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  1. Any update to Barkley? Did he undergo surgery yet?
  2. Hamler has looked good so far. Very quick
  3. I’m not trading Saquon for anyone. You aren’t going to get value for him so keep him.
  4. He looks so slow. But he can take a hit like a champ.
  5. You know, I was able to snag him. I think in round 8
  6. So we differ in our approach to team building. I tend to hammer RB early. Even in dynasty.
  7. Just because you wouldn’t does not mean I’m not correct. Both things could be true. Maybe you are much lower than the consensus? Or perhaps you are a Mattison true believer?
  8. I just drafted Cook at 1.09 in a start up dynasty league. No way he goes that late without the holdout
  9. I feel like Swift is by far the best RB Detroit has had. I think this landing spot will be better than people realize. I don’t think KJ can stay healthy. But even when healthy think that Swift is more talented then KJ.
  10. How are you ranking the RBs? I’ve been struggling with all these guys.
  11. Yes baffling. The only answer I can think of is that Belichick wants to show the world he can turn Stidham into another Brady, thus proving it was him and not Brady who was responsible for all those Super Bowls. Or he has developed dementia...