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  1. This is exactly what happened. I wanted Ovi first. Then I just moved some players up and down based on your league settings. But that was just as a reference for me. I was expecting to make adjustments as the draft developed (for instance, I would have definitely taken two goalies at 26/27 or whatever that first turn was.)
  2. I'm from MA, daughter is a swimmer who knew as early as her freshman HS year that she wanted to go to a D1 college in California. So the whole academic/athletic/geographical soup actually served to limit her choices to maybe five or six schools. Long story short, she ended up at a great CSU and wife and I simultaneously bought a property in the same town. I stay out of my daughter's way, but it's nice to be down the street in case there is an issue I can help deal with. Especially nice to enjoy reasonable weather in the winter for a change. We still have a house in MA, so we pay out of state CSU prices, but it totals far less than a Northeast private school and not too much more than a MA public. I *think* we can get the CA in-state tuition in her 3rd or 4th year- still navigating that maze. FWIW, my daughter's club coach was incredibly well connected with California universities and made a number of connections on her behalf. But, in the end, it was really up to my kid to initiate contact, arrange visits, explain her interest, follow up, and make the ultimate decision. It's good to have a current coach as a strong advocate, but in our experience it was more important to be super organized and proactive on our own.
  3. Feel bad for Cav, although it could have been worse. If Cav wants to bail, I'll buy/manage the team.
  4. Never appreciated what a well-oiled machine Uber is. Rude cheating notwithstanding.
  5. in some ways, this morning's match at Lord's is even more incredible and historic than the World Cup a few days ago. Ireland just bowled out England before lunch on day one. 85 all out. Ireland is playing their 3rd test match- ever. England, 1011th test. Again, Ireland smoking England in cricket. Wow. link is a little wonky-
  6. Good highlights here.
  7. Match was tied. A Super Over is used to decide a winner. One over per side. Stokes and Buttler combined for 15 runs. NZ needed 2 off their last ball and Guptill was run out trying for the second run. Really amazing and tense match. Stokes was immense. I use But it was really choppy, so have to combine it with text commentary from BBC and CricInfo. Caught the end in a perfect picture on a free trial on Hotstar. I don't think there is a legit way to watch cricket in the US.
  8. A Super Over to decide it. Wow!
  9. Hard to believe, but 1 billion people watched India v Pakistan. 100 million watched the last Super Bowl.