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  1. I am with you. I have read your posts the last year so I know you have tried. Much easier said than done though
  2. Do you follow some of these threads at all? Nobody accepts any opposing views here.
  3. It will happen on everybodys watch going forward. I think Biden will try and be tougher but not until the election is over. The rioters and looters do not care who gets shot as it gives the a reason. So that is always tough to manage for anyone.
  4. At least it will not be all negative. They will support everything Biden does.
  5. I agree..but what are CNN and MSNBC going to talk about when Biden is POTUS? Their raitings will be in a free fall as the click bait that Trump provided every day will be gone. The people might not miss Trump but those stations will.
  6. I agree. When I post in a thread and then go back to work or be with my family sometimes I don`t even check in until the next day. By then the same 5-10 people have put me 3 pages behind. I think those are the guys JB is talking about.
  7. There are some people here who have over 300 pages of Trump only posts at 25 posts per page. That is not counting the other stuff. That is not counting reading all the other stuff. So we are talking hundreds and hundreds of hours invested into talking about Trump to strangers. I am not a Trump fan but I never really think about him until I go into the PSF. I come here first to read about football, the Shark Pool and for my membership. I can only handle 5 minutes at a time in the PSF.
  8. Plus Snells PC was still quite low. Cash still thinks he made the right move but I doubt he slept very well last night.
  9. Being the last 7-8 months in an election year certainly has exasperated the issue. With the final goal being elected for whatever politcal position instead of working together to solve problems as most countries did COVID was weaponized. As with Monday morning QBs and talking about what Kevin Cash did last night in the World Series it is very easy to second guess when you know the end result. Did Trump shut down the country too early or too late? Would Biden have done different? Made it better or worse? We don`t know. Just think we are at the point that both sides want the other to fail so bad and the end result is that it hurts all of us. Do I think the Dems are upset that COVID has killed so many and derailed Trump? Not really. Do I think the GOP would be upset if under Biden the economy and stock market crashes or we are attacked on our soil? Not really. These would just be more points to rally their base audience.
  10. I just watched the 2 part series on "The Night Stalker" Had no idea that Feinstein was ever the mayor of SF as it was way before my time. The fact that she almost blew the whole case and capture by releasing info on the serial killer suspect Richard Ramirez for political gain is a sin. Starting to really despise all politicians.
  11. Of course that would have been correct answer. Plus in these domestic cases the people involved are usually at a very elevated anger level caused by their own family issues by the time police arrive on the scene and that makes it very chaotic with people yelling and screaming.
  12. I think it will be much closer than I first anticipated. I think Biden will rack up huge but meaningless votes in NY and California as he has already won those states but will lose states like Pennsylvania and Florida. Who knows?
  13. Trump is a lame duck. Biden will be the next POTUS. Etch that in stone.