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  1. I haven't thought about this memory in a LONG time. I was about 12, my dad was in rough spot of losing his job, his eye sight, and a bunch of stuff. I vividly remember today, just like it was happening right now, crawling under the dining room table and talking him out of taking his life with a knife. Suicide sucks. He ended up living to be 80, cancer sucks too.
  2. Just to leach onto this conversation. I am a 56 year old guy, the wife and I have separate retirement accounts. Is it too late to get into dividends? If wanted a $1000 a month from dividends, I would have to have $250,000, at 4%, right?
  3. The stealing the kid part had me laughing out loud!
  4. I am sure they will survive without you!
  5. I would love to contribute to this post, but, totally ignorant! Any good references for understanding calls and puts? I know the internet (and Google) are full of suggestions, just wondering what you thought would be a good place to look. Thanks!
  6. I don't post very much, more of a lurker! But, after reading this and watching a couple of Youtube videos, I am on day one of my intermittent fast. Last night, 3 hours into the fast and my stomach went on a 20 minute rumble fest! I guess it knows things are changing. 181.4 today (5'4" so I need to get back into the 150's) How much thought are you putting into the breaking of the fast? Is that a really big deal, or can I just just eat a chicken salad and a diet coke at lunch? If I just fast for 16 hours and then eat like normal (bowl of ice cream occasionally, a couple of oreo cookies when I come home and a glass of milk) will just the fast alone help me lose weight?
  7. dang, I reached the end of this thread...
  8. Link to Adam Lambert
  9. Man, I cannot imagine the strength you have. The vow "for better or worse" must really mean a lot to you. I admire your courage and your commitment.