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  1. Was thinking the same thing. If Jacobs goes in the first to a decent team, I will consider him with 1.01. He must have looked great in drills. Wasn’t his 40 time for sure...
  2. Exactly. Production on the football field over athletic testing. Many of us who played real sports in life could attest to this. But in this instance Jacobs doesn’t have the production. He’s not the 1.01 unless he’s still drafted somewhere in the first which now seems unlikely.
  3. I’ve got 4 picks and will be taking 4 WRs this year. But I could use a WR or two
  4. More and more leaning towards Harry or Brown at 1.01 and it’s probably comes down to landing spot.
  5. I agree with this list. And am taking a WR at 1.01
  6. Either way. If you know your time is going to be 4.6, don’t run. All he did was hurt his stock.
  7. I think that is important and the reason he should not have run
  8. While I want him to do everything, from his stock standpoint I wonder if he should do nothing at this point.
  9. So you like the Oakland landing spot for Jacobs? For Oakland in real life or Jacobs in fantasy?
  10. Looks like I picked the wrong super bowl team. Must be nice to suck at your job and then be able to get a job with a better company.
  11. This is exactly right. Value of any player is the price others are willing to pay for that player
  12. Aren’t the eagles drafting someone at this point? Maybe even in round 1?