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  1. No doubt Gore is the upside comparison. I do see it when I watch his game too. This is a problem with film grinding. It’s subjective. Jacobs has the opportunity to get 20 carries a game and be the bell cow of that offense. I’m in.
  2. Hard knocks premiers August 6. Just so those who don’t know now don’t have to google it.
  3. Different narrative and college production. Waldman is the oracle of film grinding. Jacobs running style is similar to Gore on tape. Also Jacobs is going to catch a lot of passes. Does Ingram do that?
  4. Matt Waldman compares him to Frank Gore and I like that comparison a lot.
  6. Didn’t Jacobs workload increase as the year went on?
  7. So how high do you rank Jacobs in redraft for 2019?
  8. Sports hernias can be difficult to come back from. I hope this is no big deal but TE is a rough position.
  9. Haha yes! I think Guice, cook and Michell each have there share of injury stuff. Same as Gurley by the way.
  10. I’m worried about his injury history and the Vikings drafting Mattison. The NFL draft and free agency is the only time NFL teams don’t lie about what they are doing. I’m also worried about Michel and his knees and the drafting of Harris. You might be noticing a pattern. 🙂
  11. He fell to me at 3.01 and I was shocked. And happy.