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  1. Hey - she was just trying to grow vegetables in the white house garden!!
  2. Another takeaway from all this is Harriot is a great writer.
  3. Questionable?? You know how many people are in jail right now for marijuana possession under this rule? I don't know the number, and it's just one example, but this should be getting a lot more scrutiny than "questionable." Especially since he ONLY apologized because he knew he'd be running for office.
  4. They created this toxic environment and have done nothing to try and change it. We're simply just reacting.
  5. OK Bloomberg
  6. First off, it's anecdotal...but there is a pattern. It's clear that there is a lack of support or even anti-Trump sentiment from several posters here which are well known (Ivan K, YankeeFan, Redmond) for being conservative and absolutely not liberal/democrat or progressive. And then I can list off another 20 or 30 posters who still fall into that same category and some recent detractors in just this year (triman, Kal-El, godsbrother, mr. roboto, steve tasker, bagger)...I could go on and on. Obviously the traditional liberal posters are going to already be anti-trump, but much of the posting in opposition of Trump is now spread out evenly across the different segments which I listed above. It's pretty obvious to me, but again, purely anecdotal. It would be interesting to find out exactly how many posters here are anti-Trump, but don't identify with liberal/progressive ideology.
  7. It's funny when people bring talking points in from the right wing fox news bubble and people are like...."what the hell are you talking about?" lol
  8. LOL at re-tweeting and quoting those jokers on Fox. Only proves that he's tweeting for his audience/base and no one else.
  9. The majority of anti-trump sentiment is spread evenly among dems/libs/progressives, independents, libertarians, non-political folk and traditional conservatives. So the majority isn't made up of any one group.