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  1. No or I should say not unless AJG is causing a massive disturbance behind the scenes that no one is reporting. Dunbar went full nuclear on the team, forced his way out of town.
  2. And Michael Thomas was #1WR during Teddy B's 5 or 6 game stretch last year, I want to say around 24 PPG. It is surprising because I agree Teddy is a game manager with limited arm strength, he's Alex Smith like to me and I believe his signing will prove to be a mistake (because he will help them win enough to not get a top notch QB in the draft) As for DJ Moore, and I know Aikman alluded to this on his stiff arm but I saw a play from him last week were I thought the same thing, and that is he looks frustrated or po'ed. I've read nothing but good stuff about his character so I don't think he's necessarily selfish, just frustrated he's not being given enough chances to make plays.
  3. Several WR combos on same team have both been top 12, so WR1's , so I don't think it limits your upside but probably does help week to week consistency. For most part it's a non-factor, but a week like this one were I got a ton of JuJu/Diontae and several Diontae/Claypool teams facing Baltimore it feels less then ideal.
  4. Emmanuel Sanders said that Covid would be keeping him out of two games so go ahead and put away any hope you had of him playing this week. He also expanded on how he found out about being positive. Said the night before his wife told him she could not smell or taste. Does not tell anyone this, shows up to practice the next day and says he was not feeling well. Tries to run some routes and eventually tells trainers he does not feel well and about his wife so they end up sending him to two doctors who both tested him positive. My thoughts on this is that it was very surprising he was either that careless or not educated enough to realize his wife reporting no smell/taste and not feeling well the next day was a cause for concern and a reason to not be at at the facility until you were clear. And my other thought was that had he not reported this to the trainers whatever system the league is using did not catch it, probably would have next day but if he had never reported to the trainers he'd have been symptomatic in the facility all day.
  5. Afraid I agree. Seizing the passing game role with a QB who has always been willing to throw to his RB's did wonders for his floor. I know I feel considerably more comfortable putting Fournette in a lineup then I do ROJO right now. Sure he will and already had 2 carries and a reception inside the 10 yard line last week, which was one more then ROJO.
  6. No. The Carson Palmer trade was only in-season trade I believe they've made since the 70's and that took getting two #1's for a player who was not playing and threatening to retire. ETA-I just read they will try and trade Carlos Dunlap who has basically gone nuclear trying to get out of town, so much for my post.. So I guess if you look at Dunbar and Palmer there is a way to force the Bengals hand to make a trade if you are disruptive enough, won't show or just give Mike Brown and offer he can't refuse. But I still don't think they actually plan on making in-season trades so I still don't think they are showcasing AJG.
  7. Thanks for reply and that makes sense in that scoring format. I thought people referencing the 100 yards games was that was used as the measuring stick of how good a player was performing.
  8. Sounds like something I read in the Diontae thread the last few weeks when people were ripping him. Why 100? Why not 150, or 70, or 87, or 113.25? What is so magical about this 100 yard thing that people keep trying to use it as some kind of barometer?
  9. One thing to be positive about with AB is that he's not made a single social media post since news broke he was about to sign. Nothing at all for about 3 weeks when he posted "Ain't flash a smile in a long time" on IG which was Brady immediately responded to with a "💗💯" (but has nothing to do with signing him of course).
  10. Now that they finally chucked McCoy aside and made Fournette the new passing down back that should do wonders for his floor which of course gives me a much higher confidence level putting him in my lineup(s).
  11. I heard that during the game and it went along with exactly what I posted in the Diontae thread the day before the game. And that was that if not now then for sure by next season in real life NFL football Claypool would be viewed as the #1WR by opposing teams but that Diontae would be the #1 guy in targets. And that is why I thought the debate over who is the #1WR was the wrong conversation or focus with respect to fantasy football.
  12. I think it's a good game script for him because they should easily build a lead and have plenty of chances to work him in but can we really call it a revenge game? I guess that has more ring to it then calling it a "something to prove" game but I'm thinking he should be thankful to the Jets organization for the rest of his life.
  13. And even before yesterday when he had not played in almost 60% of their games and was 2 targets from the team lead entering the game yesterday should have been a pretty good sign to people his place in the pecking order was secure but you'd sure not know that by reading this thread. QB's love WR's who can get open consistently and quickly and when you can do that and have strong YAC skills it's a recipe for success, his breakout was an easy call he just had some unfortunate injuries.
  14. My dog hopes I never put him on a leash as short as ROJO's.
  15. Romeo Crennel said this morning he had been informed of some trade possibilities, not imminent yet but sound like some things are cooking and Fuller along with Stills, Duke and Watt are the players most likely to be involved in trade talks.