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  1. I don't care what anyone has posted do not attempt to take 2" off one side or 1" off both sides of a hollow core door. Get them custom made or find ones that fit. Besides widening the opening this is the only correct advice.
  2. No he didn't. I listened to the interview.
  3. Not sure wtf is going on but I assume someone or someone's have taken over the night shift. In my 5 most recent votes our boy has jumped 50 ish votes.
  4. Ok we're bored and don't like to lose. What's their angle?
  5. Apparently I'm bored enough to take the night shift.
  6. Who is the most famous person you know a fair bit about but wouldn't recognize if they sat next to you?
  7. Anyone who gets the Sportsnet App to push them live news updates IRT was able to follow the saga of the 4th floor toilet backup at Sportsnet HQ.
  8. Why

    Reading through the Jeffery Tambour thread(this was asked in there as well) why do threads like that always devolve into a "I'll find the most obscure possible answer that fits the criteria" but no one in their right mind would consider it as the best. Hottest women over 50 is another great example.
  9. Trying to think of a 3rd for John Ritter.
  10. Strange thing about hockey, real results and on paper results usually differ. Those hated Habs are also proving what an elite goalie can do for you in the NHL.
  11. Doors are locked at my place to keep it in not yall out.
  12. Again I will say: Say hi to the things throwing the things when you get there. Its a PITA
  13. No way, he already resigned last summer, I read it right here in this thread. Yzerman would never even consider moving him because he's locked up long term. Not sure where you got that link but it's bogus. Bob McKenzie is a total Toronto homer. You are a tad incorrect. I don't even think he likes the Leafs.
  14. Never use big box install for anything. Whomever chimes in and says they had a great experience got very lucky. I'm s flooring guy. AMA.