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  1. Burrow could conceivably sit out a year and re-enter the draft next year, but his draft situation wouldn't likely improve. There's always a chance that a good team lucks into a top pick, but it isn't likely. ETA - He just needs to keep his head on a swivel and stay healthy until he can get the hell out of Cincinnati. That's kind of hard to do though, as a lot of people have tried and failed (the entire population of Cincinnati to be exact)
  2. You can clearly lip-read Rudolph saying the 'B' word when he got blindsided. Otherwise, nothing to see.
  3. I laughed at 22M for Foles, so I get the sentiment.
  4. Good to hear, and it's the first of many decision dominoes for the Saints this offseason (Bridgewater, draft, etc.)
  5. Judicial Watch: Eight Iowa Counties Have Total Registration Rates Larger than Eligible Voter Population – at Least 18,658 Extra Names on Iowa Voting Rolls
  6. I was telling my nephews that Michael Irvin would have been limited to about 20 catches a year if pushing off was called. Then they said "who"?
  7. No, we have the Saints getting screwed to thank for that.
  8. If a defender had done that to an offensive player, he would have been called Well....nothing is certain with Vinovich's crew since the Saints debacle
  9. Every time I want to feel good for Andy Reid finally getting a SB win, my inner voice sounds like that kid from the Yankees grudgingly giving half-hearted kudos to Tanner Boyle in Bad News Bears
  10. As an NFC guy, I don’t get to see the Chiefs much.... thoroughly unimpressed
  11. Church: Can you give us some advice on our media response? Saints: "Be direct, open and fully transparent, while making sure that all law enforcement agencies were alerted.” Talk about dastardly!
  12. The perfect encapsulation of our "Twitterverse" Get a salacious headline out there, the "outrage mob" wag their fingers of shame (just reading the headline, not bothering to dig deeper), the real story comes out know....the facts, and the finger-waggers go find something else to be outraged about. Fake news. Good work Doug B.
  13. I've got pretty thick skin and really only get funky if someone I'm with gets criticism and I can tell it bothers them. I don't tolerate seeing people bullied very well.