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  1. Right no one knows because no policy exists yet, that's one of the things that NFL and NFLPA have to agree on. If I'm not mistaken MLB opt out allows you to accrue a season and even get paid in full if you have a pre-existing condition. I'll be stunned if NFL players got full pay if they opt out even with a pre-existing documented health condition but a lot to work on and we'll see if they make special allowances or not for those who have pre-existing conditions. But if a season gets accrued, pay , any potential owing back of bonus money already paid are key items we just don't know yet as they've not been agreed to yet. Only thing I feel 100% sure on is that we'll see some opt outs. Not sure if people saw this tweet yesterday:
  2. Reminds me of a trade I made and posted from back in my rookie draft when I took Vaughn at 12, after I moved back from 11 and my target Pittman went at 11 so I just took the guy I thought had good trade value, and did in fact end up dealing Vaughn the next day along with two late third's for JuJu. What that trade, and the one you posted, made me wonder was if I had played it wrong in some earlier leagues that drafted before the one I made the JuJu trade when I had pick 8 and went with my top ranked player in Justin Jefferson. Can't help but wonder if I'd been better off taking player with most trade value in Vaughn then my top ranked player in Jefferson. But either way great trade for you.
  3. As close to zero as one can get. He's got other concerns that could torpedo his production and value but Parham is not one of them.
  4. I think with how the Cooper situation unfolded it actually will benefit Desean with respect to not getting cut. Twitter was fast and furious last night with whataboutism as it relates to Cooper and how team handled him and that would intensify greatly if they cut Desean. The Desean Jackson apology tour has already started. If the CBA allows Eagles to fine DJAX like they did with Cooper I expect he'll get a fine, he might even pledge assets to helping Jewish community over and above a fine, but end result a solid apology tour by Desean with some financial repercussions and a little stain/ignorance tied to his name should be the depth of the penalties he'll face but I don't anticipate him getting cut.
  5. Derek Carr, Matthew Stafford and Matt Ryan off the top of my head are QB's who at time or another were the highest paid QB's in the NFL. At no point were any of those 3 thought of as being nearly the best QB in the NFL. Recent history of QB pay suggests the QB whose contract is ready to be extended is a bigger influence of who is the highest paid QB then who is the best QB. Will Mahomes contract buck that trend with Watson and Dak coming due? Maybe, but I still think Clarence Hill was right, if Dak were to get extended in next 9 days it'll be for $35M plus but it was close to that already. I can't say what Dak will cost next year if he does not get extended in next 9 days, that will depend on how he performs.
  6. Yes, which is why I comped it to giving up 3/8 with the 8 being roughly equal to Diontae(not that I saw anyone actually pay that much for him but I think he's roughly equal to that myself). I'd like the outcome for you if you are able to move up and get CEH.
  7. It's possible I'm selling Chark short but I'd rather have the projected high picks. Two truths converge on this one for me as I'm as big on Diontae as it gets but would say the same for CEH. After the NFL draft I dealt 3 and 8 for 1. I would do that again and feel that's equitable to this deal so I'd prefer the 1.1 here as well and that's nothing negative against Diontae.
  8. Really?
  9. I thought the NFL protocols released today were encouraging mainly due to: 1. Confirmation of what I expected in that close contact with someone who tests positive won't automatically mean a self quarantine period. A player will need to test negative if they have close contact but this should put to bed any discussion about quarantining teams, position groups or contact tracing without a positive test leading to players needing to be held out. 2. Unexpected good news in that it's not some kind of automatic 14 day quarantine period for someone who tests positive. Based on what I'm looking at can be as fast as 6 days if someone tests positive but is non-symptomatic, will need to be at least 10 days if positive test and symptomatic.
