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  1. Oops, sorry and yes agree on those measurements but then Everett also looks and measures like a WR to me.
  2. He is listed as 6 foot 6 and 277 pds so that would be one mighty huge WR. I agree on Howard and also would say I think he's the most NFL ready(excluding Butt who by virtue of his injury is not NFL ready) and also the safest of the TE's. I'm thinking Njoku and this mystery guy from Ashland, Adam Shaheen, will project as biggest potential upside once the combine is wrapped up due to size/athletic traits but I say that and I know next to nothing about this guy other some highlight video's and what some people are saying. I mis-typed my earlier post and said "people who are dumb either" and left out the "not". You probably knew what I mean but wanted to clarify him. No one is beating the drum for him more right now than Daniel Jeremiah, and he's basing a lot of that not on his scouting but on what he's been told. He's been speculating he could end up in round one. Round one in a loaded TE class? Makes me think I'm buying into another Sidd Finch. I can't buy it to be honest, but it's enough to get my interest. I also recall Bryan Broadhaus, ex-GM and scout who works for Cowboys, had him as his #3 TE a few weeks ago and I could see that as possible if a team covets his size over players like Everett/Engram. Correction on Broadhaus, does not have Shaheen in his top 5 TE's, said he liked him over players like Engram but does not have him in his top 5.
  3. I also found it ironic that Martz was someone talking up a TE for the reasons you two both mentioned. But if this guy is remotely good it's crazy how TE's are almost dropping out of the sky. I had never even heard of the guy from Ashland until a few weeks ago and he's now in some people's first round mock, people who are dumb either. Seems like a long time ago someone like Jake Butt was considered one of the top TE's.
  4. It's an aggressive request for the 2018#1 to be sure but when the trade was offered already for his 6,7 and 13 and he said no I would disagree that the two parties in the trade agree that he is clearly getting the better side of the value and for those trade talks only those two parties matter. I also don't think he's clearly winning the value here even though I will likely will have my top rated rookie just inside my top 12 overall so first round startup value. .
  5. You were being petty. Sorry but the shoe fits, you said something wrong and than tried to back it down. I have no idea what else you are talking about but I'm sure you'll change that story up as well.
  6. It was a good enough of an offer for me to give it thought for sure but other than wanting to preserve my trade chip assets, and without giving to much away, another deciding factor on my end was fact the team of mind is not as high on one of the players most project as top 2. So already owning 1.2 and acquiring 1.1 under those circumstances is likely only ideal if I though I could flip the pick for value and not sure I can do that right now.
  7. I think this should be the preferred strategy. I got a team, not as loaded as the team in this trade but deep and thin on roster spots and I also have pick 2 along with 6, 8 and 9. I got offered 1.1 for those picks a few days ago and declined mainly because I'd rather undertake the exact strategy you mentioned. Also see no reason to make such a move now, when you own a block of picks like I do, and like the team that made the trade, I just think it's best to sit on them unless you get knocked out with something. When rookie fever is in full impact, especially in a loaded looking draft, it's kind of nice to control a block as it limits the trade-up opportunites with the rest of the league, forces teams to shop at your store. And for clarification I would say owning 3 out 4 picks and 3 out of 5 picks constitutes a block of picks.
  8. I don't own Gabriel but on majority of my FFPC teams I'd have other players I'm cutting I'd rather keep than Gabriel, got like one team I'd mull over keeping him so for sure borderline roster guy in this format. If whoever paid 3.1 likes him it's fine, but I think if he got cut he'd be be available to redraft at 3.1 so I'd not give up a late shot and valuable roster spot on top of the 3.1 to secure him now.
  9. Considering how late these picks are and project I would say there are a few players I'd give this up to get.
  10. Four first sounds like a lot when it's phrased that way but 2-3 of these picks could end up in 11/12 round range, not exactly primo. Maybe a slight overpay but in light of the team I don't have a problem with the trade. I don't think I'd have done it, but don't see it as lopsided as most.
  11. I thought his views were a little contrarian myself though Henderson is for sure picking up steam. But last year I could not find a WR ranking but he did a big board almost one calendar year from date he came out with his WR rankings this year. His rankings were pretty for WR's was not contrarian: ETA-If you ever want to go back and look at someone's rankings or articles on rotoworld just hit the archive button in the article.
  12. FFPC rules league: Team A gave: AJ Green, McCoy, 3.8, 2018#3 Team B gave: Ajayi, Jordy, and Malcolm Mitchell I was not involved, feel like team getting Green/McCoy got the better end of the deal.
  13. That's not what you said. What you said was something I've never heard from anyone, which is why I mentioned it. But hey don't let that stop you from being petty or anything.
  14. Sure I don't know nothing but who and when was he considered the #1 WR in that class?