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  1. Speak for yourself. The assumption by many was that at most he'd take this to 10 games, not the whole season. The assumption by many was that he keeps himself in shape. This article backs up something I heard a few weeks ago and now it's a concern that he's not going to report in his normal shape.
  2. Most ever by far and when Wednesday blind bid waivers run for all leagues I tell myself exactly what you are telling me.
  3. Very concerning article here speculating he could sit out the entire season: Maybe Le'Veon Bell will sit out season This article was concerning for two reasons: 1. Bouchette seems confident that if he sat out the whole season that the Steelers would not attempt to franchise him again next year and allow him to hit UFA. To be honest I never considered this possibility but if Bell's camp thinks they will let him walk I would tend to think he'll just sit out the whole season. 2. Bouchette things he's gained some weight, which he is basing on TMZ video. I recall back before week one hearing that some Steeler players were questioning if he was in shape. I don't have an instagram account so have not checked this but I'd read that he normally posts a bunch of workout photo's in the off-season but they had noticed he's not been posting them any longer which was causing some in locker room to question what kind of shape he was in.
  4. I'd rank Ebron as TE #4 this week and will be starting him in likely over 20 leagues. I like him a ton this week but I'll admit that kind of exposure worries me, mainly for in game injury especially coming off a week I got 19 zero's for Zuerlien and learned a painful lesson in overexposure.
  5. One of the reasons I liked Ebron a lot coming into this year was that he showed in the second half of the season last year he did not need a lot of snaps to be a good fantasy contributor. I don't know route counts but weeks 9-16 last year he got 31.5 snaps a game. He only had 2 TD's in those 8 games so not as TD dependent as he's been this year. On just 31.5 snaps and a season TD pace of 4 he was the #4 PPG TE in both TE premium leagues and single PPR leagues during that 9-16 stretch. To me this provided a fairly good idea of what his floor might look with Doyle getting majority of snaps, as I assumed he would. So me I saw a guy who was cheap, had a solid floor, and had major top 5 upside should an injury occur to Doyle or simply at any time coaching staff deciding they wanted to use Ebron more.
  6. We stand in agreement.
  7. Just giving Taylor some respect. If they had a capable K he'd have had them at 2-0 and he got knocked out of the game with a concussion. Man deserves an ounce of professional respect. I'm sure Hue would rather announce Baker as his new starter after he's had a chance to sit down privately and tell Tyrod officially. I think he's at least deserved the right to not hear he's been benched on TV. Just a formality, it's going down.
  8. FWIW Joe almost always encourages players to NOT take the deal and hit FA. Joe Banner‏Verified account @JoeBanner13 The Steelers offer included 33M in first two years. If this was his plan he should’ve taken that deal. If he sits out until game 10 he would need to get $42M in first two years to break even. Zero chance that happens. The math says he made a big mistake
  9. I assumed this thread was about people who drafted Mahome's sitting on top of their league.
  10. The offense is more one dimensional without him then I anticipated and if I had some concern of Kamara's role growing at expense of Ingram's I don't any longer. I think they would very much like to return to the formula they used last year. Now, and I'd say the same thing about Edelman, he took PED's for a reason and always some concern that you might see a reduction in performance without them.
  11. Hope not but this would certainly be one of those times when I don't start someone I'd be ecstatic seeing them go off on my bench.
  12. Agree plus DJAX is healthier and in second year of the system. Tampa is at least in the conversation for best set of skill position receiving options in the NFL. That was not the case last year IMO.
  13. It was enough he got on a plane and flew to see a specialist. Was it bad enough he had to sit Sunday?Recall the first stuff we heard was Hue talking about being cognizant of the Thursday game coming up. At that point I'm not sure they knew some of the other details and were not planning on cutting him. But point is yes he had a hamstring issue but not so severe that Hue was ruling him out of a game 5 days later. I have zero doubts he had a minor hamstring injury. Zero.
  14. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet Sep 16 As his future hangs in the balance, with the #Browns hoping to trade him, WR Josh Gordon is traveling tonight to see a specialist tomorrow to learn the severity of his hamstring injury, source said. The hope is it’s minor, but tests will tell all.
  15. Thanks, went over my head.