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  1. menobrown

    Le'Veon Bell

    I beg to differ
  2. menobrown

    Le'Veon Bell

    And made as much as we did. Surefire way to not get hurt playing football is to not get paid to play football. Brilliant.
  3. menobrown

    Le'Veon Bell

    We can play what if games all day, like will his contract he gets put him in same position next year. All we know with certainty is he lost $14.5M.
  4. The bolded suggests this has been a problem for him and I don't agree that it has. I just don't think all those games he disappeared was because he was not engaged in anyway. The issue you addressed already in the opening line. Carr. Read a telling tweet/stat earlier today on Carr that to me is so telling. This past Sunday was the 4th or 5th time in his career he threw the ball away on 4th down.
  5. menobrown

    Le'Veon Bell

    We he literally just lost $14.5M,. Only thing it's literally impossible to answer is if it was worth the less then 1% chance of a career ending type injury and if the decreased wear and tear vs questions such as if he's a team player and how much he loves football made him more or less appealing when he hits the open market next spring then had he just suited up this year. So we don't yet know what his lost $14.5M did for him, we just know he lost it.
  6. menobrown

    Eric Ebron Thread

    And on the TD catch by Mo Allie Cox, Ebron had broke wide open for what would have likely been an even easier TD then the one Luck threw to Cox.
  7. Sorry but that's pretty inconclusive, seems more miscommunication to me. I've also watched every game of his and don't think he gives up on his routes but the way he was often ignored in Oakland I would.
  8. menobrown

    Eric Ebron Thread

    I don't feel like Ebron is going to continue to keep this TD pace. But one of the big reasons why I liked him so much coming into this season was that he finished the second half last year as a part time player for the Lions, averaged 30 snaps a game, and was a top 5 TE during that stretch putting up over 14 fantasy points a game in 1.5 PPR format. ETA-He did that last year with a modest TD pace of 3 in 8 games, a pace of 6 for the season. If you believe Kirk is a big time talent but Ebron is the more productive player right now at a more difficult position to fill in TE premium leagues, still young, and both he and Doyle's contracts run out at end of next year so it's not like he is forever cast in a low snap count role. I think it's a close trade but the TE premium leagues I have Ebron I would not give him up for Kirk myself, but those leagues also only require you to start 2 WR's and not 3.
  9. menobrown

    Eric Ebron Thread

    Even in 1.5 PPR TE premium leagues if you isolate Ebron to just the games that Doyle played he's putting up 16.95 points to Doyle's 12.9 points. See reply above. Ebron got 17 snaps yesterday to Doyle's 48. On the season in games together Ebron is averaging 23 snaps a game and Doyle is at 60 but in any format Ebron has been the better fantasy player. I think Doyle feels safer due to the higher snap count. And if you planning to watch the game it sure feels better when you see your player on the field with at least a fighting chance to score on a given play but reality is the snap counts have not been a good indicator on who to use between the two.
  10. Unless the Raiders preferred the Titans offer of a first and flip flopping seconds. Maybe, just maybe, the Cowboys gave a first because a second was not going to get it done. Crazy thought I know.
  11. I assure you it's completely up to date and when you are wildly off base in April you'd do well to forget you posted such nonsense.
  12. Easy to say but you know who is the last WR to get chosen in the first round to put up 1,000 yards? Cooper and that was the 2015 draft. Not so easy drafting successful WR's high. Also AJ Brown is a big slot WR and if Dallas wants him they can probably get him round two. Good chance we don't see any WR from this dreadful looking class go in round one, I'd for sure jump on the under if the line was 1.5 for WR's in round one.
  13. All I know is the Jags decided to gamble on a player outside of their system in Moncrief for $9.5-12M instead of bringing back a player they knew in Robinson for about $14M. They saved a little money, but that does not seem like a money motivated decision to me.
  14. What do you base that conclusion?
  15. menobrown

    California fires - smoke is no joke

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter NFL always discusses contingency plans for games, and with fires raging in Northern and Southern California, it considered moving today's Chargers-Raiders game to Dallas on Monday night, per source. But no need for now. Michael Gehlken‏Verified account @GehlkenNFL 36m36 minutes ago Air quality not ideal as Raiders fans arrive for tailgate at Coliseum. NFL considered moving 1:05 p.m. game vs. Chargers to Monday evening at Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, per @AdamSchefter. This was also contingency site in 2017 for Chargers-Raiders amid wildfires. Jordan Raanan‏Verified account @JordanRaanan 50m50 minutes ago The NFL is currently monitoring the Monday night game between the Giants and 49ers because of air conditions stemming from the Camp Fire in the area. “At this point, all games will kickoff as scheduled,” per an NFL league spokesman.