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  1. Also gotta second recommendations on Poldark and Catastrophe. Demelza 😍 Sharon 😍
  2. Season 2 is spectacular. More great music, especially from Dorman. At times I laughed so hard I had to back up to catch what I had laughed over. Still no word on a season 3. If you like Wes Anderson or the Coen Brothers, this should grab you.
  3. My kid loves it, but is probably in over her head academically. She was a recruited athlete, so she had a lower bar for admission (your son's metrics sound like a safe bet.) The academic expectations are very high and everything moves along at a very fast pace, in part due to the quarter system. It's a decent sized school- 22K undergrad and growing. Lots of brand new dorms, a brand new dining complex about to open, great fitness center, etc. D1 sports across the board, but the campus doesn't go too crazy over them. The yearly rodeo gets way more attention than the football team, for instance. Significant greek life. Students all seem to share a love of hiking and surfing which makes sense given the geography. Concerts are big events. My kid is into EDM and there have been a number of shows in SLO, Avila, Paso Robles. She and a carload of friends are at EDC in Vegas right now. Might be an east coast/west coast thing, but she has been amazed at how friendly and easygoing everyone is in SLO. Downtown SLO is a big attraction and easily accessible from campus- has to be one of the best college towns in the country. There is also a surprisingly good airport in town and regular train service to LA. The alumni network seems particularly strong and I think a Poly degree carries good weight, even on the east coast, where we are from. Depending on your son's sensitivities, he may find Poly to be too white and conservative. They are working on ways to get more minorities in their stem programs. The agriculture students are pretty hardcore conservative, mostly coming from wealthy farming families or Orange County. And the stupid frats can't seem to go a month without some sort of racist/hazing/hate crime. However, I'm a fairly typical Massachusetts liberal, so my perception could just be out of whack. And, to be honest, the demographics of the school don't look to be an issue at all for the students there.
  4. My daughter is finishing up her freshman year at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and it seems like it hits a lot of your son's wishes and might make your wallet happy to boot. It has a number of highly ranked engineering programs and the school emphasizes experiential learning with a goal of preppping students for jobs immediately upon graduation, lessening the need to continue on to grad school. Poly grads make great starting salaries and even the out of state tuition is a deal compared to privates like USC. SLO is a beautiful part of the country and the weather, surfing, wineries are all incredible. The only drawback, imo, is the distance to a major city. About 3-4 hours from either LA or San Jose.
  5. And BC wonders why everyone hates them. See Flyers head coach and MrJimmy high school buddy Scott Gordon anchor this musical ensemble. Actually think he’s a pretty good coach, but the Flyers are a dumpster fire. Hope he parlays this into another chance, tho.
  6. Yes! 1980 vs. Michigan. Harry Oliver kicked a 51 yard fg to win for ND. I remember walking forever through residential neighborhoods because my uncle wouldn’t pay to park. Maybe it’s changed, but I’d pay to park.
  7. I’m a parent who has just emerged from all this, albeit in a different sport- swimming. Daughter is now a freshman swimmer at her dream D1 college in California. Loving life. But holy moly! The time and money involved to get her to that point was ridiculous. I don’t blame any parent for questioning the worthiness of the pursuit. Anyway, good info in this thread. Couple points, maybe I missed somewhere: NCAA D1 and D2 give scholarships. D3 does not. There are head count scholarships and equivalency scholarships, depending on the sport. In men’s NCAA D1, football and basketball are head count, everything else is equivalency, including baseball. in women’s D1, head counts are basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and tennis (maybe?) All D2 scholarships are equivalency. For instance, swimming is an equivalency sport. In D1 there is a total of 14 scholarships for women’s swimming. But that is the max. Many schools don’t fund all 14 spots. On my daughter’s team, for instance, there are about 30 women swimmers. As far as I can tell, the school funds 6 scholarships. Most swimmers there get nothing. The rest split the 6 scholarships in various ways, depending on how fast they are and what kind of “deal” they can make with the coach each year. Scholarships are year to year, not four years. But rarely does a coach take a scholarship away as long as you get passing grades and don’t break any rules. Swimming is a very objective sport- your times tell a pretty complete story. So I never saw much use for the various recruiting services. But my general impression of them is that an engaged parent willing and able to devote a chunk of time each week can take care of the college recruiting process on their own. In the end, it was worth it. She will get a degree from a great school and have a pretty impressive resume when the time comes. Watching her swim in the college environment is a great payoff for her parents as well.
  8. Over five years, I must have tried a dozen brands...Orijen and Acana, Blue Buffalo, TotW, Merrick, Natural Balance, Canidae, Earthborn, Wellness, WholeHearted, Fromms, Tiki Dog Aloha. I have two JRTs and of course one would inevitably have an issue with a food while the other loved it. My head was spinning with all the advice and explanations, so last month I told the clerk I was going to try Nulo Medal Series simply because Natalie Coughlin (spokesperson) is so hot. Seems like that’s the ticket. I mix dry with the duck and kale pouch. Delicious.
  9. Maybe they should have sent someone else out there. But Kennedy is not where he is today “based purely on his last name.” Again, it’s just easy and lazy to assume Kennedy is only where he is because he is a Kennedy. Most of his efforts in congress have been granular and behind the scenes. He works his ### off for his constituents.