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  1. His contract is guaranteed. Not sure what the time frame was when they could cut him after extending the 5th year option but it passed.
  2. Not better off, the same. It's only worse to now show when you hit stage 3. Also sounds from stuff I read that if you miss one test you have a solid shot to not get suspended or appeal, it's missing multiple tests that's the problem. As for other stuff and how smart he is and what he has to hide I"ll leave that speculation up to you and others. Personally I don't know how the testing appointments are set up. Don't have the social calendar, fame or money of a young NFL star football player for me to speculate on how they spend their off season and the inconveniences the drug testing protocol might put on them. Not saying he's not 100% just hiding something or making dumb decisions, just saying I don't care to speculate on a lifestyle of testing process I don't know enough about.
  3. I don't know how that process works if you are on vacation, out of the country, that kind of thing. I don't know if the NFL sends someone wherever you might be or if you need to be where they say you need to be. So things I don't know and at the end of the day only Bell can answer those questions you ask but if reports are true he missed multiple tests it's hard to not think he was hiding something.
  4. Same suspension this time as missing a test or testing positive but going forward the suspension will be worse for a missed test than a failed test. In stage 3, which he should now find himself, a failed marijuana test gets you 10 games. A failed test for some other substances(not sure what that list comprises) or failure to comply (missing tests) gets you the season.
  5. Playing basketball and straight line running are not the issue. It's neither a setback or a delay when you never got there in the first place, he's still recovering and it was expected to take this long. With all due respect to Dr. Bramel let me know again what NFL team did he serve as team doctor?
  6. I think it's fair to point out that you are taking Bells' word and this is the same guy who point blank said he did not fail or miss a drug test. In general I've always been advocate of the saying "don't trust the player when it comes to injury news". I do put stock in Dr. Chao however for a few reasons and one of which he was reporting how difficult the Bell injury was to recover from well before anyone else I knew, when most media outlets just mentioned how he avoided an ACL. This is what Chao had to say, or I guess tweet, yesterday. David J. Chao, MD ‏@ProFootballDoc Jul 22 No real penalty, likely #LeVeonBell knee would not have been ready anyways. PCL/MCL worse than ACL tear.
  7. Don't worry, I don't think you did.
  8. Talk about dying dreams. Also read yesterday that as of June when he was last seen that Ladarius was not moving so well.
  9. For a variety of reasons this does not apply to Bell.
  10. From what I recall the first and until now only time he got busted he took full responsibility and made no excuses and their decision to release Blount had nothing to do with them getting busted together.
  11. That's what people used to say about the #2 WR in the Kubiak offense and Sanders did fine last year despite terrible QB play. Same offense. Same offense his daddy ran when Rod Smith and Easy Ed were both producing. Point is when that system has had good WR#2's they've done just fine. Sanu carried a team of mine in 2014 for several weeks so I've got some fondness for him but also know he can do somethings if given a chance. That year he had 40 catches on 68 targets at halfpoint of season. I don't think he gets 8 targets a game but he should be extremely efficient with the coverage Julio is going to help provide for him. I think he's just a WR3 but a solid PPR WR3. I'm seeing around 110 targets/70 catch type season for him. Nice guy to grab late when everyone else is going zero RB theory and you are steady value picking RB's early in the draft.
  12. Yes and barring injury yes.
  13. A missed test is actually worse than a failed test in some cases. I mentioned that if Bell fails another marijuana test he gets 10 games but the rules state if you don't comply with the testing you get the whole season. I believe this is why Martavis skipped over 10 game and went straight to season. The only other expanations would be he failed for drug other than marijuana.
  14. His situation was a little different with the DWI/pot combo and I think his instance went down right when policy was being overhauled. First failed marijuana test is 2 games and you enter stage 2. (remember he was initially suspended 3 and got it reduced to 2 because they were trying to suspend for DWI and marijuana). In stage 2 your first failed test is either a 4 game fine or 4 game suspension and 6 games if you previously failed a stage 2 test. This is where it gets confusing because he had not failed a previous stage 2 test, he just moved right into it when he got busted. So since this was his first failed test in stage 2 he gets 4 games and not 6. I assume he has now moved to stage 3 and if he fails a marijuana test in stage 3 he gets 10 games(you get season for other stuff but marijuana is a bit more relaxed). If he was somehow still in stage 2 and failed a second drug test in stage 2 he'd get 6 games but I think he is now moved to stage 3 so long story short if he fails another marijuana test he gets 10 games max, not the season. Josh Gordon wishes they had this policy a few years ago.