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  1. Unless you have 1.01 you probably aren’t getting Jeudy in any true dynasty league when all is said and done.
  2. Really hope everyone in my leagues thinks like this.
  3. Jeudy and McLaurin would be an awesome combo. I like fantasy players on good offenses. I think this would be good for Washington and McLaurin. I love Juedy though.
  4. I think they are saving him for the playoffs
  5. All that is true. And at the same time, Michel looks like a completely different guy than he was in college. I would imagine that this is not what the Pats thought they were getting when they spent a first rounder on him. I think his knee issues are affecting him more than the Pats are letting on and James White is elite in terms of RB pass catching skills so Michel is not catching passes.
  6. I think yes. His issue was more off field than on. It’s why he fell in the draft, not because of talent
  7. Harris’ time is coming soon. Stash him now if you can. Michel looks bad this year.
  8. They have not yet unleashed Kyler Murray. When they do I think Isabella will benefit
  9. Washington (Or Dorsett) are the next cuts from my team as we head into the byes. I think dropping them for another WR3+ is pointless. They are all the same...
  10. James Washington to score four 90-yard TDs.
  11. All my leagues feel like this. I think people are just hard to trade with unless bowling them over. Everyone wants to win the deal vs. deals that improve both teams. Also trying to trade a distressed asset like Davis is near impossible. Better to hold him until he has a good game.
  12. I bought him Sunday morning for cheap. I liked him talent wise and think he’s getting the opportunity.