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  1. On ‎11‎/‎8‎/‎2019 at 6:39 PM, Sheriff Bart said: I received a flyer from my youngest son's school today informing me of a food drive they are having. A food drive for children at the school whose parents can't afford to properly feed them. I already every time Trump declares this "the greatest economy of all time" AND takes credit as if he did anything other than give people and corporations who don't need it BILLIONS of dollars. This really sickens me though. The area I live voted overwhelmingly for Trump too. Oh stop it, there will always be a food drive. I think he posted this in the wrong thread and moved it.
  2. They don`t want micro-aggressions here anymore. Seems like you are trying to get this place shut down.
  3. It is do or die time. It has been 3 years and the kneeling stuff is old news and in todays 24 hour news cycle nobody cares anymore.
  4. I get something should have been done but after watching that I think a week off was more than enough. I mean Canada just elected a guy Prime Minister who wore black face multiple time and played grab ### with female reporters. What is worse?
  5. You might want to stick to beer there.
  6. Dam..I loved Grapes. "You people" does not seem like a firing offense. They must have wanted him gone as he was a strong personality and probably ruffled some feathers behind the scene.
  7. Getting a little tired of "swag" If you are not talking about weed do not use the term "dope"
  8. Even this thread is starting to slowly go into the toilet. PSF might be on life support pretty soon here gents.
  9. Love it! Would like to hear more live, raw locker room talks.
  10. What is concerning is Trump won the majority of states quite easily 30-20. Will that hold up again? I am worried if this impeachment fails it will bite the Dems big in the rear end next year. It will be 4 years of wasted time, energy and $$$ trying to remove Trump.
  11. There might be that many forum members but realize the PSF is dominated by the same 25 people maybe less. Some threads the same 3-4. I found this place years ago for FF and subscribe for the Draft Dominator. I realized when I stumbled in the PSF it was a different animal than the SP and FFA. And for the most part I am pretty much side with the mob but when I didn`t it got ugly fast.