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  1. I don't agree with the 50% law of average bomb rate in this draft with those picks but not the issue I had. I just don't see see current pick 5 in this draft is worth remotely as little as waiting two years for a random draft pick when this specific draft has extremely strong options at 5 and for that matter at 7.
  2. Having a hard time with this math.
  3. Seems like a pretty even trade to me but if roster space was not an issue I would generally prefer the picks in a vacuum.
  4. I don't think it's overblown. Hill got those touches in large part because Gio got hurt and Gio was the #1 RB taken in his class and was almost dead even on touches Benjarvus Green Ellis who was awful that season. This is just how some coaches like to handle things. David Johnson was having a rookie season comparable to David Wilson until two injuries got him the playing time he needed to break out. I believe Marvin Lewis, Arians, John Fox are examples of these kind of coaches, coaches that would rather not rely to much on a rookie.
  5. No, that is wrong. Like any player he's most valuable with dual position eligibility but he's more valuable as a RB than as a WR and not close.
  6. I feel like Parker is about to be given the chance to seize the #1 job. Don't see them paying Stills, Landry and him and Landry is going to go if Parker can show he's worth building around. I think he understands the challenge they have laid out for him and he's ready for it. That puff piece that came out on him a few days ago was not the first one this offseason, it's a shame it took him this long to get it but I think he finally does. Those are some solid pieces you can get back at 12 and 16 but I do think ia few weeks into the season that's what they will look like when compared to Parker, pieces. And I barely own Parker at all so this is not some wishful thinking. Actually hated that rotoblurb that came out the other day because I had some trade offers out for him. So honestly I'd be good being wrong on this, real good with it but I think he's about to arrive.
  7. Sorry just noticed this question and honesty I don't know the answer. I indicated this coaching staff, from what I've seen, likes to use a RBBC so while Mixon has the skill set to be that guy I'm not sure that's the teams goal, at least while Marvin is the guy. When I've suggested this to people off this board the main counter they bring up, and one I agree with, is that the Bengals have just not had a RB as talented as Mixon. Again I agree with that point but still not sure that is how the Bengals intend to use him, as a 350+ total touch kind of guy. And yes it seems crazy to suggest that any coach would ever use Bell or DJ in anything that looked remotely like a RBBC or to get away from that terminology something more like a 240-272, 15-17 touch per game kind of player. We've seen cases of it however and last one comes to mind for me was how Chip used Demarco. Gio is a quality third down/COP running mate so what I can answer is I don't think as long as Gio is healthy and a member of the Bengals Mixon will see a DJ/Bell type workload. Quite likely more than what is seen as a traditional RBBC, more than Hill was used, enough to be an easy RB1, but I tend to think something more like around 280-300 touches a season when it becomes Mixon/Gio and Hill is totally out of the picture.
  8. His base salary is $880k with a $50K workout bonus, he's not getting cut at that cost. As someone who owns a piece of this trio in a few leagues I'd love to see him traded but that seems unlikely as well because why I'll never know entire mechanism of compensatory formula I'd think if he'd only bring back something in 5th-7th round range in a trade and for that cost they'd rather keep for year on the cheap and get possible compensatory pick. This is not a Hill thread but in my IMO he's basically the same guy as Spencer Ware and Perine as a talent. He was overrated early on in his career, he's not special in anyway but I do disagree with the notion he is a poor goal line runner, he's just a solid RB who is below average in the passing game but I don't think he's trash now and that's his value so to me he is now underrated. Not worth a lot mind you, but I think of some value to roster.
  9. So far so good but I would not stop flipping one of those assets you just got: Benjamin running route
  10. That was actually in Dallas but yes he has some degree of off field concerns. Mainly that he's just out and about and enjoying all that being a famous Dallas Cowboy has to offer so in that sense nothing major, he's just has a lot of opportunities and good times come his way and he'll probably learn to be more careful and when to say no. I had a league where I agonized for over a week on dealing either Michael Thomas and pick 1.2 or Michael Thomas, 1.6 and my 2018#1 for him and I eventually said no. During those trade talks that owner had let me know that both the Odell and Evans owners had offered him straight up and after I gave my final no decision he immediately dealt him straight up for Odell. So yea, I think that's the range you should be looking at unless you are doing 2 for 1 and one of those parts needs to at least be the kind of guy who would go in round one of a startup.
  11. Been out a few hours and just now seeing this news. I took my daughter and her friend to an Ariana Grande concert last year, crowd was pretty much 80% teen or pre-teen little girls. Difficult to imagine the horror of something like this going down.
  12. Appreciate the homer take and agree that Gio will be ready to go week one. I am a man on an island here with this opinion however and that opinion is Hill will enter camp being afforded every chance to retain his role. I know, you don't agree, other people I've had this discussion with don't agree with me which is why again I say I am a man on an island with this opinion. I got a few reasons I feel this way. Marvin has traditionally taken rookies along slowly when he's had the chance, this is a draft and develop franchise. He's also shown a strong loyalty if you will to veterans. I recall Gio's rookie season when he was the top RB taken in the draft and they gave BGE a heavy workload despite him stinking. I think we even saw this last season with a struggling Hill not ceding work to Burkhead until he was able to go. I know they were not pleased with Hill last season or really the last two seasons but I think he'll be given a chance in camp to retain his role, a chance anyway. I also think that the off the field stuff will come into play with Mixon just a little. I just feel like they are going to take him along slowly next year and allow him to get acclimated before putting to much on his plate. This of course is pure speculation on my part and if all he ever did was that one instance he's not got "off the field" issues but when I hear people talk about having a plan in place for him, as Marvin did, I'm not sure if he meant on or off the field but in general I just feel like I'm picking up a sense they understand one mess up by him will get blown out of proportion and they are handling him a little extra careful. I just think they want to make sure he's in a good place and well acclimated before putting to much on him early. Long term I don't think Hill is in their plans in the least but to me I'm not so quick to assume Mixon is going to be a Bell or DJ type workhorse because as we've seen the last few years this team likes to use a RBBC, even before Hill/Gio. Mixon has the skill set for it to be sure, just not sure that is how this current staff will use him so I think Gio has a shot of retaining his normal role this year and beyond. If they do opt to make Mixon a Bell type RB it brings into question if Gio will be worth the $3.1m and $3.4m he is due in 2018 and 2019. None of what I'm saying is meant to knock Mixon. I had him as my 4th rated rookie in drafts and on pure talent I had him as the top player and I did draft him some leagues but my expectation for 2017 is tempered and consequently I think Gio will still have use as that solid but unspectacular 11-13 PPG PPR RB3 type.
  13. To add to this in 6 FFPC leagues this is where he went with the parenthesized number indicating his order among TE's. 8(2), 9 (3), 8(2), 12(3), 10 (3), 8 (3) In my two single PPR non TE premium leagues: 8(2), 15(3).
  14. As far as I know he does not have a job, last I saw him of him was not long after the season in this sad photo at LAX: Fisher and companion dog?