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  1. Sure would. Could not be a better spot for him
  2. How do we view the level of competition both Jeudy and Lamb played against? Aren’t SEC defenses way better?
  3. CEH is my RB5 in this class predraft. Then I think there is a big step down at RB after him.
  4. I can’t wait to see if Juedy or Lamb falls to me at 1.05. I’m sorta glad I won’t have to make a decision on which one.
  5. This exactly how I feel. Whoever doesn’t go to the Jets is who I will target
  6. Curious for a value check. What dynasty WRs would you trade straight up for Kamara?
  7. Bills do not feel that way. Everyone I know in Buffalo thinks he looks really good. Bills are not spending a high pick on a RB. Definitely not a first. Would be beyond shocked if that happened
  8. What happens to Newton’s value if he leaves?
  9. This is the issue. He’s not used inside the 10 much. I’m starting to wonder if he’s a RB2 masquerading as an RB1 even in 0.5 PPR. If so, then he could be a “sell medium” instead of a buy low. Also I don’t think you can really buy low on him because every ranking I’ve seen has him as a 2020 first round pick.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I like Jeudy and Lamb a lot too. Jeudy better than Lamb too. What does your RB list look like if Zach Moss is #1. You are a free thinker.
  11. Of course I hate how the Saints use Kamara. He has like 3 carries inside the 10