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  1. Honestly, I don`t care about Trump or Sanders or whoever. I just hope whatever I invest does well as we all should.
  2. I don`t get the "I told you so" people as they are affected as much as anyone. I am just a working Joe trying to do the best I can for my family. I don`t have much invested and am at least 20 years from retiring so I guess it does not matter as much to me.
  3. Hey, that might be true as well. I can`t keep up either.
  4. You do know this is Corona virus panic driven right? Supplies lines disrupted, travel. Watch the Market News tonight. Corona, Corona, Corona is all they are talking about.
  5. I know, but were the other bad weeks set off by a possible contagious pandemic fear?
  6. Well there is lots of panic and uncertainty right now about the Corona so this is not really a surprise.
  7. I lost my 6 year old nephew to the flu 4 years ago. If nobody had ever heard of the flu and the flu started today there would be panic. The CDC has called this coronavirus “a very serious public health threat,” but adds that its immediate health risk to the American public is low. Health officials remain uncertain of exactly how the coronavirus spreads. In contrast, at least 19 million people in the U.S. have experienced flu illnesses this season, the CDC estimates. About 180,000 people have been hospitalized so far, and an estimated 10,000 have died. Sixty-eight children have died this flu season. Americans have simply gotten used to influenza despite the staggering number of people it affects, said Scott Weisenberg, a clinical associate professor of medicine and director of NYU Langone Health System.
  8. I guess that is why JB has been thinking of shutting it down.
  9. Oh yeah and Bloomberg for Botox. Mike has some stuff going on with his face.
  10. I am not a Trumper but what in your eyes could he have done better tonight in your OP? This is not a political battle in my OP.
  11. LOL..we have Pence for prostate ads, Biden for memory loss ads, Pelosi for dentures, Bernie for bypass, they all have futures after politics.