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  1. Media Falsely Claims White House Admitted to Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine
  2. The tough part is that the Saints are (surprisingly since Brees is down) still in the hunt for top seed in the NFC. It will be perfect football weather in Chicago this weekend (60's and sunny) so Coach P might leave it up to AK...but all logic points to giving Murray the rock this week and seeing where AK is next week.
  3. Why does it matter? The link was to prove there are ties between Schiff, this witness, and Burisma. If you don't understand why that connection is disturbing, I can't put any more dots together for you. If you'd like some history on this whole thing and why Burisma is important to this Schiff-show, I'd be happy to provide it.
  4. Democrat-Controlled House Passed Bill with ‘Quid Pro Quo’ on Election Interference You guys really need to quit clutching your pearls about this
  5. I believe Schiff's next witness is Corn Pop, who Trump sent to intimidate then-lifeguard Biden at a pool in the sixties
  6. It's a dang good thing Trump released the transcript of his call as quickly as he did. With all of this nonsense going on behind closed doors with only Democrats creating the narrative (for an all-too receptive anti-Trump media), that transcript proving Trump's innocence is making this whole thing look like a foolish waste of time.
  7. Schiff pressures witness to lie about Ukraine call Volker testimony destroys Schiff narrative
  8. Try and trade him Demaryous Thomas, since he's probably heard of him.
  9. Schiff staffer met with impeachment witness on Ukraine trip Edit to add:
  10. Mac, first of all, great work and an enjoyable read. Second, I agree, someone is going to give Kupp a nice raise that LA won't be able to match.
  11. But he's been cleaner for a longer period than any time in recent memory. I also think he's getting way more defensive attention than any other receiver on that roster. It's a lot easier for the Phillip Dorsetts of the world when the safties are looking elsewhere.