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  1. To add to Bronco Billy's post above. My last football related post was in May. It's like most things in life, they just go on without you. But at the risk of sounding arrogant I thought I was someone, along with many others, who provided solid contribution to these boards, who added value. I'm just one person, no one here is that important, but this one person lost his desire back in May to continue to contribute or add any kind of value to these boards for the reasons mentioned in the above post.
  2. No idea but my first guess would be zero games, second guess one.
  3. I'd like to apologize for using the dumb term. I really was under the impression it was assumed by all that Hill would get his league imposed punishment in due time and due to that it's greatly annoyed me these last few weeks when I do things like check twitter for updates and have to read stuff like "smoking dope will get you kicked out of the league but you can beat your kids". This just struck me as disingenuous takes, people just wanting for a hot take they don't even believe. It's been annoying me, but again should not have used dumb term. And at risk of turning this into a Hill thread as someone who owns him and needs him I'd put odds they find a way to sit him for the season at around 70% and the other 30% of my odds allocation revolve a time period of 6-15 games. I see no way he's getting out of this less then what Elliot served the initial go around but I believe they will find way to keep him out of the league until 2020.
  4. Because anyone with brain knows Tyreek Hill is going to get hammered with a fairy substantial suspension and he'll be serving that suspension before he ever steps back on the field again. In actuality the fact that Goodel is waiting until the court case is resolved, which for myriad reasons he should, is potentially significantly worse in terms of Hill's time frame to get back on the field as it's possible the case is not resolved when the season starts. At that point then it will become necessary for the NFL to take action and they will move him to the exempt list and any games he misses on that list he'll still draw a check but it won't count as credit for the games he's about to get suspended. It's the offseason. The Chiefs suspended him. The NFL exemption list is only used in-season. There is nothing for the NFL to do right now they need to do. Suspending someone in the middle of a court case is not the move they should make, when the time comes they will act and Hill won't be donning an NFL uniform again in so much as practice until his situation is resolved. That's what makes these takes that suggest what Hill is alleged to have done is ok with the NFL. He's going to get his.
  5. I prefer your side in a vacuum, for a rebuilding team love your side.
  6. I saw a guy like Kelvin Benjamin last year with everything on the line come up super small in attitude and effort. I've seen players in the past who play terrible in the last year because of the pressure. With some players who are in last year of their deal I worry about their desire to play through injuries that might make them look worse on tape or risk them entering FA not healthy. I read reports that some in Washington felt that Cousins was playing overly conservative because to avoid interceptions for fear of what that might do to his contract demands. Sure you might get a player who is extra motivated but enough stuff on the negative ledger to make it really not much of an issue to me one way or another. Fair to call it a non-factor for me.
  7. I think Goedert will be somewhere between TE 10-15 next year if Ertz is perfectly healthy for all 16 games. IMO he'll prove to be at least usable now. As for his age I really wish this site would do a better job of getting accurate ages for players, see way to many mistakes made for something this simple, they got him listed as 7/3/95 but I believe 1/3/95 is accurate. Though to me I still consider him 24 for entirety of his second season which is not that bad.
  8. Yes, not your standard fare local league of course but other then best ball leagues you got stuff like FFPC/FBG players championship with grand prize of $250K and RTS leagues with grand prize of $200K which started drafting a few weeks ago.
  9. I do agree with the point I think you were initially making that people have tended to overrate Green Bay TE's during the Rodgers era. One of the reasons I think this might be different is the talent and trust level Rodgers has with this WR group is not what he had with those groups as a whole in past years, at least not yet. I obviously don't mean Adams but the WR group as a whole.
  10. I view this as also a classic test case for dynasty FF players for the old opportunity vs talent debate. Personally, I think in terms of your second sentence that cream will eventually rise to the top. But not easy to put that into action as it is to just say the words. I did draft Goedert on two teams last year but I passed him in some leagues, passed him for TE's I view as inferior in Hurst and Gesicki, because of the situation/opportunity.
  11. Got a team in one league of mine that had AB and Julio, wanted to rebuild and hard shopped both since off-season. This person also hates the 2019 draft but found takers for both finally. I believe for AB he got back James Washington and 2020#1 pick that is bordeline playoff at best. For Julio he got back a better return which was Ridley and 2020#1 from similar playoff situated team. I personally thought it was really bad trades for both teams that got the older WR's because neither team is good enough to compete but I was also happy to see the trades go down because I've got a lot of youth and 2020 picks and I feel like a few weeks into the season when those teams realize they are not contenders I can try and buy one of those older WR's for less then they paid. Until a few weeks ago I had two Julio/AB teams of my own. FWIW despite being one year older and switching teams I prefer AB over Julio. Health, stye of play is not as physical, just have this feeling that I obviously I can't prove but just feel like AB needs football more then Julio and will bust his butt to play as long as he can. I predict from his age 31 on season that AB will be the most prolific WR in the history of the NFL other then Jerry Rice was from his age 31 season on.
  12. Let other people worry about about not practicing in a May OTA, keep your eye on the prize: 3. Josh Jacobs: Offensive rookie of the year? I don't think it's any shock that the expectation is that Josh Jacobs will be used a lot. But I was surprised when, after I asked Jacobs about his expected passing-game usage with the Oakland Raiders, he told me he's been lining up in the slot and even outside. "Oh yeah," he said after I gave him a look. "They got me all over the place." Jacobs told me that coaches have told him they expect him to be in the offensive rookie of the year conversation because of how much they are going to place on him.