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  1. Not exactly bullying, but the way me and my friends used to rip on each other (slip fights) I can't imagine what it would be like today with GIFs, memes, etc. Especially combined with the ability to take a picture or film clip of a person so quickly and cheaply as kids can today with a cell phone.
  2. Me and my wife, and this is mostly for me. She's got family out east and has done all this before (even the Rocky run).
  3. Thanks for the tips! This will just be me and my wife travelling.
  4. When it comes to the East Coast I haven't been north of Miami...but I'm looking to change that next year with a two week binge getting in as much US History as possible. Obviously I could spend a whole year checking things out, but I wanted to leverage the "been there, done that" folks on the board for stuff you thought was really cool, and things you thought might have been over-blown / skippable, any worthwhile tours you've taken, etc. For this trip I want to be south of New York (state) and north of North Carolina (and east of Ohio). Everything within in that state sandwich is on the table. My one "for sure" is going to check out the Constitution and Declaration of Independence at the National Archives museum, and Independence Hall. Also want to take in the Washington Monument / National Mall area. I'm really into "wow, that was George Washington's house" kinds of things. There's something cool about being that close to something of historical significance. For those that have toured the White House, how arduous did it get scheduling that (I'm guessing you can't just walk up and ring the bell). I'll be going either spring/summer or summer/fall if it makes a difference (Cherry Blossoms, etc.), but it will be "walk around" weather. While I likely won't get to it on this trip, is walking the Freedom Trail worthwhile? [ETA: next trip I plan on pushing a little more north] Thanks in advance yall
  5. The "re-boot" Shaft 1 with Sam't enjoy it that much. It came off as a money grab. 'Re-boot' Shaft 2 was
  6. From what I understand, Putin isn't happy about how Russia was portrayed. Aside from some obvious things it got wrong (you don't catch radiation poisoning from person to person like a cold) I thought it was a terrific series. It nailed the bureaucracy perfectly from everything I've read about the incident.
  7. Being Trump's press secretary is...let's be honest...a nightmare job. For the first time in recent memory, a white house press secretary had to deal with a boss that they didn't know what they would say or do next. At best, Trump's messaging in his first term was a bit erratic. Her boss was openly hostile (with good reason) to the press corps, the group she had to deal with each day. She had to put the ray of sunshine on things that everyone else was calling poo. She would have to wake up each morning dreading opening up the Twitter app. She controlled the room. You had a bunch of democrat political operatives with bylines being overtly rude to her daily. Each and every day she faced the mob and answered questions as the conduit to the White House. In fact, I think she expressed Trump's policies better than Trump does. She didn't get the pass that Obama's press secretaries did, where the hardest question they faced was "Gosh, what is it like to work with President Obama". Good grief, did Robert Gibbs ever have to put up with nonsense like Acosta? Sanders was Spock to Trump's Kirk. Trump is all intuition and going by the seat of his pants. Sanders laid it out logically. All business, nothing personal.
  8. In this era of mega blockbusters, I like to put my money down and support smaller films that catch my eye. 'Booksmart' went out of it's way (especially in the first 10 minutes) to let the audience know how woke it was, but once it settled into the 'teen party' formula it really clicked. I had some good laughs with it. I understand it didn't do as well at the box office as they had thought...did the director tweeting that she didn't want Trump supporters watching her movie have anything to do with that?
  9. Went two pages deep and didn't see anything. If you're looking for a movie that takes a big steaming dump on wokeness and politically correct culture, you'll find Shaft 2 your cup of tea. If you're the type of dude that clutches his pearls at the thought of toxic masculinity, Shaft 2 will not be a fun time for you. SJW's beware. Shaft 2 is gleefully retro, and a shockingly good time at the movies.
  10. Sarah is a national treasure and Trump was unbelievably lucky to have had her. When she was hired I thought it was purely on the name Huckabee....I thought she'd be a disaster. One of the few genuinely good hires of the Trump era.