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  1. Well it's not like the CIN D is exactly a stiff test, but gotta say CJ looking better and earlier on than I predicted. Good thing I didn't draft White.
  2. Over 24,000 views on a Chris Johnson thread And I thought my summer had slowed down I just don't see him as taking enough touches such that White will do much worse if at all than last year, meaning White is still a good RB3 or lower RB2 to get IMO. Johnson not worth anything except larger or maybe dynasty leagues.
  3. Oh goodness no, of course not; coaches NEVER lie in pre-season! PS where does he say White WON'T be the workhorse anyway? He is (surprise surprise) pretty vague, only saying he will use White and Johnson. Well if THAT'S all...How many guys are considered good enough and reliable enough and have a team situation such that they get 300 carries? Yeah it's not like that lame offense (and him being dinged up) had anything to do w/it. Another example of how stats can be short-sighted and misleading. Anything is possible but I really doubt it.But hey totally avoid a guy who only cranked out 1000+ yds and 7 TDs last year and showed he could carry the load - even on a weak team - for a guy who hasn't proven squat and may end up with something like 200/300 yds rushing this year (not saying he will, just saying it would shock no one not riding the CJ bandwagon) and netting few if any points most games. I hope owners in my league agree.
  4. I'm quite content not knowing wtf "BMI" is, but regardless I'd say I have seen nothing to change my mind that White is the workhorse and Johnson is the change-of-pace guy who might break a few long ones and/or snag some catches, but have plenty of unimpressive runs in between and White will easily have the better numbers come Christmas.
  5. Yep. Too bad the movie sucked beyond belief.Now that I think of it, that's weird - there are very few even pretty good examples, let alone great ones. Pacino's had its moments but was too over the top. Too bad because he's a great candidate for the role. Didn't see DeNiro and don't even recall one in Exorcist - just the kid (demon, not the devil, I thought).
  6. Just because YOU did that doesn't mean others will.TLEF if you're not sure how much you'll like/be into this, I suggest you start out with a 30G tank, not 55, and get a variety of "heartier" tetras....get used to the routine of checking the water for various things (temp, pH balance etc), see how you like it overall and go from there. Zebras, blue neons, mollys, maybe a few cherry barbs....things like that are good to start with; they're hard to kill and have some bright/mixed colorings. IMO anyone telling you to start with a 55G is giving bad advice; you don't start out in a hobby with some of the more expensive/labor intenstive options available. That's like saying "I'm thinking about getting into golf but never played" and someone goes "dude buy a set of Pings!" Walk before you run. Not everyone who tries this goes ape-sh-- about it.
  7. Thanks for not giving me any credit
  8. lmao @ hard liquor snobs er this is TOTALLY different than beer (or wine for that matter). They aren't MEANT to be consumed straight. PS and FYI nobody (ie worth a flip) is impressed by anyone who drinks whiskey straight up (or nearly so) and no whiskey tastes good straight/in really high concentrations to anyone with functioning taste buds. If you think so, you don't have a superior or "acquired" taste, you probably have a drinking problem. Course there are worse things to have And yeah, C. Mist isn't amazing, but is a good bang/buck whiskey (C Club is the real thing). I like Southern Comfort also, or VO. But in the end it's not a big one way or other.
  9. Exactly. My son and I will one day take a drive down to Virginia/North Carolina. Pennsylvania. Unless they've really changed in the last few years, PA doesn't sell anything more dangerous than sparklers. VA is better but also more or less sucks.I don't think I've ever done anything other than 41 and 26.
  10. Hardees thickburger is probably the best "chain" burger I've ever had, although it's been a long time since I had Fuddruckers. There is a 5 guys near work though, will have to check it out...
  11. I'd just like to ask other sellers if it's as common as I'm getting the impression it is that they had a home inspector who not only left things somewhat in disarray (annoying since I'm still entertaining "backup" offers ie still showing the house) but left lights on and even went as far as leaving an outside door unlocked. BBB here I come. POS.
  12. You hit your head on heavy objects a lot don't ya
  13. I hear you. It's a good concept (ie to get various opinions) but it seems to me that most people here are POSs who aren't willing to give back what they get.
  14. A sort of follow-up to responders: try to give actual REASONS for your response (I'm not faultless there either). If someone says "WDIS, A or B"....."B" is a weak answer.