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  1. Very much appreciated! Thank you for that guarentee.
  2. Does FBG have any plans in place for the FBG customers who purchase the subscription if the NFL season is cancelled? I was going to purchase the early bird special but after what Dr. Fauci said yesterday I am not confident this season will play.
  3. What 3 WRs do I start this week. Hill, Hopkins, Kupp or James Washington? 1yd = .1pt. Nonppr league. If you have a post here looking for feedback, leave the link and I will respond. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. The problem was on my end. I overlooked my scoring settings which jacked up the rankings something crazy and I thought I had double checked it but I didn't.
  5. I have been using both the online and classic version DD for mock drafts. Both versions are set to my league's specifications. However the QB cheat sheet is significantly different between the 2 versions. For example, QB Lamar Jackson is ranked as the #1 fantasy QB according to the online DD but ranked 8th on the classic version. I used both versions last season for mock drafts and didn't notice such variance in rankings like I am this year. I have checked the settings for both versions to make sure something like scoring was not set correctly. If someone can help me or offer a suggestion I would appreciate it. Thanks....
  6. This is pure speculation but former Colts LB D'qwell Jackson was on NFL network saying he thought it was a real possibility Luck's career is over.
  7. I took Lynch at 3.2 and played him all season and was sick of him. I am happy with Lynch for Blount and it seems like the consensus agrees. I can understand the feedback on the Ingram trade. This is just my opinion, I am not a believer in Ingram, not because he can't but that is a pass happy offense and if he maintains a approximately 60/40 split with Kamara I think his numbers will go back down. I do have concerns about Gronk, he has lingering back issues for some time. I have always been a bit risky in regards to trades. Part of the motivation is also I am banking on Alex Collins getting more opportunity and continuing his level of production, hopefully he can get some TDs. Thanks for the feedback, hopefully things work out and I don't look too bad.
  8. 1st trade..... I traded Lynch for Blount 2nd trade...I traded Ingram, Fitzgerald, and Rudolph for Gronk, Doyle and Woodhead....I dropped Woodhead and picked up Rex Burkhead. My patience was thin and I was tired of messing around with Lynch. I had to downgrade Fitz a lot with Palmer gone and hopefully Gronk stays healthy. I like this trade for my team. Hopefully it works out.