  10. A lot of AB rumors and he's sure to play for someone but if he did land in Houston I think he'd actually be an upgrade over Hopkins in real life. For fantasy purposes I'd much rather see AB go to Houston then Seattle and infinitely more then I'd like to see him go to Baltimore, really anywhere but Baltimore. Either way PFT is right on one thing and it's same thing I've been saying and that is I still think NFL needs to decide on his punishment before he signs. And the takes people gave here over last few months saying he would never play again, that no one would want him, and his value in dynasty was same as nothing are about to look as off as the 180 I highlighted Rotoworld doing in their blurbs a few posts up. I'd be lying if I said I hated to say I told you so, because out all the opinions people had this offseason none frustrated me more then people thinking the reason he was not signed was because no one wanted him or had interest. As for if he can keep it together? That's more debateable then saying he is done. I think people are overly caught up in the moment or have recency bias over the his behavior his last week with Pittsburgh and time in Oakland where I thought his behavior and attitude was at an all time low and beyond any defense I can give for him. If he acts anything like he did with Oakland he'll quickly be out of the league and possibly this time it will be for good or a very long time. I just think people are to quick to judge him on his behavior from that late December 2018-Sept 2019 timeframe and ignore the previous 9 seasons where his worst transgression was being high maintenance from time to time. So I think he's going to be ok, he got in a bad place last year mentally and since worked it out but I would concede that thinking he might blow it again at least has some merit, unlike thinking on one would want him or his career was done.
  11. I'm doing 4 refinance loans right now for a big mortgage broker in town and I expect that number to jump and this is fairly common for me. And the people from this office do extremely well for themselves and they can probably close a loan a little faster then I can, just can't touch the rates. And personally I'm on the other side when I do a loan meaning I have to go take a loan from an outside source like you did and at take a considerably worse deal. Well I don't have to, but if I did the loan through my bank it would be to much of an invasion of my privacy.
  12. Voted 90% because I can't go 100% right now. If question was if NFL can complete full 16 game schedule I'd have been way lower, if questions was if NFL can complete 10 straight weeks of the season I'd have also lowered it quite a bit. But 10 games, with possible stop/starts, I think we see that.
  13. I don't know why this is so confusing for people. If they will allow players to opt back in and don't put a timeframe on when they allow a player to do that he could simply opt out until week 10 or whenever he would need to opt back in to accrue a season and in effect use this to work around fines and removal of accured season for missing more then 5 days.
  14. Not sure how you can be so sure no NFL players would opt out when we are seeing players do it in other sports, and they are not getting paid either unless they are MLB players who can document a preexisting health condition and I don't think any of them have done that. And that's not even getting into fact that obesity is a major prexisting condition and majority of NFL players fall under guideline of obesity, including Dalvin Cook as laughable as that seems if he needed to cite that as a reason. As to your second comment I go back to what I already wrote and you responded to which is how much leverage can be gained depends on the timeframe or ability to opt back in. If they can opt back in at a later date and how much later is potential for a ton of leverage IMO but should something exist like once you opt out you can't opt back in then I'd agree not much leverage can be gained.
  15. Lol at Rotoworld The following is dates and associated comment from rotoworld on his playing career 9/30- There is a strong chance 31-year-old Brown never plays another down of NFL football. 11/19- We don't expect a team to take a chance on him next year, either. 11/21-With Brown's off-the-field issues still far from sorted, it would be extremely surprising were he to see the field again in 2019, while his entire NFL career remains in grave doubt. And since end of last season till now: 1/14-The seven-time Pro Bowler tried out for the Saints last month but it's hard to envision the controversial receiver ever playing another NFL snap. 1/16-Brown continues to melt bridges and has all but forced himself out of the league. 1/21-Brown's unending legal troubles continue to put his career in doubt. 1/22-This latest antic further increases the odds that Brown has already played his final NFL snap 1/22-Brown has been a major off-field headcase who is unlikely to ever play another NFL snap. 1/23-Brown wasn't likely to play football again after a season filled with drama, but this latest incident should seal the fate on his playing days. 1/23- At this point, it would be a total surprise if an NFL team had an interest in signing Brown. 1/24-At this point, we can probably stop referring to Brown as a "free agent" and simply call him a former NFL receiver because his playing days are assuredly over. 1/28- It would not be surprising if his playing days have come and gone altogether. 2/16- Despite what he might think, we're a long way away from seeing Brown back on an NFL field. 2/20- Brown's NFL future will now take place in hearings, not the football field. 3/26-You can never say never in the NFL, but it would be stunning were Brown to get another chance after his past year off the field. 4/1-it remains unlikely Brown ever sees an NFL field again. 5/22- 31-year-old Brown should still be playing NFL football, but he has made it close to impossible. 6/12-Brown has finally cleared his legal deck, but his odds of returning to the NFL remain slim to none. 6/23-It is truly hard to believe Brown might get another opportunity after his numerous off-the-field disasters and front office bridge burning And finally we get this today: It remains likely that Brown lands with a team at some point this summer.