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  1. No idea on time frame, no real details being reported other than his hand got stepped on. Rapaport said a couple weeks but he has no idea, MKC broke the story and she does not know but obviously hard to play his position until he fully recovers.
  2. Folks, afraid to say he had a broken hand in practice today
  3. Yes it changed. I had it them back in May, when I did rookie drafts as: Coleman Doctson Treadwell Shepard Thomas Boyd Caroo Fuller I was not overly interested in any of them past Thomas, not for a first round pick anyway. After Thomas I considered them all second round picks. Had a tier drop after Treadwell and after Thomas. Now today, assuming PPR: Coleman Shepard Fuller Doctson Thomas Boyd Treadwell Carroo
  4. As consistent as he's been in his career no one has burnt me more than Adrian Peterson. I've only drafted him twice, usually never wanted to pay his going rate as for that cost I usually like my RB's to catch passes if I'm spending a first round pick on them. I made an exception with him two years ago and took him 6th in my biggest high stakes league. That was year he gave me one bad game and got sent away for the year. This year marked the second time I took him, in another high stakes league, at pick 2.10 and for that I got two bad games instead of one.
  5. Initially James Casey was the plan but he failed to work and they had to scrap using the FB
  6. Well what Peyton did not say was the Kubiak installed his offense but they had to scrap it because Peyton could not adjust to it. But then Peyton got hurt and this happened: So thanks for you invitation to leave this thread but I'd leave fantasy football if I was you and thought the only thing holding back CJ Anderson was Peyton Manning because if you want to talk about people who have no clue....
  7. So I guess when Manning was out they ran the Manning offense for Osweiler? Not buying that or that Peyton was hindrance to running game.
  8. I own Coates a few places and pulling for him but even with Wheaton out I think he might be splitting snaps with hands of stone. I'm debating starting Eli over Mike Wallace in ppr dynasty league and as crazy as this sounds, since I just took him in 6th round last night and Eli in 17th round of same draft but I'm seriously mulling over starting Eli over Delanie Walker in a FFPC premium TE league. Considering, probably will not have confidence, but I see that Titans vs Vikings game as being a huge rushing based attack for both teams, easily the least pass attempts of any game this week.
  9. No
  10. LOL
  11. So you say scripts and I say scheme and you want to argue semantics? Not me, don't even know what you are talking about to be honest so no I don't get your point whatever it was.
  12. Like last year?
  13. Maybe, I sure do like Kubiaks scheme for RB's but fair to mention that in Chip's three seasons his RB's have run for 2nd, 5th and 6th most yards in the NFL so it's not like he runs a poor running back scheme or something.
  14. Well if you are basing this on past year then no one has any business spending a top 3 round pick on CJ Anderson's mediocore production. As for Hyde I heard it was kind of hard to be an NFL RB with a stress fracture in your foot but hey that's just me.
  15. Anderson has missed less games than Ingram but he also does not get that kind of a workload either. People keep expecting Anderson to be a bell cow all year and I can't get over fact he has maxed out at 179 carries in a season. He was even a part time back in college. I don't know what he did in high school or really care but on the NFL and college level he's never even had 180 carries in an entire season. So yea Ingram has missed more time but over the past two seasons but he also logs around 30% more touches per game than Anderson has done over that time period, which usually leads to greater chance of injury.