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  1. I dig the action, but it's got way too much of the thing I hate most about most zombie shows. It's people that refuse to understand that the rules change during a zombie apacalypse. You can't just blindly trust people or try to save people that don't want to be saved (or that don't care enough about their own survival to fight back). If a character acts like an idiot I don't sympathize with them. Characters can be smart and still be put in dramatic situations. It's harder to write that, but it can be done. The whole thing at the school was a chain of one stupid thing after another. AND FOR THE LOVE OF PETE CLOSE THE DOORS BEHIND YOU
  2. Gotta figure her Egyptian Cotton sheets thread count is off the charts
  3. The inner nerd in me would want to see Marvel vs DC. Downey Jr and Christian Bale battling for the immunity necklace? Paul Rudd leading a blindside to oust Mark Ruffalo at tribal council? I'm in. The insurance necessary for that kind of spectacle would roughly be the gross national product of China. Walking Dead cast vs Fear the Walking Dead cast maybe? Would also love to see The Rock on Survivor in some capacity. Dude brings the fun.
  4. You seem like a guy that knows things. Got a listing for sub sandwich chains? I had a Jersey Mike's sub recently and it was pretty good. Never had Firehouse Subs, so wondered where it fell on the grid.
  5. Is Kim Foxx prosecuting? If so, I want to change my vote. California has citizens that felt that there wasn't enough evidence to convict OJ Simpson of murder. Never underestimate the complete stupidity of a Cali jury.
  6. DC's outright refusal to follow the wildly successful Marvel blueprint is kind of baffling. There were some things I liked and some things I didn't. I thought marketing this as a 2 hour laugh fest then opening it with a VERY dark sequence was an odd choice. You lost a lot of the "Hey, I'm going to see a movie where Tom Hanks character in BIG has superpowers!'" crowd right off the bat. Now that I think about it, there's a lot of dark stuff that happens in this thing. Lots of really bad editing and I never thought a Swedish indie-horror movie director was a good choice. The whole thing felt disjointed. It's like a third of the room wanted The Dark Knight, one third wanted 'Ant-Man' and the other third wanted Transformers. Just a mess. The thing I disliked the most was that everyone involved in making this thing thinks boys are completely clueless morons. You mean to tell me that you think a 14 year old boy in the modern age has never read a comic book, has no clue about superheroes, or has never dreamed about what it would be like to have super strength or be able to fly? Good grief man. I could see Freddie guiding him along on the finer points, but to act like Billy is oblivious to the whole super power thing is like trying to convince the audience he's never heard music before. I get that kids sometimes make stupid choices, but dang does Billy come off as one of the dumbest kids on the planet. The guy that plays the villain seems like right out of central casting for a smart villain....but he's just not effective. He was a pretty bad Sinestro too. Quit casting him as a villain! Agree that the last 30 minutes of this not good. I have a lot of problems with that final act. What works? I liked the family dynamic at the foster home. Is it INSANELY unrealistic? Yes. But I liked it. I liked the precocious little sister. I liked the "hmm...something seems afoot here" bigger sister. I liked Freddie. I even kind of liked Billy, in spite of the movie actively trying to get me to hate him. I thought it set up Shazam to play a bigger role in a better movie down the road. "If anyone had asked me" - I would have told them to just make this an origin story that sets up the bad stuff to come. Keep it light, fun, and informative. Have the next movie focus more on defining his foes and get a little darker.
  7. So will the "new" church have some sort of sprinkler/foam/fire prevention system put in place? Good grief. Is there any thought that this might have been deliberately set? The fire occurred when most of the assets of value had been removed. A billion dollars in donations (and rising) along with any fire insurance payout they would get. I'm not insinuating that happened here, but places have been torched for much less. Has there been any legitimate chatter about this, or is it confined to the tin-foil hat crowd?
  8. Ok look. It's not the Hamlet of comedy, but if you're looking for some good turn your brain off laughs check out Blockers.
  9. It gets lost in the shuffle sometimes, but the dude did great work as Dave the DJ in "Play Misty for Me"
  10. The choice between Dirty Harry and Man With No Name was about as tough as choosing between Han Solo and Indiana Jones for Harrison Ford
  11. The extinction island thing really takes some of the juice out of tribal council blindsides You neverrrrrrrr straight up belittle someone at tribal..... It almost always comes back to bite you
  12. After watching The Sting (PG), I snuck into The Exorcist. I was way too young to see The Exorcist.