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  1. McKinnon McCoy Dion Henry Drake Ajayi Hyde Crowell
  2. Speaking of which, saw this one go down in FFPC league of mine last night: Team A gave: Bell Team B gave: McCoy and Baldwin All I can say is a lesson was reinforced and to maybe add something to Bell's market right now. On Bell's value. The owner has held Bell for years and resisted my attempts to pry him away repeatedly. He posted on league MB about a week ago he was now looking to move Bell, wanted two starting RB's and/or QB upgrade. Since he did not gain roster space on this trade it made no sense for him to move on this offer, but what it does suggest is that after a week of posting he was available this was the best offer he could get. The lesson I learned is even when you don't have what a guy is asking for sometimes it does not hurt to make and offer and see. I have a bunch of good young starting RB's, RB's I prefer straight up over Bell and for sure would not give up 2 of them but that's not what he got back either. I was not really looking to buy Bell because I assumed his cost was top 5 type overall cost. I assumed wrong.
  3. This incidence is alleged to have happened in February of 2017. No video evidence exists. In August he makes accusation against Vegas PD. In September the Houston PD says they started investigating this case, had other higher priority cases they say. Houston was hammered with floods in August, city was in shambles. So after all this time and when the city was a wreck and I'm sure most members of the police force were working exhausting overtime hours this was when they decided it was a good time to open up a 7 month old case? Just by wild coincidence a month after his Vegas accusation? You bet, sounds on the up and up to me.
  4. Or make other teams scramble to protect their QB when they got to deal with Chubb and Garrett.
  5. Somepick only trades I've made in last week or so in FFPC, sort of different directions I went in both trades: Gave: 1.7, 2019 fairly random second Got: 2.4, 2019 first should be top 6 I had a few reasons for making that deal that is pretty dialed down team specific but I maintain picks 2 and 3, anticipate being pretty deep at RB after those picks and how I view the WR class in this draft vs next years class was all part of the reasoning. I did wonder if I did not make the trade to soon, but it fit exact goal I was trying to find which was to get a high second(I did not have a pick from 7 to round 4) and get one of the better looking 2019 firsts so I moved vs risking losing getting the kind of deal I wanted which was staring right at me. Gave: 2.3 and 2019 first(projected late) Got: 1.5 I already have pick 4 so this gives me 4 and 5. Was not looking for this trade, was offered and I took it mainly because I was wondering if my earlier deal I did was good value for the 1.7 and here I was paying what I viewed as considerably less for better first round picks, with the way I see the 2019 picks going as bigger than 5 over 7.
  6. Gurley of course and even made the guy come off a 2019 second.
  7. Jermaine Kearse
  8. They make up my top two as well and kind of hard to believe they are only 6 months apart in age.
  9. IMO the biggest threat to a young RB losing value is not so much how they perform but what the team does at RB that off-season. Nothing destroys a young RB's value, or really any RB's value, like a major RB addition by the team. As long as a RB looks like he's going to get a good role in year two, people will usually easily look past not playing so great your rookie year.
  10. For sure a lot depends on if you need a WR or RB on your team but in terms of value I think the safe bet is actually the rookie. If Julio is even just a little better than last season and ends up in the low end WR1/WR2 range he's going to lose value. Most high pedigreed RB's, even when they do next to nothing as rookies, maintain strong value. I'm not sure how much lower people are on AJ Green vs Julio but just a few days ago I turned down an offer of AJ Green, Drake and 1.9 for the 1.2 and I'd sure have taken that for Julio. This is what I tend to think of as the buying power of the 1.2.
  11. From that link: He did have a decision to make, though. Multiple league sources told The Enquirer Eifert had to decide between the Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. He afforded the club an opportunity to match the Rams' offer that could push the deal to about $8.5 million should he hit all of his performance incentives. He earned a $3 million signing bonus and a $500,000 workout bonus. He also can also earn up to $1 million if he plays every game by receiving a $62,500 per game if he's on the active 46-man roster. .
  12. It was between Rams and Bengals for Eifert, not San Fran.
  13. Yes Barber is likely a backup and with Cohen I think you want to see him with a different coach in general but you might not have found a better choice then Nagy. Be good to also see how Cohen does in an offense where he's not such a focal point either.
  14. I'd keep Cohen.
  15. I own Julio in a few leagues, would take 1.2 for him in all.