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  1. Again I will say: Say hi to the things throwing the things when you get there. Its a PITA
  2. Someone said they are disheartened by the fact 46% pick dog. I am disheartened by the fact 54% picked stranger and alas whomever wanted to know about the child then I think most that chose dog would choose child.
  3. So you watched a cam of a movie which derives 99% of it's value from being shown on a big screen with surround sound and you're going to say it's crap? This is so true.
  4. After a bit of reading, I discovered this is known as the "Texas Crutch" and generally looked on with disfavor.I did a straight 5 hours and they were fantastic. Finished half with sauce on the gas grill after the 5 hours, left the other half on the smoker while the sauce caramelized on the others. Don't listen to anyone who says foiling ribs is "Cheating" is a fool. I don't fault the purists, but there are few if any winning comp bbq teams who DON'T foil ribs. 3-2-1 is a fair guidline for whole spares but anything above 225 and 6 hours going to be too long a cook time, foiling, as far as I know, and I am a purist, is not frowned upon. Maybe that's too strong a term. I was reading where foiling (with liquid) is called the "Texas Crutch" and basically boils/steams the meat, which may dilute the flavor.Texas crutch doesn't apply to ribs as the whole point to the 3 2 1 or 2 2 1 method is the middle number is spent foiled. 3hrs open 2 foiled 1 open.
  5. Monkey Hooks/gorilla hooks for hanging pictures and such.
  6. Surprised no one has come up with or mentioned the distinct possibility that Dany's boy toy basically sent off Sir Barristan. Any chance boy toy is connected to the Harpys?
  7. If there is a random Steve let's hope no one goes camping with him.
  8. I believe IRL is a way of saying BOOKS because they just can't help themselves.
  9. Any other way to pay besides paypal? Apparently someone hacked the account I created so I don't have one?
  10. Somebody accept me. I just signed up for reborn. GTBilly.
  11. The first one is a bit frustrating. The mechanics aren't great. Put it on easy and get through it.Uncharted 2 is all sorts of awesome. And I'll say it again, it truly is all sorts of awesome but be sure to say hi to "them" for me when you see them. You'll know. We will?If you've played it then you know the things that throw the things. That was a huge PITA.