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  1. Luckily crazy people and criminals will turn in their guns... I don't have an answer, I just know only law abiding people will turn in their guns. How about we look at the medicine these guys are on? How many times did they fall thru the system? How many people will wake up today and think "hmmm, I always thought he had issues, but it wasn't my concern"
  2. The stealing the kid part had me laughing out loud!
  3. I am sure they will survive without you!
  4. I would love to contribute to this post, but, totally ignorant! Any good references for understanding calls and puts? I know the internet (and Google) are full of suggestions, just wondering what you thought would be a good place to look. Thanks!
  5. I don't post very much, more of a lurker! But, after reading this and watching a couple of Youtube videos, I am on day one of my intermittent fast. Last night, 3 hours into the fast and my stomach went on a 20 minute rumble fest! I guess it knows things are changing. 181.4 today (5'4" so I need to get back into the 150's) How much thought are you putting into the breaking of the fast? Is that a really big deal, or can I just just eat a chicken salad and a diet coke at lunch? If I just fast for 16 hours and then eat like normal (bowl of ice cream occasionally, a couple of oreo cookies when I come home and a glass of milk) will just the fast alone help me lose weight?
  6. dang, I reached the end of this thread...
  7. Link to Adam Lambert
  8. Man, I cannot imagine the strength you have. The vow "for better or worse" must really mean a lot to you. I admire your courage and your commitment.
  9. Someone beat me to the Bryan Peterson post, but, here is the link. This book should help you.