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  1. "Believe the doctors, experts, and data" (except those that we disagree with)
  2. If you're going to be looting in Minneapolis this weekend, the Mayor reminds you to please wear a mask and practice safe social distancing Technically, it is good advice.
  3. MASSIVE Mail in Voter Fraud Scandal Erupts In NJ, NAACP Leader Demands Vote Be CANCELED
  4. When that old lady throws the necklace into the ocean at the end of Titanic, I wanted a shark to swallow it, Michael Douglas happens to be on the ship and sees it, and it kicks off a new "Romancing the Stone" movie ETA: my controversial take is I was a little disappointed when the bad guys lost in "The Taking of Pelham 123".
  5. Not all heroes wear capes: Texas bar owner tells mask wearers to stay home
  6. CDC Says Coronavirus Infection Fatality Rate Could be as Low as 0.26% That's 10 times lower than initially assessed Study: Corona Virus patients no longer infectious after 11 days
  7. All the catastrophic predictions about reopening Georgia, Florida, and Texas were spectacularly wrong Las Vegas Strip tentatively set to reopen June 4 Study: A majority of the population (up to 60%) may have 'some degree' of preexisting immunity to COVID-19 $21 Million Brooklyn field hospital closes without treating a single patient Coronavirus 'does not spread easily' except for close contact with infected patients Covid is dying out - UK COVID-19 vaccine trial may fail due to low transmission in population It's beyond time to end the Great Oppression.
  8. More evidence that the lockdowns were a massive waste of time, money, and lives Oxford epidemiologist on lockdowns : We might have done better by doing nothing at all
  9. Excellent show that gets better each season. It's been a while, but I think when it hits it's stride it has one main plot each season with a couple of sub-plots. Very quotable show.
  10. Welcome to the party pal....Dr. Fauci says staying closed down for too long could cause irreparable damage, it's time to open things up
  11. As a casual reminder, as things open up, you're not forced to participate in them. If you think going to a church or a beach or a sporting event or a restaurant isn't safe, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to go. You will still have the option to clutch your pearls and remain in the fetal position under covers at home while the rest of us get on with it.
  12. If you're feeling a little Low-T and want to see a bullets and punches movie "The Night Comes for Us" might be what you're looking for. It takes a little while to fully get going, but when it does... Also kind of liked "Wheelman" about a getaway driver having a real bad night. The Chris Pine outbreak movie "Carriers". It starts off strong, but it really drags itself to the finish line. Not a lot of new ground here, as our plucky group of pandemic survivors on a road trip face every moral dilemma you've seen in other outbreak movies. Lots of recognizable B+ listers (Piper Perabo, Chris Merloni) doing what they do.