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  1. That is what is puzzling to me. Sanders wants tax payers to pay off all college debt, then he was a taxpayers to fund college so nobody has to pay. I work hard for my money and am not a rich FBG. This has to hit me in the wallet too. I worked my way through college and it took me over 6 years with 2 years at a community college. I have a little debt but not much. Had I decided at 18 I wanted to Arizona or ASU for 4 years I would be saddled with a ton of debt. So will I get a rebate from being aware of my financial situation.
  2. This is when I hate politics. Tlaib and Omar were elected to serve the people of their districts, their constituents. Now everything is a personal issue.
  3. You do know than many people think CK is a fraud as well right? Hey if both can make money of this thing more power to them.
  4. I am union and from what I hear the majority are very happy with our health care plan, in fact I have not heard anyone want to change that at all. So I would not want Warren and the top option. But maybe a Sleepy Joe-Warren combo might be a good ticket.
  5. I caught a few minutes on the lawn rant. Two things. Let the Denmark absurd comment go. wasted too much time on that. Also is Trump lying when he kept repeating that Obama was the one who built the cages at the border as he stated that at least 2-3 times.
  6. I enjoy Jay-Zs music and am pretty sure most of the NFL players do as well. Don`t see anything odd at all playing his music as now he is trying to be part of the solution and is actually part of the NFL now with ability to help. Jay-Z said he wants to actually see some action and help people. As he stated 1-2 players kneeling really does not help anybody. So lets at least give him a chance and some time to see what happens.
  7. I agree on 2 things. Trump does not have much understanding of trade, and China has been taking us to the cleaners for a long, long time. 419 billion deficit in 2018. Was listening to some business show and they agreed that a full blown trade war is not good but that the China trade situation should have been dealt with 20-30 years ago.
  8. Maher can be entertaining at times as I have enjoyed some of his interviews, others not so much. This is out of hand though if Tlaib thinks she can dictate what people can and can`t watch. Tlaib, Omar and Cortez have me concerned as they are alienating moderate voters that we need next election.
  9. Trying to look at this logically. Why would arguably the 2 most anti-Semite people in congress need to go together as a package deal to Israel? I can see Tlaib going there to maybe try to have some dialogue and conversations. Some in Israel would not like it but it makes sense. To add Omar to the mix does not make sense as she has made a number of comments deemed anti-Israel. If they need 2 send a different congress person with Tlaib to give them more balance.
  10. I have no idea why people say what they do to pollsters. Do they lie? Do they tell the truth? Only the person polled knows.
  11. Polls mean nothing to me as I know who I am going to vote for. If Trump is polling at 70% and Biden at 30% I am still voting for Biden. The analysis released by the American Association for Public Opinion Research, found that the biggest culprit in why the polls were so wildly wrong was the level of Trump's support, most importantly in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. So many Trump voters failed to reveal their preferences until after the election.
  12. Not talking everyone. You asked about Trump people. Also how can we trust polls after the last election?
  13. Not at all. Half my day in spent at a large metro hospital delivering to medical staffs and patients . For some reason the doctors and nurses hate the Affordable Care Act. A couple years ago one doctor went on a rant in the cafeteria ripping on Obama. So they are not shy at all. My fellow UPS people don`t say much but they never bash Trump politics, they dislike his Tweets but we have really good health care plans and business is booming so I don`t think they will vote Trump out, but you never know.
  14. I think most liberals are not stupid and can see through CNNs agenda. I won`t ever watch CNN or FOX.