mahomes but he was good with Alex Smith whose is not exactly known as getting strong WR production. Considering he might have done nothing, I'd play those odds right now and keep him over Green.
  13. I agree. Some people might ding him due to morals, "can't root for that guy type" so they might just want to wash their hands of him and the actual worst case scenario would be he did something so despicable he never plays in the NFL again. That's possible but I differentiate from actual worst case scenario and most likely worst case scenario and I think the odds on most likely worst case scenario is he is out in 2019 and catching passes from someone not named Mahomes in 2020. That to me is worth a mid to high first easy.
  14. I just offered 1.12 for him but it felt so insulting to offer I had to write a note saying I'm just doing my due diligence and if you don't like this offer check back with me one way or another once the dust settles. For me if today they announced charges were being pursued, the Chiefs cut and we found out he was suspended for 2019 and would return in 2020 with a new teams I'd still pay 1.12 and easily.
  15. FFPC trade, not involved Team A gave: Mahomes and Goedert Team B gave: David Johnson and Dixon I liked the side getting Mahome's considerably more. I'm kind of down on DJ, plus for that team it made all kinds of sense as they fairly deep at RB and own Ertz and if I owned Ertz I'd be all about trying to lock up Goedert-actually suggested the owner do that a few months ago. The team giving up Mahomes it made sense for since they have Baker and I think was struggling to get a good return on Baker(I refused to give 1.7, got rejected offering 2.3 and 2.9) so they moved Mahomes instead and kept Baker. I did not like seeing this trade go down as I was hoping to land Baker or Mahomes myself. Also should Tyreek Hill actually be ok I own him and Kelce, team that got Mahomes is major contender so kind of hate the idea every time Hill and Kelce does something he gets a piece of it but if Hill is actually around to do something I won't be complaining.