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  1. Not sure what you define as a while but in case you did not know he did a two part podcast on 6/6 and 6/13 with Ross Tucker and Evan Silva on the Fantasy Feast podcast.
  2. I'd prefer Dion and Lockett
  3. I hear you. When PFF was around $25-30 a year I subscribed and again almost entirely for this stat. When their cost soared I actually asked them if I could just pay $30 a year for this one stat, of course they said no.
  4. Yards per pass route run which as far as I know is a PFF proprietary stat and was 90% of reason I used to subscribe to their site.
  5. I like it for team getting Parker and if Martavis avoids suspension a potentially big win.
  6. I'd argue it's a range of outcome's for him and would not agree I don't see things in his game that don't make him worth that kind of investment for a team. He just needs to be more consistent but he has a versatile three down skill set in a power backs body and that fits a lot of offenses. But if anyone is advocating paying a major premium for him I'm out but I fully support him as a low cost investment. It's an investment I only have undertaken myself on one team and it's a Fournette team and I think I paid 3.12 in this years rookie draft(after I cut Yeldon in March). That's a price range I can support. In an league like FFPC if the rules were like they were a few years ago, when we had to do cuts before FA, I'd think less of him in that format in terms of being interested in holding him after the season. I think I'd have cut McKinnon on some teams if those rules were in place like that this year. But with cuts post FA I just think if you can roster him on the cheap and see how FA treats him it's a good strategy. So if in 2018 he is nothing more than a third down/backup to a healthy Fournette and someone cuts him late in the year I'd try and pick him up myself.
  7. You thought Mckinnon was going to get that kind of contract this time last year?
  8. A few reasons. He for sure has redraft value or 2018 value. He's odds on favorite as handcuff to a RB who has history of missing a few games a year and it's possible he can be a weak stand alone option due to receiving work. Dynasty speaking he is an UFA and his timing might be ideal in that it looks like leanest RB draft we've seen in a few years. @Dr. Dan earlier referenced McKinnon and that's fresh on people's minds as a somewhat forgotten about RB who FA totally altered his value/outlook. I agree with all of this line of thinking myself. It's really not crazy. I even recall after his rookie season, before they signed Ivory, he was ranked as a top 5 dynasty RB by people on this site. I traded him in a league during that timeframe for Freeman who was coming off his breakout season, referenced to give an idea of where his value was at the time. He's a 225 guy with a legit three down skill set. I used to be a major Yeldon investor, thought he had elements of Bell in his game. I think he's a great low cost gamble and if you have Fournette he should be a no brainer. You secure your likely handcuff with 2019 potential. The biggest knock I have on Yeldon is despite his frame and 3 down skill set the more you ask him to do the less you get. When he is called upon for spot duty he often looks great, but he can't seem to string multiple games together when he's asked to do more. But again referencing McKinnon I'd have said the same thing about him. In short, he's worth a low cost shot to me in any format.
  9. I think it's strange to bring up Bell. I generally don't view him leaving as impactful one way or the other but since AB had his most target, catches and yards the year that Bell missed a lot of time I'd tend to think it's a positive. As for Big Ben I will give you my 100% assurance that right now the opposite of retirement is his goal. His main goal right now is landing an extension as his pay right now is around half annually of what he'd get on the open market. That retirement talk he was spewing earlier was a little bit of typical Big Ben being his melodramatic self, a little bit Haley motivated. Worry he'll rapidly decline and I'll say that's valid, but if he thinks he can still play and be in demand for a big deal, like one Brees just got, he's playing. As for the notion of selling high on AB. Now in some cases, like this trade, yes. But in general that timeframe already passed. I believe he's been the #1 fantasy WR for 5 straight seasons. The only way that does not make you 1.1 and the most valued player in a dynasty league is due to age. So it's not Big Ben or Bell, it's just father time. And the real here is that no matter what he does on the field, no matter if he posts a 6th straight #1WR season, he will continue to decline in terms of marketable value. I own him on 1/3rd of my dynasty teams and that does not mean I advocate moving him, just means I'm aware that no matter what he does his value is still going to drop and unless I was rebuilding a team I'm inclined to ride him out.
  10. Just thought he was speaking like a someone who finally got the muzzle off. If he talks that brutally honest and opinionated going forward he's just the kind of person I'd like to see get a studio gig.
  11. Not a big projection guy but was reading a piece last night from Bears beat writer who pegged him for 750 yards and that seems in ballpark to me. I was a massive Ertz investor last year and picked him up on some teams as a handcuff and really felt if Ertz went down I'd barely notice. He did not disappoint and I'll be a bit surprised if he disappoints this year either.
  12. I'd prefer the Fournette/Golladay side.
  13. That's good stuff. Friend sent that to me a few months ago and I sent it to my wife. She normally has a great sense of humor but replied back to me that it was not only not funny but just plain chauvinistic and part of problem in the world today. I let it go. Later that evening, while eating dinner, she just started laughing for no reason and saying "that's a tranny". Took her awhile, but she got there.
  14. The comments in bold below are tweets from Rodak Another item in log: “The caller adv[ises] her neighbors have cameras outside the house [7/10/18 03:27:46]" I'll offer up yet another theory that might make the timing make sense. Below is a quote where she is telling police she thinks it might be McCoy who set her up. That got me thinking that on the timing. The court date was pending but I believe all that did was get her out of the house. I'm not sure about this but I think it's a whole other process to retrieve stuff, like jewelry. Remember Mario Williams had to sue his ex-fiancee to get his ring back? So if McCoy had reason to think she was about to be evicted he might have thought his window on getting his other stuff back without going through the courts again was closing fast. And in McCoy's defense it's also quite possible that he might even know the perp and still he had zero to do with this and the odd timing is due to fact that the perp knows she is about to vacate the house, knows about some of her expensive possession and knows his time to rob teh house is running out. All wild speculation I know but right now while it does not mean McCoy sent someone over I feel strong in my belief of two things. This is not a set up by her, she was legit robbed and the beating she took was not some kind of setup hoax and that the person(s) who robbed and beat her know her or McCoy. The police log released Thursday states the suspect was a black male of an unknown age wearing a mask and dressed in all black. Milton, Georgia police have released a more detailed log of Tuesday’s home invasion. One item in log: “The caller poss thinks her ex boyfriend poss set her up